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  1. Selsum blue . We avoid anything oatmeal even worse is vets suggest it on yeast dogs
  2. We have over 20 cremated . These days your choices are many not just urns . You can do necklaces,bracelets,ear rings,diamonds ,,rocks eco friendly,plaques,funky glass,wood boxes or plastic tub ( we had these for some as there ashes where spread )and other options . The company we use only does your dog . We don’t like who our vet uses . Yes its easier to have a plan of what you want as to the wording on the urn ie Dogs name ,wording etc and even prepay . Granted know we just phone when it happens as we now the routine & it gets easier in some ways
  3. First off until pups are born,survived and there are enough to go around the breeder isn’t committing to a pup I would say We dont have people just turn up to look at parents either . When we do it’s after we have had a certain amount off conversation that the people are on the right page as potential owners and we have said yes to being on the list Why because some who come out are time wasters ,some think they can bring the kids out for a dog play date ,some people case out the joint . In this case they have a bitch whose yet to whelp so they may be very mindful
  4. The script price some vets charge means it’s still cheaper to buy from the clinic . For certain meds it’s not viable for the vet to stock so the script option works well for them with expiry dates etc. Mobile vets seem a better option for scripts also phoning other clinics to potentially see what they charge for the meds can also help . Its hard to get scripts like the past but we never had issues ,it’s legal and chemist told for the dogs which I hope they realise as it’s got the vet clinic on the paperwork . There is also the online med buying optio
  5. Interesting the vet spoke so much because unless the actual owners authoritised such conversation the vet may find themselves in drama. Vets still have a client confidentiality so I’m surprised the vet openly talked so much about a dog you no longer own .
  6. If they go to small claims you will likely lose and pay out more . Also keep in mind most vets will cover there butts in what was actually said so unless the vet is prepared to put all that in writing don’t take it as gospel . You may want to consult with your lawyer
  7. But you have no signed paperwork that clearly outlined the issues and expectations. No one here actually knows what degree the issue is ,to have it at this age is pretty serious . Did you see a specialist for a second vet report ? Our puppy owners are encouraged to get a vet inspection in 48 hrs . It’s clearly outlined regarding refund,return policy and life return policy . All this is clearly communicated . We also note why the cost off the pup is different . We are effectively selling a faulty good . In your case a faulty good with an unknown fu
  8. Personally this pup should never have been sold until you absolutely new it’s future . You should have had a very clear contract outlining the pups health issues, attached vet reports and updated vet visit before leaving to cover you and ensure you had documented proof the owners where very well aware off the issue ,what may be required as an adult ,the potential methods off feeding into adulthood either raised ,in a special chair to eat upright . This issue isn’t for the faint hearted and insurance wouldn’t cover it . Condition of sale and if it doesn’t work out pup is to be r
  9. 30 people is busy,loud and overwhelming to a pup and this is where people don’t think from a dog perspective. If this was a baby/toddler you wouldn’t expect it to be cuddled,carried,hugged by 3 or 30 people who are strangers . You would be more guarded and manage. The most bomb proof pups can go pear shaped without direction,respect . in fact it makes owners some what slack in presuming bomb proof means ready to deal with what the world offers . People who smoke,smell,strong perfumes/aftershave,people with health issues that a dog can sense and smell.Peop
  10. Problem is owner isn’t savvy otherwise they would have better understood the overwhelming expectations they placed on a pup that would not have been managed or monitored in the pups best interests. It know has reached a limit off not having the coping skills to deal with happenings that weren’t managed . I doubt she was relaxed but just compliant to what it was made to do . I agree drugs have there place . Owner needs to decide what they expect from this dog in regards to the effort they want to do . If they want it to be a cafe dog i
  11. Why are you using Malayan though ,it’s not for all issues . We bath our minis and recommend selsum blue . I only use the F10 on a dog with yeast issues .
  12. Never seen it happen but anything is possible but I find it useless stuff and harsh prefer F10 shampoo
  13. Let’s look at it another way whilst they may be a water breed at some stage in life they get old and drying off isn’t as simple and easy . This doesn’t mean they live in a coat but circumstances may making a coat a good option if running through the heavy rain to a vet appointment ,a toilet run on a icy cold miserable day . I don’t think it’s a yes / no answer but it can be a good tool at the right moment .
  14. My boy has been on meloxicam for 6 months . Had another on it for 2 years it’s my preferred go to pain meds as reaction seems to be small compared to other choices .
  15. All my vet nurse friends did the tafe course . If you really want to get a good answer ask your vet what they look for or better still look at vet nursing jobs advertised and what requirements there asking for
  16. Did the breeder suggest this diet .? Food can trigger some dogs but at 3 months . Just like people who use treats with food colouring . The puppy school should be teaching you self control exercises and teaching calm time to its class .. What has the trainer said or suggested . Has the trainer said the dog is not normal in its activity level at this point . The people suggesting it’s hyper what are there dogs like boring,scared,no zest for life . Pups get excited and yes there owners need to teach zest with manners. If
  17. I guess the other factor is low shedding important or not .
  18. Did you ask the breeder ? One of the reasons unless in the dogs best interests to follow the diet sheet the breeder gives and marrowbones are the worst for dogs full stop ,full of marrow and to hard on the teeth . Then add another diet change your pups gut is just hit a brick wall and will dehydrate quickly. Go to strict bland pumpkin and Turkey and reintroduce the breeders suggested diet slowly Added with the turfed outside the pup is having the raw end of the deal .
  19. Std Schnauzers are a true working dog ,good temp is due to great owners . yes they are good therapy dogs but that isn’t a given . They need there outlet time and mental stimulation. Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers could work . Petit Bassett Griffen Vendeen. I guess it also comes down to the people it’s needing to cope and an adapt too
  20. Depends on what kind off breeder they are and members off what or members off nothing in relation to orgs . But the very basics vaccination and microchip paperwork .
  21. I think the OP means “ pet only” not pup only . Which means the breeder clearly sold the dog as a pet only not for breeding . Without you health testing you actually can’t claim fully healthy for breeding . Breeding Frenchies is expensive so if the massive price difference shocked you then you better be prepared for the breeding bills and health testing bills .
  22. Yep the implant has been well discussed on many sources . Besides also shrinking testicles lasting longer and fertility issues . I would never ever use it on a breeding animal
  23. I tend to agree I would be trying the steroids to just get on top off it and go from there . They can do a low dose .
  24. What kind off bowls.Metal,porcelain,plastic. Is the water bowls the same . tags on collars ?. try feeding on a paper .plate,licki mat or on paper towels . We actually boarded a Malt that around age 7 wouldn’t eat from a bowl anymore but on a plastic floor mat
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