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  1. I’m a dog trainer and one of my customers asked me to try to rehome their Rottweiler. Her name is Freya and she was extremely people and dog reactive (February)


    I managed to bring her to a level where she spent her days in our doggy day-care without any aggressivity anymore. https://www.facebook.com/supersmartdogs/videos/732809581819424

    This video was taken a month ago. Now she is really chilled with other dogs in the daycare.

    As requested by law, I do keep a muzzle for precaution and on her as she was declared dangerous dog by the Gold Coast city council.

    She responds quite well to a “down“ command on the leash and tolerate peoples and dogs around her during "on leash" walks.

    Like most Rotty, she is extremely affectionate once she knows and trusts you.

    She is 2 years and 3-month-old.

    Last week, the daughter’s owner went to pat Freya while she was eating. Freya turned on her and nipped her arm. Superficial, warning wounds, but enough to scare the owners.


    Now the owners fear that their kids (9,7,4) are at risk when Freya is eating and asked me to rehome her or to euthanise her.


    They gave me 2 weeks to try to find a new owner. If I do not find a new owner, they asked me to organize the vet and disposal of the body. 

    It would break my heart to have to put her down as she became a completely different dog than what she was. Each time I enter in the daycare, she comes and snuggles against me. I do get really attached to the dogs I trained and specially when I see how I managed to change them. 


    My contacts are [email protected]

    0422 267 168



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