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  1. I would suggest you read consumer law just as much as once your a breeder you need to understand the expectations as a breeder selling a product whether cross or pure .
  2. most vets dont even hand anything out anymore as people dont want them (yes a nightmare for us boarding kennel owners . I actually as a kennel owner hate those books finding all the stuff required . Most do print outs with stickers attached & its easy to just pop into the dog folder especially when many are using the 3 yearly or titer route
  3. multi dog household & its very simple whomever goes out the others just learn & know there to stay home no drama or overthinking otherwise being a multi dog household would be a nightmare . Only dogs that get managed here are puppies or the elderly seniors everyone else is brought up with life skills & thats just how life is
  4. I clip one of as a client regularly, but he has chronic health issues . A light shape trim of tips wont end the world & clip off doesnt mean disaster BUT if the owner is not brushing weekly to the skin then problems can be created with horrid skin under matter coats,felted so bad the skin will take a beating being brushed out BUT even a matted coat once the layers taken off will still need to be brushed to get the last bit unfelted . Often using a dryer to dry blow is great at helping move dead coat even some matting whilst being brushed
  5. The problem is owners dont want to shop around or drive further than 10 mins. As a Boarding kennel owner i see bill of $200 plus for a vaccination & i just think OMFG why would you pay that crazy price . We have some with vacc,yearly heartworn injection nearly $500 . People can make smart choices or pay what they want
  6. Terriers are no more high drive than a sighthound with the same drive . Having owned Bedlingtons & Sighthounds i can safely tell you there isnt any difference Infact not all terriers are created to act like what people perceive as a terrier & tell people which is ashame as breeds get given a bad rep by poor info . Many whippet fanciers also own Bedlingtons due to the similarities
  7. Given the oodles need brushing & clipping then that will not tick the first box . The other factor as a groomer who refuses to groom oodles due to nutty owners & there "i dont want my dog to look like a Poodle "even though it looks like a Poodle is something he seriously needs to consider . If you dont brush it & its knotty well it will look like a Poodle . If hes happy to go with some hair then consider bedlington terrier.Awesome dogs a whippet in many ways but the Beddie quirks .
  8. That's how many operate nothing out of the ordinary there. To still think they could have just popped in is still weird. You know how she operates & that her day is based on a schedule popping in when your day is time planned is very important . It sounds like the vet may feel the same and has given you the opportunity to opt out . There is a very small number of VET animal behaviourists in Australia .They are often run off their feet & time is well & truly managed ,the deal with dogs with massive issues & owners who have their own baggage & struggles often meeting their homework requirement . My friend was one but retired due to the demands of this small workforce area & the insane demands & trauma that came with it . If this person set up isnt for you then pick one that ticks your box
  9. To be honest you both have your flaws .Your email was rather "i have no idea of the point really except " They replied to exactly that they made a mistake & if you have an issue happy to hand over . It reads like you expect alot from over the phone calls that i gather are free . At one stage, I said to the assistant that I thought the vet could have popped in for a few minutes when she left the script in my letterbox. I was told, no, she is too busy. I actually find this comment mind blowing If you dont like the service you got find another vet behaviorist its a pretty simple solution.
  10. No guarantee at all the urine smell will change . Some dogs have strong urine nothing to do with hormones . As a boarding kennel owner we board plenty of spayed dogs whose urine is strong & stinky . My entire dogs & even stud dogs come no where near the smell . Diet can make wee smell strong
  11. 2 boys having a fight she tried to separate . The dog shot there wasn't a choice . You read on DOL all the time people asking about a second dog want same sex ,people on here fully support ,the people with knowledge point out management issues and being smart the do gooders come back with you won't have problems,ours got on great yadda yadda without understanding the breeds ,scenarios & lifestyles people wnat to bring them too. Small suburban yards ,rarely walked and management can be hard and some people won't accept it . Sad part is the breed will get blamed & all the do gooders will come out of the wood work often the same ones that also suggest getting 2 same sex.
  12. Puppies need to be set up for there new life & what that means BUT people need to als factor if using a pen then your also teaching them to be reliant on humans to let them out etc etc . Sitting in a pen for hrs is boring . I work from home & the dogs cope easily as they have the backyard to enjoy & then all the other things schedules just like a non working from home life
  13. Yep just like the same vets that say HD because they poked & pulled puppies . Its worrying that some vets make such bold diagnosis at such an age .
  14. My first question would be is this vet knowledgable enough to diagnose it ?? Why did the vet come to this diagnosis?? As to choices thats only something you can decide
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