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  1. NSW Central Coast Copacabana www.lagunabeachhouse.com.au LARGE 2 STOREY WATERFRONT BEACH HOUSE ~ SPA ~ GAS FIREPLACE ~ 3 BEDROOMS ~ 3 ENSUITES ~ 2 KITCHENS ~ GENEROUS LIVING AREAS ~ SUPERB LOCATION Situated right on the shores of the lagoon it is a 1 minute walk from the back door to the dog friendly off leash beach area & a 5 minute beach stroll to patrolled beach. It is a short walk to the local shops where the cafes are pretty dog friendly, happy to allow you to have a coffee or meal with your dog at their outdoor tables. The front yard of the house is large and fully fenced (dog proof) as is a smaller side yard and the back deck is gated so dogs can't take off to the lagoon on their own! You need to provide your own dog beds & bowls, dogs are permitted indoors in the tiled downstairs area of the house and the owner provides a gate for the stairway to make it hassle free to keep the dogs downstairs. If your dogs are couch potatoes you will need to take your own coverings for the lounges and clean up any dropped hair prior to leaving. The house is lovely and has: 3 SPACIOUS BEDROOMS * Bedroom 1 upstairs has a queen size bed,private balcony, ensuite with Spa & separate toilet * Bedroom 2 downstairs has a queen size bed, ensuite & views over the lagoon. * Bedroom 3 downstairs has 2 deluxe bunk beds each with double mattresses at the bottom and a single on top,ensuite with internal laundry. 2 FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHENS, one upstairs and one downstairs both with granite bench tops, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, cook top, stainless steel oven, pots, pans cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery and glassware. 2 SEPARATE LOUNGE AREAS, one upstairs and one downstairs both with large plasma television, DVD player and comfortable leather lounges. LARGE DINING AREA downstairs, easily seating 8. Upstairs kitchen area dining. Marble GAS FIREPLACE in upstairs lounge area, perfect for winter DECKS Upstairs and downstairs decks overlooking the lake and beach complete with BBQ on lower level and outdoor dining settings on both levels. OTHER INCLUSIONS: Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner, Back to Base Security System, Washing Machine,Clothes Line, Clothes Dryer, Iron & Ironing Board, Outdoor shower, Blankets, Heaters and Fans, Books, a selection of DVDs and childrens games.
  2. NSW Central Coast Copacabana www.lagunabeachhouse.com.au or http://www.stayz.com.au/27066 The house is gorgeous with front fenced yard, separate side yard and owner allows dogs indoors in the downstairs area of the house provided they are not on beds, sofas.... The house is about 1 minute walk to leash free beach area.
  3. Thanks guys, I will suggest the pineapple trick to my sister and also mention that a check up at the vets may be a good idea...
  4. Hi all, Not sure if this is a health or behaviour issue, but thought this may be a good place to start. In late December my sister adopted a female Shih Tzu x, approx 18 months of age. I originally fostered this girl from early November and never came across this behaviour when she was with me. She did not begin eating her own poo until about 5 weeks after going to my sisters... Her diet has remained the same as when she was with me, premium dry food, chicken necks, yoghurt, sardines, flaxseed/fish oil supplement, small amounts of satin balls recipe (she is a very slight girl who does not gain weight easily), 1/4 lamb necks, some left over vegies. I am not overly concerned as she appears very healthy, great shiny coat, energetic and happy, however my sister finds her extra curricula diet very distressing..... Any suggestions on what could cause this or ways to deter her would be great. Obviously if she is seen doing her business it is immediately picked up, however at times when no one is home it is obvious from the amount of stool remaining that most has been consumed.
  5. If you are looking for a tunnel, I bought one a while back from Ikea, kids department. From memory it was about $30 and has lasted me a while now, I have even been a bit naughty and left it out in the weather from time to time...
  6. Just came across this and thought I would add.... I have a cocker spaniel girl who loves to up high, outdoor table, chairs, dining table ;) and have even caught her on the kitchen bench :clap: ... and she is a dominant natured dog. I don't know if that is why she does it or if it is just because she likes it. If she is told to get down she does so quite happily.
  7. Nutrience Holistic here, don't mind Royal Canin and have tried Eagle Pack and others, but keeping coming back to the Nutrience, dogs seem to prefer it, coats look fab and poos are tiny...
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated. I will keep an eye on it and try to keep her from licking, will resort to doing the 'bucket head' thing if I feel it's necessary....
  9. Hi, I am caring for a rescued dog at present and she was desexed last Thursday. This morning I have noticed that her desexing wound, whilst it is clean and not red is a bit weepy, the fluid is quite thin and clear in colour. I have seen her have the odd lick at the stitches, but she does not seem to be at them excessively. What do you think, is there something I should be putting on the wound or am I worrying over nothing?
  10. LOL that sounds so familiar... I am at exactly the same stage with Molly and it has taken about 3 months to get to the point where she will hold the dumbell in her mouth for just a few seconds. The trainers where we train have said to just be patient and persistant and to keep it in really short bursts, just offering the dumbell two or three times, maybe twice a day and to always finish on a success. I know it can be a bit frustrating, everything else has come so easily but this one is going to take time and work....
  11. I use and love the mars coat king, just don't over do it...
  12. I only groom, mainly bathing, one day per week, and let me tell you .... at the end of the day my back is aching! I stand on a step stool and bend at the knees, but I think it is just the nature of the work.
  13. There is Hills District Kennel and Training Club that runs at Castle Hill Showground on a Monday night or Tuesday morning and they have Agility on Thursday nights. Hope this helps
  14. Thanks for those links, they are the ones I was after
  15. Thanks that would be great, the ones I am after are the plastic ones... I'm not keen on the wooden ones
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