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  1. The OP took all precautions to ensure the security of her dogs and to keep them contained, the neighbours now need to lift their game and ensure that THEIR pup is safe. Why is it that no one can accept respopnsibility for their own, you buy a pup you keep it safe, it isn't rocket science. They have have time to fix this, they haven't. As far as I can make out here I do not know whose dog is at fault with the hole under the fenceline.As far as Im concerned BOTH owners are now aware of the situation with this hole so to avoid any more controversery someone HAS to fix it!!What is so bloody hard with that,I ask?I have a dog here that goes out of her way to be a 'bitch' with the neighbours dog cos of a small gap in the fenceline and I have done my best with controlling that,so come on these people can do the same thing as far as Im concerned!You LOVE your dog,you will do anything to keep her/him!
  2. But not impossible for it(your dog) to dig a hole is it?To get this over with Rottylover just block this gap/hole or whatever.Who cares who's dog is at fault really,you know there is a hole/gap so whether pups owner does it or you...just do it!At least this way it sets your mind at ease,surely????
  3. Kinda looks a little like a red cloud to me in ways...but hey,I aint no expert..
  4. Im sorry but I havent read ALL the posts here but Rottylover where did this hole start from?I mean did your dog dig it from his/her side or was it from the puppy's side?
  5. SueBrown,it doesnt harm your dogs and I have in my lifetime eaten a few weevils in things and am still here to tell the story.Just think of it as a few extra nutrients for your dog.. Btw,my chooks love weevils..
  6. Newfsie,she is absolutely adorable!I love BIG,droolly dogs.Some gorgeous shots you have taken there too..
  7. I have come across this a lot of times and it still does the same thing to me..
  8. .. I love Cesar but I loved Daddy even more.Such a great dog and a fantastic example of how pitbulls can be with the right owner. RIP Daddy
  9. So good to hear the news Mantis .My kelpie who is getting rather old has one of these under her thigh and vet has said to keep an eye on it and if it gets too large it needs to be drained.
  10. What excellent dogs you have & well done too.You can sleep soundly knowing you have good protectors looking out for you.I have had neighbours do this here and just jump into my yard.All my dogs have done is bark madly with the bigger girl(kelpie x) getting her hackles up.Im happy with that cos at least they are giving me warning so I can go out there and deal with it.
  11. Im sorry you had been put in this situation.It wasnt your fault or Dukes. I wish owners of cats would be more responsible so things like this dont happen. Hope you are alright and a visit to your own 'vet' is a must to get your wounds checked. I hope your neighbours wont cause any trouble for you over this either.
  12. And they are allowed to breed... (The stupid people that is.)
  13. Well,we can breathe a sigh of relief now.She has gone out and bought a baby budgie instead.
  14. Megan,hopefully someone who owns a Westie from here or there can do a nice post informing her of the terrier traits maybe.
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