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  1. That sounds like Ziggy in the bedroom... "where's Ziggy?" "Oh he just got himself locked in the bedroom again"
  2. Nah, he had water and fresh air - I'm sure he was probably a little bit miffed, but he then probably decided to go to sleep.
  3. Kuga, It sounds like you had the best life ever, with the best family ever. You have left a wonderful legacy and may those memories comfort those you have left behind. Sleep peacefully big guy. xox
  4. A very happy first birthday, Emmy! Can't believe you are 1 already!!! Party Time!
  5. Anouk has no problem wanting to get the mouse, but when one gets woken up at 1.30am by either her in the garage upsetting things or a very noisy burglar and goes to investigate and sees Anouk with her head in a plastic bucket oblivious to the fact that the mouse has fled (we saw it), she lacks execution... Terrier fail.
  6. My wheatens' breeder is exceptionally good. She's always just an email away if I have any questions or problems. I also think she's wonderful because she's heavily involved in dog rescue, and not just in relation to wheatens. She knew that we'd be the right home for Ziggy, when his first family had to rehome him.
  7. BTW We were in Estonia in winter - it reached -25C. We visited a breeder and a couple of her dogs preferred to be outside. The spitz dogs are pretty well set up for extreme cold I reckon.
  8. My two, although they don't have that big spitz coat, are still generously covered, and they do like to sleep on the concrete in the garage or on the cool tiles, Anouk especially. She would 'dig' in her crate to get to the cool plastic. She is a beautiful girl, and congratulations on adopting her.
  9. Would a Weaten be suitable???? Clearly she loves the 'look'. Wheatens are awesome dogs, but they are terriers, so not for everyone. I'm hesitant to recommend them to anyone who hasn't met wheatens or owned terriers in the past. If she is interested though, I'm sure I could find a couple of wheatens for her to meet in the fur to see if they are a dog for her ;)
  10. http://www.dogpages.org.uk/forums/index.php?showforum=12
  11. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY little man! I hope you enjoyed your very special day.
  12. Interestingly enough I met an oodle owner on the weekend. We'd taken our two for a walk to the shopping centre and I was waiting outside when a woman came over to talk to A & Z. She said she had a labradoodle and commented on how beautiful and soft the wheaten fur was. Apparently her dog has a really curly coat that is very hard to groom. I should imagine she could find a multitude of rescue dogs in London.
  13. Some people might, but very few city people have the foggiest idea what "farm dog" can encompass. I was trying to explain why shire registration was discounted for vermin dogs the other day to my new neighbours' group of suburbanite guests and could not even manage to get through to them that "vermin dog" was a job not a specific breed. :D I have vermin dogs! Can't imagine that breed being very popular. "Oh yeah, I have VDs!" They both totally failed to catch the mouse that was running around our house, so I'm starting to doubt even that!
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