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  1. We have no need to flea/tick treat but we also follow the rule keep it simple and old fashioned . We also don’t heartworm as the risk here is very small compared to the chemicals . We always heartwormed until they made it More fancy . We all Worm adults on a basic schedule . At the end of the day there all strong chemicals being placed into your dog , Some breeds with higher incidence of thyroid or other auto immune issues I would manage even more . I wouldn’t give the all in ones too stock I wasn’t breeding from due to potential issues
  2. Puppy Vaccinations

    Im talking about your pet insurance not covering a claim if the vaccination protocol is not followed or your dog gets sick with a disease that they deem could be vaccinated for & preventable not about vaccine failure . Not all cover titer test in there wording & if a puppy gets parvo but owners opted out of the additional booster then you need to understand how you provider deals with such things because we all know they will will find a reason not to pay out . Its not about whether they pay for the vaccination but what they will cover if you decide to not follow the recommended protocol that insurers base there findings on .
  3. Puppy Vaccinations

    Like Tassie said depends where you live although im not sure of any vacc worldwide that is given monthly but are you sure your not confusing worming monthly till 6 months that may have come up in the conversation
  4. Introducing Cassie (kelpie)

    https://aussiedog.com.au/updog-challenge-ultimate-canine-disc-sport/ Some of the fly ballers also do Disc dogs .
  5. Working lines vs show lines

    You lost me & would have lost any pet owner in the process .
  6. Issues with our breeder

    Are they actually a registered breeder ?? Im gathering you had the pup flown over if you didn't get the Vacc card at time of pick up ?? Excuses may be legit may not . Depending on the state some states are so backed up with rego there weeks behind,pups cant be registered until microchipped ,our puppies never leave with papers because we choose to chip later so paperwork is still being processed when they leave unless we pay for fast track & at times fast track is put on hold until all caught up ,if in Victoria for example they are backed up . Vacc card & microchip paperwork is ready when pup goes . If you have concerns contact the body there registered with to confirm there details
  7. Working lines vs show lines

    The regulations is simple and how much morals a breeder has full stop. Plenty of working breeders register under the ANKC banner so they follow the same rules for registering pups.. Plenty of working/showline breeders are members of there GSD associations and need to meet there testing standard for letters after there names . If a working line breeder belongs to another organisation then they would meet what rules they have in place or that org may have no requirements. The key factor is a breeder deciding after health testing what scores or results they consider there personal cut off for breeding purpose . i know of dogs who have worked at the highest level with very average hips .I know dogs who have done agility at the highest level with average hips . its not that cut and dry If a working line breeder is not a member of anything and just breeds they have no rules to follow or testing requirements . This applies to anyone breeding whether it be Show,working or boutique ( the new it word) At the end of the day both sides have to safely be able to place the dogs they have bred into the public world for what ever task they deem fit for .Pet,working,therapy,dog sports,show but at the end of the day a dog still needs to be sane to live happily In my breed and the Gundog group particularly in Europe working line breeders are not exactly treasured especially with there throw away or dump it attitude . So there either not being breed correctly to work or there being so over worked they still break down but the dump rate and neglect rate is appallingly high. So many end up in rescues and sent to the UK with all sorts of health and behavioural,issues. How dogs live in society has changed ,in Australia being able to do fit for function activities is very limited . Just like humans my ancestors my have stood in the river banging clothes to wash them ,know I we use a washing machine . For some breeds drought conditions has made a working season totally unknown and when a working season is over then it’s looking at the alternatives available . Working/Hunting conditions have changed from its original purpose most breeds are know multi purpose dogs finding new roles in life with new expectations in society . At one stage people owned the all round GSD to be family,guard and great companion. People know use security devices over dogs BUT at the end of the day if your going to breed then those puppies need to fit into the world and with what can be offered so for some adapting drive ,ease to live with is just as important whilst still keeping the whole package. . I think there are many breeds where showlines/working line or dual purpose has worked amazingly well ,some breed have small groups who have deviated terribly for no betterment . I would love to utilize my dogs naturally working ability more but the amount of training & dedication is often let down by conditions on the day with cancellations of trials . I would love some of the US methods in working aptitude tests or basic work titles so even if your not a diehard worker you can still do & title with the basics , Even for one of our other previous breeds the barn hunt tests would be awesome but that wont happen in Australia . The one thing i love about watching many of the dogs on Westminster is the dogs who have so many varying titles outside showing . I now the diehard working people are often vocal saying its useless yadda yadda which i think shows the One shouldn't live in a glasshouse approach but gaining extra titles in some countries is logistically & available so much easier although lets be real even the US is facing the animal rights movement which will make working titles or doing what they where bred too do so much harder
  8. Working lines vs show lines

