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  1. Mind you so many people hand their dogs over to uninsured /no contract pet sitters & this happens. People who volunteer to pet sit forget they become the legal owner whilst in there care & if something goes wrong there liable . The reason you have a written contract no matter if its a family friend,family member or some randon on a facebook breed group volunteering to watch your dog
  2. Phone the council . People need to start making the rangers do their job . But its the last place i would take my dog anyway . Also buy a body camera great for videoing these issues if anything does happen
  3. Because so many owners are thick as a brick & let their dogs just go up to any dog without thinking & without respecting their own dogs lack of manners . To many dogs getting bullied onleash & deciding to get in first . Sad reality but Australian dog owners do themselves no favours . Covid can not be blamed that excuse is just so over used ,bad leash manners was not covids fault . Extendable leads,dog park bullying & entitled owners who think Fifi can come over saying hello without asking And TOO many useless dog trainers who pander to owners instead of simply laying down the future in black n white . I do know of many owners who gave up training as trainers just seemed to suck them into a long term plan for training with no results or solutions offered . Whilst im all for positive training saying No is not the end of the world And snowflake owners who think Fifi heart will be broken if its owners grows some balls & steps up to being the owner their Dog would love to have instead of the owner they end up with
  4. Most parts of the world have done it successfully for years without any problems. Australians want more for their pets then dont want when its offered /suggested . The biggest change in mindset will be Australians learning to embrace a dog crate & as so many are anti crates . I just wish my dogs meet the criteria & that criteria will eliminate most pets And you can already fly out of Melbourne on Qatar i think it is to Dubai with dogs in crates in the cabin but comes with requirements too .
  5. This is nothing new just like all the people who offer to house sit friends dogs with no coverage . Whilst in your care you are the legal owner so if the dog bites,causes damage etc etc you are liable . Legally its very simple pay for business insurance & have a business contract .
  6. I believe the Pitbull & Am Staff are very separate breeds but fall under the category of "Bully "breeds just like Staffies. No different to Whippets,Grehounds being sighthounds . We boarded a number of Pitbulls many many years ago when you could honestly say they where true to type pure we also board alot of Am Staffs . You could tell the difference easily when both a breed true to type . These days Pitbulls rarely are true to type or even the breed . So many created as pig dogs mixed with anything . I can honestly say the Pitbulls we boarded where the most delightful dogs . The above situation wouldnt have mattered if it was a Labrador ,dumb owners not accepting what the dog had done & using there brains accordingly . As for council well all you have to do is look at Found dog posts & realise they have no clue what too label the dog found . I mean so many still list a black fluffy as a Maltese
  7. The most devasting part of this is vets are the ones who have to do the sh#t part of the deal in an indutsry that already has the highest suicide levels & put down healthy dogs.rescues have the same deal . I totally understand that some of these crosses are just so extreme with bad owners whether that be macho nobs to those who claim clueless & dont have the strength to control such powerful dogs (even if friendly) This also affects people who rent houses as it can factor into your tenancy insurance so people who have done the right thing in getting the dog certified could then have there lease cancelled . There have been some horrific attacks in the UK but they have done breeds bans before as has Europe . This should be many Australians wake up call as we are extremely naive country full of entitlement without actually training dogs to be in public
  8. Plus the other obvious if your dog caused a car accident you would be liable there too consider this a cheap fee for a second offence . Learn from this & be more responsible & read the dog act . a client of ours many years ago was in the same scenario as the other person ,she ended up falling over protecting her dog .Broke her hip & passed away from complications of the injury because "the dog just simply ran across the road" Owner cried "poor me" like you & learnt very quickly being a nob gets you no where fast .That owner was sued & the family won as there was plenty of witnesses & CCTV footage No attack but the actions fall under that category . If you lose just to prove a point with time be prepared for a bigger bill
  9. Something fishy about this post . Even a cowboy company wouldnt claim "leave in undisclosed pound" Would love to see the email that claim this & i gather you have taken action in small claims court & got your money back .
  10. We have had dogs pass out eating them so its good to be cautious. Some dogs no matter what you do with them freeze,bash an end are just not meant to eat them so yes supervise. I never feed them brought that day always freeze first . Some dont have the stomach acids for them to be a viable choice either & dont overload with too many. Use brains & common sense if it doesnt look successful then the world wont end if never feed again
  11. Most boarding kennels will not take on liability dogs. We wont take knowingly aggressive dogs . Your biggest factor will be finding a facility built to manage & minimize the issue your dog has . Aka if dog aggressive then a facility set up so the dog cannot spar through the fences all day & night ,become over stimulated & reactive If you human then most wont bother . Also consider the time of year boarding that covers quieter periods . Sadly many kennels have had their experience with issue dogs & dont repeat the experience often as its too stressful for the staff & the dog
  12. I think in general puppy sales has hit a low also factoring that puppies coming into the new year can always be harder to sell with the start of the year being one of many $$$$. We never had puppies over this period (granted we never had issues selling either) Renting issues with Pets & general uncertainty for many people . I also think for some breeding fade colours only the world is realizing to a degree it can come with vet bills & are being smarter shoppers
  13. You are training him that the 2 options are acceptable all day . Its time especially during the day to make sure that outside is the only choice .
