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  1. Anti-slip Dog Socks?

    I used something similar with a rottweiler who had progressive3 paralysis in her legs. From being unable to raise herself and slipping on the wooden floors, she was happily able to get around for several more months. The Waggle ones look much better than the ones I used, and the service at Waggle is absolutely brilliant!
  2. Introducing Rolf!

    Horts, he is just perfect! I want him
  3. Car Pet Barriers

    Chris that looks like a great product. Thanks - I'll order one of those. It will be a help but I will still need some sort of barrier. The problem is I have 7 dogs ranging from a tenterfield terrier to a great dane and occasionally the goat needs a ride as well. Imagine how long it takes trying to harness and secure that many animals. The kurgo line will be a great temporary measure however I need some system where I can just let them pile in and forget about them.
  4. I can't seem to locate a cargo barrier to fit a 97 Toyota Tarago GLX. I was thinking that some sort of adjustable webbing barrier might do the trick. Just hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of a suitable product.
  5. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Such good news Gilly! - yeah for bella Danois, I have used Tick Collars, Advantix, Revolution and Proban at various times. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on which is best but the bottom line seems to be that none of them are totally foolproof. I had mine on revolution recently and Bozley still got bitten by a paralysis tick and spent a week at the vets recovering. Whatever you end up using, just remember to check Boo over twice daily and he should be fine
  6. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hang in there Gilypoo. our thoughts are with you
  7. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Meh, glad to hear Giselle is not the only hound from hell Giselle can't open the kiddy locks yet and they stop her from opening up the fridge every time she walks past but if you go out for any length of time she will pull at the door until they just break.
  8. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Meh, like the idea of 'Secret Dog Business"! Only another couple of hours from Kiama and you'd practically be here. Sorry, no decent photos of Giselle as the camera has finally died. Giselle is a right proper bitch. She has managed to get through the latest child proof locks on the fridge and is bossing all the other dogs around. The only one that manages to put her in her place is Ellie the 12 year old Tenterfield Terrier. Dogz - hang in there with Abbie. I am sure you are far more stressed and upset than she is. Hope the vets figure out something soon. Pigs are bigger and fatter than ever. Lovely girls they are! 'Interesting times' is not exactly what I would call life at the moment. Am still in my blood spattered t shirt from this morning. Some redneck local with a grudge came onto HH's land and ran at him with fists's flying . I had to drag the two of them off each other - pretty much like any normal dog fight Haven't heard anything recently concerning the other redneck stalker with the gun. I have heard on the grapevine that he he been run out of town. Lovely ornaments, Sinisfar. Nice to have a matching pair Poor Boo....aww!!!!
  9. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hey Dogslife howzit hanging
  10. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Mmmmm.... taking the dogs to the beach. Then probably for a run in the bush to visit my pigs Kiama is a pretty spot. Gily, glad Bella is feeling a bit better
  11. Help

    How is Zorro doing? If he just licked a toad (as opposed to swallowing one) a big dog like that should be ok.
  12. Hi Eveyone

    I would agree that a mature dog already used to kids would be a good choice. Labs and golden retrievers make great family dogs but puppies of these breeds can absolutely terrorize tiny children with their boistrousness. Have you considered a tenterfield terrier? Great with kids and the heart of a big dog in a pint sized package.