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  1. Entries for the Australia Day International Dog Club double shows at the end of January (Victoria) close with the mail delivery on Friday, 9th January. My mail is delivered by contractor very early (usually before 9 am) so no entries will be accepted after that... Gael Wilcock, Show Secretary
  2. Yarra Glen Kennel Club Inc wishes to advise that Mr C Sykes is unable to fulfil his judging appointment at our double shows in March (schedule printed in the January edition of Dogs Victoria magazine). We are pleased to advise that Mrs S Rickard has kindly agreed to accept the appointment. Corrected schedule attached... updated 2015 Ch Show Schedule.pdf
  3. For any Victorian exhibitors attending Yarra Valley Ch Show this Saturday, 20th December - if you would like to hand me your entries for the ADI double shows, I will be at the Group 5 ring... Gael Wilcock Show Secretary ADIDC Inc
  4. For information of anyone entering the Australia Day International Shows in Victoria at the end of January. The schedule printed in the Dogs Victoria November magazine has an error in the judge's listing. Group 2 will now be judged by Mrs A Ulltviet-Moe (Sweden) and Group 4 will now be judged by Mr T Lim (Singapore). The alteration is to the MONDAY show only.. Please feel free to share wherever relevant! ADI 2015 Schedule.docx
  5. Further information about this show: JUDGING WILL BE OUTDOORS ON THE FRONT GRASSED AREAS! Cheers Gael
  6. For information for Victorian Exhibitors entered at Belgrave and Dist Ch Show - Saturday, 13th September. We regret to advise that Mr Robert Lawson (contracted judge for Group 6 - Utility) has advised the club that he is unable to fulfil his judging appointment (he requires further surgery to a knee, and will not be able to stand for long periods of time). We advise that Mr Ross Ward has kindly agreed to step in, and judge Group 6. Please cross post wherever appropriate! Gael Wilcock, Show Secretary.
  7. For the information of those who attended the Yarra Glen double shows yesterday (Sunday, 2nd March) at KCC Park. Have you lost a digital camera??? If so, please contact me. It was handed in to the office during the day. Some leads were also handed in.. Gael Wilcock, Show Secretary, Yarra Glen KC Inc
  8. 2014 Melbourne Royal Judges: Stefan Sinko (Slovenia), Luis Catalan (Portugal), Olga Sinko Kupriyanova (Slovenia), Elina Haapaniemi (Finland), Hans - Joachim Dux (Germany) and Augusto Benedicto (Dinky) Santos III (Philipines). Welcome to Melbourne Royal 2014, the largest conformation entry dog show in the Southern Hemisphere! This year promises to be another outstanding event. On Sweepstakes Day, with our International Judge, we also introduce two Veteran Sweepstakes, a Neuter Sweepstakes, and with the reintroduction of the VCA Puppy of the Year, we have changed our class to a Puppy Sweepstak
  9. Judging for the All Breeds Shows this coming weekend is scheduled to be on the front lawn judging rings.
  10. I think you already have your answer on another forum - but in Victoria, no Challenges awarded in the state on the day of a breed specialty show, and in the case of a National Show - no CC's within 1000 km
  11. Hi All, At the Australia Day International Show held at Bulla yesterday (27th January) a mobile phone was handed in to the office. I still have it, and if the owner would like to call me - the phone number is on the show schedule. Please cross post/share this information.. Gael Wilcock Show Secretary
  12. For the information of exhibitors entered at the Australia Day International Dog Club shows (Victoria) and Cranbourne Dog Club show... Dr E Kuplyauskas (Russia) is unable to travel to Australia, and the groups involved (ADI Saturday - Group 3, Monday - Group 2), Cranbourne (Sunday - Group 6) will now be judged by Ms Rosemary Hubrich (NZ). We express our thanks to Ms Hubrich for accepting the appointment at such a late date, and trust exhibitors will be understanding of the changes.
  13. We live a half an hour away from KCC Park, and there has been a lot of rain. I would hazard a guess that the show will be inside, but if you want to be sure, ring Dogs Victoria and ask!
  14. Just for information! I suspect everyone knows, but Juan Carlos Vasconsellos is not judging due to illness, and has been replaced by Ms Teresa Gallo (Argentina). This is not new information, just posted as the judging timetable printed in this thread shows the original judge. This change has been well publicised, and I suspect all exhibitors are aware of the change. Looking forward to a great Melbourne Royal - see you there!!!!
  15. Just to further muddy the waters (LOL) - if the Afghan puppy which beat the Beagle puppy was not RUBOB to the BOB Afghan winner, then by definition, some of the Afghans had also automatically beaten the Beagle puppy. I find it amazing that the Smooth Chihuahua was placed in the Group, but was then beaten by the Long Coat for Best Chihuahua!!!! Where were the Stewards when this happened??? Re this: Interesting question about the reverse - for a normal show, if you dont win group, can you go in your age (still a beaten dog) At a "normal show", all the age classes (other than the BIG winni
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