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  1. Stage 3 Renal Failure

    The drip is important if you plan is to keep her going and for to have some quality at this critical time .Hydration and flushing out important is very important . I wouldn’t be going ahead with the dental Friday but everyone is different . Have you considered CBD oil can help stimulate appetite and help with pain. Also warming food up, adding Tuna
  2. Most Keeshond aren’t quite so I think they need to factor your effort in making your dog who it is but my first thought was a Norwegian Elkhound
  3. Has nothing to do with being a whelping bitch ,it is simply her manners . Dont use that as an excuse .The dog park bully is not fun
  4. Personally I think you could still put it in something .i take empty stomach as not after a meal or feed in a meal . Otherwise keep with the technique your using except we push way back and blow into its mouth to swallow
  5. Couple of quick questions

    I always leave water in the crate and when we raise our litters they have water 24/7 . pups shouldn’t be expected to go with out ,if feed biscuits late it will make them thirsty and I don’t want water gullets in the morning . Limit the quantity but continue with what pup has been use too . As for wormers many of the reasons mentioned or a change of product is required .
  6. Supplements for hips/bones

    At her age she shouldn’t be showing signs of slowing down so to me that is showing signs of pain. problem you have is by giving pain meds to see if she’s happier doesn’t alert you to what is wrong . Your dog may not have hip issues but could have muscle soreness that can still cause significant distress and finding the best product or treatments is based on eliminating the obvious .It may not be the hips but the elbows for example as dogs like humans change there body posture to accommodate. So looking at the dogs nails as to how there being worn down,any skin roughness on the feet due to altered gait as these can assist as to whether more wear n tear is one sided or both Most vets wont just prescribe to see . I
  7. Supplements for hips/bones

    In the end though the only way to know is x rays and that will allow you to decide on a future path with correct exercise. Showing signs at 2 is an issue if it’s affecting your dog already . Supplements may help but if the dog is in pain that needs to be addressed .
  8. You also need to appreciate dogs dont need love by you being touchy/feely/huggy many working breeds often have a ring of space they place around themselves & when you push what you want they shut down. For many dogs you just being there & acknowledging there existence makes them happy . The dog is old most likely hearing loss,vision & aches & pains where having people too close is intimidating to an old dog,even there smell starts to go so there ability to be "in control" is taken from them
  9. Getting a new puppy

    There are some good breeders in Melbourne . There not the breed for everyone so a good breeder will be honest about the cons before the pros . If you are a truly active person happy to train they are an awesome breed
  10. Car Sick

    A number of people use the NZ product sealegs for motion sickness with great success. I too not a believer in the ear theory ,for some dogs it could be the smell of diesel,some cars have insanely loud exhausts,dog shoved in a squashed hatch area. I don't get car sick but if sitting in the back of a car i don't travel as well as the front & i think thats due to the motion on the side instead of watching out of the front window. Some dogs prefer seeing out ,others prefer the window covered to not have all that action going past .Some hate the stereo on full especially in the back as the speakers boom boom . I would start more with going no where ,into the car good dog.sit in the driveway with engine going ,then off out the car .No radio on just simple
  11. Getting a new puppy

    Beagles aren’t hyperactive but there a scenthound so they view the world differently . They can be destructive and are better as a pack breed . Most of the Beagle brigade at the airports are pets that the owner could no longer live with ,In most cases people who brought a breed without being honest with themselves as the wrong breed for there lifestyle . This applies to any dog cross or pure . Every breed has there good and bad points as a breeder we make this very clear as a potential new owner you will also have your good and bad points and that should factor into the right dog . If you want to live with a fur baby then don’t get a Cattle dog We board some lovely Cattle dogs but if you head down this path buy from a good breeder who health tests and hearing tests and is honest about you being the right fit for the breed and then able to assist in selecting the right pup . PWD love waster for example . Some breeds are built to be better suited.to biking or long walks so consider the terrain you plan to cover and factor that . There are so many breeds that could suit heading to a show is the best starting place to see size,coats and general behaviour in public
  12. Getting a new puppy

    Also when you say puppies are you meaning 1 puppy or are you looking at getting 2 puppies ?? Personally we sell to people who work all day just like the people who sold us puppies when my parents worked all day .If people didn't sell to working families no one would own dogs ,what we do factor with working homes is the lifestyle one has after work & if people live a very busy social life & sporting life on weekends then one needs to access where a dog will fit in . It can be done with some effort working & puppies . We have also homed older puppies but important factors to keep in mind. In our situation we work from home ,we have other dogs so getting an older puppy does not mean it will be easier or the best fit as an older puppy may already be use to having some form of company around thus making retraining to your home just as much work an effort .Older puppy does not mean easier in all cases so if you do consider this option ask questions of its current lifestyle . As a breeder we make this very clear & pick the type of home we may potentially sell an older puppy/dog to due knowing what its currently use to & how easily it may adapt .Whether exposed to kids etc etc Puppies don't need 3 meals for a long time & you can switch it too 4 with working .
  13. Getting a new puppy

