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  1. Was talking about this today and the mention of the new strain of parvo came up hope they make sure dogs are vaxed
  2. so glad to hear that have been thinking about her and you enjoy every moment together
  3. How is Ingrid going ? ( and you )
  4. I got one of these for my mum's small dog , it can be used as a back pack if needed or left to use as trolly on wheels , good ventilation and can be protected from trying to get out
  5. Thank you she was a gentle , sweet , gorgeous girl It;s still very raw for mum but her beautiful baby girl is back home with her now
  6. Molly 2002 - 2017 You came into my life in July 2006 , it was instant love between us How I miss not sharing our bed , or you dragging the towel down onto the floor so you could lay on it while I had a shower , our mornings of sharing toast and vegemite , how you tap danced when I gave you your meals , the walks down to the letter box , how you loved skinking in the garden , and our walks " around the world " around the house , you loved our visits to Kangaroo Island sitting on the ferry wind blowing in your hair , you loved the walks to the local gardens , and going down to daughters and her fury friends As you got older you loved it when you waited and watched tv while I cooked dinner and then we shared it , you never damaged anything , you never complained , you were always there with such unconditional love I knew this day would come but it was to soon Missing you with all my heart , miss hearing you and feeling you next to me , you were my beautiful baby girl from your devastated mum and Tara Sam and family R.I.P Molly passed away 17th April 2017 14 1/2 years old Run free with your niece Tynka My Link
  7. So sorry for your loss Lymphoma is a terrible , my girl lasted longer than expected Molly knows how you much you missing Zena and will be of great comfort Big Hugs to you
  8. So Very sorry to hear your loss and to others here also Run Free Little ones heartbreaking times for many I loved makeing a video of my dogs with many of the pictures taken over the years and find comfort in watching them at times , the laughs the smiles and the cries , and the memories of the good times it is hard makeing that decision
  9. Been following the thread with interest andmums dogs is similar to SM post but mums girl has had the runs , may I ask why you asked that is there some connection ? sorry to hijack your post SM
  10. posted by mistake
  11. maybe if coming via plane , could try airport etc , explain the situation and they might be able to check incoming pets ?
  12. I am going to look into the Adapitl one as well , this only happens once maybe twice a week sometimes but it enough for mum to get mum a bit upset so I would say probally moderate anxiety ? rest of the time she doesnt seem to show these signs even though she runs around mums yard , and then does wander back to mum or stands there looking for mum PK reading your thread was heartbreaking , and yes I do understand every case is different , would like to try things a bit more first if we can really appreciate the advice so can pass to mum Thank you
  13. RuralPug - how could I forget Rescue Remedy after reading about it on here so often lol I completely forgot about her trying that , will certainly suggest that also to mum I did some reading about it here on DOL and google I did forget to mention the vet said could give her about a hour before she goes out PK - yes your thread about it I read , that is why I asked of personal experience wit the medication so can let mum know I did suggest to mum to try it while she was at home to see how her dog reacted to it mum has her Molly for about 8 years and the first time left alone she almost scratched the doors down , so hence she got the crate for her and was fine in the crate with some treats etc , and yes I tend to agree she is becoming more insecure with her age and less sight and hearing issues I know my Tara became more distressed when I wasnt around because of her blindness and hearing at her senior age and her dementia I know my cavvie also has some anxiety when I not around but doesnt salvate like mums dog does her Vet is very good , just a few uncertainties by mum about giving it to her Thanks for the replies , always good to hear personal experiences with it
  14. Asking those who have used Trazodone on their dog mums 14 yr old dog has seperation anxiety she gets crated when mum not home ( and she is use to that ) but seems to be getting worse as getting older and almost deaf and blind in 1 eye ( feeling more insecure ? ) she salvates so much that all front of her chest and tummy area is soaked when mum gets home vet is very happy with said dog , good weight , slight heart murmur all going well for her age she did recommend Trazodone after a bit google search they are like a antidepresant also for anxiety but it seems they can take time to work , my main question is if used once a week ( when mum goes shopping ) would they be affective if used once a week as suggested by vet some thoughts on those who have used the above please