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  1. The breeds your considering have very little options off lines as you would now from your research. My post was based on the fact you listed Bracco & elimated for not being settled enough but seemed quite happy to consider a breed that suffers from amyloidosis & requires yearly testing & kills young dogs yet only want a Lua Dalmatian ,so yes i find your choices & elimatinating factors odd . But as you say dont bother replying so i will happily take that route
  2. Selkie a blown coat Will mat hence why your advice is wrong .They shed and shed within the dead coat ,I have dealt with many matted blown top coats and it’s not nice . There coats where never meant to be long ,a blown coat is a non productive coat ,there coat for there job was maintained to keep harshness,weather proof and dirt to come off easy . I groom on average 10 plus Schnauzers a week,I roll giants,stds and Minis .Shown Minis and Standards . Spay coats can alter texture ,a blown coat not worked on increases undercoat which can take over the good coat so coats left to get shaggy will long term loss there productive coats especially the neck region which often grows back lighter and thicker when nothing done with it it also lacks shine The coat can become work if not doing it regular and getting it back is work and often needs pulling right back .
  3. As Rebanne said phone the vet many dont stock Lepto vaccine anyway ,it ise to be given as part of C7 in the past but times change as do the products ,no different to the various options for parvo etc . I also believe the vaccine covers certain areas so are different
  4. This part is totally wrong info in every possible way & yes as someone been involved in both sizes for nearly 40 yrs . Std Schnauzers need there coat worked on regularly if maintaining the harsh coat (rolling) or still clipping every 8 weeks . A coat not worked on will die/blow & fall out .They are a grooming breed . You may not grooom yours but please dont give the wrong info out on a breed that does require grooming regularly . Elkhounds have a very easy coat ,at coat blowtime just buy yourself a cheap hair blaster off Ebay & easy peasy . I know you have done this post before & i still find it hard to figure out what nature the household wants to live with as the breeds listed each time are so randomly different & the reasons for then crossing them off often strange . And at the end off the day a dog is still only as good as the training .i now Podongos overseas who tick everyone you want
  5. Its a vaccine side effects can happen ,how bad or not at all is how long is a piece off string question. Most dont vaccinate for it unless its a high risk situation or required . Depends if your talking about the vaccine here or overseas
  6. Basically it depends if its a registered breeder or a breeder with a bin number . It depends whether they health test or not .This again comes down to what kind of breeder they are,what org they may/may not belong too Ideally during the conversations you should have already had these questions should have been asked before heading to the meet n greet stage . Contracts most breeders have one what it covers is personal . Any dog needs to be council registered the rest is based on your intentions ,Ie you dont have to be dogsQLD registered if its just a pet but again if your breeder is savvy they will answer all these questions.
  7. The old girl will be in pain with the issues so I gather she is on some form off pain relief . This is a massive change for an old dog something that may work or something that could be distressing . It comes down to how the dog copes in a new home,how the dog may cope with strangers taking care and whether the dog copes being alone for soo many hrs . Maybe do a trial run on a weekend when your home to see how the dog goes . Relying on neighbours to deal with a senior dog is not an option I would place on someone especially if a large old dog is mobility impaired and needs some help
  8. Nothing frustrating but you wanting to do the park is telling her the behaviour is fine ,you can’t have your cake and eat when a dog is high drive over a ball.You have the choice to ensure the right outcome happens moving forward . Your probably lucky you haven’t been on the receiving end off a words from people already because i dont let my dogs socialise with dogs that owners cant control or have no boundries ,my dogs arent a victim to suit other owners . She isn’t being socialised as her focus is on the ball without boundaries and her behaviour during this is period is unacceptable and setting her and yourself up for an unhappy ending
  9. Also keep in mind your not socializing your dog BUT teaching your dog how to have self control & appropriate behaviour skills when out in public,the vets or in a sitution that pushes its threshold.
  10. Depending on when you emailed alot off breeders in NSW/Qld have suffered during the flooding ,many have over more important things to deal with at present from house,property & business damage . Many have chosen not to breed during the covid period.Sending bitches East for matings became very hard,unrealiable & very expensive .Border Closures made it hard for some to travel to reproduction vets . Even up to today being able to send dogs around Australia isnt as simple as 2 years ago & expensive which is a big factor with puppies being sent around Australia & dogs being bumped off flights on the day ,i do now off puppies remaining with there breeders up to 16 weeks & in many cases puppy owners pulling out as the costs go up as the pup gets older to travel .It hasnt been easy for breeders & puppy owners getting frustrated because they want there pup know . Most on DOL have No puppies listed so info is there . The flipside is our ad is very specific about contact method but can guarantee most do exactly what we ask them not to do ,we have current info posted about no litters with dates yet people email about puppies they want for this year . The frustration works both ways . And yes just sometimes we do forget to reply so sometimes a follow up email is a good thing . And yes we all have a life,on committees,do other things than just have puppies on shelves . Absolutely some don’t update there info and it’s very easy to do but also respect what people have written .
