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  1. Thanks all yes check the pounds regularly I will have a look at Enmore .. :-)
  2. Thanks Apricot, have contacted them ... unfortunately the stunning boy is 6 years old ... but left details ...
  3. Sorry not a dog post but have not really found a forum for cats that has updated information. I have a family wanting to rescue a ragdoll or x if possible definitely male. They have been searching for a few months and found nothing. This family recently had to have their 16 recuse cat put down. They are also open to a cat with two different colored eyes - usually white in color (they have a soft spot for blue) They are a lovely family wanting a recuse before going to a breeder. ... Hard request but just wanted to put it out there. ..... Thanks all.
  4. Looking for a kitten for a family in Sydney. They have two rescue dogs and are looking to add a kitten to the mix. It is a gift from Santa so looking for a kitten that is ready around xmas. It will be an indoor kitty going to a very loving home with twins aged 8 and a 10 year. They would love a male with Medium/long fur .... black and white but open to other colors. I thought I would put it on here ..... just to see if anyone might have know of any kittens needing a great family. Thanks All :-)
  5. Thanks for the suggestions ..... but no. We have been trying to contact this one but can't even get an answer or leave a message https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/526794
  6. Just wanted to add they are also open to one puppy ...
  7. Hey Juice, yes they are going to look into a pure if they cannot find a rescue. They would have loved a rescue first after I told them about buying x's off gumtree etc
  8. The children are late primary school and knowing the family they are very gentle. Anyway I thought I would ask here first as the family had been looking on gumtree so I gave them some education :-). At the end of the day they might end up buying from gumtree if they can't find a rescue one. I can only do so much to help. I have a rescue cat 15 years old and a rescue dog 6 years and the children are so gentle with ours.
  9. Thanks, persephone for all the links. Yes they are very aware of the regular grooming and both parents have had dogs and cats their whole life so they know what they are letting themselves in for. :-) We have been looking on Petrescue regularly but nothing seems to come up.
  10. Hi all, I have a friend who is looking to add two puppy's to their family. They are looking for low shedding and definitely want puppy's and small in size. They are looking for Maltese, poodles x's and open to anything but must be low shedding. They are a wonderful family and have three children one who has just been through cancer. They would love to do rescue but have not had much luck. If anyone knows any puppy's currently in rescue needing homes pls let me know. The family are based in Sydney. Thanks all.
  11. Hi all, I have been taking my daughter to Westmead Children's hospital on and off since January. We have found a cat living in the car park near the ticket machine. He/she is pretty much there all the time either asleep in the garden on hanging around the bin meowing. He is scared and will always be just out of arms reach if you try to pat him. I don't believe he is feral just scared and probably has not had much human contact. I don't live close enough to go each day but was wondering if anyone has any contacts that might be able to help him ? It would great to see him living in a warm house and getting food. Any advice would be appreciated. :-) Thanks
  12. Anyone know if you can bump animals back to the top of the list after 7 days ???
  13. Not A Dog Question

    Thanks for all the suggestions !!!! Can you please send the details to me if you can find them. I think that would be the way to go for us !! Thanks again all !
  14. Not A Dog Question

    Sorry I know this is a dog forum but we don't know where else to go and thought someone might be able to point us in the right direction. We have a possum living in the roof and would like to relocate it's bedroom to a tree in our yard. We would be happy to get it to live in a nest box in our large tree. We do have a trap and are hoping to trap it so we can fix where it's getting in the roof. Can anyone suggest anyone that could help us with the nest box and maybe some tips to help make the move not too stressful. Thanks. Oh we are in Sydney.
  15. Poodle (miniature)

    Thanks poodlefan, I have emailed them. Having never had much to do with this breed why would a pup be better than a young adult ? Would just like to pass on as much info as I can Thanks