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  1. Border Collie Pics

    I had by old BC (neutered male) shaved for the last few years he was alive as he had lost some of his ability to regulate his body temperature. The coat grew back OK but did seem to be curlier. He also decided that he would sleep inside in winter for the first time in his life at this age as well I would have been furious if a groomer clipped my boys without my permission and would definitely not have paid them. ETA I did not have him shaved really short but left about the same coat lenghth you would find on a smooth coated BC
  2. Is Your Dog Safe Off Leash?

    I have 1 dog with an excellent recall - about 99.9 % reliable even with distractions like bitches in season and the same with an emergency stop that has come from sheep dog training. The others recall and stop is not quite so reliable as his hasn't had the same level of training. Both have a good stay. I have always believed that my dogs need a reliable drop and stay so that if something happens (like separated by a busy road)I cann drop them and tell them to stay and go and get them. My last dally (RIP) was no where as reliable as the borders so was only allowed off leash in places it was safe.
  3. 2016 Training Goals!

    I would like to be able to get to another herding trial and get a pass over 85 on both A and B course. If I do that Cole will be eligible for both his Grand Herding Champion and his Versatile Herding Champion. I didn't manage to trial this year and probably won't next year either. H.Ch Cole Laird of Night of Ohutu HXAs HXBs HSAd HSBd (imp NZ)
  4. Dalmatians 101

    I had to let Mishka go to the bridge last Monday. She deteriorated quickly and in pain and very distressed on Sunday night so it was time.
  5. Dalmatians 101

    I'm still here but I don't know for how long. The Demented Dalmatian is in her 13th year and quite senile but still happy most of the time though getting though stiffer and slower. The brain damage she suffered from neurological poisoning in 2010 will probably be what the cause of her going to the bridge. On a happier note it is lovely to see the pictures of the stunning pups
  6. Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

    CL is non treatable, is inherited and fatal. It is a horrible disease and one that the DNA status of all breeding Border Collies should be known before they are bred from. I don't know if a DNA test is available for breeds other than Border Collies. http://www.bccnsw.com/cl.html
  7. Angel.

    Sorry to read this, Run free Angel
  8. Online Puppy Class's

    I will second this comment.
  9. Border Collie Pics

    It was still a great show. There were 96 entries in breed not including the property classes classes and veterans, 87 runs in agility, 40 obedience, 21 rally and 42 herding in tests only so numbers are down. This is only a quick count from the catalogue. We ran a full herding trial with both tests and trial classes the day before.
  10. Border Collie Pics

    Advanced B. It is not necessarily his best but he loves the big cast and working in the open paddock where he can get the distance of his sheep. He has a lot of power on sheep so the open area suits him.
  11. Border Collie Pics

    I can't make it to the nationals but I had a great time at the last 2. Cole will be there in spirit as he has donated the trophy for his favourite class.
  12. Border Collie Pics

    Merry Christmas everyone from Cole, Moss, Mishka and I
  13. Inherited Conditions

    What about the dalmatian gene mutation that makes them unable to metabolise purines and ;lead to uric acid bladder stones and gout? It is not a modern example but shows the outcome of breeding with affected and carrier dogs as there is now not a purebred dalmatian worldwide who is not homozygous for the mutation. The only exceptions are the back cross dalmatians where a pointer was introduced in the 70s to reintroduce the normal gene. http://www.luadalmatians.com/ http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/11/081107071818.htm
  14. Border Collie Pics

    I am sure prick ears were in the original standard as were rose ears but they got lost in a rewrite. I always say my BCs ears are never correct as I didn't tape or glue them as pups :laugh: ETA 2 of those pups listed are by Cole - black tris so allowable colour but so cute.
  15. Border Collie Pics

    She's not my new addition though I could be tempted. If I keep a pup it will be from the ISDS bitch who is coming next season to try again.