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  1. Researching For Groomer

    We groom in Castle Hill/Glenhaven area, and deal with a lot of difficult dogs :)
  2. Push To End Life Time Registration In Nsw

    You have to go into a Council to make changes to CAR, so if you work full time, I am not sure how you are supposed to do anything!
  3. I am also one who does puppy shots, first booster and thats it. I started doing this 15 years ago when my then 2 year old Lhasa had terrible reactions to vaccinations. He is still alive today :) None of my dogs have ever contracted a contagious disease.
  4. Push To End Life Time Registration In Nsw

    They dont maintain the lifetime register, so I dont know how on earth they think they will manage by moving it back to a yearly registration!! My council used to be very good at sending out reminders etc, but I have a 2 year old dog here, who is chipped to me, and they have not sent me a thing, and I have not remembered to get him registered as yet. So if its $40 for life, and we assume the average dog lives until its 15 years, does that mean they will reduce the fees to $2.60 per year? Somehow I doubt that, which to me means fewer dogs will be registered if we go back to a yearly registration.
  5. Charles "charlie" Wentworth

    :'( Brought more than a few tears to my eyes. RIP Charlie, you were a special little man!
  6. I bought some great quality clippers on ebay, so check that out. I got a nice pair of Wahl for $70. If you were local to me I would show you how, but its not that hard to master esp if you arent too fussed how they look. My old boy (17) gets a very basic clip because he doesnt tollerate any foofing about.
  7. I've given old boxes of cereal in the past, mixed with what dry food I had. I've cooked up masses of boiled rice. But if its just one day, they can generally go without. Only two dogs in my place who I wont let go without a meal now and then, one is too old (and will complain non stop) and the other is too thin and will loose weight if she misses a meal.
  8. Organising Ribbons

    After 20 years, I dont keep them organised. Big fringies go on a communal notice board, or really pretty ones I will hang in my office. Smaller ribbons are either donated back, or used to tie things up around the place! All wins are recorded in a record book I keep, with CCs in the front, and in Group & In Show in the back.
  9. Stopped A Dog Attack This Morning...

    Umm we have junior handler competitions here too Mrs R B........
  10. Hydro Bath N Grooming Vans

    At shows like Spring Fair it could. People who travel from interstate may like to wash the dogs before the show. Even on a camping weekend away, the show was very muddy, the poodle exhibitors went and used the local grooming salon to bath the dogs between shows.
  11. Hydro Bath N Grooming Vans

    To get use at show weekends, you would have to let them use the equipment, most people are not going to entrust their show dogs to anyone else, even if it is just a bath and blowdry! But if you were happy to do that, then you may get some call for it especially around the big show weekends.
  12. Mum Not Producing Enough Milk?

    My last litter we tried metamide and oxytocin, but in the end I tube fed the babies Wambaroo. My bubbas gained NO weight in their first 10 days. We think she had toxic milk. If you want to supplement, I would tube them some Wambaroo after they've fed off mum. See how they go.
  13. Sleep Build Up On Eyes

    Yep it sounds like it could be dry eye to me.
  14. Rip Holly

    Today we lost one of our golden oldies. Holly was 15 years and 8 months old. She had gone downhill very quickly the last 2 days, and had been refusing food and water. I knew it was coming, and I while I am very sad, I am also glad she is now at peace. She had one litter for me 10 years ago, and this year she became a great great grandmother. You will always be in our hearts beautiful girl.