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  1. Neuter Shows

    only just saw this post.... whoo hoo!!! Congrats on Rhemy's title - excellent news!! Go the Brown Dobes :D
  2. Wollongong Show This Weekend

    Glad you had a great time... your girl is a cutie :D Sounds like the show "bug" has bit :laugh:
  3. Neuter Shows

    Yay, congrats on the title Dyzney!! Well done to Mr Dyzney too
  4. Neuter Shows

    Thanks for the congrats everyone :D Well done to all the winners over the weekend.... ooooh sooo close Dyzney - look forward to hearing of your girl's title. Sorry to hear about Rhemy's surgery, hope she's back out there soon.
  5. Neuter Shows

    Well done :). BUT thats not a brag !!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, give us his full name with titles and what he's achieved along the way - he deserves it :D . Awww thanks Kirk is now Neuter Champion Caslero The New Black ET WAC He earned his Endurance Title at 2yrs of age and his Working Aptitude Certificate (WAC) on his first attempt at the 13th Australian Dobermann Nationals in 2010. To pass the WAC a Dobermann must "demonstrate the characteristics required of a dog to be a stable companion and resolute protector." I believe Kirk is the first Dobermann to achieve the Neuter Champion title - hopefully Bisart's girl will be the next one :D
  6. Neuter Shows

    Just wanting to post a brag for my homebred Dobe "Kirk". He earned the last points needed for his Neuter Champion title at tonight's T & G All Breeds Dog Club show at Castle Hill.... so proud of my brown boy
  7. Dobermann Thread

    Specialty and WAE results can be found HERE Once I get the Obedience and Open Show results I'll put them up there also
  8. Puppy Puzzle Seminar

    Further details for the Sydney seminar on 30th April hosted by The Dobermann Club of NSW can be found here: http://dobermannnsw.homestead.com/PatHastingsWorkshop.html Places are filling quickly
  9. Neuter Shows

    Yes, I've noticed the same in NSW... our first show post title implementation there were 16 entries for Neuter sweepstakes (we managed to get 1st too ). I enjoy the sweeps classes, another opportunity to get out there with our Neuter dogs - Hills District have been holding them for several years (pre title) and I always make sure I support their shows
  10. Neuter Shows

    Congrats TerraNik - I think I must have been standing next to you in the Generals Specials line up... Am loving the Neuter classes and will definitely send an entry off for the Hawkesbury show! Our next one is the Xmas show at EP. Hopefully more shows start holding the classes.
  11. Neuter Shows

    Yes, I'm hoping to see some more Sydney/NSW shows holding Neuter Classes once the point system kicks in after 1 July. At the moment I only have a neuter dog to show (+ his desexed mother). I tragically lost his litter sister at 16mths who had been doing very well at shows and, due to family commitments at present, am not in a position to have any more dogs for a while I want to thank Hills District Kennel & Training Club & Ku-Ring-Gai Kennel Club for being some of the only clubs in our area to be consistently holding class 18 (and giving lovely fringies and prizes!). Hopefully some more clubs will pick up the classes going forward.... I'd love to title our boy I would have loved to have headed up to the Rylstone-Kandos shows in July but we have a family birthday that weekend I can't get out of.
  12. Rex

    Just updating the Club website and came across these pics of Rex enjoying himself...
  13. Rex

    Oh no, I'm so very sorry for your loss..... Rex was a wonderful boy in so many ways. I know how much you loved him and how your heart must be aching right now Hugs to you and your Dobe girls - they will miss his presence too. Run free at the Bridge Sexy Rexy - I'm sure Jet & Keira will be there to show you around.
  14. Neuter Classes

    But points do not come in effect for neuter until July 1st so there will be no points on offer for Neuter at Hills District. Nope but good practice I've entered - the Hills District Shows are practically the only ones who offer Neuter classes and Sweepstakes in the Sydney area these days. I make sure I enter their shows each year for this reason (and have a few fringies to show for it ) Looking forward to more shows after 1 July.
  15. Horrendous Handling Blunders

    Loving these stories, thankfully I haven't had a fall in the ring (touch wood). I do remember stacking my Dobe for BOB and whilst leaning over adjusting his front legs my necklace somehow got stuck in the check chain....my neck stuck to his neck - not fun!! It seemed like the loooongest time to get it unstuck while the Judge looked on patiently