  14. Nope wouldn't leave on my dog will rust any way but to high a risk of getting caught on something with martingales
  15. Ditch the malaseb and get F10 shampoo far superior and designed for yeast. As for washing you stand and watch for 10 mins
  16. Surgical artificial insemination in dogs (ava.com.au) They only want TCI performed & many vets from this July will be ceasing AI . Many breeders have had to start making decisions on what to do with stored stuff & the loss is just beyond common sense from the AVA , TCI semen quality needs to be different to AI so for many who have stored semen or have low count semen the options & loss of valuable lines & diversity is being thrown out the window . There reasons listed are ridiculous & how they have implied to the public scare mongering . TCI best success rate is with over 200million.Some have had TCI success under that but the risk of failure is higher which is why having the option in the right circumstances important. Obviously breeders if they fail a go with a TCI will try an AI the next time as some bitches do better with it positioned . Its a really scary time for those who are just pondering what route to take . A friend has semen that is poor quality it has resulted in a miss,1 pup & 1 pup but the pups from AI There is 1 breeding left & this person is the only person in the world with semen from that international dog left If their not AVA members all should be good for awhile or the very least they need to perform more TCI than AI . I now a few had issues with pyo after TCI but never with AI . Most will claim if the implanter is well trained then their is no drama . TCI is used more in Europe but by the same token the way Europe is heading for many things thats nothing to get excited over.
  17. Well you could start with the AVA who are bringing in laws on what means of AI can be done & that in turn means semen from the 80/90 & 00 being flushed down the loo so there goes a whole lot of valuable & irreplaceable genetic diversity
  18. I agree with rebanne ask people who are currently doing it join active groups on Facebook as times have change,judges expectations change & how they mark work .
  19. Depends what vaccine has been used and whether the vets second one was the same as the first one . I would also consider if you have taken out pet insurance what the PDF says for coverage . We only do 7 & 10 weeks but same brand . Having said that there are factors that we would recommend the 16 weeks For example the areas off flooding brings out disease,high risk lifestyle,some breeds do parvo different & yes what vaccine was used
  20. The Bernerdoodles are riddled with HD . The Bernese breeders who are in it for the breed have done the blood,sweat & tears of dealing with cancer & finally reaching a point where longevity is winning & breeding smartly from their with tests becoming available to assist . Dont fool yourself very few health test as decent stock isnt sold to them . Its a tragic outcome You dont cross X with Y and wipe the slate clean if it was that simple it would have been done years ago . Crossing for actual improvement purpose should be at even higher standards & that magic wand doesnt exist but it should still come with a standard of why X & Y should be put together understanding both breeds,the health testing looking at what health issues could be added or even made worse
  21. Welcome to the world of sh&t happens & what your future can look like as a breeder with what you keep & what you sell. Plenty of good lines & respected breeders can produce things that we wish we didnt through no fault of their own(unless constantly breeding with high hip scores ) That magic wand just doesnt exist & why we do as much as possible to minimize the risk You can certainly get a 2nd opinion but even if redone with slightly better positioning the score wont drop much & the scorer would have noted bad positioning or needing to be redone . As for desexing thats not something you have to rush to do especially is she is shown,a working dog or dogsports but certainly breeding would be off the agenda unless with discussion with the breeder & weighing up many pros/cons that she has something very special to offer that is very limited to Australia & then breeding very very carefully with full understanding of the risk . The risk would have to have very special pros.
  22. I have never taken pet insurance out as havent had a need to too as in the past our vet clinics did after hrs calls & everything was so simple. Fast forward very few vet clinics do after hrs so you are forced to use an emergency centre & to just walk through the door its an instant cost . The likelihood is i wont keep the insurance for life but most likely up to 2 years. Large breed dog,thinks he can fly happy to potentially waste some money based on risk value . Funnily enough we always told our puppy buyers to commit to the first 12 months & then go from there easier to have it with no problems . I certainly have friends who would be financially ruined without it ,others who opted to PTS as they couldnt afford the testing to see just incase . It really is a personal choice but given most places its a case of no money no treatment you a screwed with emotional choice
  23. I sit in the middle as so many abuse the system of a dog being accredited & do believe in the entitlement of because off i should get a automatic "yes" . I get feeed up with the well im disabled so i should just get what i want .Umm what about the dog . A dog not trained correctly to accept noises,situations or meeting the requirements & being forced to do things outside its capabilities is not fair either & dogs should have advocates to protect them just as much .Too many people say my dog is my theraphy dog I mean you can buy the vests online & say my dog is . What obviously needs addressing is how a dog trained outside of XYZ can be accredited or asking why dogs not done via the schemes are not accepted & how working forward things can change . It will be interesting seeing what the outcome is . Just because other airlines have chosesn to accept isnt a given ,if anything happened those airlines would be screwed if sued & in a sueing society their should be accreditation .
  24. Most of these articles make peoples choices more confusing & feeling like Sh*t for making certain choices . Being a dog person & sadly losing many dogs over the years the reality of what is happening in the moment to a fairytale thought process is worlds apart . More often than not we havent had the privilege of deciding today is the day to plan . The last thing i can honestly care about is the other dogs when the one dying infront of me is all that matters & making its last few breathes the most important 5 mins of my life . I will never be made to feel guilty for not having every dog say goodbye . For some younger dogs a dog prior to passing having a massive seizure can change the whole dynamics ,some dogs panic ,some dogs will due to the circle of life want to deal with the seizuring dog . Dogs systems shutting down having a different odour .No one truly knows the answer . I can safely say after many dogs being put down the panic & overwhelming moments of them having no control ,knowing something is wrong ,being often vison impaired & deaf the only thing that matters is my soothing hand strokes Our dogs have never suffered by not saying goodbye & the one thing we learnt many years ago is life goes on & ensuring a dog left behind in its new world does so in the lest overwhelming manner is always our new thought process in that moment
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