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  1. Our great dane had her ACL done in 2011 (she is now 11yrs and 4 months old) and had a great recovery. We didn't confine her to a crate, but had her shut in the lounge room (not big) if we were out and supervised outside. Hubby works shifts so was generally at home. She has now developed arthritis, but probably would have anyway due to her age. She has never injured the other leg. We found that early on in the recovery period she was happy to laze around, but we had to keep an eye on her at about 3-4 weeks when she wanted to be more active. We found her running around with our greyhound a few times, but it didn't do any lasting damage. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  2. Whitney does this too, and great dane's poop goes a loooong way. Picking it up is always fun as you get to follow a trail Harry (who is no longer with us) the greyhound used to do what we called a "happy dance'. When he had done something he thought was amazing or fun, he would stamp his front feet in one spot and look at us with the silliest grin on his face. He was commonly known as "Harry the Clown". Miss the bugger
  3. These are made up for my great dane, although the 5mg of of Pimobendan is not the right dosage (should be 10mg) and I would think the Frusemide would then be too much. I would think that the dosage would suit a large breed dog. The vet said it was a really unusual dosage combination so they didn't want them back, and are replacing with the correct ones for me.
  4. I wasn't sure if I should put this in the health section or here, so if I need ro move this, let me know. I have 100 tablets of Frusemide Pimobendan (Vetmedin) 80mg 5mg compunded. They were made up in error for me and the vet doesn't want them back. Is there anyone on here who would like them fo their dog. It's a pity to just throw them out, so I was hoping someone's pooch is on the same mixture and could use them.
  5. Oh CBL, so sorry. Isn't it the little things that bug you? I have notifications on my phone as well, but it's only on the clock set as an alarm. When Whitney goes (which is getting imminent) I'll definitely not want them there. Hugs.
  6. Luna was found in the neighbours garage tonight all safe.
  7. I am posting this for a friend. They went out for dinner last night and came home and their pug is missing. They are in the Moggill / Bellbowrie are in QLD. If you have any info, please post. I will keep an eye on this thread. Thanks! Jaana
  8. Our great dane Whitney was diagnosed with DCM in August, 2014. We were told she would be lucky to make Christmas. She in on compounded Vetmedin and Furosemide, and is still going. The medication has worked remarkably well, and she is now 11 yrs and 1 month old. She has not had any deterioration to her heart, as she was scanned again last year, and there was no change. The results were passed on to SASH for confirmation, and they concurred with our vet. She was also diagnosed with atrial fibrillation in November, 2015, and now with bone cancer last week. Remarkably she is still going, we can't believe it! Her DCM is well controlled, so her survival well past the prediction for a giant breed is a great bonus for us, although apparently the meds don't always work so well. Fingers crossed you have as much success!
  9. So sad for you. Whatever you need to do, you do. Heartbreaking. Hugs to all.
  10. Thanks, we will
  11. I know this isn't very active, but I thought I would post this here anyway, as I am still trying to get my head around it. We have learnt that Whitney has bone cancer, what type is a moot point. We have opted for palliative care, as with her DCM and fibrillation, she is not a candidate for amputation of her left front leg (even if we thought she could manage without it) as she wouldn't survive the anaesthetic and chemotherapy wouldn't help on it's own. It's in her humerus, and is showing only slight bone deterioration as we found it early. Her only symptom has been s light limp that didn't resolve with pain killers and rest. We are devastated as it's so soon after losing Harry, and can't imagine our life without a dog in it. The vet said her estimated survival is 6 -12 weeks at a guess. As long as we can keep her comfortable and happy, we will do it, but will have to let her go when she has had enough. We are loving her to bits. She doesn't deserve this (no dog or person ever does) with her heart problems as well, and remarkably is still the sweetest, softest girl. Her loving nature has not changed in any way and she is still a love bug. We are hopeful of a good while with her yet, but have to take each day as it comes. Thanks for letting me get it out, we haven't told all our friends yet as we want to absorb the reality first.
  12. Such a happy outcome. Good to see a beautiful greyhound in a great home! Well done
  13. So sorry