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  1. This is done regularly .There is a group that is very proactive. There is also the the pre Westminster dog show nights where some of the competing dogs go & do what they are breed for & do a fabulous job with a quick kill & some of the Rats caught are massive
  2. Grooming for beach loving spoodle

    Your dog may be very well behaved for the groomer . That is based on confidence,grooming table and getting on with the job . But your groomer if you ask should happily show you how to brush correctly and the tools to use . Even if trimmed short they still knot . Most oodles /doodles have an open topcoat but felt underneath ,that is where your tools assist why brushing to the skin is soo important. Too be honest buying a budget dryer would also be your best friend , these coats matt especially after baths . Tne dryer blows to the skin and can actually help blow knots out when line brushing plus separating the coat out before it tightens up again,we brush a lot of knots out with the dryer .
  3. Training a pup for confirmation

    https://showmanager.com.au/activity/264?fbclid=IwAR1zXjWIlg7WQsMOYGt8mjkFXm8m0AD7A_xJ34_9u4HjJofSR-S4-a0WS3E this may be off interest
  4. Is it just PTSD?

    Very normal for any dog off any age to vomit a food that there not use to . Liver doesn’t suit all dogs but I find the dehydrated ones the worse for dogs to stomach . Over excited dog,pulling can all add to a vomit.. You don’t need to use treats all the time
  5. Grooming for beach loving spoodle

    First off you need to start teaching the grooming manners 7 months your pup should know the difference between a game & a being brushed ,it shouldnt be a two people job & you need to make sure your rewarding the right behaviour . Most people feed treats rewarding the wrong behaviour & just want to bribe or get the dog to stand still with food without teaching it "grooming skills". This is your next 15 yrs & as a groomer i deal with nightmare dogs weekly who have not had owners step up & be pro active.Coated breeds especially crosses with these coat textures need owners to be brush happy . Brushing knots out is painful & teaches the dog to either hate being brushed,to start biting/mouthing You need to brush on a neutral space,like the washing machine with a non slip matt.Ask your groomer to show how to brush the dog correctly as they are the ones most likely brushing the knots out Your brush is useless,pin brushes are great for there job,bristle is a finishing brush on a drop coat ,get your groomer to show you the right tools but you need a good soft slicker & above all a comb ,what your using is will never brush your dog out . You need to line brush out . I will say as a groomer 99% of owners with this combo end up clipping short or having no choice as they simply don't brush enough & not correctly . Curly/wavy doesnt factor its all about brushing often & brushing to the skin . Washing/rinsing an already matted coat makes it worse ,most are often clipped off like a sheep in one piece . So you need to decide your options . Keep coat short & simple Ask your groomer how to brush the dog correctly & what tools Get into a strict grooming routine especially with manners (this applies even with a shorter coat your pup wont get better for you until you start being the teacher & setting the rules .Manners training can be done daily by placing pup on table & just doing "touch time" patting,feet checking ,standing .Silly behaviour is not rewarded ,grooming is about calm /together time but with a job
  6. thrombocytopenia (ITP) in dogs

    It will be hard to answer your question because each dogs road to recovery can be so varied & whether additional drugs are required to assist & in the early stages its all about getting on the road to recovery & lowering the dose. Your vet is the person you need to ask as they are treating your dog & at what stage . The main obvious issue is the potential side effects of prednil which your vet will cover anyway
  7. Breeders terms

    Depends on many factors. I have plenty of friends who ask for nothing as there helping there friend go forward(obviously vet bills etc are there cost ). A pup in return goes pear shape when one pup so a contract outlining what happens is a must & know of more issues with this not going to plan ,will the bitch owner then re lease the bitch to make a litter ??What agreement is made by both parties if 1 pup ??
  8. Bark Busters

    No ,there are better options . What circumstances did the guarding happen
  9. Training a pup for confirmation

    If your on FB there is a Qld dog shows page . Otherwise contact DogsQld and ask if there running handling classes or puppy days . Stacking is actually easy providing your getting the steps right and puppies even large breed I only stack on a table for training at this age . Also check if a judging ramp is used in your state
  10. Help please!

