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  1. The Cost of Puppies

    Thanks for the info I think he is wanting a puppy... his last Husky was 18 months old rehomed from a breeder so he has never had a puppy of his own before.
  2. The Cost of Puppies

    My housemate wants to get a Siberian Husky... he had one and she passed away at 12 years of age of liver failure, at the time he said he would never own another dog... That was 13 years ago and it’s only now he has been making plans on buying another one. We have looked around and yes prices have tripled since he bought her but that’s to be expected.. so now he knows he is going to be saving up if he wants to get one.
  3. AmStaff friendly dog park

    I dont know of any Amstaff groups in the Northern Suburbs... the experiences I have had with dog parks have put me off going near one.
  4. She is doing good it must have just been a tummy upset. Although she isn’t drinking as much as she usually does and still sleeping a lot.
  5. Bowel obstruction

    My dogs know how to eat off a spoon although Lacey my Cav has a harder time because of her small mouth.
  6. That’s good to hear I will take Sasha for her daily walk later.. late afternoon works for us as there isn’t so many people walking their dogs.
  7. Thank you for asking She seems to be back to normal... I have noticed that she is sleeping a lot more and isn’t drinking as much. I just worry that this is the beginning of the end How is Justice today?
  8. They certainly do worry us.. Yes I do thank you
  9. Not really, although I did give her a tiny bit of left over fish from my dinner last night, it was just baked with no seasoning so don’t think it was that.... she had a restless night last night with pacing, I just thought it was her normal thing she has been doing. About to check on her as normally she would be up having a couple of drinks of water by now but she has been asleep for a couple of hours.
  10. I’m glad he settled last night.... how has he been today ? Sasha hasn’t been well today.. she threw up 3 times today , it was yellow bile I only gave her a small amount of her dinner but she seemed keen on eating it.. hopefully it was just an off day.She is currently sleeping on my bed.
  11. Possibly... maybe stagger them. As long as his stomach isn’t completely empty then I would give it to him maybe 30 minutes after eating.
  12. Gosh he does look unwell See how he is in the morning .. if he has perked up give him another dose.It does take about 24 hours before noticing a difference, we’ll that’s been my experience anyway. Lacey is allergic to Metacam , when she took it for the first time the reaction was pretty soon after taking it. *edit* don’t know what’s wrong with my typing today but have been making mistakes all day.
  13. Carprofen has been good for Sasha.. if she is looking to be in pain due to aches and pains, 2-3 days of taking Carprofen helps tremendously. Good to hear that tests came back clear though... Give Justice a big ear scratch from me
  14. Poor Justice ... it’s a real worry when they get older...I hope tomorrow brings good news I have noticed that Sasha is drinking a lot.. probably 1-1.5 litres a day... and she has pooped inside, sometimes she will just walk and all of a sudden go. She is still her happy self and we go for a short walk around the block every day because she still loves it. My Vet is wonderful , he is so good with her but she has forgotten and doesn’t get excited like she used to
  15. Bye, BRUCE the sheep :(

    I’m so sorry ... R.I.P Bruce.