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  1. Thanks guys. I rang council too but they were pretty useless. I can't believe it closes so early at this time of year. Madness!
  2. Does anyone walk their dog in Fagan Park on a regular basis? Is it true that it's closed to the public at 6.30pm during daylight savings? Is there a pedestrian entrance and it's just the car parks that are closed or can no one access the park after that time?
  3. Ruthless Photos and Ruthless Leather will be there too. We're at stand R94 in the Royal Hall of Industries. I'll be selling half price session vouchers and my 2015 fundraiser diary and calendar. There'll be a huge giveaway too. Full details are on my blog here.
  4. Awesome, so I can finally get rid of the big box on my dining room table!! The address on the PayPal account is where you want it posted to? Or a work address?
  5. I thought that but wasn't game to say! OIII! Not so much actually, Todd got my business name wrong and they never gave my web address on their website like they promised. They also didn't tag my Facebook page on their social media posts. Pretty disappointing really considering I made a point of asking for all those things to be done in return for my time.
  6. I mean, yeah, but not just because I was on TV :p
  7. We're raffling off our remaining goody bag to raise money for the four charities we work with. The bag contains heaps of good stuff for dog owners and photographers alike - including the much sought after workshop booklet. Full details are here > http://bit.ly/1mXUhtg
  8. That's Cowboy Bebop! He made it all the way to the Huffington Post :cool: The whole series is here > https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152369028214580.1073741844.178098599579&type=3
  9. Naw, thanks Mita :) Holy crap Alibi, you've been here longer than me!! Me too I love the Irish, never met an Irishman (or woman) I didn't like :) Oh, you must not be looking hard enough! :laugh:
  10. When I watched it back I was surprised at how Irish I sounded. I've lived here nearly ten years. I thought it was as good as gone!
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