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  1. Recent Dog Art

    Stunning artwork Miru Do you have a website? I'd love to get some portraits done :)
  2. Weeknight Puppy Preschool

    Dandenong Ranges Vet Centre in Olinda do an awesome weeknight class, positive reinforcement based and good mix of learning and fun. Dandenong Ranges Puppy Preschool
  3. Poodle Thread

    What a gorgeous photo! all those adorable silver faces
  4. Poodle Thread

    Aww what a sweet old silver face :) congratulations to both beautiful girls ! :D
  5. Poodle Thread

    Lovely pics yet again Kirislin :D and my two favourites....sighthounds and poodles together...Yay! :laugh:
  6. Poodle Thread

    I agree, what awesome pics Kirislin :) sooo cute!
  7. Poodle Thread

    Hi Vic poodle folk, I've been told that there's a group of standards that meet up in Mt eliza regularly? Does anyone know where and when. We have a 14 week old standard pup who might like to meet some gentle older dogs :) or are there any poodle folk close to the yarra valley who would like to meet up for a play / socialise date? Thanks :)
  8. Poodle Thread

    We welcomed a standard pup into our home almost 6 weeks ago now ( where has the time gone?!) :laugh: He's a delightful little thing, cuddly, very switched on and full of beans. Like with any breed, I'd suggest meeting some in the flesh to determine if all the "on paper" stuff is how you imagined it. Even at this early stage in your search, find some good breeders and arrange visits or go to some shows to see some dogs. I researched for a few years before we made the decision, and meeting some gorgeous standards in the flesh definitely helped to seal the deal :D
  9. Poodle Thread

    Yes he's on there too krystal&coco ;)
  10. Poodle Thread

    Thought I'd make at least one pic post here given I'd asked about standard poodle books here before :) introducing Archer, 8.5 weeks....I'd forgotten how much hard work puppies are haha! Bags under the eyes and it's only day 4 :)
  11. Poodle Thread

    Thanks Canine Coach, I'll definitely look into that one :)
  12. Poodle Thread

    Hi guys, as a soon to be Standard Poodle owner I was wondering if you can recommend good books on Standards? I've had the Shirlee Kalstone grooming book for sometime (even before we decided on a Standard :) ), but was after a more general book covering their history, etc. I Haven't been able to find a copy of The Complete Standard Poodle by Eileen Geeson, which I've seen recommended before too....anyone know of a reputable seller that they've used before who stocks it, either here or overseas? 5 weeks til puppy arrives :) and I'll probably be stalking this thread to ask lots more questions! Thanks :)
  13. Recommended Food Dispensing Toy?

    Have a look at the Busy Budy Tug-a-Jug maybe? It's bottle shaped, with a rope threaded through the middle, cover at one end screws off for easy addition of food :) Takes ours quite some time to extract the goodies from it! You'll probably have to look at it to make sure your size kibble will come out easily enough though.
  14. Back Seat Buddy

    Just wondering if the BSB is like a hard moulded material that provides a solid space for the dogs? Or a soft canvas type that moves when the dog moves around? Hope that makes sense :)
  15. Fun And Games Today

    Such gorgeous pics :)