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  1. Border collie advice

    Your breeder should be able to answer these questions for you and they really enjoy being part of that . But factors to consider would be is the yard safe ,how easily pup can source the right shelter / protection. There is nothing wrong with pup being out whilst at work but setting up a safe puppy run is a better option until older
  2. Tear Staining in Japanese Spitz

    Personally if its that bad at this age i would be contacting the breeder & going to the vet to ensure there is no tear duct issue or eye infection . Whilst we use eye gel to help lubricate from the chemist even with teething it shouldnt be that bad if you doing basic eye cleaning .
  3. I agree i would look into crating at night whilst its still winter & potentially teach outdoors at night in the warmer weather but this is a massive change for a companion breed that has enjoyed the indoors for 7 yrs . Depends on the kennel you have brought ,what other safe areas out of the weather does the dog have that could also be changed to better suit the dog in the cold . Training a dog to accept a kennel is not easy .my dogs love there crates but would never lay in a kennel
  4. Helllppp raw feeders!!

    The reason I’m not a fan of raw is because of the weight ratio . I feed a combo but we have boarded and groomed dogs feed raw with owners who are so pedantic about measurements they cannot see the poor condition there dog is in a struggle being told the dog is underweight. We groomed one dog that was honestly so skinny it was dying . The owner was on a raw list and they drilled weighs over and over again too the point she could not see the ramifications on the dog . After a big chat the penny dropped and they re assessed there feeding and got back on track but so sad to see an owner scared to feed more over weight ratios .
  5. Helllppp raw feeders!!

    Agree weighing will do your head in ,you need to feed to your dog & to be honest my large breed puppies of that age feed only that would look like skin & bone .There is no bulk food there just alot of chicken & alot of bone which im not a fan off .
  6. Cork tiles and dogs

    We had cork tiles and up to 6 dogs running on them . Coating is important from day one ,the coating used for ours required us to move out due to the smell which we knew . Ours weren’t slippery as such but like any floor surface slippery and wrong shoes then expect to go arse over . Personally whether cork or lino which we have had both addressing the water bowl is still a must . We are now fully tiled but would go back to cork or bambo next time but the water bowls are set up to minimise water
  7. Pete Evans healthy everyday pets food..

    In the end the best food is what suits your dog Not what suits the human ego
  8. Grooming Courses

    Contact the grooming salons in your area ,generally a few do one on one pet grooming training or even contact Shih Tzu breeders as some of them are happy to share there cute grooms
  9. 2 is a young age to bred a GSD , She needs to be hip and elbow scored .Tested for Haemophilia. Your best to contact your breeder who will give you the info for breeding that you require .Will also be able to suggest the right males for your bitch . I’m presuming your a registered breeder or member of the GSD club
  10. Depending on the breed a dog visibility vest is often better and allows quicker spotting or just attach a human torch on the collar for such times ,plenty of small great ones with more power
  11. Low down on labradoodles

    Im not talking about Racers .
  12. Low down on labradoodles

    Actually this term is being used by ANKC members with the new laws coming in & i don't see it as an issue depending on the terms.. You have a bred that will never be bred in large quantities & a bred that comes under scrutiny by name so if any new laws came in about Greyhounds could potentiality be devastating ,given the gene pool is so small dogs being placed out as a guardianship programme to ensure a healthy future isn't a bad thing ,the issue is the terms placed on the dogs .In the OP case no sane breeder would consider that remotely ethical .
  13. Low down on labradoodles

    Actually many of us on here would deal with more Labradoodle than you give us credit for & you are lucky to have got what you expected ,its not bias its honest facts . I groom alot of them from ""supposedly well known places " we also board them & there is alot of variety & people guaranteed things that don't often appear .Most have terrible needy natures ,terrible coats to the point groomers dread when owners book in a labradoodle. We do two that have amazing coats the rest a matting nightmare .We have the dogs guaranteed for its size when very obviously it wont be . About 4 have stable natures the rest not that we board . Ofcourse now you have the split to the Cobberdogs .
  14. Low down on labradoodles

    Whilst owning a dog on breeders terms can work you also need to address the pros and cons and this needs to be clearly understood. What if the bitch dies during whelping . How Long do they keep the bitch for pre birth and what time after birth ,Do they wean pups early to get the bitches back home . That is a lot of pups in a short time frame as generally you don’t mate till Atleast 2 . Matings Would then be based on how there season cycle works e do they come in every 6 months . How will your male cope around a bitch in season ,some males become very stressed a concern in an older dog . Yes you may end up with a cheap dog but you need to determine how this may impact your idea of dog ownership . As for company no guarantees your dog will teach good manners especially as it will become more frail and no guarantee it can tolerate the pup and you being committed to doing the extra work a youngster will need plus teaching the pup to live independently of the other dog unless you plan to get it a mate if it stresses being a only dog suddenly
  15. sudden sibling aggression

    Possible mild epilepsy in the Beagle cross.