    Plenty of people work and raise successful dogs but it comes down to picking the right dog for the effort you want to put in each day . The 3 breeds you have listed are the polar opposites so what is attracting you to them so far . Are you happy to do the weekly brushing and grooming salon visits for the P water dog ,keeping in mind the added costs and the dedicated training you need to put in for brushing manners . What exactly do you want from your dog . inside/outside brushing/ no brushing regular grooming salon visits to budget for or no grooming expense . Regular walks or preferably happy to sit in backyard and amuse itself . This is a good starting point in thinking what you can live with for the ne t potentially 15 years not what is for example pretty or totally unpractical
  14. Kangaroos dog food issues

    Kangaroo is not tolerated by all dogs . Mine have never done well on it
  15. Sudden personality change

    Is that all he gets feed ? thats very little food for a large growing puppy . teething can affect some puppies more than others . Owners expectations and training methods can change a puppy . What has the puppies breeder said about your concerns
  16. Hips

    Most in WA dont use her but use the guy in NSW
  17. Stud a dog

    The dogs breeder should be the person helping you . If you brought from an ethical breeder who did all the right health testing they will be the person to best educate you and help you learn about the faults your dog has the qualities it has and whether he should be even breed from . at the very least he will need his hips and elbows done . If you brought from a good breeder they would have supplied you with the relevant paperwork from the registry they belong too and copies of parents health testing and whether your pup is clear by parentage of any breed issues that can be tested for. You will need the papers in your name and join the registry those papers are with . If the dog is on Li tied papers then it’s not for breeding . Your only option is to be a BYB breeder supporter . What is the fee ?For starters you will be the stud master,the person who deals with tricky matings and getting the job down.The bitch owner is paying you for the service . If your dog and many fit into this category not the greatest in the area then the dog maybe required to have an AI mating which is something you need to make clear to the owner of the bitch so they can consider any additional expenses . If you are unable to work your male you will need to pay a stud master costs can vary and that is per mating . Bitch owners may ask for a fertility check and check STD’s Also you not hiring to stud . If you want to own a stud dog then you need to have ethics and morals and the ability to say no to a bitch that isn’t worthy .
  18. Hips

    Penn hip is not common in Australia now ,it’s just doesn’t have its place . Depends on the scorer you have chosen to use and whether they factor age in anyway but 6 isn’t that old so the hips and elbows are either good or bad
  19. How legit is pups4sale?

    Comes down to how engaged and what effort you want in asking questions . Registered breeder covers a few orgs ,the quality of the breeder is a personal thing . pick your breed ,phone breeders ,research,learn and buy with your head . Many good breeders advertise where the public is most likely going to look and that is gumtree,the paper
  20. Bob-tailed Pembroke Corgis

    The difference is the breeder specifically breeding just for the bob tail gene and the breeder breeding for a quality Corgi whether it has a tail or not . i guess the issue for you in waiting is are you happy to take any Corgi as it’s a bob tail or do you want the right Corgi to fit into your home . Breeders will ask most likely about tails as it enables them in some ways to see who on the list is after the right pup no matter what or the potential of a NBT that may not appear in the litter and how long you wish to wait
  21. Food suggestions for my old girl

    Soak her dry food to soften it
  22. Dachshund

    I would suggest you speak to breeders of mini Smooths first .Find one that health tests and has good natures. Colour would then be the next factor and very few in the Smooths breed creams in fact I can’t ever recall seeing one but common in the Mini Longs
  23. The downside of DNA testing

    In a breed I’m involved with breeders are very savvy to using DNA results as a tool but not as the end of the world scenario. the complete package needs to be considered . For example PRA is late onset meaning 10 plus years . Breeders will breed carriers to clear ,affected to clear providing the rest of the package ticks the boxes such as hips/elbows/nature . Going blind in old age can happen anyway ,crappy hips at a young age affects it for ever ,risks that need to be prioritised ,managed but still with the future in mind
  24. I would be going to the vet sooner than later or the very least phoning to express your concerns . Easy solution for the present minimise risk until you now what the future is
  25. Golden puppy weight

    Over exercising is just as bad as potentially overweight . First off the bag ratio is a guideline .The bag ratios are based on that being the soul diet anything added each day is part of the diet .The idea is to adapt to the body condition in front of you so it’s important to regularly feel your dog which you will be when brushing your pup weekly ,brush time is great for bonding,Training and ensuring you are feeling and touching your dog regularly to notice changes . That is a lot of weight for a Goldie of that age even if a chunky solid pup . it could be perfect for your boy it could be over weight . Generally good breeders discuss over exercising and 1.5 hrs is waaay to much for a 6 month old and nightly walks should be short . With my Setters at that age I only do 15 mins twice a day ,I don’t do 1.5 until Atleast 2 yrs and there fitness has been solely built up and finished growing . Joint health in puppies can decide so much in adult life . At this age leash walking is about training ,seeing the world ,learning self control and life skills . Mind games at home are a great training tool . If your breeder is local ask to pop around and see what they think providing they actually are dog savvy and didn’t just have a litter