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    Anything Border Collie, my new pup will be here this week!!!!
  1. Border Collie Pics

    Wow that took me back - is that off Shoal Point? Great pics The beach pics are actually taken at Seaforth beach, the river and grassy ones were taken down at Bellingen (near Coffs Harbour) when we visited my sis in law, it was Jinx's first swim so he wasn't impressed lol.
  2. Border Collie Pics

    Lol, the funny thing is that those pics are a couple of months old now so he's even more grown up now! Just talked to hubby, we're taking him to the lake tomorrow so I'll take the camera along for some brand new ones!
  3. Border Collie Pics

    Ok, some new Jinx photos for those of you who remember us...
  4. Border Collie Pics

    Hey guys, how is everyone? I know I haven't been on here in forever! I am busy planning my wedding!!!! Jinx is so big now, he doesn't even look like a pup anymore lol. I'll post some new pics as soon as I get on my main pc (I'm on the laptop at the moment doing wedding stuff). Hope everyone is well and happy.
  5. Border Collie Pics

    Jinx is great at class and after only 2 lessons we were told last night that he's a puppy pre school graduate and ready to start with the rest of the group. He is loving it and improving dramatically, I'm so proud of my little fella. I'll have to get some pics of him next week!
  6. Border Collie Pics

    Cool, I'll look forward to seeing them Darwin. Jinx has his first obedience class tonight! One started up last week that's close enough for us to attend weekly! This one is only 120kms away so we can make it in a bit over an hour, the other one is about twice that and only has a night time class once a week, that's why he hasn't been going until now. Very excited! He's had a bath so he's all pretty and ready to go.
  7. Border Collie Pics

    Have some more Jinx photos. First two are to proove it does snow in Queensland ... Behold my little man and his great big mess! Keep in mind that this is only the side gate, the trail of fluff continues right around the yard! And these were taken at the park yesterday afternoon! The local footy club has just granted dog owners access to the footy fields as an offleash area! :p (there are fences way off in the distance) It's still on a trail basis but the good news is that out of the 5 other dog people there all were carrying baggies and cleaning up after their four legged friends! One lady even picked up after Jinx! He started to do his business and I called out to Brad to grab a bag for me but the lady said no problems, I'll get it! She said she was on the way to the bin with her own bag of "goodness" anyway and may as well have both hands full! I thought that was so sweet. I love doggy people! This is Jinx with my OH in the background flying his remote control helicopter... Sorry about the size of the pics! Didn't realise they were that big.
  8. How Do You Teach Your Puppy To Jump?

    I think what everyone is trying to tell you is that she will do it only if/when she is ready. By trying to force your girl into doing this you run the risk of creating ongoing medical risks for her, hip and spine troubles for example. Wait until she is at least a year old and then try to gently encourage her into jumping up a little distance at a time. By buying her a bed that she has to jump into you are probably going to do more harm than good. I have a 4 1/2 month old Border Collie that stands probably twice the height of your girl and he still sleeps on a folded up doona in his crate on our bedroom floor because I don't want him to do any jumping if I can avoid it. She is a dog so I'm pretty sure she doesn't care if she has to sleep on the floor from time to time.
  9. Border Collie Pics

    You'll be amazed at what they can do when given the chance. My old dog Jake had never worked before, I put him on a friends cattle with the friends dogs and he fell straight in. I think it's something that they should all get to try if it's at all possible. Good luck with Trey in Adelaide! I'll keep my fingers crossed! We Want piccies!
  10. Border Collie Pics

    Ziggy and Bill are lovely mjk, I love seeing them do what they're bred for. Jinx will be getting a go very soon and I'm so excited! Brad's family has a cattle and sheep station and have offered to include Jinx in the next muster I'll be the proud Mummy following with a camera lol. You guys will be amongst the first to see the pics no doubt And congrats Darwin for your win in the K9 photo comp! I meant to enter Jinx but forgot lol, bad mummy, bad mummy
  11. Border Collie Pics

    Beautiful pooches everyone! And yes, crosses are welcome
  12. Border Collie Pics

    Ok O-Ren, you asked for it! More Jinxie pics on the way lol. These are ones I got from the breeder so he is only a baby in them ;) definately has the cute factor! And look how much him and Mum look alike! Would pass as the same dog unless you looked close! Jinx's Mum with some of the litter (she had 6) This photo shocked me when I saw it, Jinx's Mum (not Jinx) Jinx and one of his siblings.... Looks like he's taking a pee in this one
  13. Border Collie Pics

    You're very welcome darl. :p The scanner doesn't show them up very well so I'll try to make a better copy tomorrow. Will get in contact with you and send you a copy :rolleyes:
  14. Border Collie Pics

    Ok Clover, a little later than I said but here you go. With Clover's permission I am posting this here before she has even seen it :p Her two BC kids, Elvis and Tinny... Thanks everyone for the compliments but I just do this for fun and to keep the brain active. Bella's Dad, you're welcome for the hints, your girl is adoreable I look forward to seeing more pics of her (and the rest of the DOL BC's! :rolleyes: ) Welcome to DOL and the wonderful life that is border collie ownership
  15. Border Collie Pics

    I upload my photos to www.photobucket.com, just create an account and put your pics up. Then come back here click add reply (not fast reply) in the top of the box you'll see the buttons to press for bold, itallic, etc, there's a pic of a tree (8th from left) click that and then copy the link to your pic from photobucket and paste it in the box that appears when you click on the tree. Hope that makes sense :rolleyes: ETA it also helps to click on preview post before you add it, that way you can be sure it worked before it shows up here.