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  1. The Ckcs Photo And Chat Thread

    Hi Allypup I've owned Cavaliers for years now. Love Cavaliers with a passion! I am just a pet owner but have had a lot of contact with different breeders over the years since owning them. Gretel has given some great advice about researching etc about them. I'm not sure if you have looked in the dogzonline dog breeds 101 section yet? There's a thread all about Cavaliers and people's experiences with them. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend doing so, it would be helpful too . To be very honest with you, its not always easy to get a breeder's attention for a few reasons. Our first Cavalier 'Joey' we met by fate at a dog show. We were looking for a Tri colour cavalier breeder and was recommended we go to a show to check Breeders/Cavaliers out. One has to becareful at dog shows as to when its the right time to approach them (as often they can be very busy and bit stressed, naturally) but its still a good way to meet and see their dogs. Quite by accident as we were about to leave we met Joey's breeder at the show we went to and she was looking for a pet home for him if the right people came along. (She was very fussy as most of them are rightfully so and we were very privileged to be chosen as his forever home . Theres a longer story to this but i won't bore you with it. Years later his breeder rehomed his beautiful Mother to us.. We no longer have them both, they are now in doggy heaven, sadly so is their breeder who we became very close friends with as a result. Years later we wanted a Tri colour Cavalier puppy this time round (Joey was a blenheim and his Mum was too) and so we had to find a breeder who bred those colours (its not always easy to get Tris) We did email a well known SA breeder who has stunning Cavaliers but even with all our history with our previous breeder and how we have a very good reputation with being cavalier owners, this particular breeder never got back to us.. i emailed her twice! anyway wasn't to be.. but luckily because of her never getting back to us. we went with another breeder who we knew all along from the SA Cavalier club. Once again it was fate with how our gorgeous Miah came about but thats another story! The problem is that most of our breeders here don't breed their Cavs often, (which is a good thing!) and there are often long waiting list.. I waited a long time for our Miah (and there was no guarantees even that i was going get her until things progressed further. But we were willing to wait ! The stars aligned at the right time and we ended up with our beautiful little girl finally. We have been extremely lucky both time to become friends with our Cavalier's breeders. My advice would be to contact breeders still even if they don't currently have any litters, make sure you show a genuine interest in the breed, do your homework first.. don't ask how much straight up until later (they range from about 1k to 2k now i think) and if they ignore you, send another polite email. Let them know about you and your family.. its kind of like sending out a resume lol I would also come along to our Cavalier club fun days and meet some breeders informally (we have 2 of them a year). I will message you privately about this later. Most registered breeders are ethical but there are no guarantees with any dog's health.. stuff happens.. even our Joey ended up with a brain tumour at age 9.. It just happened unexpectedly;( He was heart clear and healthy generally otherwise. We have since learnt to put x amount of money away towards vet bills (we don't have pet insurance) Also keeping them healthy is very important. When i message you after i'll give you my breeder's contact info but you will have to go on a waiting list, if interested. I know of one breeder in SA atm with some puppies but i think she's keeping all but one (most of them like to keep them for a while to see how they go with showing) I think the one that shes not keeping already has a home chosen (most are from waiting lists) Its definitely not easy finding a Cavalier puppy but hang in there. The wait is worth it ! Goodluck! Ive rambled on i'm sorry ! ;-) Oooo and we have another Cavalier called Toby, it was fate how he came into our lives too.. He was rehomed to us.. i suspect he came from a back yard breeder before the people we got him from. Luckily he's been fairly healthy *touch wood* Jules
  2. My special Zena

    Sorry for your loss. Its truly heartbreaking. x
  3. Making "the" decision

    Thinking of you SM. Sorry for your loss *gentle hugs*
  4. Marking territory inside, suggestions???

    One of our Cavaliers was rehomed to us a few years ago and he has this problem. He is a wonderful dog in every way except for him marking inside. We suspect it was because he used to sleep in a shed at night Its really annoying. Luckily we have tiles throughout our house so we can clean it up easily, thank god ! We can put him outside and he will wee outside but he still has it saved up for inside. (its not more than once at a time and not every day) We have used all sorts of cleaning products to see if he will avoid peeing in certain areas but that hasn't worked either. Some days/nights are worse than others. We don't feel its stress related, more territorial. I have never had this kind of problem with any of my previous or current dogs! It does get on things sometimes so we have to be aware not to leave anything laying around. Over the time we have had him we have tried so many different things to stop him but so far no success.. Hes been checked out by vet so its nothing medically. Otherwise he's a perfect dog in every way. Has the best temperament. He's desexed. I think hes aware he shouldn't be doing it, you can tell he looks upset if you are firm with him when its happened but he still keeps doing it
  5. Puppy growling

    Thats what is going through my mind.
  6. Puppy growling

    Miah (who is now 4) growls if she wants to let us know she needs to go outside or if theres a doggy biscuit/treat stuck under something but she developed that later not as a puppy.
  7. Puppy growling

    No its not Did the breeder give you any advice about it ?
  8. Felted Animals

    Thankyou Kirslin:) My husband might have some bigger pics on his computer, i will ask him otherwise I will take a pic of it over the weekend to show you
  9. Felted Animals

    Beautiful ! A group of my Cavalier friends kindly gave my husband and i some money to get one done of our Renae (after she passed away) The lady who does them lives in Japan and specialises in Cavaliers ones. I didn't think about it but i wish i had sent her some of Renae's fur to use when she was making it (as i kept some after) We have Renaes collar with her name tag hanging over the neck of her felt likeness ;) We wanted it modeled on Renae in her elderly years with her 'smile'
  10. Brain Tumour/ Meningitis Or Something Else

    Thinking of you and Mya... It does sound very similar to how our Joey went.. He had only just turned 9. Came completely out of the blue . Will be positive for you both that its something that can be treated x
  11. Purchased Dog But Previous Owner Wants Back?

    Hi T, I normally agree with you- but not this time. I wouldn't offer play dates. I think it just prolongs the hurt for the relinquishing family. A clean final 'break' I think is kinder for them and the dog. I agree.
  12. Purchased Dog But Previous Owner Wants Back?

    No real advice but we were rehomed a dog a couple years ago. The person who was rehoming him was ill at the time and couldn't look after him properly. We went to great lengths to make sure she wouldn't regret her decision especially if got better in the future. We didn't actually take him for a couple of months and in that time we went to this persons place and she came to ours. We offered to foster him as an option. Anyway once we knew for sure she had thought about it for ages and knew she had choices if she had wanted to go down that path, we took him. She changed the microchip details over to us within a couple of days. We are friends with her on fb and shes better now and she has mentioned a few times how she misses him badly but knew she had done the right thing. Least there were no children involved. Its a hard thing on both parties ! Hope something is able to be worked out. Ps in our situation there was no money exchanged. In fact she got him vet checked and vaccinated before she gave him to us :)
  13. My Special Little Boy

    My heart goes out for you x
  14. How Good Is Your Dog's Internal Clock?

    Our 2 are scally wags in the morning, they carry on for breaky from 4am these days grrrr. Sometimes we give in and sometimes we don't. Renae used to be really bad and i think she's passed on those traits to Miah now! I do make them wait for tea which is around 5pm, which is easier now than when Renae was around as she would get very demanding from 3pm (but then she wasn't well either) We recently dog sat 2 Cavaliers for almost 2 weeks and it was really hard to stop them getting into a habit of having their breaky early like ours because their owner doesn't feed them until later in the morning. But you can't do two separate routines when you are looking after someone elses dogs especially if they are all indoor ones !