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  1. very tragic, sorry for your very heartbreaking loss
  2. Its good you aired about it in here and got some wise advice, Maybe contact breeders in the DOL breeders listings. If you don't mind a dog thats not a puppy but not old some breeders rehome their retired dogs to the right person/family. I've had 2 Cavs that way Many breeders have brought their dogs up around young children also Many dogs can have dental issues, Cavs are predisposed to bad teeth. You just have to keep an eye on them and look after their teeth like we do with ours. Many smaller dogs dont chew on bones like bigger dogs do All the best, something suitable will come alon
  3. Yes its very disappointing for the Breeder and You but i'm a great believer in when All the stars align at the right time, something good will eventuate. Don't lose hope
  4. Im hearing of others getting caught up in similar situations atm, they seem desperate to get a Maltese or Maltese X's .. and because small dogs especially are very hard to get atm (even from rescue places) they are being sucked in with online scams and dodgy ads.. and they have all been from interstate.. Probably not the same as the one you are posting about (as its been puppies they are wanting) but please becareful! Hope yours is legit!
  5. Hi MoosGranny, i sorry to hear about the loss of your Staffy earlier this year, its so heartbreaking, especially with how this world is atm I too lost a dog (Miah) in April suddenly and unexpectedly. She was only 7. We do have one dog still with us, he's been missing her. I've been casually looking on the pet rescue site for a while now and also contacting a few rescue places.. within SA.. but there's only been bigger dogs (id only want another smaller dog) and i also don't want to take on another dog with any serious medical issues ( well at least not from the start) which quite a
  6. Hi Westiemum Its been very hard to find small dogs this year in SA. Ive been casually looking for months now on pet rescue since losing Miah in April May i suggest that your neighbours also contact some breeders of toy/miniature poodles to see if they have any retired girls. There will be a list of some on DOL. Not all are actively advertising, so you never know, All the best to them Ps Sorry for their loss, its just so devastating
  7. HI DuffyMum I'm in a similar situation with our Toby. Our previous Cav, Miah ( who Toby was very close to) left us suddenly and very sadly a few months ago. It is hard especially this year finding a suitable dog/puppy anywhere. Do approach the breeder of your Sheltie, sometimes they have contacts also. I wish you all the best in finding a new companion for your dog and for you and your family
  8. We were rehomed Renae. She was about 4 i think? and had 2 litters but due to the complications from her 2nd litter, the breeder decided to desex her and gift her to us. She lived the best life for years after with us but sadly got liver cancer If an offer came to us again we would probably do it again provided the dog is healthy at the time Ps We did know her Breeder as we had previously bought one of her young dogs ( Renae's Son from one of her litters) that wasn't taking to the show life. When our puppy Miah came along years later (from another Breeder) Renae took her under her
  9. Hi My first dog as a child was a black poodle x terrier called Abby (My Parents brought her for me from the Animal Welfare League here in SA) I had her for many years I also grew up with German Shepherd dogs as my Parents were registered GSD Breeders back then
  10. Soda is very cute love the video !
  11. Hi, They are a lovely looking dog. I don't know anything about them. Maybe also look in this thread for more info.(Dog Breeds 101) Most puppies are now quite expensive i have observed, so I would think they would need to allow about the amount you think they might be or even more.
  12. Hi. I'm sorry about your loss, its tragic when they go so suddenly and at such a young age My Husband and I have gone through so much heartache over the last so many years. Our (Renae) lived to a reasonable age but got liver cancer. We lost her son Joey earlier, at only 9 because of a tumour also (different type) we were very good friends with their breeder. In fact she gave us Renae once she finished showing and breeding her. We also lost Her (Our Breeder Friend) suddenly a few years ago as well. Ive never gotten over that either. Then we went on a list to get the Cavalier of my dreams (i
  13. Hi and Thankyou HMD Ive been checking quite a few other SA rescue sites and the one you have put up a link to but most have nothing available atm or just bigger dogs I have been in touch with a couple of places but they said it will be hard finding a small dog and one that will be ok living with another dog and 2 cats and one that doesn't have health issues. Least they were honest to me. I'm not expecting a perfect dog but i don't think i want to go putting myself through too many health issues having just just come out of all that. I will at some stage contact some breeders in SA if
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