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  1. We never feed by calculations ,we feed based on the dog,the seasons,the work load , and it’s body condition. If your rotating your meats there shouldn’t be a need to make it too hard . If I feed based on the calculations all my dogs would starve to death
  2. You will be dealing with the excitement and issues for weeks to come . Pup deserves it’s time at pick up and yes as a breeder your dog wouldnt be allowed on the property and I would be annoyed if you just turned up with it . Let the pup deal with the change ,manage the meet n greet at home very simple . pup goes in the backyard when you get home to toilet see the yard and the other family member deals with older dog either going for a walk ,feed time and a slow meet n greet ,no guarantee your older dog will like the pup ASAP
  3. You need to go back to basics and teach self control and re establish yourself as being the high value treat . I would start with walking out the front door establishing the expectations of out the door privileges. I would seriously consider getting one on one help now than going it alone or joining a good obedience class. Look into body awareness videos which teaches handler and dog to work as a team whilst stimulating the brain and easy to set up in the backyard . Sit out the front and reward calm self control behaviour . Out of cur
  4. There is no set price so phone breeders . Dont rush ,find a breeder who has stable natures to start off with . Make sure your prepared to keep the nature and unless looking at a smooth coat please teach it to love grooming . We are one off the many groomers who refuse to groom Chows unless we have meet it or referred by a trusting person , Sadly far too many are grooming aggressive and go to groomers in terrible condition. The last Chow we did took 2 off us 4 hrs to clip off
  5. Not a terrier but easy wire coat Petit Basset Griffen Vendeen or Bretagne . The PBGV are great family dogs and enjoy being real in the woods
  6. I have friends who do competitive tracking and lure coursing with there Borders and are great . We have boarded a few and they are delightful dogs very much under estimated. They certainly have there “why should I streak” which is something to factor but as a pet there great little dogs . I was going to suggest Irish Terrier again a fabulous pet but note long legs aren’t your thing .They would be great for bushwalking,cycling
  7. You used the word ethical multiple times on doing the right thing .The public that read these posts suddenly jump on the band wagon off believing a little bit that people selectively post instead off giving an answer that is educational covers many ethical choices and tough decisions on what is right,what is wrong and offers the best whole picture going forward . Your bold bit is nothing to the rest off your post ,obviously you don’t like clarification ,not my problem .
  8. A good rep vet can tell if a bitch will likely struggle to birth natural . But here’s the deal which evils would you prioritise. #Bitch may not whelp natural #Bitch may not whelp natural but health clearances are stellar and just as important for the bred going forward and pet owners. #Bitch will whelp natural but health clearances are average so pet owner gets a potential time bomb to love . #Bitch will whelp naturally but does not represent the breed in correct nature. #Use average stud dog because he’s friendly .
  9. It often makes wonder if the same thought is placed on females who use ivf .
  10. Will proudly put my hand up and say we do AI and have on 2 occasions opted for elective . My business ,my choice based on the factors that where more important at that moment .Factors can vary from long weekend ,size off the litter ,extreme heatwave and added risk to the bitch based on vet discussions and weighing up the pros and cons . C section is not a convenient cheap choice and a successful c section is based on a good vet practice. There are also issues that can occur with a csection that certainly doesn’t mean easy afterwards . But elective has its place As
  11. The only experience I can give was removing the glaucoma eye was the best outcome ever.
  12. Its a human tablet for wind ,we use it on the big dogs in stress scenerios for bloat but wouldnt give it to a pup . For puppies we use something for babies ,luke warm baths but yes the vet asap would be better
  13. I have a dog riddled with cancer & other nasties ,we have opted for no further testing ,no poking & prodding or sitting at the vets on his own in his senior years . He is on low dose pain meds & we are just going with quality which our vet is very supportive off . We cant save him so doing "further" is not an option ,he is enjoying each day which is his normal .
  14. How have the pups been raised,what have they been exposed too. What are you expecting from the dog in general life , Are you wanting busy brain,laid back,outside/inside . From a boarding kennels owner we find Cattle dogs an issue especially poorly raised ones . What is ACD crossed with Kelpies have all been a joy but neither off your choices are pure
  15. I don’t like to sugar coat things . If you fell the dog is the wrong fit please rehome smartly sooner than later . At 8 months the dog can be retrained with the right people , I don’t think it’s the wrong breed any dog can do this when an owner is not confident around dogs . It doesn’t mean this dog is dominant it maybe reacting to your lack off confidence and it not knowing where it fits and how it’s meant to behave / react
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