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  1. Refund on Deposit Paid?

    Best to check your state laws regarding the keeping of a deposit on an item that no longer meets your needs. Personally like others forcing people to pay deposits on unborn,non health checked ,unknown temp or even unknown suitability of a pup or how many survives is shonky but a fad that’s becoming g the norm. Means the breeder has money sitting in there account from how many people . I think you will find you are entitled to a refund and I would be pushing for one Unless you are happy with the new potential breeding .
  2. Toilet training issues...

    Place the puppy pads outside . Does she use the doggy door . Also consider pup may have experienced trauma in the yard or very limited access to outside . It sounds like your on the right path
  3. Training a greyhound not to chase

    Exactly but the same applies to any bred . Maddy plenty of breeds chase to hunt ,run to hunt Greys are no more special than many breeds and as for your show bred plenty of show bred breeds have great working ability in all breeds but the constant lines from people who go on that Greys are bred to chase refer to running in circles . We all now there history and there history again like many Breeds was to hunt and also be a companion animal and one of status . I own gundogs and they can hunt and chase infact some of my gundogs are more driven than my Greys ever where People just need to use there brains and get a breed with its pros and cons and realise that that can’t turn them into something else but playing and running like a sighthound is different and for many something they have never scene before
  4. Toilet training issues...

    Where do you want her to toilet and what is her access to the preferred spot . What methods are you using to encourage toileting in the ideal spot . Is the pup a confidant pup ,nervy pup and what is it’s general behaviour like . Are you using a crate or puppy pen
  5. Training a greyhound not to chase

    Disasters happen in any breed and size ,many small dogs start the trouble . Big dogs p,at like a big dog. And bred runs and chases that’s a dog . Selecting a suitable friend for an already existing dog is paramount also accepting some dogs aren’t suited to company is another . I dare say whether this dog is suitable or not an introduction period wasn’t down just a here is the new dogand it’s scared the new owner who thought they where getting a couch potato. As a side note all our Greys played gentler than a Lab,Boxer or Dobe they just leap and do speed and agile quicker. Also people Greyhounds are not bred to chase they where bred to hunt like many other breeds ,This is a pet peeve comment and not all Greys have been near a track or are race bred . Plenty of breeds and dogs do lure coursing and chase that lure doesn’t mean there prey drive is any more higher than another dog . I owned show Greys .i would trust them over many breeds any day of the week the only difference is we understand play types and making sure a dog is happy to live with such a dog . My dogs don’t enjoy playing with Labs due to there pushy,over the top ,in your face no respect play manners .
  6. Border Collie collapse

    could be BCC ,make sure your vet is very savvy in diagnosing
  7. Looking for a female chow

    Why should he be bred with . As asked above what health testing have you had done,is he mains registered ,in your name and are you a member of Dogs ACT . The Chow community is small so many kennels already use outside lines so your boys pedigree may be off no use to them . I would gather breeders have already to.d you this and have a reason for saying No ,it comes down to whether your interested in listening to there reasons The same would app,y if you wanted to breed ,you would need to source a bitch with lines to compliment your boy. Its not a case of buy a bitch pump out pups and wipe your hands off them ,you are liable for what you breed and the breed doesn’t need breeders just wanting to have a litter .
  8. Training a greyhound not to chase

    Is he chasing or is he playing . Keeping in mind Greys play in an exuberant manner and it sounds like you where expecting something different and have a Cavie that isn’t ready for a big dog and a playful one . This dog could have slipped through or it could be quite simp,y a normal dog wanting to play like a normal large breed dog and yes I have owned Greyhounds with small dogs
  9. 9th Storey Apartment

    I would not even trust a trained dog ,the risk is too much Make it dog proof and with a good plan for entertaining a dog for apartment life then doable but it takes a lot of commitment from an owner in all weather to keep an apartment dog mentally amused and content .
  10. We have people out to view but a lot of talking happens prior to weed out the serious people to the I want to play with puppies kind . If you feel uncertainty then trust your head
  11. Interactions with Mature Dogs

    You need to remember Chloe grew up with a mature dog ,she has grown up with a different style of company through her adult stages . She is not use to it . She needs her space and needs to not fell overwhelmed .
  12. Interactions with Mature Dogs

    You need to remember Chloe grew up with a mature dog ,she has grown up with a different style of company through her adult stages . She is not use to it . She needs her space and needs to not fell overwhelmed .
  13. Dog will fly fine but phone around those 2 often charge crazy prices . try Baycity travel in brisdie Mooreholme KCR
  14. Selecting a Dog Breed

    Limited choices if you want it to sleep outside ,Companion breeds are exactly that thrive on human comapny ,people can certainly work but want there humans when you get home . Is there a reason it must sleep outside .What is your winter weather like. What protection will it have overnight for warmth (especially a small breed)
  15. American Cocker Spaniels can come in a Sable Merle colour . Dapple Dachshunds is a merle