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  1. He is old and they need to be managed for there age . Is he in pain most likely yes rarely at that age is a dog pain free and pain can severely alter a dogs life. If vision/ hearing and smell are potentially going the dog is having to manage its own fears in a different way ,some do get cranky and will bite . A bad mouth also affects the face like humans,aching jaw,throbbing pain. As for PTS if the dog has no quality of life then absolutely,as humans we must do the right thing by our dogs and advocate for them and allow them to pass with dignity and not be selfish owners ,if it isn’t his time then everyone needs to be mindful of adapting around this dog . Is this dog at that stage non of us know ,as an owner you truly know in your heart even if your head is trying to convince otherwise .Is it an easy decision no but a decision we all have to make at times .The greatest gift we can give our pets is there wings when the time comes .
  2. Weening puppy

    Agree no simp,e answer without knowing the age and size of pups
  3. Feeding / Food aggression

    What did the VB say about managing the new dog & the old dog .Did they know you where bringing a new dog into the home? Personally i would never have brought a new dog into this equation & i do hope it works without the new dog bearing the brunt of aggression & i think its safe to say if he will go for you he will go for the new dog once sharing is no longer fun . I hope for your sake both dogs do get on BUT you need to be mindful this may not be the case .Playing with another dog compared to sharing your home & all the things that go with it are very different . I would be crate training the new dog to feed it in there & offer a safe zone if ever required .
  4. Tibbie hair loss

    Some bitches can be shocking hence the reason i don't show coated bitches .I have owned bitches in the past who would dump coat to the extreme & by the time they where back in coat due in season again .Those bitches did do better after a breeding though . Personally on a bitch like this if she wasn't been bred from or shown i would be having her spayed but the owners still need to make sure that with age her hormonal reaction to seasons or potential other factors is monitored & addressed . Friends with Tibbies with the shorter top coat there shed & go naked when in season ,the heavier coated girls didn't seem too
  5. Pennhip Cost and Procedure

    I would have thought cancer was the bigger risk . Pennhip does have to be done at a set age but most of us here don’t use this scheme . It sounds like you need to find a good breeder and talk about your concerns . Maybe contact the breed club and ask them . Research depending on which country the info is from can be misleading or confusing .
  6. Desexing a Bernese Mountain Dog

    Your breeder should be the person to ask but most large breeds from 12 months
  7. Heart murmur detected in 6 month old Lab

    I would ask the vet if they can do a written report for the breeder . As this is rare and unique and obviously depending on the breeder themselves this will be a big learning curve for them . A written . report gives them correct details and the ability to go talk with there vet and go from there . Although this is a hard thing for Lab breeders due to no real testing except getting the parents heart checked each year but they can be no signs until later age
  8. I would tell friend to come to you if it’s that big a deal for them . Dog needs to drink
  9. Agree contact the breeder & then contact a very good trainer .These are warning signs & no one can tell you over the net how to go about things with this pup . There could be many factors BUT seeing it in real time is a must
  10. Heart murmur detected in 6 month old Lab

    I would be just asking to go to a cardio specialist ,your already forking out money .Go to the specialist get the right answers & go from there . The breeder has done the right things .We would offer a refund BUT after a specialist vet has given a correct answer ,sadly too many vets get it wrong ,owners ring in panic ,vet says it has this ,its a breeding issue & then it turns out a whole different thing . Do people return there pups ,yes many do because the heartbreak is easier now than long term especially if children are involved . Heart murmurs happen ,there is nothing to say any pups from the next litter will get them . Just like humans why does one child end up with a heart condition & the others don't & there is no family history . Out of curiosty is this pup smaller than average
  11. Getting our second dog next week

    Personally just introduce at home .The new dog will already be overwhelmed going to a new place,a walk in an unknown area ,with people & a dog it doesn't now. As for making them friends there are no crystal balls for that .Providing your first dog is actually ready for a new friend & is happy to share you then thats a good start . I would suggest bring the new dog home .Someone stays home with it whilst the other person takes the established dog out for a walk or a car drive. The new dog can have a sniff & look around without the other dog then just take it from there .Meet in the front garden & then go from there .
  12. A strange puppy Tale. (Not tail)

    Your vets sound very weird . Any decent vet would have suggested adding nutrigel if the pup is that weak and requiring added support. If this pup is struggling then the diet needs to be changed ,it doesn’t need soya chunks ,it needs to go on a puppy dry ,meat and keep it simple to allow its body to adapt start to nourish itself and then add appropriate things slowly It doesn’t need rice,,cerelac,chopped beans . Sleeping for 20 hrs is so not normal and if your walking a sick,exhausted puppy especially in the current warm weather it will deteriorate quickly . There is no way this pup had parvo and survival rate without treatment and treatment very early is poor . A dog with parvo is very easy to spot and for a vet some key factors that make it obvious namely the horrid smell Has this pup even been wormed . Its sad you brought from such a shonky breeder and I hope you have no long term issues
  13. I don’t weigh food either I feed what looks logical and base it on that dog ,. My dogs are coated and I’m a big hands on touch and feel my dogs kind of owner .Also lifting in to a car or up is always a good tool . Rarely ever even weigh my dogs ,the ones I do are once they hit adult weight so I have an idea for flying Bath days are great for revealing weight . most people will say oh it’s fat as the coat has grown , The problem with most people is they don’t factor additional foods treats . When we have clients with fat dogs we always offer help as we are seeing so many dogs with diabetes. First answer is always not feed much ,interestingly people cant seem to grasp that add ons change a food chart with ratios.People with fruit trees do t factor the free range grazing off fruits etc Summer to winter feeds can vary due to temps ,where the dog lives ,inside / outside working not working . Some vets are clueless and had a client with a JR that was very long in loin whose vet said it was starving .It wasn’t ate well ,good coverage but you can’t fill up that body fault . Sports chiro,massage practioners are great in pets
  14. Common sense if it’s fat it’s fat if it’s thin it’s thin ,over think it and it becomes hard work . Pictures are a guideline just like food amount are a guideline but one has to use common sense. for each dog Barrell chested breeds look fat to some not to others who understand the breed aka Labs . Yes you can have dat and thin Labs . An aging dog with muscle wastage looks out of balance but visually easy to see and. Feel . My large breed pups I don’t keep lean never have ,I like them covered in a healthy fashion for growth each week but if they head either under or over I address it A dog too long in loin will look underweight and no amount of feeding will make it look fat . As a groomer I can guarantee most people look at there dogs and. can not apply common sense as to whether it looks fat or thin . We will say watch the weight and people look at you like you have insulted them as a dog owner .
  15. Pet Pads For Dogs With Incontinence

