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  1. Herding Starters Day

    We haven't seen any of Banjo on this thread yet, so here are a couple: And, for the people who liked the look of Tuppy in the pics I put on the Photos forum, here she is again: And last, but not least, Rosie:
  2. Herding Starters Day

    That probably should say "Come 'ere so I can bite you!" :D It's certainly how Em cools off every chance she gets and the dirtier the water the happier she is. Thanks for posting those. I'd love to see any others you have of Emmy. I'll have to show these to OH when he gets back. He's off walking the little nutter right now because I'm too tired and she's jumping out of her skin. I think she needs to go herding every day!
  3. Herding Starters Day

    Oh I know all about the energy in that little pooch !! And it doesn't get any less as she gets older. She's running around the yard looking for something to play with this morning as if she'd done nothing all day yesterday. Seriously, it was fantastic to see Em "ON" and getting into it, even if the biting is not what we wanted. In hindsight, I shouldn't be surprised that she was biting the sheep to make them move, that's her way - sniff, poke it with your nose, then bite until you get a reaction. And she got a reaction. At the end I felt she was starting to stop and look to me for direction and I just wasn't ready to give it, so I've definitely got a bit of work to do. I should have taken the opportunity to work with Tuppy when it was offered, but I was enjoying watching too much at the time. Next time (and there will be a next time) I'll definitely take you up on it.
  4. Herding Starters Day

    Em kind of slid out of the car when we got home and collapsed on the back verandah for a while, then when I looked outside about an hour later, she was clowning around with her favourite ball! She's crazy!! She's lying on the couch now looking completely done in, though, and I think she'll be a bit stiff and sore tomorrow. Actually, I think I might be a bit stiff and sore tomorrow, myself...
  5. Herding Starters Day

    Thanks Corine. Heather had her camera out all day, so I'm hoping she'll post lots.
  6. Herding Starters Day

    I'm tired, I'm dusty, I have a headache from standing around in the sun without a hat ... I had a fantastic day!!! :love: Thank you to Dave, Jeff, Tuppy, Rosey, Scout and Moorholme Park for hosting us and showing us how it's done. To see Em doing what she's bred to do - even biting the sheep - was absolutely wonderful. We'll definitely be back for more and next time I'll bring my other dog. I've put a few photos on this thread in the Photos forum.
  7. Dogs And Bike Riding

    I might give it a try in the new year (planning to do lots more doggy things next year). Emmylou has mellowed and matured a bit and with the extra training I'm planning to do, I'm hoping she'll get easier to handle for these sorts of things. ETA - I just showed OH this thread and mentioned that a Walky Dog might be a good idea. He agreed with me! Every other time I've mentioned it he's insisted that it wouldn't work with Emmylou.
  8. Dogs And Bike Riding

    Indiana (brown dog below) is fine. She just lopes along and keeps an even pace with the bike. Emmylou (in my avatar) is a speed demon though. My OH has clocked her at 26kmh on his bike computer. She's quite strong and tows the bike if he doesn't keep up with her. He's concerned about her pulling too much on a Walky Dog/Springer. We actually ended up selling my bike because we only bought it so we could take the dogs out on rides and, after the 2 falls, I wouldn't try again.
  9. Dogs And Bike Riding

    I haven't used either of them. My OH does all the bike riding with the dogs and doesn't want one. He says he's happy enough holding onto the lead while riding. I don't ride with the dogs because I've fallen off twice (once with each dog) when the dog has suddenly veered to one side and that's put me off.
  10. Dogs And Bike Riding

    I've heard of 2 of these types of things: The Walky Dog, which you can buy in Australia from here or here. The Springer, but I can't find anywhere in Australia that sells them.
  11. Herding Starters Day

    We're going herding! Yay! I'm very excited! I can't wait to see what Emmylou thinks of sheep!
  12. Herding Starters Day

    Just waiting for the OH to get back from the shops to see if he wants to come so we can bring both dogs and then an email will be winging it's way to you! Finally something I don't have to cross the bridge for!! yay!
  13. K9 Force Vic Workshop

    Just wanted to add my thanks too to Lablover for hosting and to K9 for presenting. I've got heaps to think about ... and heaps more to learn, of course. This has been a fantastic 'restart' to my dogs' training! It was great to meet a few DOLers and put names to faces for others who's posts I've been reading for ages. The dogs were all gorgeous and amazingly well behaved. Looking forward to doing it all again. When are you coming back K9? Next time I'll definitely bring one (or both!) of my nutty kelpies x's.
  14. I've emailed you too Dave! I'm really interested in showing my girls some sheep and seeing what they make of them.
  15. K9 Force Vic Workshop

    ISH, I've PM'd you my mobile number, but I don't really know the area and I'm deaf in one ear so I may not hear the phone ... :rolleyes: I'm not bringing my kelpie/ACD, Emmylou. It's going to be pretty warm tomorrow and she tends to overheat and I'm also using the wrong car to be transporting the dog. The station wagon I would normally use has a cargo barrier, but it's at the panel beaters (big car + narrow space = long scrape), so I've got the little hatch and we don't have the harnesses we used to use in it any more. I don't want to risk having Em trying to sit on my lap at 100kmh because she thinks a truck is going to eat her!
  16. K9 Force Vic Workshop

    ISH, you will need an etag. You do go through the tunnel and down the Monash. According to the email it's the Berwick turnoff - not sure if that's the same as Cranbourne/Hastings, been too long since I've been out that way.
  17. K9 Force Victorian Workshop

    I'm coming and I'm in 2 minds about bringing Emmylou, my kelpiexACD. On the pro side, I think I learn better when I can watch and copy, rather than watch and listen. It's also been a while since I've had Em around dogs she doesn't know and I'd like to do that in a 'controlled' situation (or at least a reasonably forgiving one) so that I can see how she reacts and work out the best way to manage her. On the con side, if it's really warm Em's probably better off staying home as she tends to overheat and it's a long day and a long trip for us. Also if Em behaves like a peanut with all the other dogs around I'll be too busy trying to settle her to pay attention... I can't find her proper lead and collar, though. My OH has been walking her mostly and he insists on using the crappy cotton lead (easier on his hands) and the cheap correction collar that I thought I'd thrown out. I'd much rather work with the good quality collar and lead I know I have ... somewhere ...
  18. K9 Force Victorian Workshop

    Ignore that and the PM. I see what you mean for the email address now. I've emailed you. See, I really need help with my dog when I can't even read an email address properly...