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  1. Annual blood works

    We don’t. We would only do for dogs on long term meds that it makes sense too or certain health reasons . One of our clients vets was a believer in this .Every year she would tell us what the results where and she would get so stressed over it . Her vet she thought was god we thought he was total doom and gloom and made there time owning dogs expensive and full of panic
  2. Puppy with flatulance

    Your vet will most likely push there brand of food so just be mindful you may come out even more confused. Talk with your breeder ,breeders like to get feedback on what may not be working for a pup & often able to suggest a biscuit that is known to suit your breed . Some of the dry varieities can just be not suited to a some dogs ,fish can be one of those & those with added items ,it becomes very hard . My Taste of the Wild feed dog is due to chicken allergies ,the choice of legit chicken free dry here is very limited & he doesn't thrive on complete raw only . We don't feed grain free by choice but when we do we also don't feed just dry we add to it Simple fact is not every breed is the same & finding a suitable diet for your dog is worth a phone call to the breeder ,if you don't like there advice you can still go it alone but you have given them the opportunity to assist. Everyone will tell you something different & it can become a mindfield of opinions. The emu oil could be an issue . I would consider going bland for a few days ,chicken mince,pumpkin & see what happens .
  3. Puppy with flatulance

    So you are saying when you sold your Lab pups you never gave a diet sheet & told them to feed what ever & it wasn't your problem??
  4. Puppy with flatulance

    Just because there an ambassador doesn't stop them from having a duty of care to a pup they have bred not doing well on a certain food .They may be sponsored but your not & a farting dog is not normal . Speak to the breeder anyway to inform them of the issue ,plenty of breeders have had to suggest another food due to a pup/adult just simply not thriving on a food .Some dogs can not tolerate the fish .I have dogs here that are currently feed Taste of the wild pacific stream & doing great ,feed them another fished based brand & don't do great it just comes down to the ingredients . Personally my dogs did terrible on Ivory Coat when they started changing the ingredients & adding coconut oil .
  5. Solvensky Cuvac Breeders?

    I think the closest breed to them in Oz is the Tatra Shepherd
  6. Is your dog afraid of the cold?

    Minis in this household,always sleep together all year around touching. Have no issues wearing coats if required in extreme cases,like there coats but most people buy horrible coats that are uncomfortable especially those horrid knitted things or the ones with front leg holders that alter there movement . Ours like the heater on but will happily be outside in the cold
  7. how to dogs eat without teeth?

    Given most dogs don't chew there food but just suck it down toothless doggies cope well. The reason to still give a soft bone is to still encourage jaw muscle strength ,think off it as face muscle exercises
  8. antinol - how to feed

    50 mg
  9. antinol - how to feed

    The person & vets who are recommending the product suggest the loading dose if it suits your dog then 1 or 2 tablets ,the same as antinol.They did suggest if dog was having a bad run you can increase to 4 but that is not considered norm & they generally only suggested that prior to a competition One is a sports vet who has asked many questions & simply can't see any reason to not use the Lyprinol especially given its ease & value especially for a multi dog household or large breeds. I have used both on a large dog .I give 1 tablet . I brought the antinol from the website as it was far cheaper but it is pricey if doing a number of dogs
  10. antinol - how to feed

    Mind you you can use Lyprinol from Chemist warehouse same drug ,safe for dogs & far cheaper & more tablets .Most dog sports people have swapped to this
  11. Simply seaweed does require you to really know your dogs medical history including thyroid problems as its very high in iodine . It gave my dog chronic runs
  12. Looking for Labrador Breeder

    Contact the Lab club in your state . If they where a registered breeder someone may know who
  13. antinol - how to feed

    Buy it online ,look at the anti oil website . You have to do a loading dose and then go per the instructions
  14. Home boarding in the Hiills

    It is a new fad where every Tom ,dick and Harry do it despite not being set up correctly and many of the sitters wanting a fast buck without looking at the responsibilities required or thinking they get to play with the doggies . You have parents advertising on FB there kids are doing house sitting and they list there age and you know there not legit as the kids are underage to look after the dogs Many take on more dogs than they can knowing perfectly well that don’t have safe zones ,so yes a new fad . Been in the industry for over 30 years the right set up for dogs comes in many areas but sourcing the legit ones is getting harder
  15. Home boarding in the Hiills

    The new fad is home boarding . Key is to make sure there a legit business with council approval . I would suggest people also insist on inspecting there set up ,safety measures and policies when they have visitors over with the dog . You read so many posts these days of lost dog from pet sitter and a lot board multi dogs in the small yard We run boarding kennels so tell people if you insist on inspecting kennels then insist on the same of others .
  16. Night regression please help :(

