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  1. Help with barking

    I agree you need to get professional help that will also set you up for success and new baby issues especially with a dog that has food guarding issues . I think you need to look at what the household plan is going to be with dog v baby and start setting them up with a new routine and weaning them I to change given one dog already has issues and the other is either barking to simp,y be a barker or not knowing how to cope with noise Your barker may bark at the baby crying ,it may show lack of coping at that time . Look at buying the baby noise CD and start playing it at all hrs . Start training the dogs to the pram. Start training the dogs to accepting time out from you when feeding the baby as I gather you are working on a plan with crawling toddler and food guarding
  2. What to do when a puppy has an inverted vulva.

    I would not put in writing you will pay so much towards the procedure & the reason being they may decide to pick the most expensive vet around which will cost you more . It would be better to drop the price of the pup taking out what the estimated cost of surgery will be . The issue here is pet insurance for the new owners may be a problem as you have rightly so informed them of a pre existing condition so they will head straight to there vet where it will be noted in the system .So UTI 's may not be covered . Forget there a lawyer ,you are dealing with a puppy owner . First job is to inform them ,let them know what the pros/cons are off the issue ,send them the vets report which wont be massively detailed because there is the unknown in rectifying with age BUT it backs you up . Ask them to think about it as a family .Personally i would send a follow up email with it all in writing not just verbal . Then make sure you have it clearly written in your puppy contract that they are buying this puppy fully aware of its diagnosis & have been made aware of the potential outcomes . Lawyer or not you would have to do the same thing . This isn't a massive issue BUt it can be a tad costly for UTIs so important people are made aware . UTI can become an issue ,a good vet will absolutely suggest allowing 1/2 seasons to help assist if not severe .Even if not severe the UTIs can be just a bigger pain so surgery still the open . We own a bitch slightly inverted & she has no issues what to so ever . We groom a English Springer Spaniel that had constant UTI,sore vulva & drama's until she had the surgery than all good
  3. Getting A New Maltalier Puppy.

    I would not pay that price for a crossbreed . I would expect the parents to both have current health testing & not a Vet said they where healthy line if there wanting to charge that much for pups . That is more than my pedigree pups which are registered ,health tested parents & full breeder back up . But I’m doubting this post is legit anyway and would have thought giving up weed if legit would have been important enough for the current dog
  4. Importing new breeds

    The people who brought them in where very well known in the show world so the breed was easy to learn about back then & well promoted by those that had them . Your chow could simply be a chow or have Finnish Lapphund in it ,the Lappies are quite common in Australia & a better chance of one of those being used in a cross breeding than a Eurasier
  5. 5 months is also not long after a severe infestation . You need to do a food diary even if you head down the specialist path they will ask what you feed. What colour is your Dachie?
  6. Getting a pup to eat dry food

    What advice has the breeder given? Have you soaked the kibble to soften it slightly whilst teething . Is pup being fed in a quiet zone . there is nothing wrong with adding the right foods to pups dry and yes a hungry puppy can be a grumpy puppy just like us . What time out does pup get from the kids ,are you ensuring it gets brain switch off time . The roll is a start ,you can get pet mince ,can cook up veggies etc etc . Biggest thing is keep it simple . Your mission is to feed right but also to teach right
  7. Go to the groomer as a groomer myself we have very little contact with people infact one industry where people time is very quick & easy to social distance
  8. We prefer liquid polarmine. Also look at the liquid phenergan for kids ,the drowse factor a lot less . Could it be more of a nerve type /tingling pain killers Is he on pain killers
  9. I think most use Bowral .
  10. Can I bring my puppy home?

    The risk will be there for many years . If you F10 it straight after the loss of your pup the time frame would be better as it needed addressing sooner than later . If you haven’t cleaned and sprayed then getting it done in a hurry is good but leave pup at parents . Your saving grace if your backyard receives lots of sunshine is that helps a lot with killing the bug
  11. We have no need to flea/tick treat but we also follow the rule keep it simple and old fashioned . We also don’t heartworm as the risk here is very small compared to the chemicals . We always heartwormed until they made it More fancy . We all Worm adults on a basic schedule . At the end of the day there all strong chemicals being placed into your dog , Some breeds with higher incidence of thyroid or other auto immune issues I would manage even more . I wouldn’t give the all in ones too stock I wasn’t breeding from due to potential issues
  12. Puppy Vaccinations

    Im talking about your pet insurance not covering a claim if the vaccination protocol is not followed or your dog gets sick with a disease that they deem could be vaccinated for & preventable not about vaccine failure . Not all cover titer test in there wording & if a puppy gets parvo but owners opted out of the additional booster then you need to understand how you provider deals with such things because we all know they will will find a reason not to pay out . Its not about whether they pay for the vaccination but what they will cover if you decide to not follow the recommended protocol that insurers base there findings on .
  13. Puppy Vaccinations

    Like Tassie said depends where you live although im not sure of any vacc worldwide that is given monthly but are you sure your not confusing worming monthly till 6 months that may have come up in the conversation
  14. Introducing Cassie (kelpie)

    https://aussiedog.com.au/updog-challenge-ultimate-canine-disc-sport/ Some of the fly ballers also do Disc dogs .
  15. Working lines vs show lines

    You lost me & would have lost any pet owner in the process .