    I would be buying some vet bed to place on top ,that is what we use when raising puppies & have used it with our elderly dogs ,still requires washing but absorbs the wee & still gives a nice cosy bed to sleep on & drys very quickly aall weather when washed
  16. Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp

    We tell all our owners to have a puppy pen so the established dog has quality time out & pup has its safe zone,sleep zone & the not over doing it zone . We don't encourage owners to bring there current dog as we feel its an important time taking pup home .Place older dog inside & allow pup the freedom to walk about toilet without the overwhelming experince of the older dog. Hopefully you have put the hard yards in with the older dog around other dogs so it has good manners .
  17. I think the OP has to be exaggerating the amount of exercise as no Bullmastiff pup i have ever meet could do that distance at that age daily without the owner seriously dragging it . And aggressive Bullmastiff at that age is even more disappointing as that is so not typical behaviour of the breed ,i have to question if its a pure Bullmastiff as no sane breeder would suggest that amount of exercise in there paperwork & would stress limiting the exercise vocally . But you have an issue & will have a bigger one long term aka agreesion will be a bigger problem than the hole digging especially in a rental . You need to seriously re assess this pup & what is going on & get some training,routine & taking a big step back from the over exercising that may very well have her in pain
  18. 5 months and human aggressive thats a big concern . Protection & aggression is not the same nor an excuse for such dangerous behaviour
  19. Early Neutering

    Well people seem to think its cruel BUT when the puppy farm bills went out for public opinions most of joe public supported spaying ,early spaying will be a result of many of those bills & people thinking it wont affect them ,welcome to "be careful what you wish for" .Its not a puppy farm bill its a "All breeder bill" Breeders with ANKC are fighting for this kind of issue to not happen but look at SA new puppy rules . Hmm as to the Australian Ladradoodle breeders that where proven with issues ,i dare say they know breed Cobberdogs
  20. How to tell if your Dog is a Dingo?

    You still have the issue is it a pure potential Dingo or just a another half breed stray running around. Kelpies also come in a variety of Colours so the colour is very possible
  21. No to baby wipes & you need to not over wipe but encourage soothing .If her privates become to sore she will not want to wee which is an issue Never heard of the product your using & looking it up doesn't sound the best for UTI . Diet can play a big role on a UTI prone animal. AS for vets try Kudah Dr Boekleman (only)who is very offay with GSD & a reproduction vet https://www.kudahvet.com.au/
  22. Inverted is very easy to spot & any half wit vet can tell you . What is her toilet routine ,does she squat into her pee,is she an obsessive licker of her privates . What diet is she on . Cranberry tablets or even better Liquid chlorophyll can be used for reoccuring UTI's ,Consider using sudacream on her vulva as the burning can really create another issue with a sore private so try to ease the pain for piddling . Agree inform the breeder ,does she have any other issues bad ears ,yeast issues ??
  23. Tibbie hair loss

    When was her last season many bitches can do massive coat dumps after a season . Hormonal coat itching on some entire bitches can be a big issue . Thyroid is certainly a contender & well worth ruling out . Our friends have Tibbies & they drop coat like no tomorrow & constantly itches she is an entire bitch with a tight top coat ,never had the big Tibbie coat . Have they tried the Cytopoint injection fro allergies
  24. Children's probiotics for my dog

    We use Yakult but bloody poo after being given a product could be a small bout of colitis which is a warning sign. What happens if you just feed one meal ??or is this not an option . We have never used a dog stuff & only use anything if required . Dogs can do soft poos if muscle sore in the stomach . You could also try Chlorophyll which is human stuff but so a great product for many things . We use it when our girls are in season & i started to use it on one of my older boys who was getting a bad breathe (no teeth issues etc etc ) he was getting random loose stools & gets bowen treatment regularly but feel it was a result of his arthritis playing up & affecting him in general ,since putting him onto it no smelly breathe,stomach back to normal & the product helps with inflammation so all good we will be using it as a general product for all our dogs due to its other uses & ourselves
  25. Grass seed again!

    The suit isn't going to solve the issue of ear & nose & it needs to be perfectly made to fit the dog in question otherwise there a nightmare for the dogs to wear correctly as i had water proof ones but sold them as there where more trouble than not for the brief time i used them & not all dogs will walk in them . Would be potentially cheaper to get false turf & limit the area she can walk around