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  1. I Need Help With My Dogs

    Fingers crossed for you!
  2. I Need Help With My Dogs

    I like this. Or would it be feasible to offer your services as a house/pet minder? That way you'll be able to stay with them & look for your own place & job without anyone breathing down your neck. Sorry can't help with Brisbane/GC area in those fields.
  3. I Need Help With My Dogs

    What sort of work are you looking for & where do you want to live? Sorry I have shitty fences but if you're interested in Gympie/Sunshine Coast area I can keep my eyes open.
  4. Kids Taunting Dog

    Yeah I agree, just explain to them. They might not actually get that they are taunting the dog. Kids just do dumb stuff sometimes and if this is the case they will respond to you explaining the problem and being friendly. If it goes on, then speak to their parents and call the school that they go to. I agree, kids might think the dog is having fun as well. If it doesn't work, I'd go straight to the school though, not bother with tracking parents down
  5. Middle Class Bogans

    Nooooo, please give gorgeous Dave a big smooch from me (Yay for lucky Lucas though :D)
  6. Van Air Conditioner

    I would contact someone like Icepack, who do aircon for sleeper cabs in trucks, hope the link below works, am on phone. If not, Google Icepack by Haultech. http://www.icepack.com.au
  7. New Here

    Squeeeee! He is just gorgeous Love his name, too!
  8. Pet Rescue

    Have to say, I really liked MrsRb's suggestions (didn't think she was having a go at you either :) ). I definitely tune out to all caps & find it very hard to read. :)
  9. Maybe if you say what area you are from, people here can recommend a good obedience class for you to start with?
  10. Another Old Fart!

    Happy late birthday, Nelsson! What a great day you had :D xo
  11. Haha, I'm not a terrier person either, ECSC, but yes, he was handsome! Thanks Mita, I will have to get organised & seek out a Tibbie show, just dragging my feet about a drive to the other side of town. (I'm about 2hrs north of the city & hate driving on days off, lol).
  12. Missed the Tibbies at the Ekka. Saw a Skye Terrier though, what a handsome boy!