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  1. You can replace a dog, but you can’t replace a life.

    If the family are willing to keep the puppy and get her fixed at an expensive cost then the breeder should be thankful. Wouldn’t it cost her more to give away another puppy than make a contribution to the surgery?

    I think that if a puppy has these problems within the first 6 months of her life, and the new family did not know when they bought the puppy, the breeder has an obligation to contribute financially. Not ask the family to make a painful separation by swapping dogs!

    Bad service. Morally wrong. Step up!

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  2. Hmm I have to disagree with others.


    Of course the breeder couldn’t control the puppy’s health and gender, but it’s a pretty big problem, especially a problem that will cost $3000 to fix! They should take some responsibility and at least help a bit with vet bills - especially since it's 6 months after purchase. Shouldn’t they also be concerned with the life of the puppy they bred?


    And how could puppy part from family after 6 months of bonding? Pretty harsh of breeder. It’s a PUPPY, not a faulty CAR or object.


    Good of you to pay for top surgery, you obviously love your puppy.


    I hope she is OK and it all works out :(

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