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  1. I have lots of experience with Pointers . Pointers have similarities but thrive more in the all round dog sport area . They are gentle,birdy,love to stand upright on you ,love there humans ,the beach They are another great under estimated breed .
  2. Sep anxiety can certainly happen if self independence isn’t encouraged ,remember this is a breed that is loyal to its master by job . My current ES would not go off with someone else to be handled ,my others would but always keeping a keen eye out for there owner . Simple facts that is one to the potential pros/cons of the breed there either happy on there own or there not . My others would but ES love there family and can be very devoted . They can be barkers and retain there bird working traits well .When birds are around they switch to bird mode quickly without anything distracting them .Mine is bird obsessed , I would look at going to some of the ES club of Victoria’s social days .plys there are some big shows coming up where the entries should be good and to see some variety , I have been involved with the breed since the 90’s . Kamuzz I think you will find yours are sensitive but you know how to be around the breed and you don’t think about . For many who have been around tough/hardy breeds people often under estimate there need to change to another breed . All my ES where confident dogs but they still all had that sensitive side which is what makes them ES and different to there other Setter family . Slobber is a part ,the more flewy they are the more slobber you will get all through the house and your clothes . A lot of joe public hate the slobber
  3. Depends what you mean by stable enough to work with me (dog training ) ES aren't stupid but there very much a "why" breed & are very sensitive souls ,they should be a happy go lucky breed but owners mindful of there sensitivity. My current boy would be way to switched on for the average pet owner & is polar opposite to all the others i have owned which ranged from lazy ,to i may make an effort ,its a bit hot to go outside but known stupid . You simply need to adapt your mannerism to a more sensitive breed that tends to take things more to heart . They can be insanely needy & not always deal well when there human leave ,it is very important to teach ES as puppies self independence even after that effort you may end up with a very needy dog & its just an aspect of the breed people need to be prepared for . Whilst they can & do compete in dog sports anyone who does compete does so with a great sense of humor & a realistic attitude that you may suffer more fails than passes at times hence the "why" aspect. Grooming can vary again so much . Health wise breeding stock is tested for hips/elbows,baer & maybe thyroid . All puppies should be BAER tested around 6/8 weeks . Epilepsy can appear occasionally .
  4. Travel Sickness help needed

    Many have great success with sealegs . But it sounds like you need to go back to basics & work on activities whilst the car isn't moving & trying to minimize the stress/panic it would feel getting into the car & knowing what in store for it . For some dogs the back of the car is loud,people have there stereo on,not all cars have air vents in the back ,the sounds of of swoosh swoosh going past & even the light in the eyes . For some making it dark but still safe to drive a good start ,making sure you have fresh air a must . I personally don't get car sick but when i sit in the back i experience things way different from being in the front especially air flow if the car doesn't have it .Maybe get a car fan to plug in that goes onto the dog . Can you use a crate & cover it ?? Does the dog actually enjoy getting into the car
  5. Why pedigree dogs are on the line

    Barely-walking dust-bunny in fact. I have rarely seen a less animated dog than Wasabi. Perhaps hoping that if he keeps his head down, it will all go away. If this is the best she can write it really shows shes grasping at straws . Pekes have actually done amazingly well at dog sports over the years & very popular therapy dogs They certainly don't compete in the big numbers of many other breeds but in the scheme of things & especially in the US there successes in obedience & agility is nothing to be laughed about or given the label of being a no purpose in life breed . Pekes are fire crackers & wasabi actually showed alot of expression in the ring & also demonstrated a bomb proof nature with so much going on around him & showed the same happy go lucky nature at the TV interviews the next day ,i doubt many followers of this nutcase can say the same about there dogs . As for high maintenance coat a Pekes coat is no more work than a Sheltie,Collie or any other double coated breed than needs brushing weekly & a little more effort lwhen doing the big puppy/adult coat drop but that applies to most breeds that are coated or in the process of changing coat . Infact brushing out a Peke is very easy compared to many coated breeds & as someone who has handled & prepped Pekes(brushing,bathing,drying ) for shows & owns long coat breeds i can certainly say i have hands on experience & there way easier than many a breed even i have owned .
  6. dachshund puppy barking

