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  1. Can anyone recommend a dog trainer on or near the Mornington Peninsula. My dog is nearly 3 and works to the beat of her own drum. I need someone who is good at understanding dogs with their own agenda and how to work with that rather than against it, which is what I've been doing.
  2. I want to start a young dog in agility. Is there anyone on the Mornington Peninsula that does one on one training?
  3. Loft Smith Dogs Home

    Thanks everyone.
  4. I want to donate some money to Lort Smith but want to make sure they are a good rehoming facility. Does anyone have any experience wit them?
  5. Pet Sitters

    Has anyone used Peninsula Pets on the Mornington Peninsula before for looking after their pets while they are away. They come to your house to feed and walk your pets so I want to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy before I commit to them.
  6. Pet Minding

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a pet minding service around Frankston in Victoria. I will be away for the weekend and need someone to feed 2 dogs twice a day plus put eye drops in the eye of one of my dogs. It would be great if they could be walked as well but isn't a priority.
  7. Malaseb Shampoo On Pregnant Bitch

    Your bitch was also pregnant Pockets? No problems? I rang a second vet for their opinion and they said it was fine so I have started bathing with the solution.
  8. My bitch is 5 weeks pregnant and has a yeast infection in her ears. My vet did not want to prescribe corticosteroids so has suggested rinsing her ears with a mild solution of Malaseb shampoo. Has anyone used this shampoo on a pregnant bitch before?
  9. Rally-o Training

    If your dog is at CCD standard (just the basic skills you'll need) in Obedience or above, book into FOOs (Friends of Obedience) sessions advertised in Feb DV Gazette Four Tuesday nights from 5.00 pm in March at KCC Park, run by Obedience, Tracking and Endurance Cttee of DV (OTEC) $5 donation and you will get lots of help and have fun Bookings essential, open now!!! If your dog has not quite mastered the CCD skills, come anyway and meet some helpful people who can point you to further training BTW, new floodlights were tried out on front area at Park last night, great!!! Thanks Dragonwoman, I'll go and have a look.
  10. Is there anywhere in the southern suburbs of Melbourne that I can get training for rally-o?
  11. Whelping Box

    Thanks very much, this is very helpful.
  12. Whelping Box

    As my heading suggests, I need to buy a whelping box, Labrador size. Google hasn't been too helpful. Is there anywhere in Melbourne that I can buy one?
  13. Dog Runs

    Thanks, I have contacted one of these sellers and will wait for a reply.
  14. Dog Runs

    I already have a dog enclosure that is roofed with a concrete floor but want to purchase another run that I can attach to this run to give my dog some grassed area. I need the enclosure to be tall and sturdy and panels to be able to be come apart so I can attach them to the existing enclosure. I have looked on-line and checked e-bay but haven't found anything that really suits my purpose (unless I want to spend $1,000). Does anyone know of anyone who builds this type of enclosure. I am in Melbourne so someone local would be ideal but I'm happy to look further afield if need be as I know this is a big ask.