  11. Keeping the area clipped short is important ,the hair traps the moisture & crap in plus at that age they often dribble more so the moisture is always there . Surgery is no guarantee anyway so i wouldnt be putting an old dog through it Did the vet suggest the Chlorhexidine wipes ?? Douxo is commonly suggested & you can buy on amazon or from the vet
  12. Here’s my take on things my dogs can not thrive on supercoat and I would feed more off it . I would end up with vet bills more expensive than the food . Am staffs can be skin issue prone so keep that mind if dog is doing well . What I would maybe consider is feeding less dry and add more things to make the bag last longer depending on how much you feed now . I did feed RC but don’t anymore due to constant supply issues ( I get breeders price) . I feed What stores do you have near you . Maybe doing a looky at what’s around ,bag size and ingredients is a good start now and work out your projected costs . Some feed the Costco range with success .
  13. The RSPCA and local councils have been using many means for many years . ,State body advertising in breeders directory,Royal Show catalogues have/had address details ,local paper for sale ads when that was the main means,gumtree and now even more easier facebook . You name it they use it . For many just heading to a dogshow and seeing all the ad details sign written . Nothing is really a secret anymore and I’m pretty sure Dogs NSW no longer list litters due to this fact .
  14. We groom stacks & board many more ,many get spay coat like many other breeds its not Cavalier specific .Rarely in Cavies have I had a spay coat that wasn’t easy to strip out . Non have died young,had any major health issues . Cavaliers are good sporting spaniels ,like any breed with flop ears can be a higher risk off ear issues . They thrive at dog sports ,have there quirky method off talking but agree with others not a SAD breed but not the breed for everyone . A few friends have lost there oldies recen5ly aged 14 to nearly 17 years . They are certainly a breed that owners can over spoil . GOOD breeders certainly test & as mentioned SM is a tricky & testing has no always been easy or readily available with MRI .Its not a case off ringing the vet tomorrow to test it can be a slow process for every dog to ever be MRI tested due to the lack off machines Aussie . The breed clubs are a wealth off knowledge in this situation and honest about health testing ,the breed as expected has breeders and breeders . Buy with your head not your heart .
  15. I find this topic interesting . As a breeder i can tell you 90% of puppy enquiries when told about papers the first reply is we dont care ,we inform them off whether our pups are limited or mains but most dont listen too what there told & feel that info is a waste as they "Just want a pup" . Puppy enquiries have changed so much in the last 15 yrs. People dont want to phone & discuss all aspects they just want to text or email back n forth ,the important questions puppy owners should be asking are rarely asked anymore & you often get the line "well i contacted another breeder & can get xyz". Gone are the days where researching a puppy & understanding the breeder was important . Now days it’s which on every forum about things explained by still doesn’t sink in We get people wanting a “showdog” but when wanting discuss the commitment our breed requires to be shown don’t want to listen . Our breed requires weekly work and rarely able to shown all year . I wouldn’t prep a pet quality off my breed and wouldn’t expect another person too . You then read post on here with the good old chestnut afraid off competition which often shows they have no clue what there talking about just read other posts off sour grapes & follow like sheep in repeating things . There is alot more to showing than just turning up with a dog to be competition & show people DO want competition . I see people at shows most weekends especially new who have waited brought from a great supportive breeder or breeder with a good network to help ,sold a cracker off a puppy & really enjoy showing . I have seen those turn up no support,sold an obvious non show potential puppy & walk away as they couldnt win . Then you get those who are serial whingers when it comes to show but infact never really showed themselves Limited absolutely has its place & i would run fast from any breeder that cant grasp the concept or believes everything should be sold on mains .I also have little respect for people who reply to posts without giving educational info . In Victoria for example breeders are also bound by State Government law which covers many aspects of breeding & what is prohibited, justifiable especially with hereditary disease that can be tested ,the status . Code of Practice for the Breeding of Animals with Heritable Defects that Cause Disease | Codes of Practice | Domestic Animals Act | Animal Welfare Victoria | Livestock and animals | Agriculture Victoria Limited registered puppies can be mismarks, no testicles ,bad mouth, incorrect ear set or tail set ,white Boxers can only be limited register , DNA results aka affected,clear,carrier, penalty handed out due to disciplinary action ,stud dog restrictions ,incorrect coat texture ,NBT Limited can be upgraded if a pup turns out with the breeders approval and why communication with a breeder you is great . I know a lot off dogs who where upgraded at 10 months plus after owners decided too show and the breeder agreed . The only time it may be an issue is on breeds where coat work from a pup is so important and owners decided to clip off or clip compared to hand stripping . We get weekly bulk emails where 10 or more breeders are added wanting main reg dog to maybe show . All the breeders they have added breed for different things ,different conditions but as the person is just bulk emailing it’s sad to think they haven’t built a relationship to move forward and understand the breed . Your best mentor moving forward is the person who has experienced mistakes,done breedings that didn’t click or come across issues that experience can only gain . We monthly get people buying dogs from a breeder on mains and want to show and call us for help with coat work . There breeders can’t help as they have never showed or done coat work . We have over the years asked those wanting a show potential pup to come spend the day at a show where things could be discussed . For some breeds showing is much more expensive buying the right gear for prepping,coat work and tools . We also make sure people are fully informed off there outlay before committing,but alas most never want to sit at the show learning ,they tell us there too busy LOL . Having a breeder who will tell you why this pup has potential,what it’s pro n cons are even at 6/7/8 weeks is so important . All good breeders have had litters with amazing breeding that just didn’t click . No litter is a guarantee off the outcome you hope on paper . Our pups are the same price mains or limited .
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