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  1. My Vet probably thinks I’m neurotic .. the amount of times I have had my dogs to the Vet over the last few months. A few weeks ago I ordered a full blood screening for Sasha as she is 15 now and I wanted to see how she is going.. it showed she is very healthy for her age albeit a bit slow /mostly deaf and can hardly see... My Vet didn’t see the point but he did under my insistence.
  2. I’m so sorry for your loss ... rip Sari I remember when you got Sari, I had only been on Dol a few months... another Dol legend gone
  3. It’s not an easy decision to make .. I have a Cav too and it’s always a worry that she may get MVD as she is nearly 10. You could try getting the fluid drained at least to make her more comfortable and if that doesn’t work then reassess. Good luck with everything
  4. Yes he did .. I did have a read up and will definitely give it a try.
  5. When we were at the Vet he gave her spine a good going over but he couldn’t find any sore spots.. that’s not to say that it’s a possibility... Just had a read about Synovan as I hadn’t heard of it before... we normally give her Carprofen but will file info that away in case we need It down the track.
  6. Thanks Snook He doesn’t believe in vaccinating old dogs ... he prefers you to just let them be.
  7. Very happy.. this old girl isn’t going anywhere anytime soon
  8. The Vet rang and her bloods came back really good ! There is nothing that is showing up that’s any real concern ... I’m so relieved. Oh and he said her heart is as strong as an ox ... he said she is the healthiest 15 year old dog he has seen in years, apart from her eyesight, hearing, and a couple of other age related issues she is doing amazing
  9. He is really old school and has the ideology that she is old so of course she will have issues like be deaf, blind etc... it drives me nuts. He is a good Vet though, my dogs love him. Waiting for his phone call but I won’t get a call until this afternoon I expect.
  10. Sasha had her Vet visit today.. my Vet didn’t think having bloods was necessary but I insisted... I said if there is something that shows up we can get onto it quick and if it turns about to be really serious then we can deal with that too... so he agreed. He is going to ring me tomorrow when he gets her results.
  11. Thought I would do an update with Sasha... The gate has been a success ... she has only done 3-4 accidents since I installed it, one was diarrhoea :/ what a mess but at least it wasn’t on the carpet. Her normal diet is diced beef and Blackhawk fish and potato and cooked chicken breast as a treat which she has had for a few years with no problem but decided to cut out the chicken and no more sloppy/watery poos.. so she must have developed a age related allergy to it it’s only been a week but it looks good so far. She still has the odd accident inside but at least it’s normal so
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