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  1. I used something similar with a rottweiler who had progressive3 paralysis in her legs. From being unable to raise herself and slipping on the wooden floors, she was happily able to get around for several more months. The Waggle ones look much better than the ones I used, and the service at Waggle is absolutely brilliant!
  2. Horts, he is just perfect! I want him
  3. Chris that looks like a great product. Thanks - I'll order one of those. It will be a help but I will still need some sort of barrier. The problem is I have 7 dogs ranging from a tenterfield terrier to a great dane and occasionally the goat needs a ride as well. Imagine how long it takes trying to harness and secure that many animals. The kurgo line will be a great temporary measure however I need some system where I can just let them pile in and forget about them.
  4. I can't seem to locate a cargo barrier to fit a 97 Toyota Tarago GLX. I was thinking that some sort of adjustable webbing barrier might do the trick. Just hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of a suitable product.
  5. How is Zorro doing? If he just licked a toad (as opposed to swallowing one) a big dog like that should be ok.
  6. I would agree that a mature dog already used to kids would be a good choice. Labs and golden retrievers make great family dogs but puppies of these breeds can absolutely terrorize tiny children with their boistrousness. Have you considered a tenterfield terrier? Great with kids and the heart of a big dog in a pint sized package.
  7. Interesting thread. I lose track of who owns what Horts, I am sorry to hear about Kuges. I thought he must have passed as he wasn't mentioned in your threads but I didn't want to upset you by asking. What a trooper he was - and you too with your ceaseless are if the old boy. I used to have three dogs then the boyfriend moved in so now there are seven! Great Dane Rottweiler/wofhound (rescue) BullterrierX (rescue) Tenterfield Terrier Kelpie Foxterrier Mastiff/ridgeback We are planning to move on to acreage soon!
  8. I had my bullterrierx mutt in at the vet two weeks ago with a paralysis tick. He gets advantix fortnightly but still managed to get one on him. So make sure you check your dogs even if they are supposed to be covered. This is NSW far South Coast.
  9. Run free beautiful girl!
  10. When I got my first chickens the dogs were driven wild with excitement. I just knew that somewhere along the line an accident was going to happen particularly as my great dane spent much of the day with paws up on top of the hen house trying to shake the damn thing apart. So essentially I told the dogs the chickens were 'MINE!" and as they have to respect anything tht is 'MINE', we are one big happy family, so much so that chickens will try to steal food from the dogs bowls when they are eating and the dogs just turn and bark at them to chase them off.
  11. What a bugger, madwoofter! Hope someone can help. I will be stopping in Sydney for three or four days later this month. If you don't have anyone in permanently by then, I would love to take you up on your offer. Will keep checking in on this thread
  12. thanks lic - I've posted there too
  13. Friends of a neighbour of mine are looking to add a rottweiler pup to their family and asked if I could recommend a few reputable breeders to them. Their last rottweiler was much loved and very much missed as he passed away last year. It is a large family with teenagers so I think a calm stable temperament is very much the key when choosing a pup. If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be very much appreciated
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