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  1. Show dog brush advice please

    Agree your breeder should have given you this info if they sold you a show potential puppy . As for gear my suggestion is start basic whilst you test out showing ,gear wise you can spend little or spend alot . I handled /groomed Std Longs for many years . What you will need is . Single side thinners for the feet & throat Small straight for trimming under the pads . Combo comb (any of the dog vendors will sell them ) Brush a soft bristle Quality soft slicker will last you for ever whether pet or show Doggyman is a good one . Then it comes down to shampoo/con that best suits your dogs coat & training it to be blow dried

    At her age i doubt there will be any change in her behaviour & i would imagine most of the training places & trainers would have made that very clear which may not be what you wanted to hear results wise . What they most likely suggested was modifying this one's lifestyle so its always safe & not able to do harm to people & teaching you to understand her body language when she is not happy The drug path would be more based on allowing the dog to settle down & have better coping skills but the chances of modifying such behaviour at 10 years plus add the dog is likely to start losing hearing & eye sight over time means i would be concentrating more on setting up for a safe success into geriatic age . I would not send such a dog to an away training facility & any that guarantees you results i would run a mile from .Any decent trainer also can not guarantee success BUT a good trainer teaches you very important skills to be a good dog owner . Your not failing this dog ,sadly there are alot of nastys Chi's out there often due to owners who think there pocket pet doesn't need to conform to normal dog manners or there so small its no real trouble. What i would suggest is changing your expectations .That may mean you will never have the perfect dog BUT there are certainly things you can do to give this one fun in its own way . If it hasn't had a basic vet check ie bloodwork then do so that would also include checking teeth or lack off ,Dogs with awful rotten teeth can be quite nasty . Stick with a trainer that is very honest about what is trainable & manageable . Look at a consult with a vet behavourist who can maybe suggest meds but all aspects of pros/cons should be discussed
  3. IVDD Axis Abnormalities

    Maybe contact a specialist in Australiaor New Zealand and see if they will consult on the X rays
  4. IVDD Axis Abnormalities

    Have you seen a specialist vet or just 5 random vets
  5. Microchip issue for new puppy

    So unless they drove the puppies to NSW they would have been chipped in QLD & that may be the issue in the puppy raiser not wanting there details on the paperwork which they couldn't sign as they may not be the legal owner of the bitch /prefix or another reason . The vet who did it is most likely the one who vaccinated them so what does that card say . What did the breeder say when you phoned them to ask ??
  6. Worrying behaviour? Please help?

    Has the dogs hearing been tested there are some things you list that could be signs of hearing issues which is an issue in Cattle Dogs
  7. Advice please

    Personally I find it bad form to ask on forums instead of simply phoning the breeder and discussing what you vet has potentially found . I would expect anyone that has brought a potential show /breeding puppy to have built up a good relationship with there breeder and able to talk freely about the issue,the breed and health ( well health discussed before purchase). But as you plan to become a breeder this is your reality so how would you deal with it when you breed a pup with an issue? But as a point of interest can this issue be cleared by parentage tested,when the vet says hereditary what did they base that opinion on . No one can tell you for sure without being privy to the actual vet report or seeing the actual x rays or what ever the issue has been deemed . Like others have said some vets are clueless ,use the wrong words but this is when phoning your breeder first asking for help would have been the best thing . They May ask for a second opinion at there expense and yes we have done that as a puppy owner contacted us all agressive and pissy over there vets findings . Upon the xrays being sent to us blind Freddie could see how there vet got it so terribly wrong ,we arranged for a 3 neutral opinion due to the attitude of these buyers who soon realised what fools they had made of themselves and so much could have been sorted out if they just phoned us in the first place Yes I have brought dogs that didn’t make the grade also breed dogs that either didn’t turn into the show potential it displayed .Also imported a dog that we couldn’t breed from ,shit happens I have also breed dogs with hereditary issues where no DNA testing is available just yearly testing to tell me whether clear or not ,they could be clear for life but carry the marker to produce it to a bitch in the same boat
  8. Dogs can travel when running in fear . Without knowing your area & state laws look into the possibility of finding someone who can fly a drone with video coverage ,This has been used before to pin point a location .Keep walking logical safe areas ,the creek would have water & be quiet . Dogs generally shut down when scared so your want it emphasized not to chase but to contact you & be prepared for her to not even respond to you . There are groups in Australia that have helped search for dogs lost & are trained in the "understanding" process of a dog in fear and Flight . Tracking dogs have been used in Australia to find a scent on lost dogs
  9. Grooming dogs with black nails?

    Vet wrap the leg hair or a pair of kids pantyhose
  10. Grooming dogs with black nails?

