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  1. hope all is well that ends.. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-24/dog-stolen-from-perth-ends-up-in-north-west-queensland/7197280
  2. Behaviourist Canberra

    I have recently used Paul Welsh, the Canine Coach, with great success. http://www.caninecoach.com.au/
  3. Das Makeovers

    I agree. :) this is the best pound photo ever! :thumbsup:
  4. Das Makeovers

    and a couple of recent ARF rescues from DAS: Yard 5 now Basil and Yard 32 now Bingley thanks to our wonderful foster carers and groomer Karen Swan. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  5. Thank you both so much for this info. :) Might i ask if the reporting capability extends to assisting the preparation of the dread 16D reports? we have so many different fields on our current spreadsheet... *sigh* Anyway off to check it out for myself.. cheerily tess
  6. Colleagues I am a member of the committee for a rescue group which is involved in conducting behavioural assessments, rescue from pounds, some surrenders, foster carer recruitment and training, vet work, adoptions, home checks, transport of dogs from pounds into care and so on. We do not actually have a shelter, but a network of foster carers and other volunteers and manage all these processes by the use of both web based tools and spreadsheets and of course MYOB for the financial aspects. It is not always simple to get a quick overview of our operations at any one time and we might rely perhaps too heavily on the corporate knowledge of our individual members rather than a systematic approach. I have heard that Animal Shelter Manager software might be a very useful tool for us and just wondered if anyone else has tried it at all? or has any other suggestions we could look at. Cheerily tess
  7. Tassie Lost Dog Found In Victoria

    The Hobart Mercury carries this great story of one dog's incredible journey and safe return. lovely to read a good news story eh?
  8. Family Upset After Shelter Puts Down Pet

    I agree that this is a truly dreadful thing to happen to anyone but the fault is not really with the pound staff Part of the problem is that many Canberrans do not even know there is a pound, since it calls itself Domestic Animal Services (DAS), a sub branch of the delightfully named Territory ad Municipal services (TAMS), so people might not think to even look for the website, let alone search it Maybe the RSPCA could help to make sure that people contacting them re lost dogs also contact the pound. To be fair, the pound staff do already post details and photos of all dogs impounded so that even if the breed description and colour were wrongly listed you would recognise your own dog if it was there and as others have already said go and look at them. This is where the dogs in DAS pound list is : DAS pound dogs
  9. Have to love a good news story eh? Read all about it
  10. Jack The Boofhead

    Oh Aine How truly dreadful. love tess
  11. Last night after a devastating illness I had to make that dreadful decision to let Flash go. He came to us from Griffith Pound via Rhonda and was a rapscallion teddy bear whose adventures won him many friends. I can't write much now but leave you with these couple of images of his heart melting expression and sense of fun. Goodonya Flash!
  12. Extreme Dog Sports?

    and he looks so pleased with himself. Maybe that low centre of gravity....
  13. Extreme Dog Sports?

    check out this wonderful sports star! Love it!
  14. The Canberra Times article poor dog!
  15. Our Beautiful Girl

    Paula and Harry how truly dreaful for you both - and bless you for giving her the very best 16months she could have had. warmest regards Tess