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  1. Drink Bowl

    Consider raising the bowl . Water bowl players are a pain so maybe look at teaching him a play pool spot and no go spot
  2. Puppy Blues? Is that crazy?

    We had a puppy buyer return her pup after a week (no drama's we take them back) . The pup became so overwhelming for her with regret she nearly had a break down . She was a wonderful loving person,owned a dog many many many years ago. Had been out & scene the pups & honestly was a perfect home we had no regrets sending her home with pup but it was like she went into Postpartum Depression. Her husband & family where wonderfully supportive but she couldn't cope & the family & great discussion with us all agreed the best choice was to return the pup . This is the worse scenario granted .
  3. Best grooming product brands

    There not designed for coats there just a quick fix that doesn't solve the issue just keeps adding to it Coats are designed in layers so your brush them accordingly . Most of the quick fix tools do damage the coats & damage the correct coat . I have showdogs im also a groomer .It makes no difference what you dog is the tools are still the same . Yes we own the tools but they need to be used with great care but nothing beats brushing the coat out correctly for a healthy happy coat that doesn't end up broken & damaged by the wrong tools . Undercoat rakes work on the right coat ,a comb works on the right coat & pin or gentle slicker way easier than the other tools ,lightly mist coat & brush it through
  4. Best grooming product brands

    Neither the coat king or furminator .Coat King if desperate & providing its the right one for your dogs coat not the generic number they suggest A good undercoat rake & a comb & brush is all you need. Spray coat before brushing to minimise breakage & static & brush weekly
  5. The issue i see with her schedule is all activities involve you ,there doesn't seem to be much time based on life skills on its own & how to cope if her routine ever changes or just simply learning to chill . I have a breed that is very active & i focus more on how to be calm & chilled more than training to be be over switched on & having a busy brain that wants to explode when it doesn't know how to "simply cope" doing nothing . The Lab is teaching manners by ignoring the behaviour ,it doesn't need to react to teach manners so make sure your reading the signs correctly .I would be working more on teaching calmness at that time than telling it off & pulling it away . This is a perfect time to teach self control & calm . I would certainly use the crate if you feel its out of hand ,the only way it will become a punishment is due to your reaction before putting it in .
  6. Bug zapper terrifies pup

    They make a noise when it zaps bugs and can smell . Our dogs hate them so not used
  7. Depends how you have approached the breeder regarding this ,being pushy & demanding compared to enthusiastic can be seen very differently . When you say heavily involved i guess that comes down to what you mean by that ??Are you wanting a certain nature,pretty markings,what are your priorities .I would gather you have already expressed what your wanting in your future pet so the breeder is savvy to that knowledge . If both sides haven't communicated anything that is a different issue So maybe tells us what you where expecting or hoping to do & see whether that was also realistic . We have had people who wanted to come out and do there own "test" problem is those people had no clue how to do the tests correctly,how to interpret the outcome & at the end of the day you haven't paid for a puppy but you can easily set a puppy backwards & say no not for me after breaking it .
  8. If the animal leaves NSW on that register the chip details do not show up & has to be re registered on a registry that is Aussie wide. One of the pains of purchasing a dog from NSW when you live in another state ,most people don't know this I would query to be only registered on the database as out of state horses wont be on it
  9. Not strange but it comes down to sorting this info out prior to committing . First off where are you on the list ?? If you where not first then selection process comes down to where you place,what you may have been after sex wise ,what was actually then available from some of the criteria etc etc . Sometimes this means not alot of choice . This is how we do it . No one comes out till after there vaccinated & microchipped to look at pups this is 7 weeks. Prior to this we have spoken with the new owners at length to understand what they want (this covers kids age wise,grandkids,outside activities,show,pet,performance & any other essential aspects to the pup being the right choice . We then have to look at the list .everyone wants to be first but that isn't how it works. Breeder depending on what there breeding for will look at show potential first in our case (or performance,therapy etc etc or just well matched pet)) We then have to factor what sexes people wanted,what was born,those who want a set colour,those who are open minded & those that don't want to change there must haves,in the end some miss out by there lack of flexibility,others benefit due to those people .Some miss out due to known of that sex others lucky due to more of there desired sex. The people get invited out to look at what pups are available for them & those at the end of the list don't get the choice but are more than welcome to decline what is left & wait ,we don't take deposits so there not tied into saying yes . We will also select the pups we know will better suit homes over others & again up to the owners if they want that selected pup or decline . The times we do give priority on the list is for the people with special needs children as its important the pup in some ways chosen them & feels they can happily exist . We explain this clearly at the first contact & most of those contacting ask about the process . When they do come out & look at the puppies or pup & they are happy with that they have decided on we take a holding fee which is receipted & the microchip of said puppy listed on there ,at collection pup is scanned to confirm the one agreed on .
  10. Crystals in Urine

    Why not just contact the vet & ask them exactly what the diagnosis is,get a printed report for the dog file & that your assisting your mum on understanding the issue but she isn't actually sure herself . There may be other factors that need to be considered that requires more understanding
  11. puppy toileting

    What is the puppies history prior to coming too you or what age did you get him?? Chances are whilst trained most likely not to the doggy door & whilst he uses it fine when your home you most likely also cue the right behaviour & reward.once on his own hasn't quiet put the puzzle together on going out without you home or with that reassurance . Wits end a tad dramatic after all this pup hasnt got the memo to your expectations so go back to basics .If possible limit the access to the house for a period ,sometime hooking the flap up when not home allows for more bravery on the pups behalf but just stick to a very good out the door routine & independence of using it
  12. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    Walks don't need to end you just need to make them shorter even just to the neighbours house & back . Walks no matter how short are more about the mental health off the dog getting out the front & still seeing the outside world & the brain kept active ,its also still important the dog gets up as it keeps the joints moving its just about modifying . Just leave the door open & allow him to make his choices outside just might be more relaxed & less busy
  13. Excess Animal Permit Application

    I think you would be better just getting on with either applying for the permit but above all you need to contact the breeder & discuss the issue that has cropped up .It would be irresponsible to take on the pup without knowing if you can actually keep it . The breeder may be prepared to hang on to it a week longer whilst you get the paperwork submitted for approval otherwise it may be better to pull out at present & find out what you need to comply with for your local council,whether it requires the other residents to approve the extra dog etc etc. I gather its done to stop people over committing to animals in a very small area that can impact those more closely around them

    Fish fingers is a big fav here .
  15. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    Many vets will fob you off at that age ,some will over sell & others treat the dog like each day is a bonus at its age no need to spend much ,it is but it can enjoy some comforts in the progress,personally at that age i would be asking to give a low dose anti inflam meds a go like meloxicam . You don't even have to give it daily but you may be surprised how more restful/relaxed he may be & if limping after walks thats what the pain meds job is for . Discomfort like us can be confusing .