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  1. Perhaps as the animals do not legally belong to the rspca (they have not done an impound time as they did not scan the chip), they could suggest to the rspca shelter that they are now in possession of stolen goods?
  2. Goat Milk

    It can be sold legally as 'animal food' or for 'beauty products' (eg soap making) but it is illegal for someone to sell (or purchase too I think though this is where 'don't ask, don't tell' comes in....it is for animal consumption, right? ) raw milk - cow, goat or otherwise - for human consumption and anyone caught doing that can face big fines Only time it is legal for human consumption is if you own the animal and milk it yourself on your own property. Nimbin Valley sell for human consumption by the look of their website. They also sell through online organic shops. Maybe it is ok in nsw?
  3. Goat Milk

    Selling unpasteurised goat milk (or any milk for that matter) for human consumption is illegal in Victoria. I know there are many people like yourself who want it for themselves but unfortunately in Vic this isn't possible. Perhaps the laws are different in S.A. If you contact the Dairy Food safety SA they may be able to tell you where the registered goat dairies are. Lucky to be a dog sometimes. Same in NSW & just recently someone was fined 1000's of $, as they were selling unpasteurised cows milk to the public. Nimbin Valley Dairy sells raw goats milk in nsw, dont think it is illegal.
  4. Microchip Readers

    In Aust we only use ISO chips. Animals chipped overseas or a long time ago might have non-iso chips which is why pounds need to have scanner that read non-iso chips. We had a cat with a non-iso chip that was done in 1998 pre the nsw CAR coming in. I think since 1999-2000 they are all iso, so it would only be very old animals other than imports usually. I left my bag in the pound overnight once and a large dog got out of its pen and played chew toy with my scanner, chew marks, battery out... New battery, eventually found the battery cover, and it worked fine.
  5. Where To Buy Medications

    Probably only worth the effort for long term meds. Mobic is particularly cheap- about $5 wholesale for 7.5mg generic brand tabs. You would pay maybe 30% markup plus dispensing fee though.
  6. Urgent Need For Foster Carers

    It will take time for the itch to go away. You could try some antihistamine - claratyne or phenergan and pinetarsol wash for the really uncomfortable dogs. When I treated a very mangy dog I also used to moisturise the irritated skin with sorbolene cream but his skin was awful as the mange had been left untreated a long time.
  7. Do You Worm Yourselves?

    It's not that we can't get worms from dogs, ít's just that those types of worm infections are uncommon in people - hookworm, tapeworm etc are generally only common in developing countries and often related to poor sanitation. Also, the single dose treatments available over the counter (mebendazole) treat threadworm - which dogs and cats don't get, so you can't get those from pets, only from other people. So if you are using a standard over the counter single dose treatment, you are only doing people worms anyway. The less common worm infections are best treated after a positive stool sample with prescription medication from your doctor. AFAIK The best way to prevent worm infection in people is just to regularly worm your dogs/cats and avoid treading in dog/cat poo with bare feet.
  8. Getting Pup To Eat Again

    Agree cat food. When all else failed I would use dine country chicken cat food in the little tins, you can heat just a little to make it even more fragrant. Don't know why but if that didn't work usually nothing else did.
  9. Acid Reflux

    Yep, so while 95% of people who use the medication may experience not adverse effects, of those that do, the adverse effects listed as common, are those that people are most likely to experience. Orabase is good for ulcers. (from the pharmacy)
  10. Acid Reflux

    Short-term adverse effects uncommon means most people take them with no side effects and they are generally well tolerated. They are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in Aust and the world, millions of people take them, and many people take them for years and decades continuously. There has been some concern recently about the incidence of liver problems, but given how many people are taking them, they are still very well tolerated as all medications have potential side effects. Common adverse effects - that term is a statistical term. Adverse effects (side effects) are listed as either rare, uncommon or common based on the percentage of patients in which they occur. From memory common side effects occur in at least 1% of patients. Does that make sense? That info you have is all from people as well. Adverse effects in animals are usually only signs (things you can see or measure such as rash) rather than symptoms (such as headache).
  11. Acid Reflux

    Losec is omeprazole, which is a proton pump inhibitor. If you google proton pump inhibitor you should get a thorough explanation but it reduces the amount of acid produced by the stomach, rather than neutralising the acid already there (which is how mylanta etc works).
  12. Bringing prescription medication into Aust from overseas requires an import licence so be prepared for customs to confiscate if they see your package.
  13. As a matter of public record there is a current charitable fundraising licence, searchable at - www.licence.nsw.gov.au It is not due for renewal till sept 13, which is when the first lot of audit books would be submitted. They do not have a deductible gift recipient status, so donations are not tax deductible, searchable at www.abn.business.gov.au oops - already posted by JRT rescue
  14. I wonder if those stats for mbk would be so low without you DMA? Congratulations for all you have achieved.
  15. Article from the HSUS attached - I hope. Introducing_A_New_Dog.pdf