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  1. What chewing things are you given the pup at present . As your pup is in the teething process chewing gives them relief . With our pups we rotate the teething options because it’s a fun factor.Some teeth with ease others really struggle so make sure you have some variety in this area . Also don’t forget to ask your breeder various questions we love to help our puppy owners . Whilst playing onlead is not ideal you have no option .Personally we do t leave the lead trailing here because it requires human management which can affect the dogs ability to be independent
  2. You can certainly teach to ideally toilet in a special spot just be consistent between where you want it her to but also open minded that toileting outside at this age is a big deal and if not the spot no dramas
  3. Dog Shows + Undershot Jaw

    Most vets are useless ,you need to get the dog looked at by a non bias party ,simply someone that can inform you what type of mouth your dog has . Jaws can changed a lot in some breeds you don’t feel safe till 15 months but generally speaking at 12 months if it’s not correct it would take a miracle especially an undershot . Having said that is it truly undershot or a level bite . When the vet showed you the issue how big was the gap from bottom to top Like I said unless your vet is dog show savvy I would not rely on there opinion as to a show dog .
  4. i do wish the info is more correct once a week brush god no ,not with this coat they matt like crazy ,daily brushing with the right tools a must .There coat even in a pet clip is not for the lazy brusher & yes i groom one every 8 weeks also a rescue
  5. Dog Shows + Undershot Jaw

    I would not show a dog with a bad bite . The standard is very clear on the mouth .the issues that can occur in staffies as with any dog a lack of under jaw which can affect mouths ,malocclusion is something to always be aware off. For starters you need to get this dog assessed by someone who does know ,in all honesty if you have been checking her mouth regularly as part of her show training & general health you should have notice this especially if you have been reading the breed standard & researching . If your breeder is local you need to go & visit them & ask there opinion of the mouth ,if your vet is a dogshow savvy vet who does have a good clue then there opinion is important ,if your vet is clueless then get an opinion of someone who knows correct bites . There is nothing stopping you from showing BUT if the mouth is infact not correct then judges can no award you something you need to ensure your granddaughter is able to deal with if entering the ring .I would suggest if showing is going to happen then an adult needs to show her & see what happens.And as suggested show handling classes is a good start ,the instructors may also be able to give a view of the mouth
  6. I allow all my puppies to have puppy crazies. i don’t believe in not allowing it ,it’s there time to let built up energy happen so I just shut my guys outside . The main thing is to ensure if the weather fine pup spends decent time outside amusing itself ,do not fall into the trap of being its rep,acement littermate and it’s ability to be independent and enjoy its own company . As to toilet time shut the door and leave outside otherwise you need to walk about giving instructions . I have p,aged around if the brain isn’t functioning and then once pup is back to thinking gone back to puppy toilet mood. Never had issues long term or create a problem as long as the desired result happens . Winter babies if inside can get cabin fever easily so ensuring a growing Bub can enjoy zoomies,playing and fun is a must . They are no different to human babies they have there moments . I own a breed that loves to mouth ,PWD water dogs I consider similar so I allow it with strict rules on gentle and rewarding highly that behaviour,I don’t encourage and all mi e grow out of the faze very quickly as it isn’t a game
  7. Boxer dog and compatible breed companions

    If your wanting middle ground then I wouldn’t suggest either of those breeds ,infact I think there more full on than a boxer . Also you need to factor in daily walks if that’s what you do ,both those breeds wouldn’t do the same distance especially a Frenchie . Maybe head down to a dogshow and see what breeds take your fancy ,Some people have plenty of time to talk at shows others are busy so doing a breed find and then contacting breeders is better .
  8. May i suggest with your breed of choice you read up about bloat for when hes an adult. This is not about making you fear his future but understanding an issue that many pet owners either choice not to read in puppy paperwork or some breeders don't really mention it. Understanding the potential risks & above all the potential signs a must . I own breeds with a higher risk of this issue ,one of the reasons that i do allow water over night .I am not paranoid over the way i monitor this potential risk but like anyone with a breed at higher risk you can minimize the risk factor
  9. We leave water overnight ,a small bowl
  10. Breeder Listing

    They must be members of there state body
  11. Dog ear hair

    Plucking is a whole topic,keep in mind the vets who often say don't do some form of plucking will be quick to tell you your dogs ears are bad & needs knocking out . Im a groomer & if clients don't want them plucked we wont ,some need some plucking as there way to thick & unless the owners are willing to do the work to ensure good ear health then plucking is fine. We have had dogs in that we thought had sticks stuck in there ears & sent them to the vets asap .Hair that hadn't been plucked,where infected so vets prescribed drops,hair so impacted drops couldn't get down & set like concrete . I wouldn't bother wiping with the salt water . Depending on the actual ear issue aka ear mites (vet should have told you some drops prescribed are often useless,so make sure you keep on top of it ,also make sure the dogs teeth are good as bad ears & teeth can go hand in hand .Plucking can certainly allow such muck to get out which is a great thing We have used Zymox ear drops which contains cortisone in severe causes & runs rings around what vets prescribe ,Buy it online but be sure to know what there earr issues are before using it aka like you have seen a vet
  12. Boxer dog and compatible breed companions

    Besides keeping up are you wanting a breed that is more layback so you have a middle ground or do you want both dogs to be go getters .non stop ?? Have you considered another Boxer ??
  13. Actually you are at fault because it’s your job as a responsible parent to ensure more thought went into getting a dog that was suitable for your child or more importantly understanding your child is not ready for a dog and nor are the adults . Impulse buys of a live animal is not a smart move and in a short time frame you have returned 2 dogs which was e right thing to do but should’t have happened in the first place . A dog isn’t something you take on lightly
  14. Puppy food guarding around my cat

    The dog needs to learn acceptance ,i would feed the dog separate at present ie feed dog in a safe room or a crate if you have one . Then you need to find someone who can help your blended family enjoy & share . How old is the kitten and did it arrive after the pup ? Remember not sharing a food bowl isn't the end of the world or means the dog will turn into satan just simply like humans giving warnings signs to back off its my dinner ,no different to kids trying to steal something of a siblings plate & getting whacked.Some dogs just enjoy eating in peace & will happily share anything .All our dogs are feed in there crates but will accept anything being removed from them in an emergency & will share eat if they had too ,we just prefer the dinner time is a peaceful time approach & owning breeds prone to bloat & having geriatrics around we like all our dogs to enjoy meal time & not feel overwhelmed
  15. We don’t walk them ,we just go straight home .