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  1. No to baby wipes & you need to not over wipe but encourage soothing .If her privates become to sore she will not want to wee which is an issue Never heard of the product your using & looking it up doesn't sound the best for UTI . Diet can play a big role on a UTI prone animal. AS for vets try Kudah Dr Boekleman (only)who is very offay with GSD & a reproduction vet https://www.kudahvet.com.au/
  2. Inverted is very easy to spot & any half wit vet can tell you . What is her toilet routine ,does she squat into her pee,is she an obsessive licker of her privates . What diet is she on . Cranberry tablets or even better Liquid chlorophyll can be used for reoccuring UTI's ,Consider using sudacream on her vulva as the burning can really create another issue with a sore private so try to ease the pain for piddling . Agree inform the breeder ,does she have any other issues bad ears ,yeast issues ??
  3. Tibbie hair loss

    When was her last season many bitches can do massive coat dumps after a season . Hormonal coat itching on some entire bitches can be a big issue . Thyroid is certainly a contender & well worth ruling out . Our friends have Tibbies & they drop coat like no tomorrow & constantly itches she is an entire bitch with a tight top coat ,never had the big Tibbie coat . Have they tried the Cytopoint injection fro allergies
  4. Children's probiotics for my dog

    We use Yakult but bloody poo after being given a product could be a small bout of colitis which is a warning sign. What happens if you just feed one meal ??or is this not an option . We have never used a dog stuff & only use anything if required . Dogs can do soft poos if muscle sore in the stomach . You could also try Chlorophyll which is human stuff but so a great product for many things . We use it when our girls are in season & i started to use it on one of my older boys who was getting a bad breathe (no teeth issues etc etc ) he was getting random loose stools & gets bowen treatment regularly but feel it was a result of his arthritis playing up & affecting him in general ,since putting him onto it no smelly breathe,stomach back to normal & the product helps with inflammation so all good we will be using it as a general product for all our dogs due to its other uses & ourselves
  5. Grass seed again!

    The suit isn't going to solve the issue of ear & nose & it needs to be perfectly made to fit the dog in question otherwise there a nightmare for the dogs to wear correctly as i had water proof ones but sold them as there where more trouble than not for the brief time i used them & not all dogs will walk in them . Would be potentially cheaper to get false turf & limit the area she can walk around
  6. Sheltie Decendant

    Dogs Vic wont be able to help . The Sheltie club would be your best chance as the breeder may no longer breed & no one may have used there dogs so no guarantee the lines are still out there & if they are would have new lines in there
  7. Puppy scared when meeting people

    I would ditch puppy school and contact manners n more they do class training but with all the right aspects aka self control etc etc
  8. Puppy scared when meeting people

    I would be asking the puppy school trainer before you attend classes what strategy they would use for the issues your dog has.There are terrible puppy classes out there that will make your pup worse because there theory is they will get over it or the forced to interact in an environment that is too overwhelming .
  9. British bulldog x American staffy

    Mind you these questions you should be asking the breeder,its there responsibility to give you sound advice.Have you asked them ?? It depends on your pup as to what she will or wont be able to do ,tolerate long term
  10. Puppy scared when meeting people

    I would source a qualified trainer who will come to your home and see what the dog does and teach you how to manage and control the puppy . Dont do it yourself with friends and the likes as you may unknowingly be handling it the wrong way and setting the dog up for a fail . Having someone to guide in the right process whilst pup is you g is a must and the sooner the better Its a strange reaction if it’s good with the family ,any chance that first person did something unknowingly has left a unhappy memory for this pup. I totally agree in phoning the breeder
  11. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    14 months is not old so the price is reasonable Providing it has been we’ll socialised. . We charge full price at that age too because people are getting a well trained adult dog
  12. Mine too get bowen every month & i have an equissage hand machine & redlight therapy pad . I have also used rock tape on the dogs when required to assist
  13. shetland sheepdog ears

    The sheltie breeders i know tape & use a coin .Glueing we have done on our breed but it requires dedication & result is for a very different ear set to a Sheltie
  14. I have a dog on anitinol but hes young & more for preventive issues but do know people who i value there opinion who have had success with there dogs issues . Never had any real raving success with Rose hip & the dogs got the runs on it . Have you tried Schuessler salts muscle relexant tablets ,i have a dog on those & see more success with those & he is on them permanently
  15. Buying a puppy

    Dogs from Asia do quarantine the requirements are just the same as any other country except NZ .