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  1. KTB - The doggles are so funny, Elbie and Hoover are both looking very cool with them on. lilli_star - Reindeer Roo! Hehe, she looks so happy with those antlers on, even if she was bribed. ravenau1 - Astrid looking stunning as always! Loving the tinsel collar. Minxy - Gosh, Kyojin has grown up to be a very handsome boy indeed. ~Rumour! - Wow she is focussed! Thanks for sharing the vid, I wish my two were as focussed when training! Thought I would share a few pics of my two taken a few days ago, Mars decided to de-stuff his cockatoo.. Pepper and her crazy face.. "Please throw it for me mum..?" Hoping everyone is well, also.. I think we need more pics!
  2. I'll be there with my boy Diesel too, little Miss Rumour will be tagging along with us but she's probably going to be in a very grumpy mood because she'll miss out on being able to compete by under one week Would be great to meet you Diesel&Ryder and of course I'd love to meet Diesel and Rumour! :D A shame that little rumour will be too young, I'm sure she'll still love the road trip.
  3. Dear Roo, Fanks for the congratz! Mum gave me a big juicy bone when I got home, yum yum! Thanks dandybrush! :D
  4. Thank you! I think it was attempt number 8 or something like that, Mars was pulling faces and making his ears wonky, Pepper was also attempting to photo-bomb. Pepper here - I know how you feel Hoover. Mars always gets to go out on secret squirrel business with Mum and comes home smelling suspiciously like he has been seeing doggy friends. He also constantly shoves toys in my face when I'm trying to sleep, will bat me on the head with his paw and uses me to balance when he's too lazy to 'beg'.
  5. Psst. Blue can't turn chocolate unless she rolls in mud I'll send some Pepper fur in the post for you, or Daisy could indeed roll in different shades of mud. :D
  6. Woo hoo! We'll be starting flyball in a couple of weeks! Even if we're not ready by Feb, we'll be there cheering you guys on! :D Miss Daisy is also very very cute!!! As requested by KTB. :D Mars wasn't too happy I made him get up from doing nothing to pose with his certificate. :p
  7. Have mucho fun!!! Also... *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!*
  8. I didn't choose... OH did. His childhood dog was a BC so he always wanted another one, his 2nd choice was a Beagle. I didn't have a preference at the time, although I did love Shiba's after living in Japan, but it was decided.. BC's were to be.
  9. Those are some pretty unhappy looking doggies KTB! Our doggies never seem to realise we are only doing it for their own good. dandybrush - Those pics of Willow and Raz are so cute!!!!
  10. I initially attempted to use pegs, but Mars would shake his head and they would fling off. I then attempted post it notes, I put one on.. no luck, then another and another and another.. the end result is below. I'm sure I could have put more on, but then I would be a horrible Mum! We're getting there though, I went back to using a peg and he will now paw his face on command, but just need to work on holding the paw there for longer.
  11. Shall see you out there, I'll probably only be there with one doggy though.
  12. Hehe, love this pic! :D Hopefully no more shivering for Hoover while doing his night time business! I wish I could justify buying my 2 doggy pyjamas... maybe if I shave them... :p
  13. Bumpity bump bump. Oh how I have neglected this thread.. Lovely pics of Ziggy and congrats to Max on his FD title!! Some pics of my 2.. Mars' fav spot in the lounge room.. Getting comfy on the couches..
  14. 28 May is good for me, so are other weekends if we want to move it.
  15. I'm good for 21st, 22nd is OK but I have doggy training from 9am-10am. :D 28th & 29th May also fine, but ditto with the dog training on the 29th.
  16. Hooray for Roo!! :D Great to hear she has realised how yummy it is! We're onto our 4th one, soon to be buying more. :D Hey Clastic, do Mars and Pepper eat it completely? Yep, they sure do! They nom on it until there is nothing left. I got worried when there wasn't much left at all (small enough to swallow and possibly choke), but the dogs kept chewing until it broke apart into smaller pieces. This antler was 20cm once upon a time.. Now for a pic I took today. We have a kennel ordered and waiting on delivery, but I also decided that in case the dogs don't want to share.. a trampoline bed might be nice. Lucky they share.. sometimes..
  17. Hooray for Roo!! Great to hear she has realised how yummy it is! We're onto our 4th one, soon to be buying more.
  18. That pic of Raz leaning on Willow is so cute!! :p Also in the other pic Raz is all sprawled out with the frog legs. itsmeg made them. ;) - They're pretty light, you can choose between flannelette or fleece for the lining. I don't see why you couldn't use them in the Summer, they aren't thick at all. Can't wait to see pics of Rumour, Diesel&Ryder!
  19. The raincoats are wearing if we're out training and its raining. You should have seen them when they first put them on.. not happy at all. Pepper warmed to it pretty quickly, but Mars just stood there very still.. maybe because the strap was over his little mister...... I had to play a few games with them with the coats on so that they got used to it, thats why they look so happy in the other pic. :D Unhappy Mars.. Unhappy Pepper..
  20. kyliegirl - Mars is toy obsessed and would only stare at the toy, so we did some focus exercises with the toy first. Show the toy, remove it from field of sight, get his focus back, then reward. This just helped for us so I knew that I could get his attention even if the toy was in view eventually. As Wizzle said, different dogs work with different things, its just finding the right option for you guys. dandybrush - Welcome back!! Pic time! Only one though.. We got our doggy raincoats in the mail today!
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