    If he’s crying and it s always for a loo break then as mentioned UTI or if pooing more to much food . You are lucky he’s letting you know and certainly no fun for the dog either
  17. Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

    Titre testing isntexpensive,If your vet is charging stupid prices ask why but most do because it makes owners feel vaccinating is cheaper .
  18. Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

    C7 does Lepto/corona virus which is required in only extreme high risk cases not for the average run of the mill pet. Police & search / rescue dogs where generally given it due to working in drains & other areas with a very high rat population . It can be a problem where there are large numbers of wild rats and dogs consuming the same food or water contaminated with rat urine. As a boarding kennel owner we view vacc records & its surprising how many vets use this vaccine & even more scary how many owners are clueless to what there dog is being given & ask no questions whats so ever before a vaccination .
  19. Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

    Plenty of dogs react to vaccinations the issue in Australia is there is no real way or reporting issues & the companies are not interested . We experienced the loss of 4 pups after there first vaccination many years ago .A first for us & our vets perplexed . After some talking in the area we realised we werent the only ones to loss puppies & the batch numbers where checked & yep an issue . Our vets where very proactive in trying to report but even they in the end where given the run around & the stupid answers to what these pups all died from but it was reported & logged. We have a few boarding clients whose dogs are an issue hence they titer test ,most reacted to the C5 which we don't use .Alot react to the C7 which vets do use in areas its not required . Personally your vets where numpties to even try the C5 again . We don't even do C5 with puppies
  20. Second dog concerns

    two is not always better than one & anyone bringing in a second dog should always have a plan for the what ifs /What if they don't get along,what if we made a mistake ,what if things aren't going to plan . Transition wise we tell our owners bringing in a second dog that they can't be left alone together when no one is home . The older dog may not like its new buddy at first,older dog is entitled to having its normal safe space & pup needs to also be safe & have time out . Older dog ideally is well trained,has a good nature & potentially a great role model for the new pup & above all has been around other dogs & shown the desire to enjoy a new buddy . Ensure your breeder knows you have a current dog & make sure the pup selected shows the signs of being the right match
  21. Itchy dog

    Diet is a personal choice but your breeder would have given you a diet chart for your dogs but what many people do is create there own version of comfort food for the dog because it makes them feel happier instead of looking at the breeds requirements . Good diet of essential fatty healthy acids,not likely to trigger pancreatitis & mindful of there naturally higher cholesterol needs. Chicken whilst fine lacks the EFA required to fuel a dog so if you want to home cook then you need to balance it with organs & vege to balance where it lacks .Roo is low fat & often hard to keep weight on ,find it average for coat quality as well so again it needs balancing . We feed dry,raw & veg to our Minis never had a skin issue .We don't feed Roo & chicken in small quantities . That is a long time frame for prednil especially if at full dose .You certainly don't have to do the full course but it must be weaned off correctly .Which colour is the tablets ??
  22. Or go to SACA i presume the dog shop is still there otherwise there is a very big show weekend coming up soon that may have vendors 31 May to the 2 June. Vebo have strong tables with removable arm but they are heavy tables
  23. White factored Border collie eye/ear issues?

    Sorry but your info is not correct about being able to tell .Pups are smart followers ,people often question if there dog is deaf as they claim it doesn't listen to them & they have full hearing .The only way of knowing is BAER testing . I own a breed that requires BAER testing ,it is done early to ensure any before being home the status is known & ideally before the pup /s are fully sold
  24. Itchy dog

    As mentioned exclusion has to be done with no meds. How long with both courses has she been on pred?? Exclusion diets vary in the thought process ,many say kangaroo but yours already gets roo. I would be inclined to go with the crocodile roll route for 6 weeks but during that time there is no bones,no treats no anything added. After that time you slowly add a new food . You can get a nutriscan test done that tells you food its likely to react too but ofcourse this based on food being the issue & it may not be . When you clip her does she itch ??. I would not use Apoquel as one of the side effects is increased Cholesterol & the drug works on suppressing the immune system . Cytopoint injection seems a better option but i would still try food elimation first . We have been involved with Minis since the very early 80's but have never had itchy skins . You haven't had any mulch laid recently or walk near mulch?
  25. White factored Border collie eye/ear issues?

    BAER testing just tells you they can hear ,they could be at the lower end or the higher but when done normally at 7/8 weeks off age prior to sale . It will tell you if deaf,hearing in both ears or just one . Some vets knock them out others don't cost of BAER can be very to realistic to very expensive & not an easy service to get done as it requires a specialist trained operator hence BAER testing aussie wide is far & few between & one travels for it .