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  1. This is when crate training or puppy pen is a blessing . What is the pups day routine ?? You may need to step up your "it" after work especially now WA has had warmer days & cooler nights .. But you need to reestablish the routine sooner than later
  2. The best starting point is too legally know what your state process is for finding a dog . Many vets will take the dog in . The problem is many who find a dog do take them home because they don’t want the owners to pay the costs . Here the rangers are pretty good they would sooner drop off home than take back to the pound . So the obvious off up to date microchip details or tag details makes the process so easy . For many the fees end up xxx as there not registered or chipped . The problem with finders who keep them is often the dog may be escapee so does a runner whilst in there care ,feed them without thinking off food allergies and don’t consider medication issues . The rangers here asked us to keep a dog we found here as they new the set up was safe and this dog was special .After much advertising ,great photos posted on the rangers site no one came forward ,she went to breed foster and foster careers adopted her as she was just perfect . So best beat get as good as possible photo and post on FB local groups and phone ranger. Some you can’t catch but having a good description helps .
  3. Simple reality you cant get her back ,you returned her & she has been rehomed end off story ,sounds Harsh but its reality . To be honest being a dog lover & being the right owner off a dog in our care are two worlds apart & it sounded like this dog needed some serious boundries ,life skills & manners that she wasnt getting .A bigger backyard wouldn't have solved this just made it easier for you . As a side note being trained as a Guard dog should not mean barking at every noise .Guard dogs shouldn't bark at anything & everything ,should have great self control . Yes you did the right thing & when the time comes to get another dog you learn from this experience & ensure the next dog is potentially a better fit . a 10 month old pup will adapt quickly & it was better for the dog this was done sooner than another year down the track .
  4. She is a hound but different breed to our other hound. Some hounds may be aloof but that doesn’t equal scared . Correct aloof hounds should still be confident,happy . I would also test for thyroid issues
  5. Send her back . Whilst settling in absolutely can be 3 months this dog is not normal . You need to make some serious decisions and have serious discussions with the breeder . ( and I’m a breeder who has rehomed older dogs )
  6. I agree just an appointment with a neurologist can be valuable hence why videoing could assist and a diary off when symptoms are worse aka after certain activities,times . Also consider a vet chiropractor.
  7. The key is you will have plenty of highs and lows . Everyone will approach things different some will look for miracles to help ,for us we have a cut offline where we accept there old and just modify how there day works and enjoy each day . We just manage lowering stress ,the biggest change is really what the humans struggle with like backing off with touch and cuddles and confusion and dumbing down moments that are a big deal for the dog with confidence. Amazingly when we adapt sooner than later it really works well for the dog and the human . Ask any old age person the one thing that annoys them and the answer is often “over fussing” The dog is often the same it just can’t verbally say it but watch there body language and there telling us . And yes each dog can be soooo different . We have had 3 very needy seniors and the rest no changes just slowing down ,it can be a big eye opener when you get a needy senior or one that struggle’s .
  8. It’s very easy to understand . You go to the fridge to grab something then forget what it was . You look at the fridge for answers and either remember or think bugger and shut the door . Think realistically this is a very old senior dog . When it comes to using the nose remember this dog has no vision or hearing and yes often the smell goes which makes it difficult. Also factor if smell is there the dog can be hit with a sensory overload, Perfumes,air fresheners so many smells that can be confusing . Just keep it simple if barking just walk out and distract but reward when following .If enjoying food reward even with a food trial to keep that function there . When all goes it’s hard as they struggle to find the water bowl . They often don’t want to be touched as it’s overwhelming again when you can’t figure it out what’s normal anymore .
  9. Too be perfectly honest her hearing would have been going prior to this the reality is they learn to watch you closely and the humans over compensate during this time instead off stepping back and training senior life skills and modifications but then when it’s all gone it becomes OMG . Part of this is normal old age behaviour . Now it will be a case of vision and hearing both at there lowest and depending on how it’s smell is its may be in noise sensory overload . I know this is no use now but we often tell our clients the importance off teaching dog old life skills before the big change hits and becomes even more confusing like mats,vibration and even being happy in a pen for safety . The biggest factor you need to manage is summer and the dog getting lost outside if hot . Often once there confused and lost there mud map they go around and around in circles and yes the bark can be very different . Its important to try not reward the bark .
  10. All our puppy contracts cover returning to us and what the refund procedure is .And no it’s not always the full amount depending on each case. Like Rebanne we would very greatful to have the pup returned ASAP . We have placed a puppy out to a previous owner who was amazing ,she had since suffered some unimaginable trauma and the pup caused her distress,panic and anxiety due to crying and was returned within 24 hrs .No one e pe Ted this outcome ,the lady was beyond embarrassed but they did the right thing bringing her back . Both parties agreed to contract and breeder was brave placing out before full payment .
  11. Covid has changed the shows in WA and will do so until mid next year . As too how it resumes as past years who knows . There is no off or on season but in the past March through April had many triple headers then shows spread through the year It is dedication to keep a coated breed for minimal showing . Albany normally has interstate judges but have locals .
  12. I’m gathering your Albany way ? The shows there are only held in Feb and Nov so the rest of the year you would have to travel . Dec to March all shows in Perth are night shows from 6 pm .
  13. How old are the other 2 dogs. Whats is the 3 dogs daily enrichment . Does the 9 yr old have health issues such as arthritis,vision loss,hearing loss. Who was there first . Are they sterililized . Bitches can be cows together. Just because this dog lashed out doesn’t mean it’s the troublemaker so what is the actual pack dynamics But the easy solution is management .