    How much time each day is pup crated or in the pen compared to having some quality free time around the house & learning to go in/out the door independently . It just reads that her free time is a very small window , teaching self thinking & enabling the behaviour to ask to go outside or walk to the door to be rewarded & walked out & to not be demanding as the pup has options is very important . I owned a Std Smooth & showed other Dachies for many years ,they like there voice given there job is to bark when in work mode so they are a breed you need to teach boundaries but any pup not sure can start to vocalize through frustration Carrying out takes the thought process out plus training the dog to be so reliant on human guidance & to become needy
  7. Breathing Issue Advice

    The vet is your only option. For his X rays was he mildly sedated or obliging & able to be done with no GA ?? I can only go by our girl who had a Trachea issue that advanced very quickly ,she was fit as ,she was near 15 ate like a horse ,ran,played but started a mild cough ,cough progressed quickly then one night she had massive breathing issues & PTS the next day He could have mild asthma if your in a smoke affected area . He may have arthritis that is giving him pain is he on any pain relief ??
  8. dachshund puppy barking

    My first advice on toilet training is you have no real routine to teach pup to know outside at her home is toilet time. Im presuming the Too long a walks for a pup that age are part of going to the toilet . Dachshunds are natural barkers but doesnt mean they should be but take a step back & consider why is this pup barking . Maybe re read your post on its routine & consider where you could do better ,why the dog is barking & why toilet training isn't working . Yes you work so you have set up a pen but what are you using as a designated toilet spot ??You say happy to pee on the vinyl well that is a given as it has no where else to go but are you using paper,kitty litter tray or a fake grass toilet tray for pup to learn about toilet habits if inside? Being in a pen can still teach toilet manners . Next question would be whats your intentions in adult life for the dog to toilet when your at work,will it be an outside dog at the time,access via a doggy door or will the pen be the long term choice . In the morning pup goes straight outside ,personally i would cut the long walk out & do a shorter one if you must & encourage more of what you want from pup in the backyard . At present pup is being trained to be totally reliant on you so yes it may have an odd bark when the door is shut but it sounds more due to not feeling sure of its expectations out there & not really realising its its toilet area ,play area & chill area
  9. Why pedigree dogs are on the line

    Also shows how stupid people are in believing the crap and not actually getting off there butts and seeing the breed in real life . I have handled Pekes and heard all sorts of expert comments from idiots who know nothing and above all never meet one . Makes them look like such fools . Jed yes there life spans are amazing and good health into there old years .Like any dog an issue can happen but Pekes in the scheme of things are a very hardy breed Friends breed them and very normal for them to be 16/17 and very active at that age . They can be feisty buggers ,they love running ,retrieving and love people.
  10. Advice on breeds

    It would be spending more time overseas doing its time residency before being able to re enter & depending on the countries & the Category it comes under can't even leave that country unless its done its time in a Cat for import country plus meeting all the current pre testing time frame & airline embargos overseas during certain weather times
  11. Advice on breeds

    No to a dog
  12. Reading your replies its sounds like you have made your decision & for the dogs sake the right one . If this dog is better suited to having dog company & that will make this dogs life happier then the dogs need comes first . There are times when a dog simply isn't the right fit ,sadly even from our boarding kennels we see dogs rehomed so quickly without an honest assessment & new owners burdened with a life issue & no support except it was fine here . Most of the dogs arent taken out to see how they react in real life so its impossible . I have a behaviorist friend who refuses to deal with shelters & rescues due to not wanting to listen & hear the truth or be honest on rehome . This certainly doesn't apply to all places but so many are popping up & with no accountability its sad to see both dog & new owners mismatched . Having said the above reading what the dog was exposed too in such a short time frame without having any trust or knowing you may have also added to the bad coping skills of this dog & the fact you most likely expected an instant pet has made it all stressful for both sides . This dog may well have spent its short life with another dog & very little within human company or even inside a home . At the end of the day though you need to make a decision sooner than later ,you need to allow this dog to either move on asap to a potentially better fit home & maybe look at a more right fit dog for what you really want
  13. Best Cordless Clippers ??

    I personally in your case wouldn’t recommend cordless . If your not doing it regular or it’s matted then battery life and spare battery is important if wanting to complete the job in one day . I would just buy a decent corded pair and depending on what you consider tidying up just buy the extra blades .They come with a #10 which you can use to clip out belly strips ,inside thigh and depending on the pants a a #4,5 or 7 which you can also use like a clip on comb to skim over over clip shorter . If coat matted far easier to use than a clip on comb i am a groomer but the clip on combs can’t do all the jobs so if you buy a 5/1 head you have very limited options . We don t use the ones suggested as there not multi purpose enough . At the end of the day it’s budget $$$ or $$$$$$$