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  1. Just an update, Cash got hooked up o an ECG on Friday to check his heart and the report is bing sent to a cardiologist in Melbourne at the moment to review but the vet seemed to think it looked ok. :)
  2. Thanks guys for your responses and help, so sorry to hear of how this has effected some of your dogs. Cashie my boy is being hooked up to a ECG tomorrow at the vets to monitor his heart to see how that is. I will update how I go. Thanks again.
  3. I'm so so so sorry for your loss my heart goes out to you. My boy "Cash" has 3 mid seizures where he is wobbly afterwards, we spoke to his breeder and she said that along some of his lines some of the dogs has had this. We sent a video of him having one of these seizures to the neuro vet and he does not seem convinced it wobblers syndrome so we have to do some more test.
  4. Thanks Stitch, what do you mean by "PTS" ? Can I ask what happened to your Dobe? Thanks DiscoDobe I will check it out. Yes JuleslovesCavs it looks like only large breeds get it, how is your cav going now with the arthritis?
  5. Hi, my long haired 7 year old Weimaraner looks like he may have 'Wobbler Syndrome'. Has anyone here had experience with this? Many thanks
  6. Thanks, did the vet recommend this? I cant stand the smell of Epi-otic anymore, especially when it ends up all over you
  7. stormie - Its just a cleaner no medical Mags - Thanks, I will look into 'ilium Oticlean' Crisovar - Maleseb seems a cheap alternative for cleaning mixing with water, online is way cheaper I have just relised, thanks. Bayer Clean Ear 125ml was costing me $38.95 from my local vet, online is the way to go just did a seach & can get if for under $20.
  8. I have 2 big Weimaraners who love the beach! Ear cleaner is a constant, my vets recommend cleaning with 'Ear Clean' twice a week all the time to keep on top of it to reduce infections as they are so prone. This is very costly $40 for a small bottle that lasts maybe 4 - 6 weeks. Is their a safe cheaper remedy I can make from home? Thanks!
  9. I am sos so so sorry to hear about your loss harryviolet I have set 3 traps behind my oven along the wall & the bait has just gone & the traps have not been set off I just brought some of the grey plastic mouse traps & will set these up & see how I go.
  10. Thanks for every ones input, I have taken a few good idea's & will try some out
  11. I have mice in the kitchen & heard some in my bedroom last night. I own two adult Weimaraners that are house dogs, they often catch them. I have used mouse traps when possible like behind the oven or fridge but they are still here, I have blocked possible entry points where they can come in but they are still here (unless they are coming through the dog door). My home is very large so hard to treat, can anyone offer advice to solve this problem with out bait stations that would hurt my dogs? If I did not have the dogs inside I guess I would set up heaps of traps but the they are indoors dogs & don't want them poking their paws at them & setting them off...ouch!!
  12. Thanks for your feedback guys, I did not know that Prem Dry Food has had that trouble in the past with kidney failure etc. I think I will trial all all including Raw & Barf & a prem dry food
  13. Thanks Hesapandabear for your response, can I ask what your home made diet consist off? Dagmar to answer your question I guess that was what I thought would be the best way to give them everything they need in the way of nutrition. I would consider not feeding dry food however my lifestyle is very busy with long hours at work & would not have the time to create anything, what do your do that is not dry food? Does wet food control the amount of dog wast like dry food can do?nicolatu Thanks for your reply & the costing info, Eukanuba sounds like it may be worth a try. Thanks fo rthe feedback spottychick I have seen the name "Eagle Pack: pop up abit when I originally tried to find some info in the search engine.
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