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  1. From a containment point off view go fence or high puppy pen because you will struggle assisting dog out off a crate and if using sedation to keep calm stability will be a struggle . I would start that training ASAP . toileting my have a setback at this time especially wees. Consider pee pad or incontinent blankets during the initial stages . Slings or help them up a must your backs will take a hit at first getting a dead weight up is hard so plan your set up wisely not to hot not to cold and not 10 miles to get outside . enrichment toys,brain games a must and still en
  2. I would not mention your dogs potentially harming the dog or any dog. I would simply say as many good stock owners do I have working Maremma doing there guardian job to protect the stock and alert us off intruders . I would be emphasing the risk off a small dog around stock ,the electric fence ,the fact the dog/s are roaming . I would start a paper trail simply regarding wondering dogs and your concern for those dogs .
  3. I would look at most options over a cone . Each dog is different and we will go with what works best and cones aren’t a guarantee off success either . But generally most don’t need the cone vets just hand them over and tell you to use them
  4. I have never set the alarm for any off our pups . Ours are encouraged to alert us and had clean pups . I doubt the training pads will set you back bigtime but it’s more the lack off letting you k ow that will
  5. To be honest it isn’t as painful as what some will make you think cutting back short and in the scheme off pain/discomfort long nails hurt just as much .
  6. Actually seen it with plenty of meds not just ace and there not a quick fix for nails hence why I would sooner GA an oldie than some meds , Anxiety meds won’t perform a miracle without behaviour modification so a dog shit scared off nails will still be without a lot of pre work . For a 12 yr old dog I would just go simple .
  7. Go talk to your vet . if the dog is that bad they may be able to lightly sedate with gas . tablets don’t stop the thought process and often increases the panic more . I would opt for GA the risks are there no matter what . Long nails cause pain,the stress off fighting the nail trim can increase heart ache or seizure in old dogs
  8. I’m thinking a oodle or similar
  9. So the Brittany breed standard he would be deemed “ Whippety” in body shape which is a fault .No big deal for a pet but if your comparing how yours looks to pictures he is different whether it be french style or American . Brittanys should be Cobby in appearance . You need to teach switch off if he’s over active to a point of extreme but excessive pooing is an issue so you need to reassess what food ,the quantities .
  10. Does he have skin issues in his groin? Dog looks slightly longer in the loin area which can make them look skinny and no amount of feeding will change . It is a leggy/Rangey Brittany so will look different to other Brittany . His conformation has faults
  11. If he’s pooping 4 times a day he’s not absorbing the food just passing it out . The food may not suit him .
  12. I think telling your story makes people feel normal and if not Atleast understand it’s not that simple and no one needs to know why things changed for you but things happen in life that affect everyone differently .
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