  14. If only the above comments where true. Most rescues come under no form of regulation or requirements . Many place dogs out knowingly to the wrong homes without full disclosure of history and no plan to take back when owners struggle or get fobbed off with try a bit longer or harder .They need to move dogs on & often the only way is to be creative . I see dogs monthly from rescues placed into homes inappropriately & with obvious issues never disclosed on the paperwork & in return owners who will never go through rescue again which is devasting & they certainly wont recommend that path either . We have done/helped breed rescue & being honest & realistic comes with many tough decisions, heart ache and wonderful endings . If buying from a rescue group then apply the same rules make sure of there reputation & qualifications
  15. So on a vets advice you just got rid off pup . Without reaching out to someone better equipped to assess the pup . Vet visits can show many negatives with a dog doesn’t mean that’s the dogs future and some vets handling skills and knowledge is questionable as can the new owners handling . As a breeder when we do rehome trials it’s based on the rehome home not turning out ,all aspects clearly outlined in the contract for the period never with the Oh we changed our mind . both parties sign the rehome contract covering the time period off whose responsible for vet bills and things whilst on trial . If you needed a break to assess the pups future boarding for a few days would have been the option . You have no options you placed an ad for sale ,you even say in this post buyer suggested 7 day trial to make sure it was the right fit so you never had any intentions of wanting it back ,never had a behavioural assessment or contacted the breeder for advice . Your daughter not coping is sad but you picked a pathway and your daughters upset shouldn’t be a reason to want the dog back that you quickly moved on .
  16. But most off your expenses where management issues that could have been avoided like the carpet . All the rest is what every other breeder does . For many off us our stock has yearly eye tests ( costs gone up),heart testing ,hip/ elbows cost gone up on breeding stock. DNA profiling off litter for aspects not cleared by parentage .Parentage testing required in Qld Registering litter with State Body costs gone up . Puppy eye tests ,Baer testing . Membership/kennel name renewals costs gone up . Breeding license council. I actually think more Breeders have kept there prices the same than raised them especially given the added costs they have compared to just having a litter. The pet shop here was charging $4000 more than registered Breeders who health test Some odd Breeders raised there prices and they have talked the talk and in a few years time there promises will be interesting.. I know some people claiming there puppy costs had increased bigtime from a breeder but didn’t openly mention there pup was being flown over and freight costs have sky rocketed for transporting animals and Infact the pup cost the same the new freight costs that aren’t the Breeders fault where pricey . Interesting you say hubby wouldn’t dream of spending more than $5 for a dog but what you kept has cost more than $5 to produce,cover costs and raise so infact buying a pup would have been cheaper .
  17. With a lot off homework and prepared to take a risk . You contact Breeders off the dogs your interested in and go from there . If you have specific preferences you can’t get here you will have to trust the breeder to find your ideal and keep it . Learn about the import requirements for the country and what category in comes under and if required to do residency in another country . Ensure it’s registered with a recognised FCI body if mains papers is important for here . Costs will vary as to what the breeder wishes to charge plus for boarding until reaching the age it can be exported which unless changed is around 9 months . Its not easy and is costly and requires more than just looking at a forum page as not all Breeders advertise even on DOL. You will need to build a trust relationship,deal with language barriers and also depending on the breed a potential different breed standard . Trust handing money over before the dog is to leave and a breeder who is either offay with exporting happy to do the ore travel work or happy for an agent to step in .
  18. WA laws will come in soon . This is reality & when we get puppy people jumping up n down claiming what they should be entitled too we ask "Did you support the puppy farm " bills. When the answer is yes Then our answer is what your entitled to too is what you supported . Many public in SA didn't care one bit about what they whole bill covered just the "fancy" parts . When breeders expressed there concerns over early spaying or losing there lines the public all accused them off been money grubs,now they sell on limited & the requirements are spay there still called money grubs . You buy a dog from another state you still have to meet the SA laws so all the ranting in the world off what you want,are entitled too or should be allowed are irrelevant unless you join DogSA or a body the law reconizes & meet the conditions or find a vet who will sign that the dog is too young to be spayed which you clearly have said is not going to happen then, what you brought 20 years ago is not current laws . ""The new laws also discourage accidental, casual, and ‘Backyard Breeders’ by forcing anyone wanting to keep an undesexed dog or cat born after July 1st 2018 to register as a breeder. The owner needs to registered as a breeder every year that their animal goes undesexed. If they do not register as a breeder every year, they will be obliged to desex any dogs or cats they have that were born after 1st July 2018 ."" I believe the breeders fee if you are a member off the selected orgs is $75 yearly ,council fees then for undesexed is $65upwards plus your membership fee to the org also payable yearly . You will be listed as a breeder irrespective as you own an entire & have to meet the standards off that .
  19. Deleted my comments after receiving a private message that truly showed some humans have no class . So out off this convo .
  20. I find males more loving and both sexes get discharge
  21. Welcome to offleash crazy the best way to ruin a dog . People need to think realistically 20 adults in a room and you will always get a range off personalities,egos and plain awful. 20 dogs running offleash are no different ,it’s a risk game .
  22. Most Dobes in the UK are 2/3000 Pounds . Not even before Covid where Dobes in the $2000 mark in Australia certainly p not the Breeders I know .
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