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  1. Cavaliers are defiantly not sad dogs if being looked after and loved properly, quite the opposite! I have owned many over the years. Always been fun, love life and people, smart, happy go lucky! I've got thousands of Pics and Videos to prove it
  2. Unfortunately our Miah had it, very severely.. Her breeder was beyond devastated and had not been aware of it, she had never had it in any of her lines previously. She was a very genuine and ethical registered breeder who did test for heart issues/eyes/patella issues etc .She was very supportive through it all and even came when we took her to have a MRI to diagnose it. Her breeder never bred again after finding out about Miah. It would be hard to test every dog with SM as it doesn't always show up until later. We kept her comfortable for a few years with heaps of tablets that she had to have every few hours and CBD oil to help calm her down. Especially when the atmospheric pressure was high. Its the worst thing to go through, its absolutely hell for them and us. I had never had it with our previous cavaliers. (One did have a spine condition that came on suddenly) Miah ended up dying suddenly and unexpentantly from a ruptured spleen tumour we had no idea about, So her life was never going last long We did have lots of good times as well with her so we don't regret that we had her in our lives even if was for a very short time. In hindsight, we thought there was a problem going on (before her diagnosis) and we tried various things to settle her behaviours. Nothing would work. I thought she was excited when we walked her but she was crying in pain we later learnt! When they have it severely they cant be over stimulated. I could go on about this in detail but its still painful for me. I was very reluctant to get another Cavalier (we do have an old one (Toby) without any issues) but we did get another one and so far so good.. she's showing no signs. We are very aware of what SM presents. Most dogs with SM also have an Ear condition also which can be operated on. Primary Secretory Otitis Media (PSOM) As for operating on dogs with SM our canine Neurologist said he stopped doing the operations for it as it comes back. Its from their head having the chari formation (Humans can have it too) but not all will develop into SM hence why not all Cavaliers and some other breeds will ever develop it.. There are also different degrees of severity with it from mild to very intense... its extremely painful for them like having a severe migraine.. Its a very expensive condition if you persist with it like we did. I still love Cavaliers. There's never any guarantees with any dog or humans' health. Sometimes you just get unlucky! One of our previous Cavs had a heart murmur but it was still only grade 1 when she passed away and she was never on medication for it. Many Good breeders will be vigilant about all their other health issues and try to keep on top of them but with SM it's harder.
  3. Awwww thankyou Boronia I did a post in here when we first got our Stephie. You might recall we lost our young Miah suddenly April 2020
  4. Years ago I knew a Boxer that its owners thought it had extreme behaviour problems. Turned out it had a brain tumour, despite all the other tests coming back clear when they first got him checked out by their Vet
  5. He would need a MRI scan.. I have had some previous experience with CM and SM, there are different degrees of it. But it can be controlled to a certain extent (if thats what it is)with a combination of the right mediations and doses.. Canine Neurologist Specialists are better than Vets at diagnosing and treating it if thats the case imo Some Canine Specialists can do brain surgery for it but it doesn't last long... and the Specialist i knew stopped doing them as he found they weren't successful long term.
  6. Cavaliers are known as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (not King Charles Cavaliers). There are King Charles Spaniels but they aren't the same and they don't have the word cavalier in their title. Just for your information I've owned Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels for many years. Info on each breed in the DOL dog breeds 101
  7. Thankyou Everyone. We feel very blessed She has come into our lives despite the circumstances She's very clever, alert and full of personality
  8. Hi All, like many people we personally have had a terrible and sad year. We lost our beautiful 7 year old Cavalier (Miah) suddenly in April (ruptured spleen tumour) that we had no idea about until she was literally dying She was my dream girl dog, born on one of our wedding Anniversaries. Such a short but beautiful life she had with us. Then we had to give our old Karma cat her wings recently. She was 18 and had been our first pet together. She's seen all our previous pets come and go. Ive also had a very painful frozen shoulder all year with very limited movement.. We had been looking at adopting a small dog as Toby our older Cav was missing Miah a lot (he often just stands on her memorial burial area) However we had no luck finding a rescue dog being the covid period. Had almost decided it wasn't meant to be to have another dog then Stephie entered our lives out of the blue, another Cavalier. She's 3 and from a breeder we had known of in SA. Shes just so beautiful and gentle and just loves life. Gets on very well with Toby. Loves people and other animals. I am sure Miah sent her our way to try to heal our broken hearts. Shes the black and tan Cav in the pic. Shes very easy to train too. Merry Christmas to Everyone and I hope 2021 is a better year for us all
  9. Awwww She's very cute ! Congratulations. Looks like you were meant to find each other
  10. very tragic, sorry for your very heartbreaking loss
  11. Its good you aired about it in here and got some wise advice, Maybe contact breeders in the DOL breeders listings. If you don't mind a dog thats not a puppy but not old some breeders rehome their retired dogs to the right person/family. I've had 2 Cavs that way Many breeders have brought their dogs up around young children also Many dogs can have dental issues, Cavs are predisposed to bad teeth. You just have to keep an eye on them and look after their teeth like we do with ours. Many smaller dogs dont chew on bones like bigger dogs do All the best, something suitable will come along. Just don't rush into anything Personally i look for Breeders that want to stay in touch and are happy to give advice etc when you need it, but thats just what i look for. If you get one through a rescue organisation some of them like to stay in touch too
  12. Yes its very disappointing for the Breeder and You but i'm a great believer in when All the stars align at the right time, something good will eventuate. Don't lose hope
  13. Im hearing of others getting caught up in similar situations atm, they seem desperate to get a Maltese or Maltese X's .. and because small dogs especially are very hard to get atm (even from rescue places) they are being sucked in with online scams and dodgy ads.. and they have all been from interstate.. Probably not the same as the one you are posting about (as its been puppies they are wanting) but please becareful! Hope yours is legit!
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