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    I love my pet rocky! I'm also a "middle" computer werido, I love graphic design and photoshop, I love art and writing, reading, singing, music, (specialy the classic rock! LONG LIVE QUEEN XD) I love the movies, I wish for one day to make my own epic film, and i would love video games more if I had something else rather then the old PS 1 !!
  1. Leash Pulling And Tugging

    Thanks for the reply! Umm he's about 8 months now and jsut wants to either be i ncontrol of the leash or roam free. But I haven't trained him to stay by me when I call him.. so I'm scared of letting him go >__< A training course sounds really ideal at the moment, for true
  2. Leash Pulling And Tugging

    Yes I'm trying out with treats, he really loves them hehe.
  3. Leash Pulling And Tugging

    Thanks a bunch! I got small bottle of Red Curry paste , I think a pinch of this would work but I don't wanna burn my puppies throat hehehe. I'll look up that Bitter Apple... and I've been telling my parents over and over again that he needs an obedience training.. but it looks like I'm the only one that has time to train him. well.. I'll see what I'll do .. thanks for the tips
  4. He's Biting! Please Help

    What do you do when all those tips don't work? I've tried it on mine and he still bites.. but he puts his ears back and lays low on the ground when my dad is around though. Maybe he doesn't respect me as much >_<
  5. Leash Pulling And Tugging

    Hey I got a question for ya guys, my dog is very smart dog and is capble of telling you what he really wants and feels. I can't imaging what he'd be saying if he could talk. Anyway, my problem is he loves to bite the leash and tug on it.. like he wants me to let go so he can be free. but my problem is I don't trust him enough to let him go.. I mean what if I do and he just runs off? I love my puppy very much and I don't want to see him get hurt... so is this some bad behavior or something that'll pass with time... :D
  6. Puppy Urinating When Meeting

    Oh we have that for sure, we keep him there at night and let him out in the morining and such. Or when he needs a little time out hehe. ^_^;
  7. Puppy Urinating When Meeting

    Yeah when I'm playing with my puppy he's allways panting like a manic. I try to calm him down but he's allways ready for anything : P
  8. Puppy Urinating When Meeting

    Wow thanks for that! My puppy has been doing that alot lately when I get home, I mean he just go nuts! From running around the house like he was a race dog until he stops and wees on the floor. I just thought I didn't take him out enough... but nope now i know whats really going on. XD;