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  1. Been following the thread with interest andmums dogs is similar to SM post but mums girl has had the runs , may I ask why you asked that is there some connection ? sorry to hijack your post SM
  2. posted by mistake
  3. maybe if coming via plane , could try airport etc , explain the situation and they might be able to check incoming pets ?
  4. I am going to look into the Adapitl one as well , this only happens once maybe twice a week sometimes but it enough for mum to get mum a bit upset so I would say probally moderate anxiety ? rest of the time she doesnt seem to show these signs even though she runs around mums yard , and then does wander back to mum or stands there looking for mum PK reading your thread was heartbreaking , and yes I do understand every case is different , would like to try things a bit more first if we can really appreciate the advice so can pass to mum Thank you
  5. RuralPug - how could I forget Rescue Remedy after reading about it on here so often lol I completely forgot about her trying that , will certainly suggest that also to mum I did some reading about it here on DOL and google I did forget to mention the vet said could give her about a hour before she goes out PK - yes your thread about it I read , that is why I asked of personal experience wit the medication so can let mum know I did suggest to mum to try it while she was at home to see how her dog reacted to it mum has her Molly for about 8 years and the first time left alone she almost scratched the doors down , so hence she got the crate for her and was fine in the crate with some treats etc , and yes I tend to agree she is becoming more insecure with her age and less sight and hearing issues I know my Tara became more distressed when I wasnt around because of her blindness and hearing at her senior age and her dementia I know my cavvie also has some anxiety when I not around but doesnt salvate like mums dog does her Vet is very good , just a few uncertainties by mum about giving it to her Thanks for the replies , always good to hear personal experiences with it
  6. Asking those who have used Trazodone on their dog mums 14 yr old dog has seperation anxiety she gets crated when mum not home ( and she is use to that ) but seems to be getting worse as getting older and almost deaf and blind in 1 eye ( feeling more insecure ? ) she salvates so much that all front of her chest and tummy area is soaked when mum gets home vet is very happy with said dog , good weight , slight heart murmur all going well for her age she did recommend Trazodone after a bit google search they are like a antidepresant also for anxiety but it seems they can take time to work , my main question is if used once a week ( when mum goes shopping ) would they be affective if used once a week as suggested by vet some thoughts on those who have used the above please
  7. Hi :) I answered on FB so shan't bore you again. I hope all goes well and she's feeling better soon. Never boring and thanks for the replies , helped me make the decision for her sake :)
  8. Sorry for delays getting back here , but not on much lately Thanks for asking My dog bite on leg it has left a scar , but thats fine by me as it didnt get infected or needed stitches . although do get some pain / ache in the leg spoke to vet the today ( he came out for Ruby and not me :lol: ) and he saw the scar and showed him the pic after it happened , and he mentioned that the bottom tooth mark has hit a tendon in crease behind the leg , so might take awhile or never to stop acheing , only plays up every so often Anyways , I have a question Ruby has a lump on back of neck ( similar to a planter wart ) vet says he doesnt think anything suspect , I just bit thingy about lumps after poor Tynka had a similar one and then Lymphoma , Tynka;s was black and this one on Ruby is a whiteish colour my dear Ruby has Pharangytis and when giving her the check over noticed she had a red inflamed gum and she flinched when touched it , ( she had 14 teeth out august last year ) so have always tried to keep on top of her dental problem , so she is going in for a dental clean up cant say as yet until she on the table how many may be loose or fall out , but if like last time she was only due to have 1 out not 14 !!! after speaking to mum she suggested maybe have them all taken out ? Molly is eating ok without hers Ruby would only have about 20 left , the front ones and the back ones , and if others come out during the procedure , Would I be better of for her to have them all done now or see how it all goes and then possibly she will need the others out I know teeth can be a problem for Cav's and other small dogs but gee I feeling as though a bad mum to her any advise would help as I not sure how to go with it all for Ruby sake I will also chat to vet about that option when book her in for work to be done ( lump on neck will be removed same time ) Thanks
  9. https://www.facebook.com/AUSSIEPOOCHMITCHELLPARK/ 0421 737 466 Micky
  10. I use a mobile groomer at Oaklands park and he was good and reasonable price
  11. Her bank here in aus , should be able to tell her what name and or some info for the one in NZ ( I had to contact mine years ago over something , cant remember what it was but I was given details ) and then the NZ bank might be able to give some info if explains the whole thing alert the police in her state so they can note this scam ( SAPOL in SA do alert people to scams ) I would say quite a bit of money involved some friend I know also got caught a year or so ago with a dog they got online I would contact the dog associations in the states to alert them more that know the more can save someone else getting caught out
  12. I know you mentioned the buyer ringing bank tomorrow but have they tried to ring today and "might" be able to stop the transaction or at least alert the bank of what has happened , some banks have numbers can contact AH
  13. I would keep the dog because life will be better for the dog with you. Remidog said she has nothing bearing the previous owners signature and that's a bit of a worry. It sounds like you don't have a signed receipt. I hope you do. Ask your Father to look closely into the laws of rehoming/selling of an animal. You need to know these details just in case. The rescue girls on this forum can probably also help with the rules. They know what they are. What the previous owners are now doing is below the belt. First the distraught teens who were not caring for the dog anyway and now the partner/wife. I would keep the dog because she'll have a better life with your family and this is what it was all about until the old owners started moving the goal posts and making it about themselves. Both you and they know the dog is in a better home with you. All should start thinking about the welfare of the dog again. I would call the previous owners and tell them I'll not be returning the dog and would like to cancel their visit on Sunday because the dog has settled in nicely and she'll think they've come to take her home. It would definitely unsettle her. Perhaps you can take the dog to meet them on neutral territory in a week or two if they still want to see her. It's natural for them to miss their dog for the first few days but they don't want to keep her or they would not have gone to those lengths to find her a new home. What they're feeling is a knee jerk reaction to her absence and in a few more days they'll get used to her not being with them. He did say he does feel she is in a better home with us his words to you , so sounds like father is being pressured by the daughter , yet deep down he knows dog would be better with you I would be cancelling tomorrow as well , and wouldn;t have them come to house as mentioned the dog was advertised for a few weeks , so you have a few weeks to make your decision something about this just doesnt feel right to me personally I would be keeping the dog and be sure to get stat dec into your name and make sure all things legally bounding
  14. Hoo-bloody-ray!! I hope the boss charges extra to repair the wall too. Or better still leaves it as is until they ask for it to be fixed and then let them know that will cost more. :laugh: well the owner was told about the dog and should be charged to repaint it maybe said owner will listen in future