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  1. Cant help with a shunt but had a bitch with a liver tumor. From the first weird sign to asap vet diagnosis we where told 3 months enjoy 6 months if your very lucky 12 months . We where given the diet options but our vet is also very real & had good trust in us to know which path to take . She lasted 10 weeks & was feed what ever she would eat .Eating became a struggle each week & all i can say is you will absolutely know when . We gave her every chance diet wise but when it changed to eating being a struggle we knew it was time for palliative care & to make a decision on just needing food to next stage . My advice make the most of every day ,take happy snaps & make memories hope for the best but be realistic about the worse
  2. Seller needs advice

    Actually alot of breeders will fully refund the pup,partially refund & allow them to keep it.Its not always that black n white BUT its based on having all the correct info at hand & making a decision in the best interests of all parties & the dog . Some may offer a replacement pup & still allow them to keep the current pup . If the owners decide to keep it then its important to have a waiver signed about the agreement made & the owners decision fully aware off what is ahead . There are times where it is in the dogs best interests for it to stay in a very loved home & an owner who is prepared to deal with the long term/short term or anything in between & the reason why still trying to keep a good relationship a must at this highly emotional time for puppy owners . There vet may have explained it a manner that has created an issue ,there vet may have misdiagnosed or this pup does have an issue that the breeder needs to have info about just as much whether it comes under the Shit happens category or is something that can occur within the breed . We breed a dog that had a murmur we held on to her until the age the vet felt it would age out or get worse. It disappeared as per there diagnosis & she lived till 15 yrs with her adoring owners . A good reason for breeders to send pup home with the free 6 weeks pet insurance
  3. Seller needs advice

    How old is puppy at present ?? Does your puppy sales contract have a"this kind of scenario" mentioned in it ?? You need to keep the relationship between yourself & the person feeling like there being heard whilst also ensuring the same applies to you We like all the others would request a written report from the vet who diagnosed it note a verbal chat . This could be a case of a vet scaring the new owners who jumped to the next level,many vets seem to screw up in this area as well & alot seem to get it wrong with heart murmurs. Either way for both parties what you need to make clear is its important for you to get the correct info . Once that is received depending on the way the vet has written it we would get our vet to read it . We would then offer to pay for a second opinion with a a heart specialist or a heart savvy vet if we felt the owner needs that middle person to go forward . Dont mention anything about there vet just stick what has been presented that there is an issue & you need the vets written report to go forward . Make sure you copy all the messages & place in a folder .
  4. New Puppy - Transport - Fly or Drive?

    A lot of breeders have exposed there puppy to crates whether for car traveling,first vet visit or even after bath drying .
  5. New Puppy - Transport - Fly or Drive?

    Flying would be my first choice and I would be contacting agents to see what the time frame is for flight spots . Even if flight is cancelled it will have its breeder to return too . Flights are pretty much on a better schedule now but animal spots are limited
  6. The Cost of Puppies

    No shock that you have replied Asal ,it seems you cant read my post for what it is but again no surprise nor is your rant reply . Such an encouraging person to join the dog world . I just love your presumption of me being "one of those "people who will ruin the future of ANKC . Well i can safely reassure you i am one of those few in the Dog World that has gone above & beyond in ensuring the ANKC future is there for all & by all that means the juniors of the dog world,the small fish who just want to have some fun with there one and only dog to the new exhibitors needing grooming ,handling help to those wanting to breed & to those looking at dog sports that fit the humans ability . You may feel ANKC is all about dog breeding in our household we now the ANKC is all about the Village & that Village brings things in varying forms from breeding to competing ,stewarding,club committee to set up helpers .That Village is what keeps the whole dog world going & that includes those with there sterilized pet competing in showing & dog sports & encouraging there village to come join them . So i have no issues if you dislike me because i have a wonderful village in my dog world community . I have no issues if you think some of the points i mentioned makes me "unethical" or in "denial " ,( i gather a breeder registering 14 litters in 5 months is more ethical in your books). I will never feel a lesser member of ANKC because i dont breed every year nor own enough bitches to even do so but i will always be a proud ANKC member for promoting Purebreeds in the community & encouraging people to join & bring to the dog world no knowledge & wanting to learn to bringing great knowledge ready to teach & share .
  7. Golden Retriever Breeder

    So this changes the whole post . 4 weeks was nothing but in the end you made the decision to go with the short long term . I gather your vet informed of the severity then and the breeder did offer you something But you opted out . There is nothing to say the breeder breed any more with issues ,yours may have drew the unlucky combo to have this issue and the vet has said likely but not guaranteed hereditary. Just like humans who give there kids issues even the best of breeders can have it happen . That crystal ball could be more helpful at times . We would have refunded your money because off the issue
  8. The Cost of Puppies

    Health testing is not cheap anymore . Health testing advances and its expected to be done . There is no doubt some charge crazy prices but people pay those prices . In the good old days people picked up a phone ,found there breeder/s and waited. Now people shop with the “click n collect” mentality ,no questions asked and often claim they didn’t know or whinge they where ripped off etc etc. We have been breeders since 84. We don’t have litters yearly and never will,we don’t have a yard full off breeding bitches and where not collectors and don’t breed the guts out of our girls . We absolutely breed when we want to for ourselves . Our breed has become popular ,prices have sky rocketed to stupid prices that can’t be justified but the market is there and it is sad that some just view there girls as money makers breed them then move them on for the next batch off breeding girls to move in. So at the end of the day there is a breeder for everyone we have no intention to join our fellow breeders in raising prices to make money . Due to Covid the need for a pup is ASAP . We have seen some breeders raise there prices by near $2000 during this time . Many breeders are giving up ,New rules ,new requirements and for many just over dealing with the modern day attitude of I want now people . The good old days was awesome and is still there in a small way .
  9. Golden Retriever Breeder

