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  1. 6 month old gulping food without chewing

    I would feed her away from the other dog ,slow feeders can work. I would be more inclined to feed on a raised stand ,you can place tennis balls in the bowl. I too would feed two meals ,well at 6 months it would be getting 2 meals anyway I would be cautious with a bone . Whats the dog like when given food rewards ,a snatcher,self control
  2. Dog keeps taking things off tables

    Did you ever get the one on one training for the other issues you had .
  3. Taking for a drive

    Well like others have said hopefully the age is wrong because throwing up won’t be an issue because it will need bottle feeding
  4. Unilaterally deaf puppy

    I wouldn't discount ,you don't need to do anything special to this dog . The main thing here is its either an issue for you or it isn't. If you feel its going to be the wrong pup then tell the breeder . I applaud the breeder for testing & letting you know asap, The only thing we wouldn't do is ask for money until all tests are finalized
  5. Polyneuropathy in Dogs

    i would be seeking a bowen person for sure or asking for a more in depth scans sooner than later depending on what path you wish to follow. If it was me i would be finding a kids toy on wheeels or create something to allow the dog to move more freely,trying to minimize muscle wastage is important . I have owned a dog with spondo & generally you see the signs leading up if you know your dog,have owned a another dog that injured his back leading to read paralysis.Both dogs where x rayed & the other had a mylogram .Keeping fit was a must . Both dogs received regular bowen treatment ,keep in mind pinched muscles can leave a dog unable to walk. I have alo had a dog who pulled a muscle just below his tail that made him unable to use his rear end & when he could was very drunk un co ordinated ,Bowen solved that . But you need to feel happy what path you take
  6. If it’s the prime 100 sp chicken we stopped using due to the rice not being choked and lots of sharp bits . I do feed other Prime 100 varieties
  7. Hermaphrodite pug puppy

    That isn't how it works in the fair trading ,obviously cases may vary for some reasons but its treated like a "goods" ,the breeder has offered a legit resolve. Also there may be parts of this story missing . Some breeders may ask for a second opinion or if looking at assisting the bill seek a second opinion on the procedure & cost .. This is such a rare issue ,just like humans although im sure parents don't expect someone to pay for there creation.? I know of one person with an Am Staff that had an issue,had surgery no issues at all.Generally done when there getting spayed,i believe some cases can be less/ more invasive as others but a good success rate . But in the end this is not a problem any breeder can for see or test for so yes it is a deal with it issue ,a very rare occurring issue
  8. Vet N Pet Direct

    Have brought from them BUT will say on some orders because the product we ordered wasn't in stock they sent a similar one without asking first or just taken forever to send it . I do think at time there out of stock is an issue
  9. Top Quality Food

    also keep in mind expressing the glands weekly just to feed this food is not ideal either .It is often said over expressing can cause a weakness . So you need to weigh up what is the best middle ground & top food means diddly squat to a dog as to what they thrive on
  10. Hermaphrodite pug puppy

    People can have the same issue ,its a shit happens thing,Breeders can't be blamed for every issue & when you take on any animal there are vet bills,if you have insurance no drama but the breeder has offered you something . Honestly it peeves me off when people say if i return it it will be PTS seriously the breeder most likely wont & would just do the surgery .
  11. Where to buy Lycra dog suit

    Keep in mind these suits will still require dedicated brushing if in big coats as they will matt more & i wouldn't let mine swim in them though ,most i don't think are designed for swimming in.I certainly know the lyrca products i use on my show dogs would stretch & hold water ,the US ones would most likely be a better option as i know some setter people use them for training but most just brush & product when there coated dogs hunt I know an Irish person in Victoria has one for there dog as it wore it at the Gordon Setter field fun day
  12. Roo mince advice please

    Gut aches & loose poos doesn't always mean wrong food,stomach muscles play a big factor which is why i use bowen treatment on my dogs ,i know when there sore as they often end up with a runny poos ,so in some cases people can change a diet till the cows come home but wont solve the issue .Dogs muscle play just a big a role
  13. Yet another dog attack

    So what was he doing in an offleash dog area with a wheelbarrow & woodchips?
  14. Dont create a monster but over thinking things .Also don’t turn your Yorke into a carry around pet nervous pet . Puppy could have had a gut ache ,sometimes the days activities can be just to much for puppy and there just too tired to sleep ,like a toddler that hits the wall but won’t sleep .
  15. And if you are a good ethical breeder whose dogs are house dogs that will no longer be allowed as all breeding bitches must be in a kennel ,so even if someone owns a bitch on breeders terms it’s suppose to live in a outdoor kennel setup . The sad part is pet owners see these types of a reform as a win but it changes nothing except making it tougher on beloved house pets and it doesn’t stop puppy farms