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  1. Danes are sensitive eaters, just like me! I have known some shockers around me who.. eeek i won't even post on a publuc forum, but has left me ill for days. I know you can defrost in fridge (no longer than 4hrs though), we never have, so i wouldn't try now. My tummy is accustom, like i said, to how i was brought up. I know some people who have eaten pizza the next day while it was left out over night on bench.. left cooked meals in pot on stove over night etc.. never been ill... i eat the same shite, i'd be in hospital.. diff people, diff stomaches. Was just letting you know some info.. like everything in here take it or leave it. ETA: anyway.. what's happened to the owner & poochy???? hope all is well???
  2. i guess it's how your brought up aswell. We NEVER defrost in fridge as this passes on bacteria, bacteria lives in your fridge aswell so this also grows while it's sitting in your fridge.. if it's on a shelf the juices from the defrosting meat drips down into your other foods more so the vegies into their bag, or what not. There is a health website out there.. there was an add recently also emphasing not to leave uncooked/defrostings meats in the fridge. I've been brougt up with strict food hygene. My tummy isn't accustom to any other way.. I pay the price if i meats/ foods aren't fresh. Not saying your food isn't fresh (can't think of correct term). For example i can't eat left overs 2days or older.. i'll be visiting Mr.Toilet man all night. fruits & vegies same deal. My OH is the same. Just about everything gets fridged, meats are in freezer obviously, but we defrost on a plate, remove "freshness" thingy. No wounder my heart my breed is a Great Dane
  3. Really? I didn't know we were supposed to remove those things before defrosting. I've always defrosted with them in the bottom of the tray. I haven't killed anyone off yet How did you find out that they need to be removed before defrosting? They should come with a warning on the pack if they are dangerous....please educate me about them. because i did this once.. went a tiny bit over defrost (outside of meat cooked).. 12am was vomiting my stomache up (blood and all) - went into emergency i explained to them what my day consisted of.. they stopped me at dinner prep.. YOU HAVE TO TAKE OUT THOSE SQUARES, They are highly toxic!!! OH was vomiting and real sick, not as bad as myself. so needless to say.. we ALWAYS!! take them out now. Everything has it.. burrito packets ask you to remove them aswell!! they keep food fresh, but the microwave releases the toxins into the food.
  4. Oh my gosh that's just so heart wrenching.... i'm so sorry it turned out to be your worst fear, unfortunatly our intuition on these things often get ignored or talked out of. Sounds like your life style can addapt to his 'now" special needs. Can keep an eye on him at work etc. my heart goes out to you.. BIG hug to you lil'man from me, K ?! keep being strong like you are.. best of luck with new meds and the pre-seizure-remidies
  5. :) ;) :cool: my OH remembers your sig as the chick with the dog that had towels coming out his back-side!! Seriously though... there is poison in those things aswell.. if it's come up "torn" i'd be straight to the vet.. if we as humans can't defrost it with it in, then dog forbid what it's doing inside ur dogs tummy call your after hours vet ASAP i think. i would.
  6. i have started to work on it. i'm using my hand in shape of gun, then pretend to fire "bang" for roll over - he actually got it! i will work on "your dead" as a replacement for stay on his side. This might seem confusing, but he knows he has several comands for same action(he's smart chooky), for eg: down & drop is the same (being mum's dog she has changed things since he was a pup and i did basic obedience). will let you know, didn't have time to do it today, on weekend i'll dedicate some time to it again.
  7. YAY!! how proud do you feel!!? i'm loving this whole "teach a trick" thing!
  8. sure does! i'm sooo clucky for my fuz buts! I can't wait until i can get my babies & teach them heaps of tricks aswell. My mum's lil'man will just have to get tortured untill then ..
  9. Sorry, but i'm proud of myself & mum's lil'man (swf) who we worked together as a team yesterday & today and have taught him roll over!!! He's 4yrs old and often doesn't give a *** untill you give him his treat. So with my loveing patience i exercised the notion and walllaaah! he's learnt a new trick!! he's so much smarter than anyone gives him credit for around here! He does it with such passion and enthusiasm aswell... right next trick will be: "bang!" .. "your dead" anways just really wanted to share this with you all/ who ever reads this
  10. that bacon bubble contraption looks/sounds great! but, and i'd hate to "burst your bubble" (LOL) but what happens if the dog works out where the bubbles come from and decide to kill the bubble monster??
  11. oh my golly gosh yes! got the snipo' very young! well i can only suggest to mum these things.. he's hers, so she does what she can. if he was mine, i'd love to.. got the hyster'op coming up in 3-4weeks now.. i will be out again from mum's as soon as i'm better. so it's a small window of time i have.. like i said.. bless my mothers cotton sox she wouldn't continue any training anyway.. and that's after organising professional to have a looksy, wich i doubt will happen either. aside from this problem he is loved, he is very spoilt and loves my cat (he has temporarily come home with me) those two lpay for hours.. my cat is such a tease cause he'll jump ontop of the fence with a look of "narnie, narnie, nar-nar!" greets everyone so very affectionatley. Mum doesn't really take him to dog parks she's a "pavement pounder".. so it won't affect her that much. I've just noticed he's changed alot in a 6mnth time frame. so be it. he's a great lil'man for the lap! we can all live with this
  12. it's kinda comforting to know we aren't the only ones in this boat. thanks for sharing guys. i guess it would be very scarey if ur 1/4 the size of ur fellows. however, this would be why i've always had big boofas, the "happy chappys". see i love the dog park.. it's my way to relax (well in the past growing up).. but i understand now why he's not as excited as me.
  13. very valid advice. thank you poodlefan, it does make sense. i feel so bad that we have inforced/ made this problem worse. I am so gratefull for the advice. If a trainer online can't help that's very understandable to me now. i just wanted to see my options while i have some time off work. see if i can help me,help mum, help him. i will just go to dog parks poochless and just enjoy others doggy company till partner and i can be puppy-parents we are both going to the agility trials to help out on sat, so we can do many other things to fill that void till our day comes!! so once again, thank you, thank you all.
  14. again... i'm doing this from my heart.. Mum couldn't care less, she won't "pay" for specialist. i would pay but not in work currently (health issues) - all my money is going towards medical bills. i just was aware we have a great team on here, many specialists in all feilds, was just hoping some "free" advice might be ok from anyone? ideal world i raised him.. any behaviour that came up would be on phone straight away to get trainer/ behaviourlist out before i hung up the phone. I don't have the authority to do this (i do love my mother, however she is such a controlling one that couldn't possibly ever be wrong). also be concerned to shut me up she might get first session.. then not keep the next apptmnt, then the next etc it's such a crappy situation. i have often said to her if u just don't have the time, just maybe he'd be happier with someone else - i know a friend who is a maltese nut and often asks to bring him over when we visit... <---- see we even detour to my mum's to take to play dates. ooffff it sucks. i shall talk to mum again, i will relay this wounderful response to her... fingers crossed thanx everyone again xx
  15. ahhh ok. so if we can reconigse the behaviour, would there be hope of maybe changing his behaviour? i just don't want to give up on him yet, and say "oh, well he's just anti-social" and leave it at that.
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