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  1. My dogs are on C5 and they got it. It only lasted 6-48 hours in the three of ours under 5 years old. The two 10 year olds have been coughing for 3 days so will be going to the vet tonight. Luckily (amazingly!) our "old" 12 year old girl hasn't caught it yet!
  2. It is also going about in WA at the moment. Mine have all picked it up (or at least my pup did very mildly and then she passed it on to the others in a worse form!) They are all currently in quarantine until a week after the last one stops coughing! None of them are on antibiotics though and it is only lasting between 12 and 36 hours from first symptoms in my dogs a friend's dogs had the cough for about a week though Vaccinations don't stop it as there are many bugs (can't remember if it is viral or bacterial!) that can cause it. A C5 vaccination only covers dogs for the three more severe forms. Or at least that is what I have been told.
  3. Since a maltese isn't meant to be much more than 25cm high you are asking your dog to jump over double her height!!! To give you an idea, dogs doing agility are asked to jump less than 1.2 x their height... and they are not allowed to do this in training until they are at least 12 months (usually) or compete until they are 18months! Please for the sake of your puppies future soundness do not ask her to jump until she is an adult, and even then I wouldn't be allowing her to jump on and off the furniture all the time due to the height difference. Buying her her own bed if you don't want to pick her up is probably the best idea.
  4. From an agility jumping point of view you actually don't want dogs to jump much until they are a year old, however it is usually hard to stop them. If your girl is a maltese then it is quite possible that the jumps you are asking her to do are too big. I can safely say a maltese type dog would have a hard time jumping on to my bed! However, if you want to teach her to jump up on things then the easiest method I can recommend is to lure her up using a treat or toy. Start with something small (about half her height possibly a seat cushion if they come off your sofa) and gradually work your way up. Pillows probably aren't the best thing as they are small and aren't solid enough. Hopefully if I haven't been clear enough someone else can help :p
  5. Thanks for the info everyone and I will see you all tomorrow!!! And yes...remember to add their favourite toy to the list of things to bring if you are bringing your dog!!
  6. One more sleep to go YAY! Seems that most people are bringing young dogs LOL! I will be there on Saturday with my 5 month old girl....well I will if some kind DOLer can help me You see, me being the blonde that I am forgot to print/forward all the emails about the day from my work email address (and why did I use that one you ask!) to my home email. Which wouldn't be a problem except that I am not working today So I would really appreciate it if some nice DOLer can either PM me or send me the details of where and what time I need to be there tomorrow. Home email address is Laurin @ bigpond.com (remove spaces) If you can you are a star If not I will just go and cry in my corner hugging my little puppy and try and explain why she isn't going out to play
  7. Most (but not all ) vets have a really big range of Lupine leads. Off the top of my head Midland, South Perth and Murdoch vets all have a great range. Why don't you try ringing all the vets in your area to find out what they have.
  8. I will be bringing Varda on the Saturday. She is used to going to shows though so knows how to go to sleep in the crate LOL! If anyone wants I can bring extra crates with me
  9. Yay, I will be there with my Finnish Lapphund girl, Varda. She will be 5 months old so another youngun! I can only go on the Saturday so am very happy that is the day for drive training ;) I had actually forgotten and entered a show on that day...but will do this instead ;)
  10. I can't confirm fully until I know the dates. Have told k9 of one weekend I am definitely not available. The rest will be available either one or both days. So I think it is a catch 22. Can't organise dates until we have the numbers and can't confirm until we have the dates!
  11. Fair enough. As I said I hadn't seen this thread and so was just a bit put off that a business had ignored my email
  12. I sent k9_force an email yesterday via the website about workshops in WA as I hadn't seen this thread yet. Interestingly enough I haven't heard back from them!!! Does that mean you are only looking for DOLers for this workshop? Although since I am now a DOLer anyway I guess it doesn't matter. So I would possibly be interested, but really depends on dates as I have a busy dog and horse schedule already
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