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  1. Likely puppy strangles

    Hi all I can't believe it's 4 weeks. We now have to wait 2 weeks before she can be vaccinated. I'm not sure if that will be a test to her immune system and if we could have trouble with a recurrence but we have to try. Ao far so good.
  2. Likely puppy strangles

    Hi everyone, Stella is growing up and whilst a little loony she is less mouthy and sits almost as if a fullstop. But you still need to have her attention. Harvest is starting and my work schedule is crazy so we have missed a couple of doses of her meds oops but we are on the last week. Twice now we have had a skin breakdown on her nose. There seems to be a weak spot. I don't know if it's only a bump in play or some cellulitis remaining. Her ears have been the slowest to heal in all. yes she has some black bald skin on her muzzle but I don't see it I see Stella.
  3. Likely puppy strangles

    From Stella hi there I am healing well and have completed two weeks of treatment. I still have one little spot on my nose and my ears have been the slowest to heal. Sometimes one of my eyes gets a little wept but overall I am going well. My mum says I have a pot belly, I get food cravings and help others eat if I can. I still play lots bounce lots and really am too busy to listen all the time.
  4. Likely puppy strangles

    Ok it's getting pretty rediculous when Stella not only comes in the bathroom to wait for me to have a shower but slides the door open and walks in to join me
  5. Likely puppy strangles

    Lol and annoy me on the way. This is such a looong process.
  6. Likely puppy strangles

    She's decided this is her favourite. I will have to get a supply of them. She turns it around to find the squeaker, tosses it up in the air, drops it off the lounge and retrieves it back up. Very entertaining and made a liar of me not liking squeakers. She's bold rude but so happy. Loves shopping for shoes as well.
  7. Likely puppy strangles

    Great ideas thanks. I think peeling an orange should be fine as she's learned to peel a tennis ball.
  8. Likely puppy strangles

    Hi guys just a quick update, Stella is doing stellar! She is bright happy and a handful as all pups should be. She is very much looking to me as her master. She will do with others when I am not around but it is me she looks to. I have rehoused hundreds in my active rescue days. Stella is on of a few I am asked to help and annoy deny. But there is a bond of trust here that is very intense. I will try and gets some more photos soon. It seems her growth has steadied which I did expect whilst on steroids. Today is a week she started her treatment. We go back to one tablet once a day tomorrow for another seven days. i am looking for safe fun toy ideas as she has had fun with the few I got her although true cheap teddies she will eat. She really enjoys the treat dispenser using her nose to roll it over. She likes a simple car toy large ball with a bell and plays soccer. A more substantial ball with a bell inside would be great if I could find one. She is not overly enthused by squeaky toys.
  9. Likely puppy strangles

    I hope she stays well. The vet advised me she cannot be vaccinated til two weeks spots treatment. I worry as only a scratch could turn deadly. we are almost one week into treatment.
  10. Likely puppy strangles

    Good morning says Stella, life is too short to sleep in! It's the weekend so we should all be up and playing.
  11. Likely puppy strangles

    Also my toe nails are fun to chew, I would chew my tail too if I could catch it here is one of my new toys. It gets frustrating sometimes
  12. Likely puppy strangles

    Also my toe nails are fun to chew, I would chew my tail too if I could catch it here is one of my new toys. It gets frustrating sometimes
  13. Likely puppy strangles

    Good morning from Stella, I had a blast last night when I got all thesexfin toys. But I want more naturally. I wasxalso given this thing called a collar. At first I thought it was a tug toy and didn't want to let go, it was kind of fun. But it feels odd and itchy so I tried to run and I know it off then scratch it off. I'm kind of getting used to it. I'm told it suits me, and one day it will allow me to go for walks with people. i still have meds morning and night and I and learning to sit but that's boring. My legs just want to bounce.
  14. Likely puppy strangles

    I may have forgotten to post this mornings photo...if so here goes.... today I went tot shopping for enrichment, it seems tugging on my pants is still more fun lol. It's worse than when my kids were little. When she rehomes she will be well equipped.
  15. Likely puppy strangles

    Scarring or not she is pretty. She was the plain one and overlooked but she always knew how to get you in by smiling and sitting graciously for the camera. She no longer sits for long and has been most vocal loving to tell us to wake up and brings in the feed bowl asking for food. today is puppy toy shopping day for her. She needs toys inside as it's pretty boring for her.