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  1. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    But, just by asking, it means that you are thinking about the possibility of yet another 'experiment' that is doomed to fail.
  2. Oscar

    I'm so sorry to hear of Oscar's passing. It's hard to let go but at least with our beloved animals we have the right to make this choice even though it still hurts like hell. Be assured you did the most compassionate act of love for your boy. RIP Oscar.
  3. Stolen puppies

    Puppies found in Glen Iris this morning. A man around 40 is being questioned
  4. Stolen puppies

    Shouldn't they still be with mum?
  5. Stolen puppies

    A friend of mine is looking to buy an oodle and let me tell you, the puppies she's looking at are priced higher than my mini schnauzer from a well known reputable breeder. Go figure.
  6. Stolen puppies

    Saw on the TV news and in the paper that a pet shop was broken into and 4 Cockapoo puppies worth tens of thousands of dollars, were stolen from a Camberwell pet shop in Melbourne. Some were 9 weeks old and some were 7 weeks old. It was stated in the newspaper that being so young, the puppies needed constant care. It seems not because it appears they were in their glass enclosure for the night. Would the store owner be held responsible or the so called breeder for having 7 week old puppies for sale? I would hope that both parties be investigated and perhaps prosecuted.
  7. does anyone know

    I I'm glad to report that Elliot is much improved. They eye medication which he needs until tomorrow seems to have cleared his eye and it looks like this was the cause of his pain. He's back to his old self, rumbling and tumbling with the pup and has stopped the 'star gazing'. It's all good.
  8. Gilly is 21 today!!!!!!

    What an amazing innings. Happy birthday Gilly and hats off to you Gillybob for a job more than well done
  9. does anyone know

    Elliot was at the vet this morning and he has an eye infection for which she prescribed medication and she found that he had a 'stiff' back for which he had acupuncture. I think he was reacting to the pup because of the pain. Hopefully he will be back to normal very soon.
  10. does anyone know

    My older mini schnauzer Elliot who is 6 has started standing still and looking up at the ceiling for no apparent reason. On another doggy forum, another mini schnauzer was doing this and a comment was that it was a type of epilepsy. I will be going to the vet with Elliot, but in the meantime can anyone enlighten me? He has at times, become 'snappy' with his puppy housemate but no damage has been done. This is probably due to the pup being in his face. Other than that, he is happy to go to the park and is eating and drinking asusual. I lost another boy in November at 10 yrs and frankly it has me scared to the core.
  11. What should I pay, German Shepherd pup?

    Most mini schnauzers do advertise the price.
  12. Staffy pup annoying older dog

    Honestly, I don't know why you took the path that you did. We bought in a new puppy about 7 weeks ago and the resident dog at first imagined the pup was here for a play date. All went beautifully. Next morning resident boy Elliot basically said to newcomer, Leroy 'what, are you still here?' They would play for about 5 minutes and Elliot cool off the play ignore Leroy and warn him if he got in his face. Move on a week and all is love and mostly serenity. Leroy, the pup was taught manners among other things and that's the way it should be. As Juice said, you have now allowed your pup to claim his place and he believes his is higher on the ladder. As Perse mentioned a good training set up is what is needed now, and personally, I wouldn't delay as your Daxy is the one who is going to suffer.
  13. Puppy doing strange things

    Just wondering if the aggression could be a neurological problem. I do hope there is an answer and all goes well for your little one.
  14. What to do

    Only Leroy is in a crate until he can be trusted at night and while we are out during the day. Elliot has the run of the house, day and night. Today, it seems there is not problem with this toy mainly because they have so many to choose from. Hopefully it will continue this way as yesterday was the first time this 'problem' occurred.
  15. What to do

    We have a new puppy Leroy, to keep Elliot company after we lost Jasper. They get on beautifully but today I noticed that the stuffed toy I bought for Leroy to cuddle into and sleep with in his crate at night is in Elliot's sights and he is guarding this toy and keeping Leroy away, even though there are many toys around the house. Leroy loves this toy too and trying to prevent world war 3, I took it away from them. Advice please.