    Actually don’t think the breeder is a liar. It sounds like without all of us knowing the facts the breeder has been good maybe not the outcome you expected but in the scheme of things good. Was $3500 including air freight or did you pay extra . No site guarantees a breeder and even the best of breeders have sad moments. Just like parents who have a child with issues Yes puppies die at birth ,that was the litter most likely set aside for you ,breeder had no pup/s but refunded you the money .Just because there are other puppies doesn’t equate to you getting one. The breeder could have said right I will replace the pup but not expecting another litter for a year especially that colour so felt the refund was the best solution . We many years ago lost 6 puppies due to a bad vaccination batch at 6 weeks ,6 homes heart broken including ourselves . Did you get an autopsy done .? Has you vet supplied you with a written report? Your pup would have needed a fit to fly vet check in the 2 weeks prior to leaving . Lesson here is breeders should take out the free pet insurance on pups leaving . Owners should take out pet insurance as well . This is a great lesson for kids ,Mother Nature can be cruel to the breeder and owners ,owning pets is heartbreaking and heartwarming. No need to make anything more of it to your child than things in life don’t always work out ,you move on and find another breeder . Maybe the breeder is embarrassed ,maybe you sent messages they felt was no longer a working relationship and it was best to refund Either way it’s time to move on .
  11. Advice beeded

    The issue you have is neither off you want to give the dogs the stimulation they need or deserve .Its not a case off your dog my dog there family pets & 2 hands make light work & not that much effort for both to help bathe or walk these dogs . Whilst you say you made a promise to keep the dogs forever & you say you worry about other owners abusing them the dogs would prefer a promise of going for walks & having time & effort made to them not garden ornaments in the backyard which are now a inconvenience because they have had enough . Abuse comes in many forms & not going for walks or having there time can tick that box They live a rotated life off looking at fences and nothing else . 2 dogs doesn’t equate to a playmate or mean that simple basics of enrichment off the property doesn’t happen. These 2 dogs have no variety or time out from each other, there is now a baby in the pack that allows them even less daily enrichment so no surprise there likely getting fed up with each other and that it’s escalating. They have nothing to look forward too just the same old nothing . If you do rehome one please don’t get another dog to replace it ,it’s not a case of move one out and bring something that’s a better fit in especially when your plans to do no exercise or enrichment wont change your just setting up another possible failure and that’s not fair on the dog and your baby will get older and require dedication from you both to ensure your dog/s can live safely around a child without undue stress to them . Keep one and start making its life fun ,take it to the dog part and let it live life & when that one passes reassess if they time is right for a another dog to be part of the household & get the needs it expects . The only potential for success here is with effort and to be blunt it won’t happen if the dogs don’t even get walked or it’s part off an all too hard attitude and I don’t want to attitude . Spaying won’t stop what’s happening & infact can make some dogs more aggressive .The money you will spend here would have been better suited to a trainer assessment /
  12. Boundary fence is being removed

    And breed makes no difference ,I now plenty of Basenjis who don’t tick your boxes . You are simply a dog owner who needs to know the temp fencing going up is suitable to contain your dogs for the time frame given as that’s a council requirement. Most temp fencing will sit in the plastic holders that won’t be dog safe by that standard . i agree go speak to the neighbour about your issues . What time frame have they given for the job ,does it cover weekend with no work done . When doing the job on the day is the fence coming down..?? Theres are the things I’d be asking and if you need to day board your dogs as it’s a safer option will they pay ..
  13. Picky teething puppy

    Some teething pups get tonsillitis so a vet visit is your safest option .
  14. Transfer of ownership issues

    I would be engaging with the breeder ,they will be your biggest help long term on any issues you may face . The breeder was most likely taken back to receive a call about this dog and the rehome . Whilst the dog is yours the previous owner may have signed a contract . The breeder can flag the microchip and you would need to prove ownership so in all honesty working with the breeder is your best tool . If you don’t want too phone them email that you realise your call would have been a shock but moving forward xyz is loved etc etc and we would love your support and help going forward . As to your question if lost lost yes the current person listed on the chip is the person they will call. Some vets are refusing to treat animals whose chip details don’t match there client .
  15. Advice Please: I'm interested in 9wk old puppy for rehoming

    As a breeder we buy the pup back ,reassess & rehome at any age .