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  1. Tis all ok, I have found it ...
  2. I know this isn't the right forum to put this in, but, I'm wondering if everybody else is able to see Off Topic. This new look DOL isn't being my friend, and on both my tablet and phone, I cannot see any of the other topics after the Rainbow Bridge ???
  3. WOW, I'm surprised they arrived so quickly. I'm really glad that they got there safe and sound. It really wasn't very much to send them, so no worries about the cost :) ...
  4. Yep, thats ok. Can you send me your address privately and I will get them sent off in the next week or so ??? Hopefully there are a few things in there that might fit her, or fit with some alterations :) ... Jenni.
  5. Hi Sharon, I've just had a clean out of my daughters show clothes, and I have about 5 jackets and about 5 black skirts that I am happy to give you. They are all in quite good condition. Not sure if they will fit your daughter, but if you can sew I'm sure they can be adjusted. Will be showing at Hobart this Sat 20th Aug, and I'm happy to bring them with me if you will be at the show ??? Let me know if you are interested :) ...
  6. Thanks everyone I have written down them all, and will pass it onto the new owner. showdog, I think the weekends will suit him better.
  7. Hi guys, Have just placed a young 12 month old Basenji boy into a lovely home in Perth.Owner is hoping to join a training club, to help teach him more manners and to help build up a relationship with the dog. Has anyone got any recommendations for a positive training club, preferably north if the river, but he is willing to go south if the river if the club is a good one. TIA :) ...
  8. For size and coat this is a breed that fits........ However Basenji are a very unique breed with interesting and sometimes challenging temperament and behaviour. They are supreme escapologist first and foremost and not a breed that can be readily trusted of lead at all. I'm sure there are exceptions but Basenji are generally most suited to the most experienced homes that know exactly how much goes into making a Basenji and enjoyable pet. As a breeder and exhibitor of Basenji's, blink blink you have certainly hit the nail on the head about them. They are really not the breed for everyone, a
  9. Friends of ours had a lovely ACD bitch, who lost half an ear in a fight. It was incredibly obvious. She easily obtained her Australian Championship, and that was long before extra points for BOB, as well. She obtained many classes in show. It never held her back. Most judges asked the exhibitor what happened, and many highly exaggerated stories were discussed between the exhibitor and judges !!! I've seen many dogs with scars, shaved legs from Vet treatment, shaved areas on the body from Vet treatment, etc, all do well in the showring. They are dogs, they obtain injuries, and it would be a ve
  10. Very sorry to hear. RIP Ishtar. She will be reunited with her breeder Karen, so will get lots of kisses and cuddles.
  11. I have also sent many bloods to Jean Dodds. I just downloaded the forms, Vet drew the blood, filled out the forms, I took the bloods to the PO, after being packed the correct way, sent it off. Never had any issues, till the last time, and they vanished off the face of the earth ??? Couldn't track it down. Not impressed. When I do them again, I will probably use a Courier, it's just they are so expensive, that's why I did it myself. I guess I need to suck that up, knowing they will definately get there.
  12. So I decided to worm her at about day 58ish, she went on to have her pups on day 61ish. They are 9 days old now, so it will be interesting to sed if the pups have a worm burden at all, when I worm them next Sat, at day 14.
  13. We have welcomed 6 gorgeous babies on 18th July. 5 boys and 1 little girl, all red/white. Mum Ochre is doing so well, puppies are thriving ...
  14. woohoo congrats :) Thanks Monteba, still impatiently waiting for the bubbies to arrive. I'm not sure if I am very excited or scared witless :) !!!
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