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  1. Her heart is dilated and an irregular shape. Just after experiences in relation to what to expect, how long improvements lasted when on the medications etc . St Bernard, 11yo. Was experiencing Breathing heavily, Pale gums, slight hind end weakness, lack of energy and enthusiasm and night grumpiness. Since being medicated with Vetmedin, breathing has improved, not huffing and puffing as much and no where near as raspy sounding, pink gums have returned, wanting to exercise more, less grumpy when sleeping, strength returned to hind legs able to get back up the couch etc. Thanks for your reply Smiff
  2. Could I get as much information and personal experiences regarding Cardio Myopathy in a giant breed dog. She is currently on Vetmedin 15mg twice a day. Thanks in advance.
  3. Extremely Fussy Eater!

    Thanks Guy - very helpful. Nekhbet & Persephone - I think you hit the nail on the head exactly. Haha But with the help of DOL I will try to be strrrong and mend my Softy ways...haha Thanks again guys - I think this could become addictive this forum.
  4. Extremely Fussy Eater!

    Hi all, I have been lurking in the dark, sucking information from various threads as required, so thank you all for your help. I have a 18 WK old Saint Bernard Pup Brandy who is an extremely fussy eater. Vet is insisting that this type of breed should only be feed the Science Diet. But she will not touch it with a 40 foot barge pole. Have tried to hmmm hmmm starve her till she eats it but she would rather starve till I give her something else. She loves raw meat but it has to be good meat - porterhouse or BBQ is acceptable but not every meal and anything minced is of the menu, she enjoys tuna and sardines, and will eat some vegies and pasta with these. So do you have any suggestions on proper balanced meals for her with some variety? Are there supplements - vitiamin/minerals etc for growth I can add to her food to ensure she gets all the vit & mins she needs whilst growing? She is growing sooo fast! You help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance