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  1. Minddog Needs Your Help!

    You guys are all amazing! Thank you!
  2. Minddog Needs Your Help!

    Thank you for the votes so far!!! Anyone else? Please :):)
  3. Minddog Needs Your Help!

    Thank you so much for your votes. MindDog is relatively new and the first of its kind in Australia, they very much appreciate the new interest as well as votes :)
  4. Minddog Needs Your Help!

    You guys are all fantastic, I really appreciate it! Thunder I didn't know that! Thank you. Powerlegs I have various conditions that I find hard to talk about due to the stigma involved, however amongst it all I have clinical depression and anxiety disorder. I found MindDog from mum chasing down a lady who was walking through the shops with her dog. Basically if you have any type of mental illness as certified by a Dr or mental health professional that could be improved or benefit through having a mindDog and submitt to a check to ensure you can both afford to feed and keep the dog and assessments as to your suitably to own a dog you can apply for a one year traineeship with your dog. You receive a vest (for the dog lol) and an ID and full public access for the year. At the end if the year (or sooner if you feel ready) you can sit for the Public Access Test. This is generally done in a group as the people who certify need to travel (out of their own pocket). It's not as stressful as it sounds, I was terrified. When you pass you pay $175 if working $100 if you are not working and free if you are currently living in crisis accommodation and receive one drizabone wool lined winter working coat and two summer vests. These alone cost $150 to be made. Flute comes to all my medical appointments, stays with me in hospital and generally allows me to interact with the outer world. She gives me confidence and Will let me know before I do when it's time to go some quiet and work through a panic attack. When I cry she lies across my lap protectively and sniffs away my tears. If/when I go back to work she will come with me. We had a very good background in obedience (before my illness were triggered) so it was fairly easy to make the transition so after getting used to being inside the biggest things we had to learn about was elevators, escalators and not picking food up off the ground lol. When I get my courage together and go to the shops she makes so many people smile, when she is in hospital with me she makes an amazing difference to not only me but the majority of people there. She is amazing, this program is amazing. If you have specific questions I am happy to answer them.
  5. Minddog Needs Your Help!

    You are all fantastic wounderful people, we have until the end of the month to vote we have started the ball rolling now!
  6. Minddog Needs Your Help!

    Thanks so much you guys!!!' Every vote counts!
  7. Hi Guys I havent been around for a while so lots of new faces about! Im not sure if anyone is familiar with an organization by the name of mindDog, they started in 2011 and have been helping to train and qualify Psychiatric Service Dogs. They are a not for profit charity and the money they charge for certification covers only the two summer and one winter vest each partnership receives. I myself have just had my GSP qualified as a mindDog - she passed to Public Access Test (PAT) and now has the same rights as a guide dog. I am not embarrassed to tell you that Flute being qualified has opened up a whole world for me. They are also the only organisation in Australia that allow you to train and qualify you own dog. At the moment they are running for a $5000 grant which would help them out so very much. If you could please take the time to vote follow this link to vote, you can also share it on facebook if you like. They are a bit behind the top dream so far as the dream was only approved yesterday. If you would like to find out more about mindDog or know someone or are someone that may benefit from their help, you can have a look through the mindDogwebsite It has the application forms, the requirements for the PAT and much more information. If anyone has any questions relating to mindDog or my own experience in this program i am very happy to answer them.
  8. Saving Heidi

    Signed and shared on FB I truly don't understand some people, obviously the guy liked dogs or he wouldn't have gone to pat her. Honestly why do people feel they have the right to pat your dog without permission. Everything crossed this girl gets her reprieve.
  9. The 365 Project

    Newfsie - i love the light in that photo so soft and beautiful! Misteri - love your focus on this! Plus its making me drool! DSO - Love the colours in your shots, i had to close to see if the cupcakes werent made from the crayons! LMS - Gorgeous shots, jus want to pick up the black dog and smoosh! Newfsie - lovely progress shots, its amazing how quick they grow isnt it! Day 27 Beware of ...
  10. The 365 Project

    I am loving everyones photos, please forgive me for not commenting at the moment as im still struggling health wise. I cant get over the pool of talent though, you guys rock! Day 25 - Welcome Wagon Day 26 - Hyrdro Dogs
  11. The 365 Project

    Day 24 The Truth About Cats and Dogs Not 100% happy with this one but feeling really cruddy today so cant fiddle any more!
  12. The 365 Project

    Helen i am struggling too! The dogs are hiding and i am now required to have carrots or the horses walk away from me :laugh: another two awesome photos from you though! MM My friend had caterpillars as her 365 too must be a caterpillar day! Love it. Day 23 Dusky Mare
  13. Nimble Whippet Lips

    Stunning, I always love your photos! Plant me firmly in your fan club :D
  14. The 365 Project

    LMSW love the colours in the tinselly looking one and the dog with the two balls .. WIN! MM I like it, it inspires lots of story's for me! Beth I love reflections, those clouds are really cool. Misteri it makes me hungry too! Newfsie lovely view, it's so flat :laugh: Makes me want to ride through it :D Impatiens stunning colour! Love it. For those trying to guess, it's coffee grounds :D Something I could not survive without.
  15. The 365 Project

    Wow amazing pics you guys! Ive been really crook again this week plus had to have some shots for my upcoming Thailand trip (better be well before then!)so my shots lack anything really! But im still going which is the main thing! Day 19 - Anyone know what this is :D Day 20 Day 21 Day 22