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  1. aww thank you Rae. We're a team with so many good people around us.
  2. Thank you! I've only just seen this post! Thanks Steve ;)
  3. Rescued Senior Dog - Rip

    What a great age he was. And yes, some of the older dogs can live a very long time. So sorry for you loss. RIP little Jack
  4. Snowy was sold this morning Don't know any details other than he's been sold. So glad he's out of the pound! Thanks trifecta, for the background on him. I posted him here in the hope someone in your area knew something about him!
  5. This lovely boy 'Snowy' was found in Bungendore at the end of April. He's chipped but there is a disconnected phone number. Queanbeyan pound keep dogs for 21 days so his due date would be 19 May. This the link to Canberra Lost Pets facebook page This is Snowy in the pound(
  6. Any Guinea Pig Rescues?

    you could try http://www.porschesrescue.com/
  7. The Walgett Cattle Dog Brothers

    what a lovely update, and what gorgeous dogs. Good luck to Hercules, hope he finds his forever home soon too :)
  8. Cowra Pound

    A DOL'er called (barkon) Barb used to help with the dogs from Cowra pound. She helped me rescue a few dogs from there but I haven't seen her on DOL for ages now. The ranger/council person at the time was called Alma. I know they used to keep the dogs for a long time, a month in the case of one of these dogs http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/227181-hi-barkon-check-here/page__p__5510899__hl__barkon__fromsearch__1#entry5510899
  9. Hi dogmad, thought you might like to see the little brown dog (CJ) from Darlington Point Pound. He was listed as a whippet x but you thought he may be an iggy x. His carer also thinks he’s an iggy x! He’s a very sweet little dog who she has named Bidgee (after Murrumbidgee)! He’ll be up on our website after he’s done his quarantine. Lyn :) 
  10. Cloud

    so very sorry. Such a tragedy. Hugs PM.
  11. congratulations Andrea and family. Wow, a baby boy! Hope mum and baby are doing well.
  12. Why Is Jackson Still Waiting?

    I'm a small dog (westies, jrts) person but I think this photo is lovely and many on Jackson's facebook page and petrescue too. His breed mix is interesting but people looking for a medium mix breed I guess shouldn't be put off. It is hard to know why you still have him as he sounds such a good well-balanced dog with a fun nature. I think most of us who foster have had one (or more) that hasn't seemed popular for some unknown reason but then out of the blue a great home comes along. I'm sure that will happen soon for Jackson.
  13. Introducing Russell

    wow, he's gorgeous and very B I G!! Love him. Might not be long before someone great comes along.
  14. My First Dog

    what a wonderful tribute and great idea to make a list of all you loved about Bob. So sorry for your loss. RIP little man.
  15. Rest In Peace My Little Old Man

    So sorry for your loss. What a lovely little man. RIP Herbert