    The simple answer is what ever floats one boat . There are plenty of working dogs that no longer resemble there breed ,working dog doesn’t mean healthier nor is it a guarantee of better hips,elbows,mouths etc .Any half decent working breeder still tests for health issues and removes issue dogs . Many working line breeders don’t care on retaining the dogs original look just focused on how it performs .I certainly know in one of my breeds that some diehard working lines are impossible to reconize and couldn’t hunt for original purpose as there too small and would be incapable of carrying a heft bird through Moore’s,bogs without breaking down but they suit the hunters who work different game and on different terrain to current times No side is better both sides have there pros and cons . For many working aspects terrain and the way they do there job in current times may have changed dramatically to what the original breed standard asked for so they have changed how dogs are breed . Show lines doesn’t mean useless either ,plenty can still do the job and is ashame so many seem to knock them down . Styles of working is always a hot topic ,some exTreme working lines will claim there extreme high drive to the point of having to be managed is breed correct when it isn’t. infact I owned a showline GSD ,we also had a exGerman army handler at our place for his job who watched my boy just being his pet self in the backyard and was so impressed by his old school work ethic ,he said a trait being breed out of the modern working line for new current expectations .. Considering in Australia working many breeds true to there history is impossible to work to there job then breeding dogs that can sanely and safely live in society is just as important
  9. We gave up feeding prime chicken roll as the rice was never cooked enough & was very sharp ,despite contacting them multi times they werent interested ,it would cut us when slicing up . Have you considered goat meat also if you look at the baby aisle many of the soft baby foods are fine to add & a number do organic vegetables only ,cheap & so simple to add just read the back . We have used the Blueberries,banana & pear,pumpkin,sweet potato & a few others ,They are way healthier than many other options & depending on the number of dogs owned work out better than buying dodgy vegies or having too much vegie that goes off Vege wise if you look at the human meat section (woolies certainly) you will see pre made vegie mixies for stir frys,one in particular is used by many raw feeders . We blizt our vegies in the blender so its finely chopped ,so simple & easy . We also add blueberries
  10. Two weeks puppy has a head bump

    Personally i would have been to the vets & had it seen too . No one can tell you over the internet . It may be nothing ,it may be a haematoma ,it may something else
  11. Also if there asking a larger price for chocolate colour run fast
  12. Um if the person has breed two carriers yes it is an issue ,if they have not tested the carrier status it is an issue It has nothing to do with planning to breed but asking if they have tested for it .
  13. It’s not that simple ,no one can tell you which may produce healthier because that requires a crystal ball ,requires knowing what the scores are back in the pedigrees & in the perfect world what scores siblings have What are the results for EIC and PRA A breeder when doing a mating factors in all the health results plus the actual dogs themselves and then decides what the potential outcomes may be & why that breeding to there best of there knowledge may produce XYZ outcome. Labs aren’t gentle without diligent owners ,there boisterous,there powerful,they dig,they swim in water bowls they aren’t born trained or sensible and if there wanting an assistance dog then that should factor even more as to what drive and qualities they need.and whether the breeder is able to see potential in a pup baring in mind the potential may be seen in a different colour littermate . We board many Labs all have wonderful natures but the degree of owner effort is amazingly noticeable.WE have boarded 2 males whose owners never addressed leads manners early despite being told too ,both have had dislocated shoulders (humans). Generally the ones who aren't diligent as pups seem to believe they will be great by 12 months because there breed for a purpose (smack head). Keep in mind the failure rate in guide/assistance dogs is higher than people understand as many simply presume a Lab or similar breed was just born to do the job ,it’s not so the pass rate is low in ticking all the boxes .
  14. Am I being unreasonable?

