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  1. Well the kids are going to learn very quickly to pick up there stuff or the dog will spend little time inside
  2. First off don’t get stuck on sex ,when it comes to selecting the right dog to suit your son sex shouldn’t be a factor . We have placed puppies into homes with kids with the same issues and some wanted the pretty dog that was not the right fit for there.needs and not prepared to listen so they got no pup others where very happy to listen to us the breeders advice in selecting the pup/ pups that is the best fit before leaving us , The best breed is the one that will benefit your son . So are you wanting a dog that is settling,calm or you wanting a dog that is over the top . If the dog is meant to also help encourage a behaviour with your son the right breed and pup is very important. Ball chasing is no guarantee,some dogs thrive doing it others get no pleasure from fetching a ball . Swimming is certainly hit and miss although some non shedding breeds can have a higher passion for water . Portuguese water dog is one ,sadly I have yet to come across a friendly lagotto but that doesn’t mean there not out there just seek your breeder out . Std Schnauzers love water and thrive watching over there people but require dedicated puppy training . Std Poodles love water and great with jobs ,if in Victoria there is one breeder I would talk with whose dogs are working dogs . There are other breeds that don’t shed that would be just as suitable
  3. Yes have known dogs whose owners where so pedantic about toileting at home they taught there dog that walks was for toileting not the yard especially those who have concrete,wooden decks,false lawn,little court yards . Dogs become afraid of toileting at home because they where told off for doing so or if they showed the "signs" of needing to toilet lead attached asap & out for a walk . Cranberry tablets are great,making sure the vet is doing more than just handing out meds.Some breeds can be predisposed to stones & if her privates are fluffy keeping them clean a must ,some bitches literally squat so low there in there own pee . If her privates are constantly inflammed from licking/burning the area needs treating ,also diet can play a factor .
  4. does anyone know

    Video when the dog does it again to show the vet but could be anything
  5. Puppy issues overnight

    Dont worry about the crate ,get a dog basket ,it really makes no difference where pup wants to sleep as long as its happy. Tiles are often cooler especially if the house is warm or no air flow,some just don't wish to hang in there crate all the time,no wrong or right . My dogs are crate trained because there show,they fly & travel in a crate ,They rarely see one during the week but all i want is a dog that will happily sit in a crate whether it be fire evac emergency,crappy weather,illness or day at vets .For me crate is a life skill but doesn't mean it has to be there world
  6. Emma Greenway is the one to contact but rarely breed in Oz
  7. Puppy issues overnight

    First off don’t get sucked into using words that aren’t describing your dog . Anxiety is a big issue that requires a whole lot of work . Most pups take time to adjust to new routines but the more complicated you make it the higher risk you have of creating issues . The set up ROzzie has we have done ,easy peasy . But dont over think problems ,puppy raising isn’t complicated
  8. I can see the breeders point in the way off if they get a dog now it will be use to someone home all day then suddenly off to work .Not everyone prepares the dog well for such a change and issues can arise .The breeder may have said this and it not interpreted that way or come across in that fashion but it’s just as an important part of the the right dog and training it for the big change especially in breeds that thrive with human companionship,most breeders will sell to her they just need to have the plan or wait till when they work and start the pup in the routine from there So when out what sort of backyard will it have ,small,grass,patio for good weather protection or will it be a little kennel for protection . Or will it have a doggy door with access to part of the house/ laundry
  9. Eclampsia

    Shit happens although my advice stick with supplementing the pups as no guarantees it won’t happen again . Depends on the bottle used and what milk you used, We use goats milk to bottle feed and they learn very quickly to drink providing the test is right,patience and keep at it
  10. Puppy issues overnight

    My dogs sleep on my bed ,there show dogs that spend a lot of time with me and I work from home we have active gundogs and companion breed . In the past as a kid parents worked dogs home alone but the most important thing we can do is teach dog survival at home ,a needy dog is not a pleasure and we can create our own long term monsters from puppy stage . I love the fact my dogs who don’t all run together are happy dogs who will happily amuse themselves during the day because they now how too . New puppy owners can fit into helicopter parenting ,keep it simple ,keep it practical . A dog is a life p,ensure and when it can be it’s happy joyous self it makes the partnership a great thing
  11. Puppy issues overnight

    i would go the whole night ,you are training the dog to wake up through the night .What you need to be training is asking to go out ,be let out of crate or alert you to needing out .When you keep doing the routine your taking away the learning process . During the day never carry pup out ,we do prepare training inside a tad earlier to make the fun of going to the door & the reward of weeing outside so awesome . Going to the door is always rewarded with straight outside to the preferred toilet spot ,i train the babies onleash but more because there showdogs & toileting onlead isn't natural to all dogs .
  12. What should I pay, German Shepherd pup?

    Rubbish ,it comes down to the manner asked & jumping through hoops is no different than you saying must fit your scrutiny .Dog world is not the horse world & yes i have knowledge of both & often POA is to sort the time wasters out & horses are often under valued considering the training many have gone through prior to sale,soundness & vet test to confirm soundness etc etc We don't advertise price because people should be able to communicate in this day & age & ask questions . Price is one small factor in anything ,you want a pup for a purpose so selecting a breeder who can assist you in picking the right pup is very important ,prices will vary if you want working lines,showlines ,its not that cut and dry hence why talking with breeders is important . I have never known a breeder to get weird over price except when the potential owner implies there after something cheap & don't really want to pay much ,we have had some who ask to barter the price and other strange requests those people not once asked any questions about health,raising of pups,successes etc etc . Certainly those that send one liner emails are often the issues breeders have with price & they cant sent alot ,like i say comes down to the manner which asked . We often get Hey how much for pup. Price for pup Got pups how much Looking for cheap pup have any . These come with no header,no hello & no names ,Just those lines .Basic manners when asking a question goes along way
  13. Yep rolling is very normal as is vocal noises at this time ,a great game . Dogs can itch when there puppy coat is changing,because people wash them in crappy stuff or there not being washed . If your dog is itching a lot and has coat it will be matting ,if matted due to lack of brushing knots can make them itchy and painful. Allergies can be over considered but making sure your backyard is pet friendly plant wise is important
  14. What should I pay, German Shepherd pup?

    Not sure where this current trend of thinking the breeder will be offended by asking the price is coming from . Breeders don’t care but obviously asking the price can be done in a respectful manner . Simply ask ,what is your price,which registry would that be on and what health testing has been done
  15. Puppy issues overnight

    Most good breeders have already exposed there pups to a great whether in the car or at home