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  1. RSPCA have allready murdered 4 of the mumma dogs today WISH Animal Rescue Team Perth WA on FB
  2. I do the same have a clam shell with cool water under the pergola area and when it gets hot like we had I put her in there and slosh water around her , she not really happy in the pool as such as just stands there , and if that hot I also hop in with her lol
  3. the whole situation is just terrible heartbreaking to also see those two police officers and the one speaking , you could see and hear the heartbreak they also saw at the scene so so so very tragic the whole thing that happened , hope the rest of family get some professional emotional help as well
  4. strating to think she is a very soft temperament , I know my little gitl is timid but mums is worse yes we thought of her of something prior that may have frightened her , as mums g/f's dog was placid until one day a man she knew wore a particular hat and had a garden rake in his hand and then she bowled him up , everyone was so surprised , her breeder has been unwell and havent had a chance to actually talk more with her as yet , we knew prior she was a gentle girl and cuddly , I had thought of the only dog , Hopefully she still needs time to settle she wasnt used to collar to star
  5. no mum isnt fussing over her ,she showed her where things were in the beginning ,then let her go about what shewanted to check out ,garden etc yes mums other cav was so outgoing as one of mine , but this girl i hope isnt going to stay like this
  6. ok , she has been with mum about 9 weeks now and things not really improving she loves sleeping in bed or crate when whent home to mum , she was investigateing the garden , she has got better with eating slowly , she still had moments of timid ( understandable ) , would bark at dog next door and chase bird etc mum came down here week before christmas as had my gallbladder out , I had a crate here and beds for , she seemed to eat well and didnt have a problem with my dog when whent back home she was petrified of getting into her crate that she loved being in before
  7. Very sad to read this May you rest in Peace Jasper he will always be around and in your heart
  8. Yes today she has had some good steps forward and one happier mum mum's first cavvie came home slept that night and next morning was into everything in garden lol they all have their ways
  9. oops forgot that , sorry , still looks a bit confused about the camera
  10. Yes we know can take time for them to settle in , but hasnt been much in the last few days , but I tend to agree with some answers here , she has been through a lot with her ops and leaving her pups and long flight and then new people and hasnt realised this will be her long term home and the heat knocked her a bit , mum did take her up to her bedroom last night , she did shake alot when came out crate , ( mum was concerned if she roamed up the stairs she may have fallen ) but when got into the bed in the bedroom she slept all night long and even snores mum let her stay in the cr
  11. yeah we have walked up to her in bed or room normally , and spoken to her in normal voice and tried to coax her in a friendly manner , and say things like come out time for tea . wee etc , not really softly but not loud , that swhat we thinking if we just let her go and she willl come when she wants to ?
  12. she doesnt shake / shiver as if frightened when slowly go to her , , ok didnt think of her thinking only temporary what about Rescue remedy also as well as adaptil ? what else could we try so can give mum few more ideas tomorrow we realise more time is needed , but only going or coming out once a day is a bit upsetting for mum my timid girl did manage to move around bit more after day or so , but onbviously month or so before more confident
  13. mum got her new dog ( 5year old ) on Monday , they stayed here for a few days to help mum with settle her in , of course we know there can be a few week to settle in , ( we have had 4 dogs from the same breeder ) as yes each can be different , but this little girl is so different , she met my little girl and didnt really seem interested in her we had a bed set up for her in mums room here and she spent most of the time in the bedroom in that bed , we at times had to pick her up and take her out, and she would try and shoot back to that room , she eats well , and does toilet most
  14. I was surprised to see the post came up after all the years I didnt think they could be after 3 years
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