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  1. Working cocker spaniel

    Good in theory but you need to take a step back & go through a process.A process where you have the dogs respect & the dog has the confidence in you to guide it to the right manners & knowing when to back off for a time out or continue as the right behaviour is being shown in a happy comfortable way Going to over stimulating places with any dog can make or break it when you go with no training plan or behaviour plan . First off the dog doesn't have to accept people ,that is something humans push without keeping a safe wall to the dogs threshold compared to your expectations . He may not have been excited he may have been totally overwhelmed .Dogs can show various behaviour that some think is active but infact is a dog lost in a world of legs,activity & feeling like the little ant being stomped on
  2. Drontal side effects..

    We tell our puppy owners no matter what the product or vaccination they decide to use ( we give a list ) to only give in the morning and on the weekend so ideally Saturday,If a reaction occurs vets are open and it’s daylight hrs . Many use the products and head off to work . We use drontal and never had issues but the amount given is correct to wright not just a tablet . We have used other brands with no issues either but reactions can occur with any product that’s a chemical
  3. Separating dogs

    It’s not cruel but you need to be very prepared too manage these dogs for the next few years whilst doing some serious training with the new addition . The new edition irrespective sounds like it needs to learn some serious life skills it most likely has missed out on due to being solely outside . Your old dog needs to enjoy its life at a time it is feeling vulnerable and old age affecting its confidence so managing the old dogs outside time will be part of the daily deal . Your priority at this point is to respect your first dog and it’s needs . Your second dog needs to be managed for the behaviour and life skills you want it too have when your old dog passes
  4. There are certainly classes run in NSW but it would depend on where your based. If your own facebook join the Australian show groups & you will get the right answers & days .Very few show people use this forum
  5. Obsessive barking

    I would also video the dog in the motions off what it does . Can be easier to show the trainer if not all members are home when they come . He could be reacting to the reaction of the females ,confusion at the reaction but non the less good for you for seeking help sooner than later.
  6. Working cocker spaniel

    Walking just makes him fitter . You need to do brain games but also start teaching self control / off switch . We board a few working Springers who live in the burbs and do no work they where bred for but there owners create brain games ,if they don’t they go bonkers and no fun to live with ,some are higher drive than others . Hiding eggs,rewardable objects . walks aren’t about getting fitter or wearing them out as it won’t happen,walks are turned into adventures . Many working Cockers compete in agility and do tracking . You just need to be creative
  7. Obsessive barking

    Was the puppy BAER tested by the breeder ??
  8. Dog aggression towards other dog...

    Dont you believe it & you wont always be there with a hose .2 Females who decide to have it on will not care how cold the hose is . Your girls are young & this is manageable .Chances are its the Kelpie pushing the buttons but if the Wolfhound decides the bear has poked one too many times then the Kelpie wont stand a chance . You own the backyard not the dogs .
  9. Pup still EXTREMELY unsettled

    I agree with Rebanne , I would simply place pup in the crate in your room & set up a sleeping plan. Keep building the pups self control & independence skills during the day & once more settled wean into the desired area you want the dog to sleep . Keep in mind the more you make the pup reliant on you for all activities the more it needs its human through no fault off its own . The cat is going to have to learn to cope with the pup anyway unless your intention is for the dog to be an outside dog & the cat an inside animal ?? I also wouldn't be feeding dinner so late . Here we do things differently especially with puppies if you want them to sleep away from you . You are creating "its all about me time"from 7/10.30 pm & then its good night into the laundry often a cold,warm & prison like feeling room . The pups moment cut off & finished . The pups here we sleep in the the bedroom or the family room in there crates until they are ready for adult privileges. Pre bedtime if we don't want them in an area they are weaned to switch off,human time now limited . The same applies if crated in the room ,its door shut bedtime . So you need to ask yourself what is the adult plan for sleeping ,its coming into the warmer weather so a good time to readjust & educate before winter next year . Puppy class can be your best friend or your worst enemy .not all are the same or teach you the right life skills to set your pup up . How is puppy walking onleash,Does puppy enjoy being brushed regularly.What involvement do the other family members have? What are your expectations for the long term with your dog & what you want to do /enjoy
  10. DNA test curiosity

    Is it worth the risk?? You have a Staffyx leave it there
  11. Dog aggression towards other dog...

    Classic age for girls to rule the roost & decide the chain of importance ,could also be something else. If your really concerned better to seek a good trainer who can come to your home & watch the pack dynamics so you can learn to manage what is going on correctly or create a safe set up for when not home . Sometimes if a dog is showing other issues checking for thyroid problems in a dog showing changes is a good start to rule anything out there .
  12. Change poop schedule

    It may take time but his whole routine has changed and most likely toileting midday very normal whilst you are home or he had free access to get outside ,now he doesn’t have the access or the person to let him out . It could stress related pooing knowing he can’t get out
  13. Don’t be pushed and it sounds like you need to sort things out sooner than later . If you do decide to take her be very careful on agreeing to any deals such as wanting to visit the dog or take it out for the day and yes people do at times expect you to be the Good Samaritan whilst those involved take advantage
  14. Don’t get suck into the guilt of the pound . Dont be fooled into thinking this person won’t dump the dog . There comes a point where there communication should be regular with you on how things are going so don’t get used . It Sounds like being a 1 dog household is the best fit for you and there is no reason to feel guilty . This dog sounds easily rehomable if that ends up the case the question the owner needs to face up too is are they making the effort or are they using you with no end result . Ideally for the dogs sake if he doesn’t want her back then she needs a home . in which case there are great rescue groups ,if bred by a breeder they will happily help in rehoming ,there is Staffy rescue . The pound will only occur if dumped there .. If you wish to do the rehoming get all the paperwork from him that includes the microchip name change etc I
  15. Osteosarcoma - what to do?

    Our girl got 3 months more after diagnosis ,We opted for the pain meds & enjoy each day BUT trust me you will now when its time & its better a day sooner than a day too late . For our girl her pain got worse quickly,she struggled to keep warm even though a heatwave & her enjoyment of life clearly sucked out of her so we never regretted making the decision sooner than later .Our memories of her in her final stages where still pleasant ones & she left with dignity & respect a very special gift we could give her . Make the most of the healthy time sooner than later so if you want photos at special places go for it now. My suggestion if you haven't already thought about it is what your plans are when the time comes. Cremation,burying in a spot ? Do you want to be there when the time comes (there is no right or wrong answer here because everyone can/cant deal with last moments the same) Would you prefer at home final wings or going to the vet . Having a plan where everyone is in agreement can really make the time easier when it happens