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  1. Yes it is definitely a bug. Once bitten, there is no going back....... But fascinating to watch also.
  2. I think exactly what Christina said. You offered to look after it. You can't surrender it to pound on her. Maybe she isn't coming as often as she knows you are looking after it. I think a conversation needs to be had regarding the plan for this dog long term. If the plan doesn't suit you, hand it back and walk away. If you can make a plan that suits both of you. Do it. Maybe she can pay board? Or supply the food etc.
  3. Does the barking she does when actually retrieving, still occur if the retrieve is a fair distance or only close retrieves? Or if she does a series of retrieves in succession, does she do it each time. Or is it really just an intial excitement thing?
  4. If she was coming to feed etc Is it really abandoned????
  5. My old 15 year old kelpie had a cutaneous heamangio removed from her hind leg about 3 years ago. Big margins. Stitches broke down so she had a hole nearly the diameter of a drinking glass on her leg for a while. The vets said you won't know if it's the primary tumour or a secondary unless she gets real sick in a short space of time. They said I may just come home and she may be dead if she has one inside that ruptures. That was at least 3 years ago. She runs around like a 5 year old and still rules the pack. She is quite frail now and losing muscle but it still very active. So don't give up hope if it one on the skin.
  6. I use Rapidgel regularly. In fact daily. Have used clavulox for myself.....
  7. Medium size dog? Use a 10 inch plant pot. Cut the bottom out leaving a rim if about 1cm. The drainage holes are now holes to thread the string through to tie it on to collar. They are good as they don't stick out so much that they get caught in doors etc. Dogs adapt well to them. Just need a water bowl that is narrower than opening dog can fit muzzle in to drink
  8. If I am just going one day and back the next. I sometimes will leave the dogs in the larger yard and feed them before I go and then when I get back the next day. For the ones that jump out or dig under fences.... Of which I have 2.... They will be locked in their secure pens. If possible, sometimes a friend will pop in and let them out for a run or feed them. Or I ask a friend if I can drop them there for the night. I may soon use a kennel if needed.
  9. Maybe the teaching styles of the others didn't get the message through. Maybe you could approach it as a challenge or opportunity to try different teaching styles. I think blowing a whistle and embarrassing her in front of a class is probably not the best approach for a receptive pupil. Really in a club situation, if people donate time to help/ teach, you can't force people to use the info they way you want them too. Maybe she has a physical condition or issue that prevents her being as upright as you think she should be. Everyone has different physical capabilities and this may include posture or use of body. Food for thought
  10. What sort of training do you want with your dog? How much experience have you had with working dogs and their instinct? It can be a bit scary when that happens. It often happens with young excited dogs and sheep that aren't used to dogs. This can be fixed with training and knowledge and you can get a rewarding relationship with your dog and really enjoy the satisfaction of working together doing something your dog is bred to do
  11. I have 6 bitches 2 desexed kelpies and 4 entire border collies. They all run together with limited issues. The old 15 year old kelpie is boss. She rules with iron teeth. Puppies or dogs in her face with have one swift grab, often with blood. Then they leave her alone and give space from then on. Having said that, they play rough with her and compete with tugs and balls etc. and she tolerates that fine. It's just if she gives the piss off vibe, they certainly do!!!!! The next one down is another kelpie ( 10 years) is second in charge. She loves puppies and plays and dotes them. But also disciplines very firmly if lines are crossed. If any of them bump into her she will chase them til she pins them then plays straight away. The oldest BC bitch is 6 and the mother of a 3 year old and 2 x 14 month old. They all know their place. One of the 14 month old is boss of mother and litter sister. Litter sister is bottom of pack. 3 year old is boss of both younger ones. The kelpies are terrible resource guarding over food. So no food is left out. If I am present, all eat together, no problems. I think that no matter what breed or sex, the most important thing with multiple dogs is establishing the hierarchy between you and them. You must be in control and have respect of all of them so if anything looks like rising, if you pull them up, they need to obey. Instantly. They will soon become their own pack if you don't be the boss. Mine are allowed to stick up for themselves if another is bullying but posturing, or eyeballing is quickly corrected. It's just a matter of being aware of their different personalities and tolerances and don't put them in a situation where trouble can start. As others said, once their is a problem, bitches hold grudges.
  12. I ended up with hearts, liver and kidneys. Plus the flaps, briskets and off cuts.
  13. Ok so I got hearts and livers the other day. But am going to pick meat up from butcher so just asked him to keep all off cuts and organs for the dogs. So will see what little treasures he has saved me for the dogs. I think he may keep kidneys for himself- they are good on the BBQ apparently
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