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  1. I use Vaseline too...the last thing a PUG needs is food on on her babies bottoms :laugh:
  2. The kits you buy are exactly the same as the ones Vets use. :)
  3. Anyone else read the Published Comments...linky bottom of the DPI page.
  4. So if the codes are supposed to be directed at puppy farms....who tells the Shires/Councils that they have Puppy farms in their areas and who informs the Shires/Councils of the new codes so they can then inforce/make pfs comply? Why make more rules when the first set of rules are not being implemented down at the root of it all/first port of call, at the Shires/Councils level? I thought the first aim when finding a Puppy farm was to shut it down....why would you want them to become legit and comply and apply for a permit to become a Breeding and Rearing Establishment.
  5. How will the DPI know that a Commercial breeder has bred the Giant breed over the age of 5
  6. Well thats all we got...exemptions, which depending on which shire you live in depends on how the DPI guidlines are interpreted....it all gets very emotional once they start threatening to take your dogs away, because of these stupid rules that only apply to Breeding and Rearing Establishments.
  7. Could be worse...if we lived in NSW
  8. Using your example...there would be nothing stopping a registered breeder with less than 10 fertile bitches from using a dog 10 yearsof age for the reasons you Diva have outlined....but a Commercial breeder registered as a Breeding and Rearing Establishment in Vic would not be able to breed a dog past 7 yrs of age. Question...how many registered breeders in Victoria are registered as Breeding and Rearing Establishments?
  9. Would you like to share Jerojath?
  10. These changes are for A BREEDING AND REARING ESTABLISHMENT so unless you are a Commercial breeding business then these do NOT apply. As Puglvr has pointed out...if you are a registered breeder with Dogs Vic then you are not considered a BREEDING AND REARING ESTABLISHMENT unless you have more than 10 fertile bitches...this unfortunately includes any female dog over 16 weeks old.
  11. Please read the sticky about Swimmers....the Pillow case method is the best and most effective way of fixing a swimmer puppy, and they are doing it themselves :)
  12. Are you going to get into showing? Its a long way to go to watch.
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