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  1. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    Yeah they did but they never helped last time he had them for his OCD so we decided against them, we had better results with Technyflex (Green Lipped Mussel). The vet wants me to continue using that as he still believes that should be used as well. Can't really leave the door open as he won't go across the laminate flooring unless I have all the mats in place which aren't left in place unless I am bringing him in or putting him out. I'm not making him come in nor keeping him in if he doesn't want to stay in. Well we live in Hobart so I wouldn't call it hot. In fact it has only be around 20s of late. Our lounge room can get out with the western sun but the air con is run when need to. Last night as soon as he went outside he got straight into his kennel.
  2. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    So far he still doesn't want to stay inside despite his wanting to come in several times and I haven't walked him myself yet due to busy family activities this weekend. Will see what he is like next time I walk him. Walks might be coming to an end.
  3. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    I've just been to the vets and now have Meloxicam as mentioned by Dogsfevr. There is definite arthritis there so will now see how we go and hope for some improvement.
  4. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    He has never liked the laminate flooring hence I have mats that I put down for him to walk on. He comes in fine just doesn't stay in for long.
  5. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    Well I'll go back to the vets and let them know not to fob me off and that I want answers. I've always found this particular vet to be very good but perhaps he isn't and it is time to find a new one.
  6. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    Speaking with the breeder we decided we would wait till he is gone before we got a puppy as we feel it would be too annoying for him even though he is very easy going. I had always wanted to let me see out in final days in peace. When we put him on Green lipped mussel years back it made a huge difference. I have been to the vet recently (6 weeks and 4 weeks ago) and they didn't feel he need anything
  7. 13 year old Labrador not wanting to be inside

    He is happy when he comes in but then wants to go out. I don't force him to stay in and let him go straight out when he wants. Seems happy enough with everything else so I just try and give him attention by going outside and giving him pats. We are alright. It has been several months now and whilst still missing my girl I'm generally alright. I do miss having a dog around inside but that is just me. He is on Green Lip mussel for arthritis but has been on that for a long time. Hearing went really bad for a while as he got an ear infection which has now been resolved but no doubt there is a loss of hearing there to an extent. I don't think the eyesight is any worse. Tonight was a walk around the block which started off in a gusto by him and continued on for quite a way. By the time we got closer to home though he wasn't limping a bit and was obviously sore. I had made sure it wasn't long. Getting up he is a bit stiff like a lot of old dogs but once moving seems to be alright. Certainly always keen for his walk,
  8. I have a 13 (9th November) year old Labrador who until July this year was one of two dogs that we owned as our other Labrador who was about 6 months older had to be put to sleep. I was worried about how he would be after she left but he has generally be alright. He did have moments of barking which he never ever did when she was around and would sometimes cry. I found he would cry looking at her kennel. When he came inside he would lie on his mat but wouldn't be quite as settled as he use to be when she was around but would stay in before wanting to go outside again. But then suddenly things changed and he now comes back in but basically after a few minutes of being on his mat he wants to go back outside. I try to encourage him to lie back down but he doesn't want to. Sometimes when I go to get him he doesn't want to get out of his kennel so I go over and give him some pats and he then decides to come in only to go back out quickly again. He seems happy enough and still enjoys company. He still enjoys going on his walks although slightly slower than they use to be but still reasonable. Today I even bought a new bed in case that encouraged him to stay in but nope he wanted out again. Last check up vet said he was doing really well and wouldn't be surprised if he needed another 3 year vaccination injection in 3 years time (only because I said it might be the last one due to age). I'm not sure what to do. He seems happy enough sleeping in his kennel and not coming in but I certainly miss having him around. I guess if he is happy then all good but appreciate any advice.
  9. Green Lipped Mussels

    Great news. What GLM product did you end up using? I ended up going with the Technyflex http://www.technyflex.com.au/game/technyfl...n&id=canine Very happy.
  10. Green Lipped Mussels

    It really has made a huge difference. It is so great to see him feeling so much better. I am really happy with the improvement.
  11. Green Lipped Mussels

    Probably a month or more. Really that long. I would've thought sooner than that
  12. Green Lipped Mussels

    How long has it taken people to generally see results when using the green lipped mussel products?
  13. Green Lipped Mussels

    I have received my Technyflex so have started Kaos on it and will see what happens in the next couple of weeks.
  14. Green Lipped Mussels

    Initially our 15 year old labrador seemed to improve. It is often very difficult to gauge single dog results, as housing, weather, other medications, weight, diet, and exercise come into the picture. What other medications do you use? Before we had been using Joint Guard but it doesn't seem to be helping. And other than that Cartrophen Injections
  15. Green Lipped Mussels

    I was looking at using the Technyflex brand in the capsules http://www.technyflex.com.au/game/technyfl...n&id=canine So have you found that it has improved her quality of life and made her a bit more mobile?