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  1. Look at this guy go!

    To be eligible to compete in Agility, your dog must be: 15 months of age or older. Registered with the American Kennel Club or listed with the AKC Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP) program, which allows unregistered dogs of registerable breeds to compete in AKC Performance and Companion Events.Mixed breed dogs can be registered through the Canine Partners program to be able to compete. Spayed or neutered dogs are eligible to compete. In sound health and up-to-date on vaccinations.
  2. Look at this guy go!

    It’s the great thing about the US they embrace all breeds,shapes and sizes in agility and everyone competes . Use to be like that in Australia years ago but not know
  3. Buyer breaching contract of sale

    Contract is legally binding its up to you if you want to spend the money . A number of our puppy buyers are lawyers etc etc & they have all agreed a contract is exactly that .You can pursue it but need to realize it may cost you money .The wording is important ,what they sign etc etc All our pups are sold on a spay contract & bond .Ours is by an earlier age ,we remind those owners a month prior to the cut off age & any reason it isn't suitable must be made known .We have a 100% success rate ,had the odd ones think they can pull our leg but we firmly remind them about our contract & that we are prepared to pursue it . They where fully aware of the agreement prior to purchase ,its clearly stated on our info site & are not forced to buy from us .
  4. Brindle Pug in Australia

    We board a Staffy x Pug .It looks totally pure Pug except on the larger scale but is Brindle ( I have handled Pugs in the Ring) .
  5. St Bernard Hip Dysplasia

    What advice has the breeder given. I gather x rays have been taken and the vet is actually savvy in knowing HD Advice hard to say ,I guess it depends on how severe it potentially is and what benefits early surgery has against waiting . All these things you need to ask and plenty of why questions .
  6. I want to become a registered dog breeder

    Besides Ruralpugs good post you need to go to shows ,there are very few Lagottos shown in Perth and not at every show . You have very limited choices of breeders here so you may have to look east . Although the first thing you need to be committed too is grooming for the show ring . So first off become a Lagotto owner ,learn about the breed,the breed standard . The biggest question to answer is why should I breed these dogs . What do I have to offer the breed,my buyers. Progression for most brought a dog ,started showing ,first dog not really up to scratch for breeding so started with something new during this time commitment to showing established ,fellow breeders feel your trustworthy especially as you will be relying on Eastern State breeders for support when potentially looking for stud dogs
  7. Waking up through the night

    Just remind your kids what they where like as babies when they would wake you up & you would have to go feed or change the nappy ,teenage kids old enough to assist in the new family member they most likely wanted not leave it up to just you . First off you got this puppy a tad older than normal who has most likely had constant company day & night .Pup is know on its own in the laundry ,a massive change to what its previous normal was. I agree get a crate & place it next to your bed .Pup sleeps in it at night with no fuss by you . I can honestly say most of our pups at 8/9/10 weeks sleep all night in the crate without needing to go to the loo because they fall alseep in a good healthy manner . Its important before bedtime to not over stimulate pup or like children not too much video games or FB before bed ,calm relaxing ,out to the loo last minute & off to bed . Dachies can be demanding critters with there barking .Also remember Dachies love to hide underthings at sleep time no matter how hot or cold it is .
  8. We use #30 for clip on combs but they can be used on a #10. My first question would be how well trained is your dog to groom . Where do you plan to clip it . As already mentioned coat needs to be knot free and clean ,fluffed up for better results with the clip on combs otherwise you can buy # 4/5 blade . You will still need to buy other blades potentially for the face and belly depending on the quality and thickness of the coat and good scissors ,nail clippers . Clip the dog no more than 4 weeks that will make your job easier and allow you to learn to use the tools better
  9. As a groomer we deal with more fruitloop oodles than I care for ,the other issue we find is the owners who brought them because they want the teddy bear look but the greater majority don’t have the coat quality to pull the look off and the teddy bear look requires dedicated brushing and regular grooming costly grooming ,If the coat quality isn’t there then the teddy bear look will not happen so how will that impact on the family Yes I have also dealt with fruit loop Lagottos but I feel the greater majority buy them because they want the teddy bear look NOT because they want to own the actual breed . Either breed will require a good honest breeder . The teddy bear look is the least important over a good dog to live with and yes your oodles crosses shed a lot in many cases ,coat texture and quality varies and most felt like crazy and the owners struggle to brush them
  10. Brush dog's teeth

    Sometimes yes getting them cleaned whilst young and starting from scratch is a good idea . After having them done you need to keep on top of it . Its not negotiable what my dogs accept ,there not forced they get taught young and it’s normal to them but it’s not show and tell ,foot needs checking it’s done . My dogs are show dogs and crave the grooming attention and reward ,my big dog sleeps on the table whilst I scrap his teeth,they get brushed in the bath
  11. Potty training help needed

    In this case i would come straight inside & then go straight outside again,she will get it BUT i think you need to decide at present if she is going to wee inside then making sure she goes where you want her too . So if your happy for her to be indoor loo trained & also outside then really focus on the getting it right inside especially as summer & the birds are here for a few more weeks
  12. Vet(s) who do TCI's in WA?

    Applecross,Kudah & the Pet practice
  13. Brush dog's teeth

    I brush my dogs teeth weekly ,I use a finger brush and electric toothbrush. They also get bones and I have dental scrapers
  14. Potty training help needed

    I train my puppies to toilet onleash but they learn to go outside before I add the leash . The dog is rewarded for going inside because that is what the puppy loo is teaching it so it hasn’t learnt outside is the loo not inside . I would personally make a small puppy pen area ,place pup in there giving its toilet word or let off leash and just sit down calmly or walk about calmly,I would allow pup to toilet offleash u til it’s got the idea