    Yep most vets don't stock large quantities ,many will give a script to buy elsewhere as its better value for vets as well . Some will do a script ,some won't may mean you need to find another vet .Maybe phone other clinics in your area to see if the prices are comparable. Mind you many google & see things cheaper but postage is a killer ,it comes down to weighing up the pros/cons & buying smart

    I cant help you but maybe phone some of the busier grooming salons in your area if no one replies.They will have names of who they use . We send ours to the East for service issues . Depends what the issue is
  16. Lordenee

    Contact the Dachshund club in Qld but i dare say your budget won't get a pup anytime soon or from a breeder who health tests . As most decent breeders don't breed for the light colour you will be limited to a Red or will have to ask how the got there light beige especially in a Mini Smooth .
  17. Maremma puppy

    Agree with Rebanne if you brought your dog from a working breeder whose dogs actually work contact them
  18. Vaccinations

    Agree price is not set so you need to phone around . Although your better with the 3 yearly injection
  19. Pup with different sized ears

    We breed a puppy that had 2 different sized ears & they never ended up matching . No issues long term just one of those things
  20. Looking to buy new puppy from breeder

    Collection and viewing strictly at our house ,very easy to set up a safe area to clean and keep it safe. Given most breeders [email protected] already screened potential persons we deal with the risks . We generally do a meet and greet out the front and go from there . As a breeder I can’t expect a buyer to meet my strict criteria and then blow them off by not allowing them at my home . Absolutely there not getting free range to be a sticky beak but there entitled to get a basic idea of the type of home it’s been raised in . When people come to look there not fully vaccinated so I am not willing to take a litter of pups to some random place that is a risk to the pups or travel in weather that is highly irresponsible to the pups . Easy enough to buy a cheap surveillance cameras for when people come out . As a breeder no I would not hand $4 k over without some knowledge and viewing . There pup may be important to them but your $4 k is important to you
  21. Endangered Breeds

    Problem is some of those breeds truly aren’t endangered but due to stubborn breeders who refuse to change there ways . One breed listed on there has no reason at all to be and it’s due to a glass house attitude of not wanting to use stud dogs outside of the UK. The UK breeders have it so lucky in being able drive so easily to other countries and have a massive choice of males,lines and diversity but for stupid reasons won’t . At one stage the UK kennel club considered cross breeding to increase the gene pool and those same breeders thought that was awesome , Cant fix stupid sometimes
  22. Endangered Breeds

    Not that I’m aware of . Most base it by the numbers registered litter wise which can be viewed via ANKC
  23. I have lots of experience with Pointers . Pointers have similarities but thrive more in the all round dog sport area . They are gentle,birdy,love to stand upright on you ,love there humans ,the beach They are another great under estimated breed .
  24. Sep anxiety can certainly happen if self independence isn’t encouraged ,remember this is a breed that is loyal to its master by job . My current ES would not go off with someone else to be handled ,my others would but always keeping a keen eye out for there owner . Simple facts that is one to the potential pros/cons of the breed there either happy on there own or there not . My others would but ES love there family and can be very devoted . They can be barkers and retain there bird working traits well .When birds are around they switch to bird mode quickly without anything distracting them .Mine is bird obsessed , I would look at going to some of the ES club of Victoria’s social days .plys there are some big shows coming up where the entries should be good and to see some variety , I have been involved with the breed since the 90’s . Kamuzz I think you will find yours are sensitive but you know how to be around the breed and you don’t think about . For many who have been around tough/hardy breeds people often under estimate there need to change to another breed . All my ES where confident dogs but they still all had that sensitive side which is what makes them ES and different to there other Setter family . Slobber is a part ,the more flewy they are the more slobber you will get all through the house and your clothes . A lot of joe public hate the slobber