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  1. Black Nose Fading...

    well mine eats from a stainless steel bowl and drinks from a ceramic one. he is on hills z/d, kangaroo and veges. I'll wait a few weeks and see how he goes
  2. Black Nose Fading...

    bully, thanks for that
  3. My westie had a very black nose and I have noticed in the past few weeks that the colour has started to fade Is there anything I can do? or will it go darker again?
  4. Help Needed With Skin Problems

    My westie has had skin problems but not mange. he had scabs all over his skin his was due to food allergies and was put on science diet z/d (which is a low allergen food) for 2 months and this cleared up his skin. he is meant to be on z/d for good, however I give him z/d plus raw veges and a little bit of cooked kangaroo meat and his skin has been fine.
  5. Westie Skin Diseases

    Hi I thought I would add my ideas as well as I have had a westie with skin problems as well. Rolley (my westie) was getting scabs on his back and very greasy fur. We were told to take him off chicken, lamb and beef and put him on Science diet Z/D. Also we were told to wash him in malasab on a weekly/fortnightly basis. His skin did clear up and we gradually introduced kangaroo and of course raw vegies into his diet and he has been doing really well and has not had a scabby skin since. Good luck with it all ps. your westie is gorgeous
  6. Good Groomers In Sydney

    My groomer charges $40, however she is booked up for the rest of the year. However, I have been to other groomers and $60 is pretty much standard for a westie to be groomed. we have used a place called Wagging tails in the past. think it is in lewisham, just off parramatta rd
  7. Springers And Field Spaniels

    My OH would love to get a springer spaniel. What is the difference betwenn the English and Welsh? Also do the shed a lot of fur?...thanke
  8. Miniature/toy Pomeranians

    When my mum had her pom about 40 years ago. way back then she was told that there were "toys and minatures" and that she had a minature. i will have to tell her about this, as I, like her was always under that impression. you learn something new everyday
  9. When Will His Ears Stand Up?

    It took a long time for my Westies ears to stand up. I think he was about 4months when they did manage to stay up. then he looked a bit like an alien until the rest of his body grew in proportion to his ears. Westies pups are so cute, but boy can they be stubborn and strong willed
  10. Skin Pigment

    he has had quite a few issues with his skin and has many allergies. his skin went black before he was put on the elimination diet. so that wld explain a few things then
  11. Skin Pigment

    When my westie was a pup his skin on his tummy was pink, when he got to the 12 month mark his skin turned black. Spoke to the vet about it and they said it was fine and norml. Now at 19 months this black skin/pigment has started to peel off and he is now a mottled pink and black on him tummy. Is this normal?
  12. Strange Westie Tail

    My westie must have some throw back from the cairn terrier then
  13. My Westie over the past months has had a black/brown patch on his tail. No it isn't dirt it is actually back and brown fur. Any ideas as to why a white dog would suddenly start growing brown and balck fur in one patch?
  14. Scratching At Doors

    i have the exact same problem with my dog. we have bifold doors onto our deck which are boarded with cedar. He keeps scrathcing the timber when he wants to go outside and when he wants to come in. So if we have been out and have come inside he scartches the door until we left him in However if he is inside he scrathes it to go outside to wee but also if he herea the dogs in the neighbourhood barking. In summer a leave the door open a bit so him can come and go but with winter it is too cold to do. Going to have to get the doors sanded back and restained. Anyone know what i could put on the timber to stop the sctahcing or how to protect the timber? It drives me nuts.
  15. We give a mixture of nutro and EPH to our dog with a bit of ziwipeak on top. We were giving him ziwipeak on its own however it gave him really runny poo. Mixing it up has seemed to have helped that problem. Also give him chicken necks and carrots and other veges