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  1. autoimmune-hemolytic-anemia

    I would also be sure to look at Titer testing instead of vaccination in the future & be very mindful of any flea/tick meds being used
  2. Which store allow dogs?

    Australians are selfish to dog ownership & shot themselves in the foot when it comes to places being dog friendly ,we run kennels & a grooming salon & we have clients who will walk there dogs over to our outdoor setting & in the past BBQ to allow there dogs to pee up it & then look at you like your a martian when you say please don't let your dog wee up our private belongings
  3. What type of dog should I get?

    Where will the dog live inside or outside . All dogs shed except some breeds shed differently .Any of the low shedding breeds will require a trip to the groomers anywhere from 6/10 weeks & must be brushed regularly to remove the coat that sheds differently ,Prices for grooming can vary so please factor that into your breed choice.. As for your requirements most of that list comes down to what the owners will train & what type of life they will provide but even the best of dogs will have a digging moment it comes down to the degree it digs . Barking can be created often an issue with kids who run around screaming encouraging the dog to bark ,be over stimulated so it will require all family members to be committed to training,brushing,grooming & giving the dog a wonderful life outside of the bark yard ,
  4. 4 months old, Jap Spitz with 1 testicle

    Is this pup to be shown so a need for 2 ?? I have a dog who didn't drop his second till 6 months . As for the vet i dare say there like many numpty vets that grab down there & go heavy handed trying to find the other & results in the dog not playing the game . If this is an issue that means the dog isn't suitable for what ever reason then you need to address this with the breeder sooner than later & i certainly wouldn't get everyone to go hunting down there .
  5. We have boarded numerous Blue Staffies & all have skin issues . I would suggest its not a case of can you trust a blue staffy breeder but are you happy to take the risk of a skin issue dog that could potentially make the enjoyment your kids can get out of it not what you signed up for . All the Blue staffies we board have lovely natures they just have skin issues . My first question to them would be why they choice to bred Blues ,why she breeds Blue to Blue .Is there asking price way more than the correct colours . ,do they show or do any dog sports or do they just breed pups ??If they don't compete in any dog activity why did they decide to breed Staffies ,questions you ask As far as her spending lots of money to purchase a stud dog is irrelevant & if the breeder made a point of telling you that i see that as a "why". Breeding dogs is not about how much it cost to buy your stud dog or a bitch nor is that something you emphasis to a puppy buyer unless you charge more . Ask lots of questions & buy with your head (personally i would not buy a colour that is well known for bigger skin issues)
  6. Puppy with flatulance

    The time to give a food is one of many factors because you need to eliminate other foods . Personally when ivory coat started changing there formulas and adding stuff to it I stopped using it . Itching isn’t due to teething . Most products that say lamb,fish or what ever else often contain chicken of some sort which makes it challenging for those owners with a legit chicken allergy dog and yes chicken is one of the bigger allergy food . But dog could be itchy for over reasons ,dirty coat ,are you brushing the dog etc etc
  7. Annual blood works

    We don’t. We would only do for dogs on long term meds that it makes sense too or certain health reasons . One of our clients vets was a believer in this .Every year she would tell us what the results where and she would get so stressed over it . Her vet she thought was god we thought he was total doom and gloom and made there time owning dogs expensive and full of panic
  8. Puppy with flatulance

    Your vet will most likely push there brand of food so just be mindful you may come out even more confused. Talk with your breeder ,breeders like to get feedback on what may not be working for a pup & often able to suggest a biscuit that is known to suit your breed . Some of the dry varieities can just be not suited to a some dogs ,fish can be one of those & those with added items ,it becomes very hard . My Taste of the Wild feed dog is due to chicken allergies ,the choice of legit chicken free dry here is very limited & he doesn't thrive on complete raw only . We don't feed grain free by choice but when we do we also don't feed just dry we add to it Simple fact is not every breed is the same & finding a suitable diet for your dog is worth a phone call to the breeder ,if you don't like there advice you can still go it alone but you have given them the opportunity to assist. Everyone will tell you something different & it can become a mindfield of opinions. The emu oil could be an issue . I would consider going bland for a few days ,chicken mince,pumpkin & see what happens .
  9. Puppy with flatulance

    So you are saying when you sold your Lab pups you never gave a diet sheet & told them to feed what ever & it wasn't your problem??
  10. Puppy with flatulance

    Just because there an ambassador doesn't stop them from having a duty of care to a pup they have bred not doing well on a certain food .They may be sponsored but your not & a farting dog is not normal . Speak to the breeder anyway to inform them of the issue ,plenty of breeders have had to suggest another food due to a pup/adult just simply not thriving on a food .Some dogs can not tolerate the fish .I have dogs here that are currently feed Taste of the wild pacific stream & doing great ,feed them another fished based brand & don't do great it just comes down to the ingredients . Personally my dogs did terrible on Ivory Coat when they started changing the ingredients & adding coconut oil .
  11. Solvensky Cuvac Breeders?

    I think the closest breed to them in Oz is the Tatra Shepherd
  12. Is your dog afraid of the cold?

    Minis in this household,always sleep together all year around touching. Have no issues wearing coats if required in extreme cases,like there coats but most people buy horrible coats that are uncomfortable especially those horrid knitted things or the ones with front leg holders that alter there movement . Ours like the heater on but will happily be outside in the cold
  13. how do dogs eat without teeth?

    Given most dogs don't chew there food but just suck it down toothless doggies cope well. The reason to still give a soft bone is to still encourage jaw muscle strength ,think off it as face muscle exercises
  14. antinol - how to feed

    50 mg
  15. antinol - how to feed

    The person & vets who are recommending the product suggest the loading dose if it suits your dog then 1 or 2 tablets ,the same as antinol.They did suggest if dog was having a bad run you can increase to 4 but that is not considered norm & they generally only suggested that prior to a competition One is a sports vet who has asked many questions & simply can't see any reason to not use the Lyprinol especially given its ease & value especially for a multi dog household or large breeds. I have used both on a large dog .I give 1 tablet . I brought the antinol from the website as it was far cheaper but it is pricey if doing a number of dogs