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  1. You need to contact Breeders to find prices ,it’s the easiest and correct info which will also allow you to know the potential waiting time
  2. You won’t win anything as it’s not a battle .. The couriers don’t work on your schedule or what makes life easy for you . You need to create a solution when you block off access to your front door . Its your role to offer a safe solution .
  3. I don’t see this as all about the hubby . Maybe he wanted this pup for himself and you have the other dog to enjoy .That you both have a dog in there life . Many older dogs don’t play straight away that is not abnormal at all. It doesn’t mean pup needs to be placed with another dog this is where the humans step up as they would with an adult single dog with enrichment in there daily lives . Its not craving attention from the other dog it just sees the other dog as it’s litter mates or mum if a good player . Why is the breeder refusing to tal
  4. I think Noah’s Crossing vet does but whether it’s for public use not sure
  5. Your concern should be contacting the breeder and giving them the opportunity to have input . Your concerns are over the top and based on no communication with the actual source . You don’t want the pup fine sooner it’s out the better as a puppy will feel all this tension . The plane trip is no drama and could be less drama than be shoved off to a rescue ,then a foster and who knows what from there . This pup did not sign up for this first and foremost and it needs to be the priority not all the other stuff at present especially as your not keeping it . The resc
  6. To clarify which dogzonline site this one or dogsonline there are two . Personally i think your over thinking it all because you dont want the pup . The breeder can sell the pup at 8 weeks ,what others dog is there opinion & choice does not mean those who hang on to the pups till 12 weeks are any better because most bitches have had enough at a certain age & anything after 8 weeks then requires a breeder who is very mindful off socializing well ,exposing it to outside world & going the extra yards for the next 4 weeks to ensure the pup has meet the crucial aspects of that life
  7. First obvious thing video her during this behaviour . bug zappers are notorious sending dogs silly ,fire alarms especially if batteries going ,anything that pings but agree sounds like something is setting her off.
  8. Those attacks can be very sudden but I agree with Snook I wouldn’t be given meds without truly weighing up the pros and cons
  9. Can you clarify this comment by which other ANKC branches
  10. First off Mollie would have to pass the fight to fly aspect . She will need to meet the export requirements . This may not happen . Then there is a risk with an elderly dog . Export flying is not like a domestic flight or a drive in the car a few hrs down the road . So I would contact agents in NZ to get a feel of what requirements are for very elderly dogs that aren’t already listed on thee Aqus site. Is she crate trained.?? Would she happily cope for maybe 6/7 hrs crated .
  11. America sell them for big dogs BUT the position they need to get into for a backpack may not be pleasant fir a severe arthritic dog . Would be maybe better looking at a emergency sling like they use for Dolphins etc.
  12. Maybe try this place . https://www.wookiedogs.com/run-free
  13. You could hire the private dog run at Morley vets .
  14. I did agility with one show Greyhound and the other happily recalled 100% even if cats around . I believe any dog can learn on the job and respectful daily life requirements you just train them
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