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  1. Ades, saying that there is no lease because the previous tenant hasn't moved out yet is nonsense. On application and if accepted, a lease is signed and bond money and 1 month's rental is paid to the agent to secure the property. We had a situation where a brand new townhouse we just finished building was on the rental market. A family of 5 with a Golden Retriever applied and came out on top. Paid all the fees to rent including 2 months bond even though they were not moving in until 4 weeks later, but were expected to so the property is secured for them. The rental was only paid to us on the day they took the property over and their lease began. You have to do what you feel is right in your heart but just saying, I think you are being strung along.
  2. 361 golden retrievers

    So many gorgeous dogs but what did stand out to me were so many overweight gorgeous ones there were.
  3. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Several years ago, when Benson, a mini schnauzer had just gotten over a bout of pancreatitis and my vet suggested Hills diet even though she knew I raw fed. I was walking past a vet surgery with him and entered on the pretence I wanted to weigh him with the vet nurse's blessing and then got into a conversation regarding the commercial foods for pancreatic dogs. I mentioned that I was strongly resisting commercial as against fresh raw feeding. Out pops the vet from the back room and questions me, (with hands on hips). Do you want your dog to die? He was told in no uncertain manner what a stupid question he just asked. I contacted a holistic vet having resigned myself to the fact that if it had to be commercial food, then so be it. This new vet, bless her, modified his existing raw diet and Benson went on to live another 6 years. Just goes to show, that even some vets don't know the real answers and perhaps don't want to as there is money to be made. Coincidentally I with the blessing of my vet, I don't vaccinate beyond puppy shots, but do have them titred every 2 years. Jasper who has now gone to the bridge still had immunity up until he passed.
  4. Just curious

    Didn't think of that. Our family has always gone for the male pups
  5. Just curious

    This is a question that I am curious about. I have often seen breeders advertise their puppies for sale as limited registration, which means they are to be purchased as a family pet. Why then are in some cases, the female puppies more expensive than the male puppies?
  6. Dog owners urged to keep dogs on lead following attack

    Even though I have miniature schnauzers, they are not 'allowed' to get away with bad behaviour just because of their size. It's absolutely not an excuse. In my life time, I have had many different breeds, starting as a child, pekingese up to great danes at different times. Now I suppose I have downsized. I find it abhorrent that owners of small breed dogs think it cute or funny when their dogs go for it.The owner of the small dog in question has a lot to answer for. Because of this behaviour, there are now two dogs dead. I hope that if in the future, they have another dog they will they have learnt a lesson, even though it was the hard way.
  7. Expose into Dog Food on The 7.30 Report

    My philosophy is and I often ask canned and dry food feeders if they would like to have processed food day in and day out. Raw, fresh and natural in my house for fur and human residents.
  8. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    But, just by asking, it means that you are thinking about the possibility of yet another 'experiment' that is doomed to fail.
  9. Oscar

    I'm so sorry to hear of Oscar's passing. It's hard to let go but at least with our beloved animals we have the right to make this choice even though it still hurts like hell. Be assured you did the most compassionate act of love for your boy. RIP Oscar.
  10. Stolen puppies

    Puppies found in Glen Iris this morning. A man around 40 is being questioned
  11. Stolen puppies

    Shouldn't they still be with mum?
  12. Stolen puppies

    A friend of mine is looking to buy an oodle and let me tell you, the puppies she's looking at are priced higher than my mini schnauzer from a well known reputable breeder. Go figure.
  13. Stolen puppies

    Saw on the TV news and in the paper that a pet shop was broken into and 4 Cockapoo puppies worth tens of thousands of dollars, were stolen from a Camberwell pet shop in Melbourne. Some were 9 weeks old and some were 7 weeks old. It was stated in the newspaper that being so young, the puppies needed constant care. It seems not because it appears they were in their glass enclosure for the night. Would the store owner be held responsible or the so called breeder for having 7 week old puppies for sale? I would hope that both parties be investigated and perhaps prosecuted.
  14. does anyone know

    I I'm glad to report that Elliot is much improved. They eye medication which he needs until tomorrow seems to have cleared his eye and it looks like this was the cause of his pain. He's back to his old self, rumbling and tumbling with the pup and has stopped the 'star gazing'. It's all good.
  15. Gilly is 21 today!!!!!!

    What an amazing innings. Happy birthday Gilly and hats off to you Gillybob for a job more than well done