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  1. Paralysis Ticks!

    I am originally from Byron area (15 mins south). Definitely a paralysis tick area.
  2. Soon To Be New Puppy Owner

    Hi Falling_dawn. Regarding dry food, my cav, Dublin, is almost 5 years old. His diet has always been primarily dry food (not one from the vet), lots of water, meaty bones and occasional fresh meat. My vet always comments about the great condition his coat is in and he has had no skin probs (yet, anyway).
  3. Puppy Barking

    "There is no way that I would leave my dogs in an area abutting a public reserve with only a cyclone fence in between them and any weirdo that might walk past. Anything might happen when you're not home, I wouldn't be allowing the dogs anywhere near that fence. " I call that criticism, Anne. I am grateful for the helpful suggestions everyone.
  4. Puppy Barking

    I am glad to hear the shade cloth idea has worked for other people. i was wondering if that might work, or whether Jo-Jo would still sense that people were there. BTW My gate does have a lock on it. I live in a quiet community. I know most of the people who walk their dogs. They walk past everyday, have been doing so for the 4 years I have owned the house. Not every one is untrustworthy you know. Jeez I am not stupid you guys. I have had and still have other dogs. I came here for help, not criticism. I don't make judgements about others' situations when advice is asked for.
  5. Puppy Barking

    Yes wyvernblade, he can see them. The fence is a cyclone mesh fence. I was wondering about lining the fence with shade cloth, but thought he would still sense that people were there. The fence is about 4 and a half to five feet high.
  6. Hi all, I am hoping someone has some helpul suggestions for me. My cav, Mabel, recently passed away and I have another 3 year lod cav, Dublin too. I recently got a new pup (8 months old). He is perfect in all ways bar one. I have a reserve at the back of my house used mainly for dog walking. Jo-Jo barks as people go past, which I have no problem with. However after the people have gone by, Jo-Jo continues to bark. When I call him he stops and comes immediately into the house. However this is useless when I am not home. The dog walkers are usually out from 7:30ish in the morn till about 9 and from about 4 till 7 in the evening. Jo-Jo does not bark at other times, or at other dogs when we are walking, or at visitors to the home etc. Only at people as the walk past. If he stopped after they left I would not worry, but sometimes he barks for 10 minutes without a break. My other dog, Dublin, is not a barker. One of my neighbours is on my back about it. Any ideas as to what I can do to encoutrage him to stop barking after the pedestrians are gone when I am not home. He has plenty to occupy him so boredom isn't the issue.
  7. Mabel

    My gorgeous Mabel died on saturday morn after being felled by tick paralysis on wednesday. She was such a devoted friend to my Dublin, and I loved her so much. We miss her and will never forget her. I'll see you again one day my beautiful girl. She was fine on Wed morn when I checked her before work, but I came home that afternoon to find her very weak in the back legs. She had picked up 3 ticks that day, despite being treated just the night before (her regular fortnightly dose of spot on). It had appeared that she had turned the corner on Friday night, but the vet phoned me at 8am Sat to say her heart had failed. I am devastated as is Dublin.
  8. I had Dublin at the vet to check his limping problem. The vet could find no obvious problem, no swelling, no discomfort, no limitation in joint flexibility, no patella problems etc. He advised me to keep a watch on the limping systems, as they are minor and consistent (ie not getting worse). He thinks maybe it could be a little bit of arthritis. Dublin was 3 in June. Does anyone know if there is anything I could add to his food to help if arthritis is likely? Thanks Monique ETA: Is 3 a bit young for arthritis? The vet said no, but I haven't heard of a young dog with symptoms before?
  9. Luxating Patella

    Thanks mickatie. Hopefully it will turn out to be something less serious.
  10. Luxating Patella

    Thanks for that link, YappyLittle Dawg. It has helped to ease my mind. Dublin has been limping on and off lately, only when he first gets up after being asleep, and only for the first 10 steps or so. It doesn't look like the description though. A trip to the vet coming up, I think!
  11. Can someone with first hand knowledge please describe the visual symptoms that might indicate this condition? Thanks Monique
  12. Heartworm Prevention

    My cavs used to have the heartguard chews, but last October they had the injection as I can be a bit forgetful!! My two had no immediate side effects from the injection. I guess time will tell whether there are any related problems as they get older. They are 3 and 6 (?, rescue).
  13. Supercoat

    Dublin and Mabel (ckcs) are on Supercoat. Dublin has beenon it since puppyhood (recommended by breeder). The vet always remarks about what great condition my dogs are in and how shiny their coats are. They also get lamb bones regularly.
  14. 101 Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

    Caffiend42 I have tried ACV in the dogs water and they won't go near it. What ratio do you use when adding the ACV to the water?