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  1. Thank you, Sheena. It looks interesting! :)
  2. Hi everyone! I'm thinking of getting a couple of heating mats for the dog and cat for this winter. They both weigh about 5 kgs - so two of the same would probably fit! :D Of course, there are a few options out there - and not enough information on many of them.' So I'd certainly appreciate some information from DOLers who have experience with these, please???
  3. So Who Got Into The Bin?

    We bought a bin last week. Woo is fascinated by it. She loves to stand and watch it close - it has a sort of delayed closing action and when it finally shuts, she jumps. Every time. :laugh: But I was really WTF? when she sniffed around it then pawed at the foot pedal! Took about an hour for her to figure out how one opens it!! Fortunately, it is too tall/big for a Lowchen to hold the pedal and get her head into it.
  4. Washing Machine

    I'm a top loader fan. Had a front loader once and no way will it happen again! We have just moved and I bought a late modal F&P (with the agitator)and am glad I left the LG behind. The LG had a few quirks- including some inlet filters that had to be cleared frequently and required the machine to be moved out in order to do so. One of those filters was not even mentioned in the instructions and it took some doing to sort out the problem Grrrr..... LG after sales service is the pits!!! I think F&P might be on a come-back as I'm happy with it after avoiding them over the last few years due to adverse reports.
  5. Retractable Leads - A Menace ?

    Agreed. I have one and it is great for my SWF in certain circumstances. I was never a fan of them for larger dogs eg my Dobe, as they could be very dangerous on a lunging 30kgs of muscle. My 5kg bouncer is quite ok tho. :laugh: Where we are now, I use a 6' normal lead and it's all that is needed. I have come across others using flexi leads and some of their dogs have been in my dogs face. I even had to tell one lady to "Pull your dog back" twice on one occasion. Fortunately, I came across her again a few days later and the flexi lead was not in use. Maybe she got the idea? I now avoid certain times/places so as to reduce the chances of encountering these idiots.
  6. A Raw / Vets All Natural Diet

    My vet now stocks raw. She has installed a brand new freezer after the old one carked it during the floods/power outages. When I first went there, she was pretty non-committal when I mention I fed raw. . Not any more. She saw my old dog pass on with a complete set of perfect teeth. :D
  7. Chicken Carcass Frames How To Feed?

    :laugh: I hope they all enjoy it Jules - no matter how you "feed" it! I'd probably break one in half and freeze the second half for a month or so while they work their way through the first one. :D
  8. Does She Really Need An Elizabethan Collar?

    You are complaining about a $5 re-usable item? Mine was speyed recently and yes, she would go chew as soon as I took my eyes off her! She wore her collar full time for a week and it never bothered her. In fact, she seemed to like the challenge of getting around things, in things and through small spaces with it on! She was over it all, no redness, no swelling, no infection in that week.. Well worth a $5 investment. And I have it for the future in case it is needed.
  9. A Follow On Thread For Those Who Now Have Their Puppy

    :laugh: Healthy, happy puppy. Now teach her to tidy up and it will all be good again. :)
  10. Creepy!

  11. Dreams Do Come True ! :)

    Congratulations, Jules! So happy for you! :)
  12. What Would You Do?

    I think the difference here is you're talking vet I'm talking Specialist small animal surgeon. I was worried about the situation and he was very nonchalantly telling me that he could do it not a problem and not to worry if she comes into season they will do it then as well. These guys are used to small intricate procedures. I don't think we can lump all vets with the same policies and rules in this instance. Just relating what I recently found on the subject, since it is being discussed.. Not trying to lump anything into anything. Nor was it a policy or a rule. If the customer insisted, they would still do t and charge accordingly. I would not go against my vet's advice, even tho he seemed to be erring on the conservative side. I would be happy to err on the side of safety for my pet as well. Seems not all pet owners see it that way. The risk is still there IF they happen to be in season, regardless of how special your specialist is. I don't think you mentioned the possibility your dog WOULD actually be in season when she went to the specialist for X-rays. Or did you?
  13. What Would You Do?

    The vet I spoke to prefers not to de-sex during season. Mine was just starting - the day after I booked her in, actually! :laugh: I think she understood the phone call! In fact, he said if she went fully into season, he would want us to wait another THREE MONTHS after it finished before de-sexing. As it was, it was very early and minimal added risk. They will if they HAVE to, but it is a considerably greater risk, a more difficult operation and they, naturally, charge more in those circumstances.
  14. What Would You Do?

    I would not be at all surprised that what she has been through will delay the season thing anyway. They come into season when THEY are ready - not when the calender tells them! :) You could just wait and arrange to pop her down to your vet at the very first sign of season beginning - if it does before you are ready.. They will not de-sex during season, but if you catch the very early signs, it is not so bad.
  15. Bladder Problems After Sedation

    A UTI could do that. If she is still poorly in the morning, grab a urine sample and take it to the vet to test.