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  1. Eating Bees

    Yeah the results are bad. This was Sam last summer a couple of months after we got her a bee landed on her and bit here. Normally such a happy puppy too she is looking very sad, not to mention the fact we found out she is allergic.
  2. Booster Shot

    ;) Woops thanks heaps!
  3. Booster Shot

    oh dear thanks for the info. Its weird because normally I get some kind of reminder letter from my vet but nothing so im not sure if I should ring and book for a booster shot or not as she hasnt had any since the three or is it four i cant remember sorry puppy shots.
  4. Your doing the right thing. We started feeding Sam dry biscuits and tinned food when she was a pup and then moved to BARF I asked our vet about it after reading threads on here and talking to breeders etc and he knew what it was and said it sounded like a good idea. Sam is almost 15 months and gets a small handful of dry biscuits in the morning, a barf patty and a chicken neck for tea. Depending on the size of the chicken neck.
  5. Booster Shot

    Sam is coming up on 15 months and I have heard people at obedience talk about booster shots when they get to about that age. Could someone give me a bit more detail thanks.
  6. What Is Barf?

    You can get it in a variety of flavors for example the chicken has in it: Chicken, finely ground chicken bone, beef liver, kidney, heart & tripe,whole egg, fresh yoghurt, seasonal vegetables & fruit, dried alfalfa leaf powder, ground flax seed meal, dried kelp powder & garlic.
  7. Fear Of Other Dogs

    See if your vet has puppy school or a class above that mine had 'Mutts with manners'
  8. Barf Diets.

    Note: im not saying feed your pup one patty, just as the post above its trial and error.
  9. Barf Diets.

    I started feeding Sam BARF about a month or so ago. I spoke to a breeder at the Adelaide Show thats why we moved to BARF in the first place, one of her beagles was the same build as Sam and she told me she fed her 1 patty so thats what I feed Sam, she has maintained her weight so it seems like the right amount.
  10. Fear Of Other Dogs

    Sam my beagle used to be scared of all dogs even the puppies in her puppy class, she used to hide behind me and shake when she was even in a room with them even if they didnt come near her. Our vet told us to persevere and not push her and thats what we did just took it a step and a time and now she is great
  11. How Long Till Puppy Settles At Night?

    I sat up with my beagle sam when she woke up on and off and couldnt get back to sleep etc for about the first week and a half to two weeks. I know its not recomended but she sleeps like a dream now and did after those weeks only waking up to go to the toilet.
  12. Why?

    When sam was younger we were taking her to the toilet a few times a night but we worked out if we fed her at certain times and gave her treats etc and stayed consistent with the times we could roughly work out what time she would go to the toilet.
  13. Puppy Escapes

    Run in the opposite direction your dog may thing its a game and follow you Also get a neighbor or friend to come and call the dog Both have worked for my beagle and are very effective, sam will run to anyone who she thinks will play with her.
  14. What Do You Put In A Kong?

    Im having so much trouble getting the peanut butter to the bottom any suggestions :D
  15. Calming Pup Down

    Sam is 8 and a half months now and from about 9ish on wards she seems to get a bit hyper and just wont calm down. She has a nap in the after noon and generally one after tea. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.