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  1. So she can do all that on the associate register but I’m gathering as you don’t want her spayed there lies your issue . So in the end it comes down to having the info to meet a recognised ANKC option ,breeding her then spaying her to compete in ANKC . UKC i gather your meaning the America which won’t give you a back door option to ANKC as UKC papers aren’t part of the reconized body anyway .
  2. What sports are you wanting to compete in that she is currently ineligible for
  3. Where not vets & we cant see the exact issue ,if your worried go to the vet
  4. What advice has the breeder given ? Sorry to ask is the pup full Great Dane or a slight mix?? I would be inclined to take the collar off due to the lack of hair underneath or certainly be mindful off that area in watching for irritation . I would want a skin scraping done to rule out mites . Also a raw diet is only as good is it being right portions .
  5. The first breed listed is already here with a litter on the ground . Bolognese is also already here being shown
  6. I would doubt anyone has brought them into Australia as there an American breed. Great little dogs ,have seen them in the rings in the US Whilst they have health issue that study was 10 years ago based on stock pre then. DNA testing for EIC which affects other breeds in Australia is know available . Maybe consider the Nova Scotia Duck Toller or Field Spaniel ,if going working Cocker then like any breed pick a breeder who health tests & breeds for sound mined
  7. I would consider starting at $1500 plus each dog could be more . Too much to factor add vet costs,permits etc etc one place may charge more another not . Obviously will depend on when flights are opened up to Perth from NZ otherwise the quote will be different again with internal . You need to contact an agency to see how things stand at present & what the current backlog time is depending on when you are looking at coming back . A friend brought 2 dogs over a a few weeks back but the wait period & flight guarantees difficult & ended doing NZ to Qld ,Qld to WA . Simpl
  8. His discomfort may be a result off the pain meds its on
  9. It’s an American site legit or not who knows but if legit pup can’t leave the US till 9 months and will cost $$$$ in transport and quarantine. Simply contact a breeder in Australia and put your name down then no dramas about a scam as you have done the work to talk to people . Contact the Rotti club in your state but I’m presuming your interest in that site was based on the prices listed
  10. I guess what you need to look at is if you decide to pursue the breeder for costs you may not get what you fully want . In this case if we sold a pup & something went wrong after purchase & the person contacted us we would get a second opinion .Why because too many vets do get it wrong & it can be an expensive wrong . We make it very clear in our puppy folder if anything weird crops up let us know. We have been there last year with a pup we sold & what a massive screw the puppy owners did . We received a very nasty email based on the vet telling them we breed an issue &
  11. Dogs will e press there glands if fearful,frightened or nervous ..
  12. Your breeder may feed something crappy BUT when the pup comes home it’s what it’s use to so you just slowly change ,your breeder may feed an awesome diet . Questions are great but how long is a piece of string is the diet answers . I have a breed that has a higher than normal cholesterol level ,highly predisposed to pancreatitis,the diet we recommend can be tweaked and changed BUT it’s based on not creating an issue .
  13. Puppy contracts are very common in Australia don’t know who told you they weren’t . Personally I wouldn’t have taken the puppy without discussing the issue ,yes you where told in poor form BUT you had the chance to say hang on a minute we need to think on this & certainly discuss it
  14. Agree go back to simple basics . Puppy pen and building her confidence about toileting .Make her space smaller and less overwhelming and build upwards. If you feel she’s doing it deliberately then your body language will come across as annoyed and frustrated . Your pup will be even more frustrated so go back to simple bed. Some cavies can be shy and that is where building her confidence is a must .
  15. Your breeder will be your person off knowledge and will tell you what it’s been feed,how many meals,current quantities after all there feeding the pup in question . Keep in mind you will get many confusing answers to you post . Some breeds diets can be more breed specific. If wanting to feed raw make sure you feed a correct balanced raw . Also keep in mind any diet transitions should be done slowly in case your puppy ends up with the runs . Do you know what the breeder feeds .? Talk to them after all if you feed something else when pup arrives home and
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