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  1. He is stunning Kirislin I’m hopeless at thinking up names .. I normally just leave it until one just pops in my head.
  2. My 10 year old CKCS is on Vetmedin and she is on 2 a day... Her appetite hasn’t been affected so maybe there is something else going on, either way go back to your Vet.
  3. Thanks everyone it means a lot ... I got a lovely card in the mail today from Vets4Pets ... they also included a lovely packet of mixed flower seeds.
  4. Thank you so much everyone ... I appreciate all the comments Yesterday I picked up Sasha’s ashes ...we chose an eco urn and I also decided on keeping some of Sasha’s fur, we also got a lovely little candle in a glass pot which was a lovely suprise... AWL and the emergency Vet were wonderful, they were so kind . Lacey has been a bit clingy but that’s to be expected.. I’m also getting used to a new normal, Sasha was my shadow so getting used to her not being there is still a work in progress.
  5. Thank you everyone so very much I am missing her very much.. my heart is broken which only time will heal.
  6. It’s been 2 days but it seems like it’s only just happened... At 6.56 pm on Sunday we had to say goodbye to my darling girl Sasha. She had been declining over the last few months with her sight,hearing and weakness in her back legs.. but the last few days it was a struggle to get her to eat and the Saturday night through to Sunday she just stopped eating/drinking and couldn’t get up or walk. We got Sasha in 2007 at the AWL , she was very underweight but she had a sparkle in her brown eyes that I couldn’t resist... she had such a zest for life.. but she was also a cuddle bunny an
  7. I have been thinking a lot about this lately with my 16 year old .. I love the look of the eco urn.
  8. Well it was a fail ... I started by gradually adding it but she refused to eat it.
  9. Thanks for that Snook.. I will try that next
  10. I went and ordered the trial pack so will come back and update I’m off to the Vet today to see if they have some tinned food I can give her in the meantime... the supermarket one she is loving but it does give her soft stools.
  11. I know what you mean LMO .... reviews can be all well and good which is why I would like to hear from anyone who has tried it on their dogs. Snook thanks it is a bit exxy but it may be worth it , as atm she is hardly eating and she used to love her food
  12. Hi, Has anyone tried Frontier Pets on their dogs, if so what did you think? ? I have been looking to see what I can do to pick up Sashas appetite... she has gone off her dry food, patties, but she will tuck into tinned food ... so I was going to try her on premium tinned food but came across Frontier Pets. The reviews are excellent and I like that it’s dehydrated food.. they do a trial pack so keen to see if Sasha likes it. frontierpets.com.au
  13. She is ok but I have been struggling to get her to eat, she has gone off her dry food so I ended up buying a couple of tins of wet food, not ideal but she wolfed it down, she also loves chicken , so it’s just giving her what she loves.
  14. Thanks Snook .... I have bookmarked a couple so next time I will ask Wow $200 I hope Justice is doing well ?
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