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  1. A friend of mine is seeking a behaviourist to come and help shed some light on the best management for her Cav x Poodle. From what I understand she and her husband both work for the same company and both have been lucky to dodge a redundancy bullet - only problem being where they used to be on alternate shifts, they now work alongside each other on the same shifts. They have two Cav x Poodles - one of which is being incredibly destructive in their absence and they've received noise complaints. They've tried the usual distractions, treats, enriching toys etc to no avail thus far. They also ha
  2. I'm posting here for a dear friend of mine. Bit of a backstory: her Stepmother unexpectedly passed away last week and they need to make arrangements for her sweet little Cav x Poodle. She was incredibly bonded to her owner and has been staying with my friend for the last month while her owner was in hospital. She's suffering separation anxiety greatly and my friend has since received noise complaints despite sharing temporary accommodation with two other Poodle-mixes. My friend loves her dearly but is not a suitable long-term solution. "Female, 8.5 months old, up to date with all vaccinations
  3. Thank you all for your thoughts and advice :) With a heavy heart we decided to pass up the opportunity for the Bulldog pup this time The breeder was an absolute gem. We're naturally disappointed but as you all say it can be so very hard to predict so would rather be cautious :)
  4. Hubby and I are blessed with Maggie, a 8yo Boxer/Bullmastiff mix. After our Great Dane, Lucy died in November - we set out to find the perfect breeder for a British Bulldog pup. All was going well, we met with our breeder, went to a few shows and all was going swimmingly. We were (are?) due to bring pup home in the first week of August. That was until hubby and I (excitedly) found out we're nearly 8 weeks pregnant - our first bub will be due in the last week of February. Now I'm scratching my head figuring out what to do. Maggie is quite simply amazing - I had my 18mth and 5 year old nieces
  5. Hi all! :) Was wondering whether it's commonplace for many registered breeders to not health test parents? I've been in touch with a breeder who sounds great but upon asking whether they health test their response was no "mainly due to the fact that bulldogs fail there is no standard currently available as to what score is appropriate for bulldogs". Does this sound right? Obviously a healthy pup is paramount for us, but having had a questionable experience with a registered breeder in the past - a reliable, balanced temperament is as important to us and we're unsure now what to do.
  6. This is doing the rounds on FB: "Dylan Carpenter Enough of the B.S!! DID YOU FEEL THERE WAS SOMETHING MORE TO THE STORY OF LINC THE 'STOLEN' DOG? WELL HERE'S THE TRUTH. Please share this.. Many of my fb friends got involved and will remember, 5 or so weeks back I shared a post of my friend Petras. She was trying to find a good new home for a dog named Linc, who was neglected and not being looked after by his young owner. The boys mother and neighbours had had enough of the poor animal always crying in distress, and as the boy still would not take his responsibility seriously, the mother h
  7. This is exactly what I've been telling myself and am so very grateful that someone else would echo the same sentiment. Thank you so much
  8. Vandown Graffin von Lucy 04.06.2009 - 11.11.2014
  9. Our baby girl was given her wings this afternoon. The cancer was well into her shoulder cavity and the bone had already been compromised to the point where if we brought her home she would have sustained a pathological fracture. My heart is in a million pieces.
  10. I think for your own good you would want to xray because otherwise you could feel concern that maybe it wasn't Cancer? Sorry, should have clarified - we're getting x-rays anyway.
  11. So there's no real need for x-rays, the vet can already feel thickening in the bone :'( Please tell me what I should do - I don't know whether to bring her home or not :'(
  12. Thanks all for your advice and thoughts. So sorry to those who have gone through it - it's just horrible. Will keep you posted after Tuesday
  13. Thanks for your input, ish - sorry for your loss It's a hard one. If it gets to that stage part of me wants to let her go now (she's crying, not whining/moping but part of me wants to say it's cause she's bored silly in her crate but I know that's not the case).
  14. Hi all, Lucy is a 5.5 year old Great Dane. I had noticed for a couple of weeks that Lucy was a bit 'off colour'. At the time I hadn't thought much about it as we'd moved house and thought she was just making the transition to the new house. During the moving process we kenneled them and usually when we bring them home it's not uncommon for them to sleep for days and days undisturbed. Anyway Saturday before last I started to notice the slightest limp in her front left leg. At the time I thought hubby had just been overzealous with the nail clippers as we have floorboards now. Slowly it got w
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