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  1. Stafford Fans

    seen that before, but it is very kewl... wonder how you train a pooch to do that! :D I got no idea...I watched it about 5 times, we couldnt believe it. I like how it knew how to flip the skate board back over :D
  2. Stafford Fans

    have to share this with you fellow staffy lovers. this is ace...
  3. How Do I Keep My Washing On The Line?!?!

    tie some filled water ballons to the clothes line. let em have a crack at them, they wont be back for a while. alternatively, catch em in the act, and tell em off - needs to be in the act. both will work.
  4. Eating Plants - New Garden

    there are options. just depends how much effort you want to put into it. i can fence it off and the problem will solved...but i dont want to do that initially.
  5. Eating Plants - New Garden

    i think it reminded her of an empty coke bottle which she loves to play with. funniest thing was, when i got home, opened the roller door, she usually runs up to say hello. this day, no hello, she ran out the flap door, tail b/w her legs, head down like she had done something wrong. i went to the back where all the mess was, and she usually follows me everywhere...she wouldnt go to have a look at it with me, nor would she look at me. was quite funny.
  6. Eating Plants - New Garden

    i sent you a PM / Email. yeah ill go to bunnings...see what they have. i have moved the plants to a spot where she cant get to them...i hope. once i've done the garden beds ill be planting them. ahhh $25 plants each x 2...not a cheap toy...esp when they didnt last long ah well it looked like she had a ball.
  7. Eating Plants - New Garden

    I've sent you a PM / email. yeah i'll do that, see what bunnings has first. i have, i've moved them to a spot while i put some garden beds in place prior to planting. cheap toy...they were 25 buck plants she ripped...50 buck toy that didnt survive
  8. Eating Plants - New Garden

    This is exactly what i was thinking / fearing. she wasnt interested in them all day Monday when i was about, and when we played around. i left for work at 8am on tuesday morning, had my dad ring me at 10am to let me know that the plants are no longer around
  9. Eating Plants - New Garden

    well from what i could tell...its the plastic pots she was after, had teeth marks all over it. thanks for your input, might give the spray a go. do you happen to know the brand / name of it?
  10. Eating Plants - New Garden

    what about the sprays sold in pet shops - citronella based - do they work? I intend to put the plants in the ground, so moving them wont be an option. any other ideas? thanks, Anthony
  11. Eating Plants - New Garden

    thank you...you have been a great help.
  12. Eating Plants - New Garden

    Hi Everyone, Up to this point, i havent had a garden in the back yard - new house. I commenced working on it over the weekend - Monday, and had a couple of plants in their pots which i just bought from Bunnings sitting in the back yard yet to be planted. I then went to work on Tuesday to come home to see the plants chewed up and all over the backyard. I'm thinking this will no doubt happen whether they are in the pots, or in the ground. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop a 6 month old staffy from ripping up my soon to be backyard without blocking it off? Also, what plants arent dog friendly (makes them sick) which I should stay away from? Thanking you in advance. Cheers, Anthony