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  1. Old age and how do you cope?

    How do I cope I embrace the fact there old and enjoy each day,month and year . Times to short to worry and miss out on a new stage of There life
  2. Specialist Vet - Sydney

    Any experienced person knows the commitment of two puppies and certainly in many breeds two at the same time often has to be handled in a different way when they hit a certain age, Personally I would never get 2 Shar peis at once but I guess that is based on the fact we have yet to board a Shar per that is friendly,not dog aggressive or numerous other issues( we have boarded a lot ) but have boarded 3 Crosses that are divine . I don’t see anyone being negative just commenting that raising 2 pups is hard work to ensure both personalities thrive and each ones pros/cons worked and managed is not easy but I’m sure the breeder covered all this and the OP has a good plan
  3. Barking Older Dog

    I would find another vet .At 12 the dog will be having eye sight changes ,deafness certainly starts to creep in and the dog can no longer Rely on all senses to help. Dementia certainly happens . Remember whilst it driving you nuts it’s no joy for the dog either especially when owners get frustrated ,the dog doesn’t understand why your all annoyed at it . Just like a human with the same issues ,no fun for them and takes a special to deal with family members affected . Instead of going out and just bringing it in ,redirect the dog,give the dog confidence . My old boy started at 13 to bark early morning did it annoy yes but we New it wasn’t his fault,he wasn’t doing it deliberate,it was a legit issue for him and being annoyed would have made my beautiful old boy upset ,the changes where hard for him . His eye sight was changing and it took him time to adjust ,when he barked we got up,made him move and took him straight to bed . We also embraced his barking and learnt the tones which alerted us to any issues
  4. Specialist Vet - Sydney

    Your breeder should be able to inform you of decent vets .Vets don’t specialise in a breed but some vets have greater knowledge and common sense for breeds
  5. Doberman as first dog with kids

    I would suggest contacting Ikons Dobes in Victoria to discuss the breed ,if it’s the right fit and he has a young son . The risk you have is this dog could be working lines which can be a whole different sort of management
  6. Doberman as first dog with kids

    I would be more concerned how this dog is with small children . Older dogs can be great they can also be the wrong choice if they have not be exposed to small children . If you want either of those breeds then you need to go and see the dog,ask lots of questions,take it on a trial if that scenario is available and be prepared for it being not any easier than bringing home a puppy
  7. No product guarantees no arthritis ,gawd if it did every man and animal would be taking it and no one would have it ,products are used to assist . I don’t use any of the stuff because I prefer using Bowen massage and core strength activities to ensure as the dog ages it’s body is ready to adapt with the lest issues
  8. Getting papers for adopted dog

    I think the OP just wants a copy of each parent to hand to the owners to say there full Springers
  9. Rotties and obedience

    I would suggest it’s a over doing the young mind thing,your dog is a pup ,they get bored quickly and doing the same thing may seem great for you is not always the same for a bright dog . Not all dogs or breeds fits the same box for training ,I never compare my dogs or breed ,each one is an individual that flourishes or shuts down differently
  10. worried my dog might injury himself

    Worry less about the injury risk and work more on stopping this habit / behaviour . If you stop the problem it will result in no injury and your dog will enjoy the yard
  11. Getting papers for adopted dog

    Yes there is some very important health testing that any moral person should do before breeding Springers . Also keep in mind not every dog should be breed ,there is more to bringing puppies into the world and those puppies deserve to be bred from health tested parents to minimize issues or have faults that will be magnified with this breeding plus you have no idea if your mating close siblings without papers . Also parents do not always reproduce themselves so not a reason to just have a possible litter . All these things your vet should have told you anyway plus getting the sperm tested ,an expensive exercise Hip scoring Annual eye certificates by an Opthamologist DNA tests for: (a) Cord 1 PRA; (b) Fucosidosis; Tests that should be done
  12. Double Merles

    The heading is Double Merle so yes stupid people I am very aware of Merle’s and what is correct and what is a time bomb
  13. Does fasting include no water

    Is she being rayed early our vet it’s always no food after late water fine ideally ration in the morning
  14. Double Merles

    Also blame the stupid people who want to buy these colours ,Those breed for the detriment of the breed