  11. Grooming dogs with black nails?

    Nails need to be done weekly ,black nails make it no harder
  12. Luxating Patella op recovery

    Your vet would have given you the instructions to follow for a reason just like a Doctor given strict instructions for after care surgery for humans ,your not going to say im board after a knee replacement & go do what you want unless your an idiot . Dog is in the recovery phase especially internally and needs to recover hence crate /confinement for a reason As for it being hard to stop the jumping excitement no it isn’t ,your the owner ,your in charge ,Do crate games ,find activities that work the brain ,nothing is too hard with a bit of effort .
  13. Help! Some alone time desperately needed

    Thats why there called a Velcro breed .Your breeder should be your first helpline after all there savvy with the breed BUT keep in mind pup has left its littermates,its suddenly in a new home with "strange" people & starting to find its feet . I have a breed that can be very similar many trainers would say its sep anxiety & its isn't its the velcro dog aspect so teaching independence, ability to amuse its self is so important . For me its very important to shut that door & instill "you can cope outside" time & you have the best weather to do this .If pup plays up whining i don't ignore ,i will go outside BUT & i stress i walk out the door like the dog doesn't exist & pretend to go do something .I don't acknowledge what its doing,its reaction,if i have to walk around like a headless chook i do .I will once pup has settled & gone off & done something turn it into a self calming training moment .(toilet training is always a good one) My breed can be a right royal needy pain & its worth the hard yards at this age BUT i do prefer to use some common sense & if pup is getting insanely distressed distracting with making it a rewarding act . Your pup will learn but just train and instill alot of independence & by that being in the pen which a good safe option generally requires you to let it out,let in .I tend to feed in no set spot puppies & turn the bowl into a fun session
  14. Its been a tough summer on dogs coats that amount of hair looks normal but as already mentioned looking at coat quality & potential issues is the key . His health issues could certainly be playing havoc with his system . My showdogs are shedding like crazy,they normally do it in mid December but dumping it now,talk at the show on the weekend was the crazy weather and how its really affecting coats this year
  15. If your happy to go a tad bigger also consider a Tibetan Terrier , Great kids dogs .loyal,amazing to train and playful . A very popular breed in junior handler classes in the show ring and I grew up showing them in juniors . If your son wants a good playmate ,walking dog perfect and there great therapy dogs
  16. We board and groom a number Malts ,all great dogs ,easy to train . As already mentioned they do need regular grooming and they can be demanding so owners need to set the consistent rules from day one . Also consider a Havanese and Shih Tzu ,a little bigger and sturdier . We board stacks of Shih Tzus great dogs
  17. behaviour

    He does need something & chances are your getting frustrated with the behaviour . Sounds like a pup enjoying the quality time but unsure of what you expect from him .Fed,watered & toilet means nothing . Like others have said what "quality time" as far as activities does the pup get or is the pup activities simply based on the other dog being there ?
  18. male contraceptive implant

    Im not sure if its even on the market anymore & no way would i put the bitch on anything either to stop her season . Either way as mentioned you will have to keep separate as males can still mate & tie . You can give Chlorophyll to help mask the smell & pray your male doesn't go bonkers barking,peeing & not eating so be mindful of bloat risk on him as well. Or board the bitch at her ripe time
  19. Look at this guy go!

    To be eligible to compete in Agility, your dog must be: 15 months of age or older. Registered with the American Kennel Club or listed with the AKC Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP) program, which allows unregistered dogs of registerable breeds to compete in AKC Performance and Companion Events.Mixed breed dogs can be registered through the Canine Partners program to be able to compete. Spayed or neutered dogs are eligible to compete. In sound health and up-to-date on vaccinations.
  20. Look at this guy go!

    It’s the great thing about the US they embrace all breeds,shapes and sizes in agility and everyone competes . Use to be like that in Australia years ago but not know
  21. Buyer breaching contract of sale

    Contract is legally binding its up to you if you want to spend the money . A number of our puppy buyers are lawyers etc etc & they have all agreed a contract is exactly that .You can pursue it but need to realize it may cost you money .The wording is important ,what they sign etc etc All our pups are sold on a spay contract & bond .Ours is by an earlier age ,we remind those owners a month prior to the cut off age & any reason it isn't suitable must be made known .We have a 100% success rate ,had the odd ones think they can pull our leg but we firmly remind them about our contract & that we are prepared to pursue it . They where fully aware of the agreement prior to purchase ,its clearly stated on our info site & are not forced to buy from us .
  22. St Bernard Hip Dysplasia

    What advice has the breeder given. I gather x rays have been taken and the vet is actually savvy in knowing HD Advice hard to say ,I guess it depends on how severe it potentially is and what benefits early surgery has against waiting . All these things you need to ask and plenty of why questions .
  23. I want to become a registered dog breeder

    Besides Ruralpugs good post you need to go to shows ,there are very few Lagottos shown in Perth and not at every show . You have very limited choices of breeders here so you may have to look east . Although the first thing you need to be committed too is grooming for the show ring . So first off become a Lagotto owner ,learn about the breed,the breed standard . The biggest question to answer is why should I breed these dogs . What do I have to offer the breed,my buyers. Progression for most brought a dog ,started showing ,first dog not really up to scratch for breeding so started with something new during this time commitment to showing established ,fellow breeders feel your trustworthy especially as you will be relying on Eastern State breeders for support when potentially looking for stud dogs
  24. Waking up through the night

    Just remind your kids what they where like as babies when they would wake you up & you would have to go feed or change the nappy ,teenage kids old enough to assist in the new family member they most likely wanted not leave it up to just you . First off you got this puppy a tad older than normal who has most likely had constant company day & night .Pup is know on its own in the laundry ,a massive change to what its previous normal was. I agree get a crate & place it next to your bed .Pup sleeps in it at night with no fuss by you . I can honestly say most of our pups at 8/9/10 weeks sleep all night in the crate without needing to go to the loo because they fall alseep in a good healthy manner . Its important before bedtime to not over stimulate pup or like children not too much video games or FB before bed ,calm relaxing ,out to the loo last minute & off to bed . Dachies can be demanding critters with there barking .Also remember Dachies love to hide underthings at sleep time no matter how hot or cold it is .