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  1. Breeders terms

    Asking for a friend. He has a bitch from a breeder on breeding terms for 2 litters who has whelped one litter around 2 yrs ago and now is using her again this season. She is being artificially inseminated and he is taking the bitch to have tests etc. done. Is this up to the owner or the breeder.
  2. Could it be that she is 'protecting' the new puppy. How is she with the puppy without other dogs around?
  3. German Shepard

    Probably veering away from the subject, but years ago when our family had a standard schnauzer, and he was walked at the park, on lead, whenever a jogger went past, he would lunge. This was before he was allowed by us to run around at the park free. When his recall was finally satisfactory, and we walked around on the walking path he wouldn't bat an eyelid when joggers passed him. In his case, I am sure it was leash aggression. He never hurt a fly.
  4. Am I being unreasonable?

    Oh how lucky are you. And you can write out your own script.
  5. Amber is 10 today!

    Yes Happy birthday Amber. I had a mini schnauzer who developed a liver shunt at 6mths old, had surgery even though I was warned that it may be unsuccessful and with very careful observance of diet, he went on to live until he was 14.5 years old. RIP Benson.
  6. THE Best Dog food?

    Donski, I know you asked for the best commercially made soft food, but won't you consider feeding, instead of you cooking up a home made feed, totally raw? I find that the best. If you put down commerially produced and raw in two bowls next to each other, they would discard the produced and go for the fresh.
  7. Royal Melbourne Show

    Yes thank you Rebanne
  8. Royal Melbourne Show

    How do I access results for the dog judging at this year's show. Thanks
  9. Dog Poo bags left at the Beach

    I don't mind if my bin is out on rubbish collection day and someone chooses to put their poo bag in there. That's OK but I do object to someone walking up my drive to get to my rubbish bin and deposit their poo bag instead of taking it home to their own bin. To me that is trespassing.
  10. Insurance policies that don’t make logical sense

    From my understanding, you don't pay for the followup visit after surgery.
  11. Horrible treatment of HUNTING greyhounds

    Yes it is terribly cruel, but if the Spanish can do what they do to the bulls in the name of entertainment then nothing surprises me.
  12. Schnauzers, I'm convinced have a sense of humour.
  13. Schnauzers, I'm convinced hae a sense of humour.
  14. Designer dogs

    I am often outnumbered at the park by oodles as I have purebreeds and on the whole, they are lovely dogs but, they are crossbreds and to put it bluntly, mongrels, and I don't mean this in a nasty way. There are heaps of lovely ones out there and dearly loved by their owners. What gets me is that these oodles are most times, more expensive to buy than pedigreed dogs and the owners don't seem to mind and call the person who sold them their puppies the 'breeder' and that their pup came with papers. Huh? Juice, you're correct. It's pointless to argue so I don't.