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  1. Mount Waverley Animal Hospital in Waverley Rd for normal vet Karin or Robbie or East West vetinary clinic South Road Bentleigh for holistic Anne Neville
  2. Thank you both for replying, I will send her the info particularly about the vet behaviourist. In the mean time I sent her a link to Doggy Dans website. By what I can see, if genuine, he seems like the type of trainer they need.
  3. I have a friend with a 3 year old Kelpie, lots of anxiety issues (fly chasing, barking in storms, barking in general, trying to rule the roost) and a not a very confident owner. She is in the Western suburbs of Auckland. Can anyone recommend a trainer please? Thanks.
  4. Mark Foley at Monash Vets. Did TPLO on my Rotty 4 years ago, text book recovery. However I was really strict with confining her to her crate and restricting her exercise for the recommended 16 weeeks, crucial part of the recovery particularly if you have a very active dog as she was at the time. Cost about $3300.00 but that included 12 week xrays, two check up appts and pain relief.
  5. I posted this in off topic and I hope you Rotty peeps and vsitors don't mind if I pop it in here too. Thanks Forgotten Cancer Project I was hoping by adding this topic to help out with the Cancer Councils research in to the “forgotten cancers” as they are calling them. Cancers like pancreatic, gall bladder, bladder, ovarian, bone, kidney, stomach to name a few. There are 15 in total. They are recruiting participants that have been diagnosed with one of the 15 cancers they list to fill in a survey (it does take about 1 hour) and supply a saliva sample for DNA testing. These cancers account fo
  6. Hi SC, they are both well thank you. Sleeping a lot but still hassle for a walk every morning. Those eyes speak so many words and they mean 'isn't it about time for, walk, dinner, pats, game!'
  7. Bet they slept well after that Grumpette. Photos up to your usual high standard
  8. Phew! I am glad the hot weather is over, been too hot to sleep on the couch lately... Back in my rightfull spot. Can't get the photo to attach
  9. Clever how Dee leaves the rind :D
  10. Nel says all this Christmas and New Year business is just too tiring :D Happy New Year everyone.
  11. Lovely pics Grumpette, glad to hear things are settling down. Hope you are feeling better although I know it takes a long time to get over the loss of a loved one. Dee does have a little crazy eye going on in a couple of the pics. My two totally inert in this weather, only a very early morning walk today.
  12. Oh Grumpette, I had no idea, so so sorry you have lost the Old Chook. She is bubble hunting at Rainbow Bridge now.
  13. Looks like your guys had a good time Grumpette, makes me cold looking at them. Sorry I missed you, I left at about 11am before I froze. Dyz and Mr Dyz, thank you so much for the chair and the shelter. You are hardy people, especially during the Veterans parade brrrrrrrr! SC, lovely to see you too.
  14. I just figured it out, there was a little mention of "full version" :laugh: :)
  15. Thanks Griff! Yes SC , plan to be there with a box of tissues for the veterans parade at 9. That will be a shock to the system. How do you get to emoticons on these Galaxy tabs, every time I try, I lose my post and have to start again I can help with annoying Dyzney if you like? See you on Sunday too Grumpette
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