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  1. Dog Licks Or Kisses ?

    Yuck, hate dogs licking me. Ours are trained not to, but will lick visitors who let them. Yes, I do kiss them - on the forehead.
  2. Risks Of Worming A Pregnant Bitch

    If you are concerned about worming her, take a sample to the vet for a fecal count. If she has worms then you can think some more, if she doesn't you don't.
  3. Weight Pulling Discussion

    Love weightpull! Hope to get to one in Qld this year (current dog is too young), and get going again with it next year.
  4. Mythical Dog Car

    To be able to leave the air con running and still lock the car would be lovely - note to Ford Motors!!!!!
  5. Stafford Fans

    Are you being mean about China Rainy :laugh: I've found dogs are usually more all-people-orientated and generally easier to train, but they tend to be fairly single-minded in their approach to things (go around, nope - what I want it THERE I will go straight through). I've found bitches are more likely to develop preferences for specific people and can be really snobby to everyone else (unless their favourite people aren't available) Deep down bitches usually care firstly about what's in it for them. They tend to be sneakier and not necessarily smarter but more cunning in getting what they want. So many people think male Staffords are tough and macho - it's the female of the species you need to watch out for!
  6. Worming Pregnant Bitches.

    A week before mating. But I don't routinely worm, I worm when it is required (fecal count)
  7. AFAIK ANKC registration does not prove ownership - it's the microchip & council registration which has more weight. That said, you need to have included in the contract that the breeder has no rights except as outlined in that contract and that the dog is your property. Marking is a matter of training. If you let the dog pee on everything while you're walking, he will. Humping is also a matter of training. Desexed dogs hump too! (and mark)
  8. Question About Lure Coursing

    Well there's always plenty of laughing when a dog disappears off into the distance, but not derision. Stopping to pee on cones or pylons is always good for a laugh too. They're dogs, as long as they're having fun it's all good!
  9. So the breeder is going to SELL you a dog then continue to own it?? I hope you are getting the pup at a reduced price. Who is going to use this dog - the breeder? Other people? If the breeder wants to breed a single litter from the dog to continue a bloodline I wouldn't have a problem with the arrangement - provided you get a contract stating: Who pays for the genetic testing/x-rays for hips/elbows/eye screening/any other health testing required. I would expect the breeder to do this as none of this really matters to a pet owner. IF you are paying full price for the pup - how much will the stud fee be? At what age will this mating take place (ie age of the dog) - this tells you how long you have to keep the dog entire if you want to neuter him. You will need to ensure that the bitch has live pups before neutering the dog so make sure this is in the contract too - how long afterwards do you have to wait. If your council charges more for an entire dog and you want to neuter the dog, who pays the extra cost to register an entire dog for the period of time the breeder wants him to stay entire. The microchip will be transferred to your name immediately, that the breeder has no rights at all to the dog except as specifically stated in your contract and that the council registration will be in your name. If other people are going to use the dog I would walk away as it can get very complicated. ETA: It's probably simplest if the breeder takes frozen semen from the dog as soon as it can be done, then the dog is signed over. Mind you - if you aren't going to show/trial/race/whatever the dog I would be very suspect about why more than one or perhaps two people would want to/be allowed to use a dog which has never been proven in any field.
  10. Sick Puppy

    For a pet an undescended testicle isn't of much importance as others have said, but "unwell", I would want to know a lot more about this. That said, it is a good thing the breeder is holding on to the pup - a bad breeder would send the pup off regardless than probably blame you for making the puppy sick Talk to the breeder, ask any question you feel you need to ask - this is a life-long commitment you are making and they should care at least as much about your pup as you do! Good on you for thinking before you buy and good luck with the pup :)
  11. Starting Puppy School A Day After A Vaccination

    Miss the first class and go the following week.
  12. Puppy Scared Of Going For Walk In Dark

    If she is fearful in the dark regardless of where she is, get her examined by a canine eye specialist. It's PROBABLY nothing to be concerned about but we had a bitch who was very fearful in the dark and it turned out she had PHPV (inherited eye condition). I have NO idea about the eye conditions in Dallies so please don't immediately go in to panic-mode, but this is something to consider if she is fearful even in known places and doesn't improve.
  13. Channel 7 News Tonight

    :rofl: Sorry - couldn't help it. Sadly, that's how people think isn't it... Why would someone want ONE unsocialised IW, let alone two
  14. Cute? Video

    http://www.reshareworthy.com/puppies-run-for-dinner-timelapse/ Is it wrong that all I could think was - OMG watch out for their joints....
  15. 7 Day Old Baby Bitten By Family Dog

    Bears out that particular research finding that the husky breed came out in the least aggressive to humans group. (But as the researchers noted, there's still variation within the breed, as for any breed.) But babies & tiny children send out totally different signals. So different stimulus to dog. Which is why, generally, across all dogs, the babies & small children are the highest 'at risk' group. Do you have a reference for the arctic breeds being over- represented in serious attacks on them? Or has it been your impression from media accounts? It'd be good if there were stats like that, to show how people can't predict what their dog might do around babies/tiny children .... based on, genuinely, how trustworthy it's always been around humans. Whatever the breed or mix. I think this might be the fatal flaw for many people .... not realizing that there can be a difference. Google Karen Delise and Fatal Dog Attacks.