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  1. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  2. Yes Rebelsquest, you asked so we discussed. You are welcome. It is the first time we have offered neuter so support it everyone or we will probably not have it again.
  3. We don't usually have neuter however, I will pass it on and see what we can do.
  4. Cross Post Wagga Agi Show

    No good emailing at the moment, she has no internet. Try phoning again on 69424697. If you want you can ring me with details and I will pass them on. 69203713.
  5. Great news! All details have been approved and these shows will now be held at the Yerong Creek Recreation Ground, NSW. Yerong Creek is on the Olympic Highway, 30 mins from Wagga and 1 hour from Albury. This is a three day weekend with the Southern Region Hound Club holding two shows as well. We are endeavouring to make this weekend extra special to celebrate our 21st year! All judges are International. There is around 20 powered sites available and unlimited unpowered, campers will have clean showers and toilets as well as access to a great, huge room with tables and chairs and a fire to socialise. All this for $10.00 per night. The Bowling Club will be open from midday Fri, Sat & Sun with meals available each night, and the Hall Committee will be catering breakfast, morning tea and lunch each day from the Club's kitchen. There is plenty of accommodation available in surrounding towns, a B&B in the bottom pub at Henty (10 mins away) as well as the top pub, pub and motel at Culcairn (20 mins away) - going the other way - motel at The Rock (10 mins away) and many motels and Stayz houses available in Wagga (30 mins away). Early next year I will have a list of accomodation along with contact numbers available. Keep an eye out for the schedule in the Dogs NSW and Vic journals!
  6. Albury Shows

    The schedule in Vic Dogs for the Albury shows on the first weekend in November has the wrong closing date. These shows are open until 5 October.
  7. Ring Sparring

    When done properly, it is exciting and exhilerating!! Absolutely!! My foxie is the most laid back terrier, he loves all people and all dogs, wags his tail constantly and doesn't start fights, HOWEVER........he will NOT back down! And I have seen this on three occasions now! He will face off as he should, on the tiptoe of expectation! Then come home and sleep on my lap :laugh:
  8. Ring Sparring

    I also think there should be more judges asking for terriers to face off! But I also think that if an exhibitor does not know how to face off their dog safely they should politely inform the judge that because of their lack of experience they don't wish to participate. You have a terrier, treat it as such. If this practise makes you "really upset and disgusted" then maybe a terrier is not the breed for you.
  9. Cooma Kennel & Obedience Club

    You have advertised member and non member entry fees but said nothing about membership. Don't you want more members?
  10. oops, maybe because the cataloguer is sick!
  11. Dog Shows At Wagga Wagga

    Oh I met the Moo today and what a gorgeous girl! Ruth & Peter must be so proud! That head is to die for!
  12. Selling Off Prizes...

    I wish you did know why you don't feel right selling something you have paid for (or partially) with your entry fee.
  13. The First Supreme Grand Ch.

    I haven't read the rules regarding the title, but would a dog be able to get a neuter challenge and still qualify? the neuter title is a different title so I would guess not. Neuters don't get challenges and you need a challenge.