    You could most likely pursue it but like anything it comes down to how much you want to spend to pursue it . Just curious what age was it actually picked up .
  10. Quite common for rescues these days & they all "offer help" but that doesn't seem to happen just the catch cry line to help them walk out the door. We see far too many dogs where this has happened & no assistance & often told it didn't display anything like that whilst in care . Its scary how many rescues send dogs out without doing a full temp assessment . I know of an assessor who walked away as they would rehome dogs to unsuitable homes & she didn't want her name attached to any issues for liability . We board & groom many amazing rescues but there are a few that also come in that are scary ,wrong home & hands wiped off
  11. Also keep in mind you may not be able to rehabilitate & be wary of any trainer that suggests so . What you may be more trying to achieve is more self control when dogs are in the space & the ability to control . Hopefully you can find a good honest trainer to give you sound advice whether you plan to keep the dog or if rehoming doing so with full report history
  12. Breeds testing varies ,info is easy to source . Breeds clubs will list . Keep in mind not all breeds have DNA testing available yet . But if you say what breed people can’t point you in the right direction
  13. And just like that you alienate the public but can’t see .
  14. No they make no sense to joe public . Lets be real ,these forums are for the public. The public would read that and think WTH. This is why the puppy farms do better they speak the language the public get . As dog breeders if we can’t communicate with the public we still don’t change anything . And perceptions vary ,opinions of what is right and wrong varies but speaking a language that has no content “to get it” doesn’t change anything it just makes people scroll past . There is no educating when people scroll past .
  15. Actually as a breeder i find the posts by moosmum totally off putting & can see why Joe Public head to a pet shop .
  16. The Cost of Puppies

    Many breeders dont do puppy packs that is no big deal .Puppy packs can consist of what the food brand they feed supplies to what owners put together themselves but this doesn't factor as to whether the breeder is good,bad or in between & wouldn't even be a query . So i guess the questions you need to ask is if you plan to breed what kind off breeder do you want to be ?? Your planning to ask questions off this breeder so keep in mind if you plan to breed a pet owner will expect you to share your knowledge or just send them off with a pup & see you later . Have you read the breed standard to understand the breed??Will this puppy if you plan to breed tick those boxes?? Have you researched the health conditions that Staffies should be tested for (which should have already been done if planning to hand over money no questions asked). If you plan to breed with this colour why and how would you go about breeding that colour . Who are they registered with .There are 4 registries in Australia that you should understand what that means . There is breeder permitted by the council which is registered but dog comes with no pedigree. Keep in mind breeding in future years will not be like it is now . If you are seriously planning to breed then you seriously need to do more research. Learn about the breed,learn about health testing,breed standard,learn what health results mean in breeding . If your puppy is a carrier of any issue what you need to breed it to and why . If you want to do it right you need to make yourself a smart breeder
  17. Golden Retriever Breeder

    Agree how old is this dog . Have you seen a specialist vet for diagnosis.
  18. Puppy litter

    Pups will be vet checked when there vaccinated so until then you don’t know . The breeder has told you and things do and can go wrong . 5 litters is a lot from 1 bitch but each to there own there .
  19. ANKC Internal Complaint Process

    Then ask DogsQLD for someone who can help . The CEO of the office will know how this may need to be handled . It also depends on your actual issue whether it was something voted by the state bodies in which case the State bodies should be able to offer some sort of solution . Depends if the issue has an effect on everyone or if this is just your own personal crusade .
  20. You don't need help you just apply & then it goes from there . Maybe contact SACA if you have questions
  21. I dont weigh my food full stop i feed to whats infront of me & adjust as the week /month needs be but my large growing pups get feed what they need. And they get feed big amounts . Even at full grown they get more than the that . The rescue can't guarantee you anything so you cant base your expectations on what might not be the right fit for this dog ,you need to base your ratios on what is in front of you & the condition that dog remains in on those ratios ,
  22. First off your weight is based on him actually being a Pure Rotti ,he may well not be . So the question i would be asking does the body condition look right for the pup .Has he been wormed regularly ?? Have you had the pup vet checked ?? I own large breeds and whilst raw is great the quantities is often so off base for growing puppies . My large breed pups would be starving with those ratios . They often get near 1 kg of food a day around 4/5 months & im not stingy in pups . There growing,its winter .As long as its the right meat/s for a growing pup then i feed to wait they need not a raw calculator
  23. Black Skin is sometimes considered an issue with thyroid dogs . Given Greys can have thyroid issues it’s come from there. It May also not be related
  24. Feeding

    You can always alternate bags or look at a more in between range off the 2 . I groom dogs that are 14/15 yrs healthy as anything great teeth & feed tin & cheap range,groom others in the same age bracket on the top of the range & bad teeth ,skin issues . Obviously it comes down to what suits each dogs & realistically what people can afford . We feed a premium brand as it suits our dogs and 1 of our dogs needs but also raw ,we feed less dry & more off the raw,veggies & other goodies .We are lucky to have options & i seek out the bargains at the shops . About 6 weeks ago Turkey mince $1 at our local shop so we stocked up,at present chicken mince $3 (this is human grade) & we can add the bone in other areas .
  25. Feeding

    Alot of dogs dont enjoy Canidae so not surprised they would prefer to eat an alternative