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  1. Kaos

    Just saw this. So sorry. Hugs to all. All our dogs have aged and many have left us, but their pawprints are forever in our hearts.
  2. Kira (my sweet girl) 2003 - 2018

    So so sorry I don't get on here much, so missed this. Hugs to you all. Mals are so unique (my parents had and have them).. It's so hard to adjust to a dogless home. We lost Harry but still had Whitney. When she left us, the house was so empty. RIP Kira.
  3. Thunder shirts

    Havw you thought of acupuncture? Our Whitney had it and it helped a lot. It doesn't work on all dogs (our Harry, for one) but was successful with Whitney. She had a weekly seesions for about 5-6 weeks, and then fortnightly and monthly. When there was no noticeable improvement (when she was quite zen) it was only every 3-4 months for 2-3 sessions and that kept her happy. Our vets had a practioner, so maybe look into it.
  4. Thunder shirts

    I used one on our great danes and greyhound. It worked well with the greyhound for storms (let him relax enough to go to sleep instead of pacing and panting) and the frist great dane was the same. Te second dane had anxiety issues and with her I found that it worked well when she had acupuncture for her general anxiety, but once she was getting close to needing another session it worked less. I would recommend them, but maybe see if you can get hold of one for a trial first.
  5. Heat Bed for Older Dog - Recommendations?

    Years ago we used a home brew kit heating pad on the bottom of the bed with towels and blankets on it for Flash. It was warm without getting too hot, and was waterproof.
  6. How gorgeous! When we had our great dane and greyhound, they would have their photo taken with a party hat on while they were eating their McDonald's cheeseburger. They both got one on each other's birthdays so they didn't miss out. As soon as I walked in the door with the cheeseburgers, they knew and did pretty sits to have their hats put on and photos taken. They also got something nice for dinner as well and extra treats. I'm not sure that they knew it was their birthday though I miss making a fuss over them.
  7. Sarah's gone...

    So sorry Hugs.
  8. Scout - run free old boy

    Hugs to you. Run free Scout.
  9. Hugs, and hopefully Trouble won't need to suffer at all.
  10. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    So so sorry. Hugs to you.
  11. Owner not happy

  12. Hugs to you. I hope you find a good solution.
  13. Gentle Giant Breed Recommendation!?

    That speed! That determination! That focus! I am in love
  14. Kobi

    So sorry for your loss.