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  1. Agree all this should have been discussed with the breeder who may be very knowledgeable in feeding raw if asked.Many breeders do feed raw but also expose there pups to a simpler diet to suit puppy owners so they have a choice Keep in mind many breeders also have in there puppy folders guarantees regarding feeding a correct diet compared to not feeding and not informing them. But at this stage the diet the breeder recommended should be feed at this point unless terrible to ease the transition for pup and it's tummy ,generally people get the diet sheet prior to picking there pup up and breeders have discussed what/when and quantities . If you truly wish to feed raw then you need to seek someone Offay in this area to ensure you get it right ,many will give there opinion here on what to feed raw wise but I would suggest someone knowledgeable in giant breeds a must ,stuff up your pups growth now and you will have a life long issue at the pups expense
  2. My dogs don't get to pick the vets,I pick the vet based on there skills,not how fancy there equipment is and I couldn't care one bit about there puppy classes ,. I want my vet to be a compentant diagnosistition who thinks outside the box and listens . Rarely do dogs truly enjoy going to the vet and I would never vet shop because I wanted my dog to be happy . Our vets are chosen purely on skills but then again we don't frequent vets often and I never take my dogs to just pop in
  3. Yes they can still mate her and drive her crazy and some males just go bonkers being around a girl in heat which isn't fair
  4. I have had dogs that don't enjoy walking but preferred bikie riding & the reason being the gait they are at whilst being biked is more natural & comfortable, You see many dogs pacing on there walks mits a tiring gait & dogs often end up sore ,Some people walk so slow the dogs hate it
  5. I don't believe there is a such thing as an easy dog ,all require time & effort .The difference is the dedication the new owners are prepared to put in & i believe any first time owner can be suitable if they are getting a DOG for the right reasons. As someone who works in the animal industry i see people & dogs every day .Far to many lazy owners,far to many people buying a dog that will never ever fit there lifestyle or simply owners who think they know it all & don't care for advice . Many people believe its there right to have a home with a dog in the yard ,for many owning a dog should never happen
  6. This can happen & find it can be a thing with RC dry BUT your dog is getting additional food so its dry is not the be all end all ,he has options that are more enjoyable
  7. Nope never get it done & its just a money spinner for most chain clinics these days ,good old fashioned clinics rarely push it & treat each dog on an case by case scenario .We will get it done on our dogs that may have health issues which it may benefit . I would expect any decent vet to use fluids if required at time of procedure & any decent vet should be offay with anaesthetics . WE breed Minis & do not tell our puppy owners its a requirement of the breed ,up to owners if they decide too .
  8. Is the dog showline or a working Cocker
  9. I have to agree the quantity is very small for an active large breed pup fact my gundogs would be skin and bone on that amount ,package guidelines mean nothing ,feed according to the dog . The snacks through the day do build up . I do feed RC and mine never enjoyed the junior but I don't feed just dry . talk to your breeder
  10. Funnily enough im the opposite no offleash walking until they can walk on a lead ,for me the reward is not being free the reward is doing something that pleases us both .Offleash is part of a training exercise only where its education until there totally reliable My Gundogs are taught to walk out in front ,they only come close to me for people walking past or in a situation where next to me is safer . There not allowed to pull but walk freely lose leash out front . In the show ring i want my dogs to move out in front so i encourage that behaviour & when walking them i actually can't stand the dreaded heel next to me & yes i have done obedience trials but thats another job for that ring not casual walks . Funnily enough i train only with distractions never without BUT i do a alot of just sitting in the distraction environment whether that just be on the front lawn watching things go past or heading down to the local walkway with birds,people,kids,prams . I will just turn up with a chair & let my pup watch the world go past ,take it in & alot of praise for paying attention to me ,sitting there playing with there toys ,my guys are very toy fanatical & love carrying there teddies ,there so proud of them the world often doesn't exist except for me .Once i feel they have learnt about the outside world then walks are added but every day is never the same . I have no issues walking 2 gundog puppies together who walk nicely because they love to check in with me more than the world . As there shown from 3 months distractions is a massive part of there world & i don't go out of my way to avoid it but each pup needs to learn at there own time . Keep in mind watching you on walks turns into an unnatural & uncomfortable gait hence why i will let mine move out & when doing good reward vocally asap & will happily stop for cuddles or teaching high 5 ,something that is very exciting & uses there brain not just food all the time .They never now when that thrill will come & what kind so they really enjoy there outings for the what it brings .In the ring food,leaving the ring there teddy,pre ring its the grooming table & touch time . At home grooming is all about touch time,chilling & enjoying the me time ,dogs can focus so much during this time
  11. I own gundogs & training on the lead is not a routine . First off your pup sounds very bored with you & the outside world is far more fun,when you walk & it pulls you stop ,turn around & pup will switch off & do it even more . I hate harnesses & generally those that use them is because there dogs are nightmares & it makes the owners feel better.An ill fitting harness is just as dangerous to the body as a flat collar or chocker if used wrong & Haltis can be just as damaging . My pups never go on flat collars,they are trained on there showleads which is a slip lead,bad manners is not negotiable BUT having fun on the lead is a must . I don't encourage healing ,i don't encourage watching,i encourage fun & me being more interesting that the world outside. If my pups want to carry there teddy ,they can,,for me vocal excitement & praise is often all they need,when starting to zone out then i step in before the moment is lost ,walksare short & sweet ,shorts walks with success is a must .To the letter box and back can help self control and that going out the front isn't just about walks Although my first question is is this a working springer or show lines .If working does the breeder have dogs in scent work ?? Also what other training are you doing,how responsive is the dog to you in general day routines ?When being brushed how does the pup behave.These things can give you a good idea if the dog is responding well to you in general or whether you need to change your methods at home to apply more about the dog enjoying you and rewards it gets
  12. A balcony is a very boring & shut off space .often cold with no visual enjoyment . This dog needs to be walk am/pm daily no matter what the weather is & the dog will most likely whine more if you don't . Keeping dogs in an apartment life comes with more work because you have closer neighbours & the dog has no yard ,it needs enrichment & variety especially given its not allowed to be part of the family . Neighbours will complain & they have every right if the noise impacts them & people will have opinions if its just living outside & walked once a day ,its not the typical apartment life many dogs live ,generally they come with owners fully aware of the impact there dog will have on others & understand the effort is way more . The reality is if people complain you have issues so you are either willing to minimize the impact your dog has on others & deal with it or you don't care & will get complaints
  13. As far as Parvo goes unless you plan to wear a forensic suit everytime you walk out the front door & disinfect your hand bag & anything else brought in you would never leave your home due to risk. Risk is there everyday pups or not & the show is no more a risk than walking on the foot path to get home or kids playing on the school oval or your neighbours dog . The issue here is taking a bitch with young pups to a show who just simply doesn't need to be there .
  14. Most dog stuff is rubbish anyway . Human stuff is fine despite people rattling on about PH levels etc etc ,you mainly need to avoid the silicone . Heads n shoulders & selsum blue is fab on dogs
  15. Wouldn't dream of showing a bitch with pups that age ,besides the fact i have never known a bitch to be in show condition with pups that old our bitches are not removed from there puppies ,they may be eating solids but there mum is well & truly still with babies playing ,educating & enjoying her brew. I would suggest checking your state body as to whether they have an age in relating to when a bitch can be shown after pups,i think some states do . But honestly the only answer is NO on all accounts ,common sense really