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  1. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I don't mind if my bin is out on rubbish collection day and someone chooses to put their poo bag in there. That's OK but I do object to someone walking up my drive to get to my rubbish bin and deposit their poo bag instead of taking it home to their own bin. To me that is trespassing.
  2. Insurance policies that don’t make logical sense

    From my understanding, you don't pay for the followup visit after surgery.
  3. Horrible treatment of HUNTING greyhounds

    Yes it is terribly cruel, but if the Spanish can do what they do to the bulls in the name of entertainment then nothing surprises me.
  4. Schnauzers, I'm convinced have a sense of humour.
  5. Schnauzers, I'm convinced hae a sense of humour.
  6. Designer dogs

    I am often outnumbered at the park by oodles as I have purebreeds and on the whole, they are lovely dogs but, they are crossbreds and to put it bluntly, mongrels, and I don't mean this in a nasty way. There are heaps of lovely ones out there and dearly loved by their owners. What gets me is that these oodles are most times, more expensive to buy than pedigreed dogs and the owners don't seem to mind and call the person who sold them their puppies the 'breeder' and that their pup came with papers. Huh? Juice, you're correct. It's pointless to argue so I don't.
  7. Look at this guy go!

    lol. Not only the dog, what about his 'trainer'
  8. Anyone heard further

    I walked in on the radio news this morning and unfortunately didn't hear the whole thing but it was about a French Bull dog that was left on the tarmac and had died. I think the carrier was Virign airlines but could be wrong.
  9. Any update

    I walked in on the radio news this morning and unfortunately didn't hear the whole thing but it was about a French Bull dog that was left on the tarmac and had died. I think the carrier was Virign airlines but could be wrong.
  10. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    I know nothing about cavaliers as a breed, I'm a mini schnauzer person and I would have loved to be in the situation you have described. I've always had schnauzers is twos and when we said goodbye to our boy at 10, after 4 weeks or so, it was time for another addition. I dearly wanted an 'older' pup. Lazy I suppose. Everything done as in lead training, toileting and most things puppies do as they're learning, vaccinations and desexing. It wasn't to be, so a pup came into the family. I had forgotten just how challenging it was but Leroy is now 12 mths old and a wonderful fit into our family circle. With this older puppy, all this has been done for you so in your place, I would consider myself lucky. I would probably discuss with the breeder that per chance, things don't work out, would it be feasible to return the puppy. Good luck in whatever decision you make.
  11. 9th Storey Apartment

    Just on another note. My husband and I own a couple of apartments for investment and I am on the body corp. committee. Last week we had an annual general meeting and one of the members whose neighbours above her says she can hear the dog most of the day barking and whining. She has spoken to the the owners and of course, they didn't realise. Generally, apartments do not cater for dogs as homes do with a garden for the dog. Personally, I think it's unfair to have a dog in an apartment as there is not of outside places said dog can go whilst alone for the day. The regulation the Victorian Govt has passed allowing tenants to have dogs in rented properties has not been thought out very well. Having said that. we have just rented out a brand new town house to a family of 5 with a golden retriever, but the difference is there is garden space, unlike an apartment.
  12. 9th Storey Apartment

    Rural Pug. Body corporate comes into this. You cannot make exterior changes without permission such as what you suggest with raising the height of the balustrade incorporating the methods you suggested. Unfortunately, with body corporate, there are many rules and regulations that need to be adhered to by all residents.
  13. Thistle, I am a landlord and have allowed pets in properties that my husband and I own (in partnership with the banks). Currently, one of our properties has 2 dachshunds, the other tenant in the same complex has a cat, and has just signed a lease for another 12 months which makes it 3 years, and our brand new townhouse has a family of 5 with a Golden Retriever, so we must be doing something right. I'm very wary about this new proposed legislation which, in all reality is more favourable towards the tenant. For instance, the tenant is allowed to do minor alterations without the consent of the landlord. What is defined as minor? This proposed legislation together with the huge increases in Land Tax, and council rates in Victoria anyway will force investors to sell up their properties which in turn will create a shortage of rentals. Then the Government will have issues in with people unable to rent because of lack of housing. We have been very fortunate with our tenants, because our agent does thorough checks on the tenants and so he should. Most of the time, I wouldn't know my tenant if I bumped into him/her in the street, as I don't want to be involved with them. That's what the agent gets paid for.
  14. Ades, saying that there is no lease because the previous tenant hasn't moved out yet is nonsense. On application and if accepted, a lease is signed and bond money and 1 month's rental is paid to the agent to secure the property. We had a situation where a brand new townhouse we just finished building was on the rental market. A family of 5 with a Golden Retriever applied and came out on top. Paid all the fees to rent including 2 months bond even though they were not moving in until 4 weeks later, but were expected to so the property is secured for them. The rental was only paid to us on the day they took the property over and their lease began. You have to do what you feel is right in your heart but just saying, I think you are being strung along.