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  1. A poodle x I owned couldnt swim...we only found that out when he chased a duck into our dam and then just went vertical and started going under etc...hubby had to jump and and drag him out thru the clay...to make it worse, when we got back to the house, the power had gone off so he couldnt even shower ( we are on tank etc and have pumps) By the time the power came on, he had dried and cracked lol. The dog was fine as I used the horse trough water to get him a bit clay free.. We also had a duckling that sank, lol. We called her Minnow, after Gilligans boat that sunk. She never did learn to float...
  2. ...Add a pudgy pap to the mix here...he was 7 kg and should be around the 5 tp 5.5 kg mark. He looks like a weird long haired corgi He really stacked it on when he was desexed. Last weigh in he had lost 300 grams but that took months to do. I try to feed him one total bone only meal a week, and the rest of his meals are about 80- 90 grams of diet dry or meat. My other pap is 5 kg on the nose and even tho a finer dog, he is the right weight and eats like a horse. He could actually do with an extra 200 grams or so on, but it isn't going to happen; he is just too active lol My terrier x eats what he wants and hasn't strayed from the 10 kg mark ( which is a perfect weight for him) since he was a pup. It is really hard to whack the weight off them; hell I cant get it off myself!
  3. You know if it was a horse, I would say bot fly eggs....are tye a little hard to pull off? And are they stuck to a hair shaft or just in the fur?
  4. I have been following this thread with heart in mouth kinda, and am SO happy that you have a great outsome with your little guy. Happy New Year & many more!!!
  5. Fingers crossed for the little guy!
  6. My dog ( not bitch) has a small lump at the incission site as well and I was told it was from the internal stitching ( they sub stitch *think that is the term* ) It just feels like a bit of scar tissue under the skin. It reduced a little over time as well.
  7. oh crap, really? No jumping???? I mean that makes sense but this dog thinks he is superdog as it is, and we live on property Half the time he has 4 feet off the ground :rolleyes:
  8. I have NO idea why I thought they were in the front. Anyway I have hit google and read up and going by what I read, you^^ ( collective you) are right. So I will get the vet to check when he has his needle. I am presuming also if it is SP that it is Gr1 ( low) going by the table I read. Jumping the gun a bit here, but it is only one leg at the moment ; what are the chances of the other leg being affected later on if it is SP? Is it common if one is affected both will be? Again I don't know if it is hereditary or injury induced, but I know this pups sire & dam are totally ok in that regards ( tho again I know that is no guarantee)
  9. Thanks for all the replies I will just take him to the vet then and see where we go from there. I was wondering about luxating patella but I thought it was more in front legs ( off to google now) Thanks again
  10. My papillon Sam ( whole male, 14 months) seems to want me to own the vet surgery via vet bills Sam thinks he is a border collie, so is full on everywhere. He doesn't know the word walk I am sure. He plays...hard. For the last two weeks, I have noticed that occassionally he pulls up lame when he is playing hard with the other pap or playing fetch. He hops around with a back leg held up in the air for like 30 seconds ( usually still running full force back to us etc while doing it) He will put the back leg back down after a little while but you can see he is not putting weight on it, and then give it another minute and he is ( what seems) back to normal. Usually when I see him lame, even tho it is for such a short time and he seems to recover, I call it quits with whatever he is doing. After watching for a little while, it *looks* like it is when he does a turn. I haven't seen him do it when just running straight. He has no pain that I can determine, and no swelling, no nothing. It is always the same hind leg. He never yelps etc. It actually doesn't seem to worry him at all, especially if a ball is in play. He is due for his needle soon, so I am going to see if I can get the vet to do a home visit and see it in action, as there is NO way that the vet will see the lameness any other way. I just wanted to see if there are others who have had something similiar, as this is really puzzling Has anyone had anything similiar? TIA Kym
  11. I hit google and found out that Sertoli cells are 'nurse' cells found in the testes and scrotum, and that tumours involving these cells mainly happen to dogs with undescended testes. I wonder if that when your boy was a pup ( maybe in utero even) that he left some of these cells within the abdomin??? That is the only reason I can think of that the cells would even BE there, iykwim. Everything that I read was very positive as rarely spreads. Best of luck
  12. How horrendous!!! I hope the pups make a full recovery. On a side note it is a workplace, health & safety breech ( regardless of the pets getting to the bait forst before a child did) and comes under the hazzardous substances act. Yes, they are allowed to use it, but it has to be not accessable to anyone/anything. And in the case of a bait that a rat can actually carry OUT and drop just anywhere, it is a very dangerous thing to even do. I expect that being a 'pets allowed' place would also carry more ramifications in fact WHS hotline 1300369915 All the best!
  13. kymbo

    Car Sickness

    My pap gets car sick, even when he has nothing in his tummy; he just brings up froth and slimy drool stuff instead of chunkies. The worst one ever was when the sod ate fresh horse poo, and then proceeded to chuck that up in hte car; double whammy He is now just over one and was not growing out of it, tho we did extend the travel distance to 5 klms before he chucked....It was sad as he loves going in the car BUT I have just been trying out Rescue remedy and it seems to be working. No drool ( drool used to start at 500m down the road), and only a little chuck after 10 klms!!! Some times none at all even. I give 2 drops 15 mins prior. I have no idea how this is working, but it seems like it is. Even the vet is amazed as he is a cronic chucker, and we were just about to do the drug route with him. Previously I had tried different positions in car/ aircon on/off / with/without a doggy friend/ window up/down ...you name it I tried it. Worth a try maybe?
  14. varicool, frodo has a flea allergy and only needs one bite to be itchy constantly for weeks. I found that the PAW range of shampoo for sensative skin really helped in soothing his skin and stopping the itchies Initially I used sebazole a couple of times just make sure it was nothing more nasty tho
  15. .My pap presented with a limp, and it turned out to be a broken neck. This is a dog that was NOT out of my sight, and screamed if an ant bit him. I have NO idea how he could have possibly done it. Obviously stuff just happenes regardless of how careful anyone is I hope your poor doggy heals well and with no lasting effects.
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