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  1. Roo mince advice please

    Try crocodile,roo meat gave one of mine terrible gas,coat discolouration.
  2. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    BAER testing is not a normal service you will have to travel to get in done ,generally only a handful of places do it in each state so your not going to have a great deal of options & the hills to Two wells area isn't that far . The Uni may offer it or the dermatology section at a referral vet but i would be comparing prices I had to fly east to get my dog done so your lucky to have the service available with a drive .
  3. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    There are 2 clinics that test in SA Adelaide Plains I think it’s called Noah’s Crossing out two Wells way .
  4. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    There are 2 clinics that test in SA Adelaide Plains I think it’s called Noah’s Crossing at two Wells way .
  5. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    You can’t monitor hearing issues ,if your pup is deaf ,deaf in one ear or borderline then the sooner you know the easier you can adapt a lifestyle that allows quality,independent living and ensuring human interaction is positive not frightening the better . Your vet should have to.d you about the BAER option .. A BAER text is the only health check to confirm it ,puppies learn quickly to adapt ,follow or read signs ,feel vibrations hence a vet check as such will not give you a true reading . i would contact your breeder with your concerns
  6. 17 week silky puppy deaf or lazy?

    Get her BAER tested then you will know for a fact if deaf or not
  7. Wahl KM2 blade replacement

    Tongue / lever my first thought,these need replacing atleast once a year more
  8. Best in Specialty Show yes or no

    Rules for what ?
  9. All that should be required are honest rescue groups who do right by people adapting. To easy to become a rescue and then wipe your hands of the dog once gone. I cringe at some of the breed right ups,the misleading info that only fools a potential adapter in thinking it’s the right dog for them and getting high and mighty if you pull them up on the info. For example a breed I owned came up in a rescue .The breed right up was not correct for the breed nor was the suggested type of home . I politely told them so and offered my breed knowledge as assistance to list the correct info and what an ideal home would be . I posted that info on there FB page for that dog. My info was deleted,fast forward 3 months person who adapted dog emailed me regarding that dog and some serious issues they where having . When I asked what the home situation was for people and dog red flags where abundant.This dog bite someone and attacked another dog . First time dog owners who thought rescue was right and had no clue about the breed they adapted except what they read ,thought the dog was cute so put there name down. Rescue grp no help dog PTS . We have boarding kennels and board people who have adapted dogs and been terribly let down and refuse to go down that path,many saying they would sooner by from a pet shop . Also have many clients who have lost there pet and decided to rescue,awesome homes who where refused for ridiculous reasons .
  10. Staffy and Australia Bulldog

    The breeder who I presume knows there is another dog in the home should be offering stacks of advice on this topic .They should be a wealth of knowledge on introducing there breed and also ensuring the pup selected has the best temperament to match going to a home with another dog. Problem is at the age of the pup it’s personality could change again and may not be the best fit but that is something the breeder needs to access and address . You need to understand the needs of your current pup,it’s training level and should be very aware of how it interacts with other dogs already ,then the right pup selected to minimise any issues with the right training in the household. Any breeds/crosses can dislike each other the difference in some dogs the issues can be more stronger,more often and a bigger issue
  11. Advocate reactions

    It’s a chemical so any dog can react . Frontline caused burns,friends used advocate and caused a rash down the back and coat texture to change . A risk with any product used.
  12. What to feed Amstaff

    Depends why you want to change the diet
  13. Personally I think your expecting to much to soon and if you don’t address the issue correctly you will have no results and a bigger pain to deal with. Seeking proper help who can visually watch how she deals with a male figure will assist you quicker . Just because there was a husband in the previous does not mean the dogs experience around men has been good and learning to build a lasting trust not just a quick bribe is a must
  14. Yes Collie people will generally happily share there knowledge ,a number of the Rough Collie people grew up as kids with the breed due to parents involvedment . Maybe contact the Collie club and see if they do education days otherwise making a time with a person to talk at a show or simply watch the breed at the show . I see your in QLD ,the Collie National was held during the Brisbane Royal Show and would have been an awesome chance to have seen the breed in large numbers . If she wants to do obedience then getting the right attitude to match really helps . Collie people often have owned Shellie’s as well so can speak about both otherwise there is someone you can talk with about Shellie’s whose kids are in charge of grooming,training etc etc. But a day at a good dog show would allow you to see numerous breeds and allow your daughter to really be final on a Collie or maybe see other options that will work for the family
  15. If that answer was that simple . As a groomer many pet owners fail at brushing . As this is a long term project I would imagine your daughters choices will change . Attend dog shows,attend obedience trials and let your daughter see breeds looking true to type and then looking at the real life commitment she must be prepared to commit too. If a Collie is her choice then she needs to see the breed in coat ,understand brushing and the time it takes . Tools that are a must for grooming and making sure she is committed to coat care in her teens ,dog before going out etc etc,You can have both but the dog is her responsibility. If she really loves the Collie breed then maybe the smooth coat is an option ,not serious coat care . I guess what I’m saying does she want a Lassie or does she want a Collie . Thoughts 2/3 is a long time to decide ,let her research all about her time commitments,grooming costs if she doesn’t brush,bathing etc etc . Understanding that a stinky dog sleeping on the bed is no fun . Maybe a Shellie is another option same look but in a smaller package