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  1. Hi all, This will be the first for us, but we need to leave our dogs for 4-5 nights at a kennel. Can you please recommend a place around Frankston? I've got two labradors and they stay in-house with us, so we'd like something similar. I've looked at 4paws - has anyone been there and what's your opinion? Thanks!
  2. Snoring...

    LOL!!!! yeah I snore too apparently so does hubby. My son was snoring like an old sow the other night lol..He denied it of course when I told him about it. Both my boofers snore, we are used to it now. We gently nudge with a foot through the night which makes them turn position. This way the snorning usually stops Well, even I snore sometimes, I have to admit but I can be turned over by my wife, while my dog sleeps 3 meters from me, so I'd have to get up to turn him over, which I do from time to time now, but then it takes a while for me to get back to sleep.
  3. Snoring...

    Oh, that sounds good - the laser I mean, thank you for the good news I'm sure I'd be able to find someone in Melbourne who can do this once I know what to look for I know about the sound - I moved from an apartment on a busy street to a country house (in Europe, where I'm from) and I couldn't sleep, because there were no cars at 2am But now I'm the other way around, go figure...
  4. Snoring...

    Um, I wouldn't actually want to crate my dogs How will they go outside when they need to at night? And they would need a huge crate anyway (2 large labs), which we wouldn't have space for in the house. I'd rather fix the problem by medical means or if all else fails (or is too painful for the dog), I guess I'll try to adapt somehow Thanks for the suggestion though
  5. Desexing

    That's a very good suggestion - thanks!
  6. Desexing

    Yes, I see that most people recommend this, so we'll do that Thank you!
  7. Desexing

    Thank you - your prices are much nicer I understand your point about the test and it is very valid, it's better to be safe than sorry. Pain relief is also a must, that's for sure (actually that comes on top at an additional price). I think that the vet is just charging way too much from the sound of it. It would cost me close to $400 if I chose all the options I think I'll need to shop around as you suggest... The only thing that stopped me from doing this in the first place is that we have the dog's history (however short) with this vet and they're the closest to where we live. Am I being lazy? :rolleyes:
  8. Snoring...

    Thank you for the reply - that makes it 2 against the operation now... It's quite unfortunate that this operation is so serious and has such bad effects afterwards Sleeping in another room is pretty much out of the question, because he won't go He is used to sleeping with our second dog and she always sleeps with us and it's too late now to change the rules :rolleyes: They would just scratch at the door all night. Has anyone actually used those anti-snoring sprays or are the bad for the dog's nose (or wherever they're administered to)?
  9. Snoring...

    Yes - good thinking. :cool: If anything needs ot be done it is best to get it done at one time usually. Thanks Now I just need to find out whether it'll have such long-lasting effect, as described above. I hope not
  10. Snoring...

    Oh, very sorry to hear that. I assumed that it's a simple operation that doesn't have any further effects, but I wouldn't want my puppy to suffer for a few weeks I'll need to do a lot more research on this subject I guess...
  11. Snoring...

    Hmm, yes, I suspected that it could mean some other problems as well I'll talk to my vet. We're due for desexing soon, so I was thinking it would be a good idea to do any painful stuff (if there's any) while he was sedated for the operation.
  12. Snoring...

    Hello all, One of my labs snores a lot (he wakes me up, eventhough he's only 5 months old), while the other doesn't snore at all. I think this is more of an "individual" snore rather than a "breed" thing, so I'm looking into options of trying to get rid of the snore. I was told that there's a simple operation performed on humans (at least in Europe) that gets rid of the snore once and for all. I was wondering if anyone heard of such a thing, but for dogs here in Australia? There're also some sprays that should stop snoring, but I haven't tried them and I'm not sure that a spray is ok for a dog's nose - they are more sensitive than humans after all? Any opinions welcome, I'm a keen sleeper, but he sleeps so well that I can't wake him up by simply shouting (and waking up everyone else in the house) - I actually have to get up and walk over to him to shake him a bit , so I'd love it if there was a solution to this problem (can't solve farting though, but that doesn't hurt my sleep ) Thanks in advance.
  13. Desexing

    Thank you
  14. Desexing

    Thank you for the answer. I own a labrador (actually 2 of them, but we're desexing just one at the moment) and they're 5 months old now (we'll have the operation at 6 month). I had a feeling that the prices were a bit high, but now I know for sure On the other hand, we always go to this same clinic, so maybe it's better to have the operation there as well, because the doctors have full animal history? But I'll still check around to see other prices, as it seems that they are cheaper by more than two-fold